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  1. One, we don't know how much "weaker" the Lockhart will be than the other skus for the next gen consoles... have the final Lockhart specs been officially announced yet? Aren't we getting a bit ahead of ourselves? Two, all of those PC gamers with 1060's and standard Hard-drives will upgrade their cards and get SSD's all of a sudden? Why haven't they done so already? A lot of clairvoyants in this topic that seem to be able to peer into the future.
  2. This is potentially his course correct... the strategy of doubling down and appealing to the base isn't working so now he's floating this out there because someone probably told him there's a bunch of LatinX votes out there that could be up for grabs. He is DESPERATE. Also #trumpvideogames is trending for some reason.
  3. Apparently, like Gotham, it's a prequel series set before the events of the movie. Kroll is a writer for Variety so I would think this info is legit.
  4. it was my game of the year as well. I haven't played the DLC yet. Great game that does weirdness right and it's pretty gorgeous. It does slow down somewhat on the X1X so i have no idea how it runs on base consoles. It is.
  5. I don't know... what I DO know is that the most widely used graphics card in PC gaming is the GTX 1060 (according to Steam) which, and please correct me if I'm wrong, is equivalent to an X1X? So does having such an underpowered card be the defacto baseline of PC gaming hold back all of the PC gamers with the Suck-and-Fuck-Monster-Rigs-with-prostate-tickling-action? The Lockhart will be more powerful than a GTX 1060, will come with an SSD standard and will be better optimized. It seems to me that by the logic being displayed in this topic, what's "holding back gaming" isn't consoles (which lets be real, subsidizes a lot of gaming development) but PC gamers who won't or can't upgrade their machines
  6. Why do I picture you looking like Forrest Whittaker now?
  7. Not on camera he won't... then he'll do it and start selling red MAGA masks at 20 bucks a pop.
  8. i remember reading ten years or so ago that the amount of metal a nickel is worth more than an actual nickel and certain interests were rounding up all of the nickels and other coins (Copper in pennies is valuable too) in order to melt them. down. Don't know if its true but that's what the word was.
  9. It would fit so well in this game. I heard there wasn't a console demo because the certification process for consoles is so involved and this game only has a 15 person team.
  10. i THOUGHT that was him... but it doesn't quite look like him... so weird. I'm even more to blame than you... I always buy these games and then take forever to play them much less beat them. I took forever to beat Far Cry 3 and own four and five and have barely touched them. I don't think I've even OPENED five yet.
  11. EVERYBODY asks me that. Before Uber and Lyft it was simply a matter of living in a really walking friendly neighborhood that had pretty much everything I needed within walking distance (Including my job) One I left that job and became freelance, I worked from home mostly and could either Uber or take public transportation (The Bus or the Metro train once they built stops near me) I made that shit work and even inspired a couple of my buddies to give up their cars because they saw how well I was able to make it work. But the key is to find a great neighborhood that has all the shit you like and need so you don't have to deal with LA traffic because it really takes an hour to get from one place to another.
  12. I loved this series... I don't think it need a remake. Just another game.
  13. I illustrated the size difference to point out that LA is made of different neighborhoods that are structurally different and even politically and CULTURALLY different because it's so big and maybe, just maybe, THAT is why it takes so long to implement something city and countywide in a "timely" fashion. There are local groups in certain parts of LA that are actively fighting against bike lanes and public transport so like I said, comparing a city the size of Los Angeles to a city the size of Paris accomplishes what exactly? Apples to shit that ain't apples and all that.
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