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  1. LOL I did it again Do you think you would have enjoyed these episodes less if you were watching the show week to week and hadn't binged all 5 at once?
  2. I don't think there ever was a preference for him being alive. That doctor was pushing for him to be brought in alive but I'm pretty sure Lars Von Trier said they could bring him in dead too. The IG Droid was going to kill him on sight.
  3. Hmmm. I don't have any lightsources behind me or above me when I play. Wait, am I supposed to be STANDING when using the aim controller? Lol! I've been playing sitting down.
  4. It's definitely time for comic book movies to look more... comic-booky. We've done the whole gritty, realistic thing. Now audiences can except folks flying around in bright colors and ridiculously impractical suits
  5. "Luke would never kill Uncle Ben" "If he doesn't kill Ben then Spiderman would never be born!" "When's dinner?"
  6. I'm guessing that they never mention midichlorians again. At least i HOPE they don't
  7. The guild is after Mando for breaking their code and after LBY because they were paid. Their reps are on the line as mercs. Why the former Empire guys want him is the mystery. I think that doctor dude will eventually show up and provide a lot of explanations.
  8. He did???? My Star Wars fan card has officially been revoked I think both can be true. The show can have an overarching arc and have a couple "stand alone" episodes too. I think judging the entirety of the season without having seen the whole season is a bit premature. Which is why I think they people who didn't like the last two episodes probably wouldn't have had as strong a reaction to them if the whole series had been released at once. Having to wait a week for an episode only to get one that doesn't move the plot forward at ALL is a tough pill to swallow... except this is how we watched TV for DECADES before binging became a thing I get their frustration but I also feel like folks need to put things in perspective. Once we see all of the episodes we'll have a better idea how these two episodes fit within the larger narrative. Also the show is a space western and anyone who's ever seen old western series will recognize the tropes that the show is employing.
  9. Also Rey is such a "paragon of moral perfection" that the fact that she didn't hesitate when she was tempted to the dark side and scared the shit out of Luke completely flew over those dude's heads.
  10. Farpoint is awesome as is Blood and Truth. I need to figure out how to keep my controller from drifting though. I believe it may be a camera issue. Any tips?
  11. I'm sure we will, it's not like JJ Abrams or Damon Lindelof are running the show Or any new GOT shows... or The Witcher for that matter.
  12. Just kidding I didn't think so. How old would he be at this point if it IS him?
  13. I just started playing this game again this week. It's pretty good although a bit easy. I may have to bump the difficulty up, but I can definitely see replaying this. This is a FAR better RPG than Outer Worlds though.
  14. Same here except I would INCLUDE Baba is You as I don't know what that is
  15. "The Last Jedi Ruins The Skywalker Legacy" "The Last Jedi: On The Character Assassination of Luke Skywalker" Those are just Two of the arguments I could find really quickly. There are many, many more.
  16. That's the point I was TRYING to make. You made it in more succinct and less verbose way
  17. You're giving them WAAAAY too much credit. I've seen them argue "He WOULDN"T become embittered" and that by doing so the character was betrayed and ruined. They don't argue with a hint of nuance... at least not what I've seen.
  18. But explain Luke and his dramatic transformation from hopeful 18 year old Farm boy to bitter 60 year old recluse you woke snowflake! Check. and Mate.
  19. That's not my metric... I'm fine with both episodes. But when someone says to me they are going to quit watching a show they were enjoying because of two episodes they didn't like, that says to me they found the quality to be so bad that they found the show to be unwatchable. which i disagree with. If that's not what you were saying, cool. Just seems like a drastic shift to go from "This show is pretty entertaining!" to "This show is complete trash and I have better things to do with my time!" These episodes may not have been as "epic" as the first three, but that extreme shift seems hyperbolic to me
  20. Rey is a politically correct Mary Sue that is single handedly tanking the franchise And How DO bombs fall in space? Why did Luke become a psycho for a fraction of a second after 30 years??? Kathleen Kennedy NEEDS TO BE FIRED!!!!! Did I do that right?
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