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  1. But it would not have been without Sony. Sony and Nintendo would have been pooling resources, that was the original idea. Nintendo/Sony vs Sega. Dreamcast definitely died way too soon, but at that time the market wasn't there to support a 3rd competitor. I realize there were others, but none were ever a real concern.
  2. That may be one of the best political ads I've ever seen.
  3. Not really, not in 2021. He has no power, theres no campaigns being run right now. They can't wait for him to run again. It's why they've been talking about it since he left the Whitehouse. Mainstream news needs sensationalism. They can't wait to sell the threat of Trump chasing power for a second time! When primaries heat up, it's going to be all trump all the time.
  4. Afraid? Theres just nothing to cover. There's nothing the media woulld love more than for trump to be newsworthy again. Ratings are gone to shit, and thats all they care about.
  5. I mean higher food costs are worldwide right now. No idea what the article actually says, but blaming brexit for higher food costs is definitely disingenuous.
  6. FF7 grinding, downloaded Bastion, so I might check that out. I want to play Metroid Dread really bad, but im saving it for downtime at work next week.
  7. I was out with the wife yesterday when we saw one in stock at BB. I had 150$ in Visa Gift Cards from my birthday and plopped down the balance. Picked up Metroid Dread, which im saving for my downtime at work, as I leave on the 15th for 2 months. My OG switch is niw my work switch, the OLED will stay home. The screen is incredible, ill give it that. Colors are bright, blacks are deep, it looks good. Games still run like shit on it though. Nintendo gonna Nintendo.
  8. I would argue they are the real libs the ones who know what the party is. Progressives are the ones fooling themselves into believing the democrats will come around.
  9. Ttump actually losing the primary would be best case for dems, because you know he'd run 3rd party and siphon millions of votes off of the GoP.
  10. If any of this scum were soldiers, they'd have been sent to a warzone without firing pins in their rifles and lego in their vests. Worthless trashbags. Not that Lieutenants ever do any of the fighting, but its a nice thought. Im at the point where the guillotine is too good for them. Hanging without a drop, that's the answer. Let them squirm so we can see the fear as they struggle to breathe. Meanwhile, have someone on the platform taunting them. "We'd like to help, but we only 51 votes. We wouldn't want to hurt democracy by doing the right thing. I mean, you could have voted to end the fillibuster! But hey, at least you wore your wacky earings!" Manchin should be smothered under a pile of coal. Clean coal, im not cruel.
  11. I douvt its shrunk that much, and Biden definitely won't have the support he had last time. I'd love it if you were right, but I don't think so. I think the gop go all in on him again, and the base eats it up. And I bet his slogan is some shit like, "Righting the wrongs!" Then there is all the stuff SFLUfan brought up.
  12. Same. I enjoyed it. It wasn't amazing, but it was good. And it answered some questions I had while raising new ones.
  13. I mean, Captain Sheridan is the lead. Its doubtful jms is writing a show about 18 year olds.
  14. It's extremely fun. I agree on the lack of voices, that's disappointing, but I really has a ton of fun with it so far, just playing with my son and nephew. I think they did a good job with a interesting and fun game. The online is better than smash (im not playing on switch, I have smash on there). Of course Ultimate is a superior game, they have been working on it forever, but its inevitable this game will get updates if it does well, and they'll have a lot more freedom to change and fix things than Nintendo ever allowed. Im optimistic. Plus, I have smash if this fails.
  15. Yeah, medical school is absolutely required to know obesity wreaks havoc on your body, especially your heart and lungs, which covid attacks directly.... Its frightening the way obesity is ignored by the public. We should be treating obesity the same as we treat smoking . An extreme health risk.
  16. While this is terrible, and I feel horrible for the parents, but that child was clearly not healthy. Obesity has been a major comorbidity this whole pandemic. There is nothing healthy about being obese at any age, and our governments and media need to make that very, very clear. The parents are definitely right to be upset about the school putting her in proximity to sick children, but they also need to look at their own parenting as well. Nobody should be shamed for their weight, but they shouldn't be lied to about it either.
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