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  1. This isn't good for the industry, but is probably better for the workers at activision. Sony must be shitting themselves.
  2. Ya, she seems like a piece of work. I misunderstood, i thought you were saying they get along because they are terrible people, which is the narrative on sm about Pratt.
  3. I mean, ya, Cap is easy to recast. So is Thor. Will the internet be upset for a day? Sure, but the internet is always in a rage. The vast majority will be absolutely fine with a recast. Iron Man and Cap will almost definitely be recast. When Hemsworth decides he's done, he will be too. These characters are iconic. They are far more than just the actors who play them.
  4. I mean, everyone who has worked with Pratt says he's one of the nicest people in the world. Its the public who makes up nonsense about him, basically because he's a Christian. Jesus, people attacked him like he was a monster because he he made a post thanking his wife for a beautiful, healthy son, trying to turn it into a sleight against his ex. Fandoms are gone crazy. They are toxic. Its why I don't interact with social media in any way anymore (well, i guess this forum and dakkadakka are technically SM). The constant moralizing and attacking people for no reason is absurd.
  5. But they weren't wrong. It was definitely one of the worst marvel films. Its not a bad movie by any means, but not great either. I'd be more interested in the prequel talked about above than part 2 of this (though ill watch that too). I actually watched it again and was less impressed the second time.
  6. Just reactionary fools. They like the character and are mad he's dead, even though he's a terrible person. This is my one major complaint. Otherwise I thought it was good. It feels weird that they never game them any sort of final meeting.
  7. I finally got to watch this. I really don't like some of the changes to the story. I realize things need to be cut for TV, but a lot of the changes aren't cuts, just outright changes for no reason. Right away, they make it seem like Saidin and Saidar are one thig. "When you touch it, you make it fil thy"? What? No thats not how that works, they are separate powers. Its just a bad change that can only snowball down the line. Nynaeve straight tries to murder Lan. Nynaeve isn't a murderer, she's the exact opposite of that. Buening out Moiraine? Wtf? Perrin having a wife, then killing her (even accidentally)? Wtf. It just reeks of changes that will snowball down the line and change the story too much. Like Judkins thinks he can do a better job than Jordan did, or something. He definitely can't. I seriously hope the new Mat is better than this one was. I disliked him from episode 1. I never disliked Mat, he was one of my favorite characters. And then that final episode. Wow! What terrible trash. 😢 Im not sure im interested in s2 at this point. But if the public enjoys it, good for them I guess. Seems it wasn't made for longtime fans. Like I said, cuts obviously need to be made, but these changes feel he wanted to use the WoT, but not tell its story.
  8. I mean, resetera lives in a bubble, and inside that bubble is a very special kind of fiction. I'd hardly take their opinions seriously.
  9. This game is looking so damn incredible. Its gonna be a packed last half of February. Its gonna be hard not to abandon this for Elden Ring though, because the demo was so damn incredible.
  10. Ya, small bits are a headache. I hate dealing with things like purity seals. Im currently painting up a 3rd box of Primaris Crusaders for my Black Templars. Also airbrushing some Tau in preparation for the new codex, and im trying to decide if im taking them, my BT, or my my Custodes to Adepticon. Guess I have to see the new Chapter Approved first. I wish I was a good painter. I'm average at best. I see some peoples work, and its almost depressing 😆
  11. I'm really looking forward to this one. Yoshi P has done an amazing job on XI V, and I expect this to be very interesting as well. Can't wait to see more. It sounds as though the game is content complete, and mostly needs finishing work, which would be nice. Either way, they have time. Theres plenty of great stuff coming this year already.
  12. Your last comment is just objectively wrong 😜 Magic is so bad right now, it's absurd. Its a game I used to love that I won't even look at it anymore.
  13. GW is the most expensive (but also the most popular). But other companies make great games that are much cheaper. Mantic Games has great deals on starter army boxes. So does bolt action. Para-Bellum games makes Conquest: Last Argument of Kings. I actually got a bunch of these models (and a Black Templars army set along with Helbrecht and Grimaldus and some troop choices) from my wife to add to my Conquest army. And honestly, if you just want a simple wargame to paint and play, their models are absolutely beautiful, and the game is incredibly fun and easy to play. And people love Star Wars Legion, so thats another game you should be able to find a community for. I started buying Empire units after I got back off the water earlier this month. If you would prefer something other than GW, I would look at local shops and see what games others are playing. If you're going to get into spending money on a wargame, you definitely want to have a community built in to play with. Nice job! Im now building a new Black Templars force, and will be adding them here as I paint them. I love 30k. I have a Night Lords army I love, as well a Sons of Horus force I need to build and paint eventually. I just don't have many friends who play Horus Heresy. Keep posting, I love seeing others work (im an average painter at best).
  14. Nice setup! How are GW paints now? I haven't bought a pot of anything but their contrast and technical paints in a decade. I found their base paints way too thick, personally, and even with flow improvers, they don't work very well in an air brush. I amrecently bought two kits of Monument Hobbies: Pro Acryl, but I haven't actually tried them yet. Plan on using them on a new Tyranids force. I generally stick to Vallejo air and army painter.
  15. Exactly this. When 40k was first released, and id say up to around 2000-05, there was actually plenty of satire and nonsense, but then they did a kind of rebranding to the super serious grim dark that they say is satire, but the evidence is incredibly thin for it. That said, most bigger gaming spots have wonderful people. Its the tiny places where the the same people play together for years on end where you find this stuff. I can tell you that very few TO's would allow the stuff that happened in the original post. In all my years playing, I've never met anyone like that. I've met plenty of sore losers (and one really, really sore loser in a game of WFB) while gaming, but never outright hateful bigots.
  16. For those that think the judge did anything wrong. He also did a video on the case itself.
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