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  1. Doh, did not realize there were multiple players in such a niche market category. How does Quarter Arcade's quality compare to Replicade?
  2. @chakoo I heard a Zoo Keeper one is coming out. How do you get notifications about pre-ordering them? I'm potentially interesting in getting one of these things finally as I always had fun with that arcade game as a kid.
  3. I'd try to see if there is a community out there like Pinside is for pinball collectors. You could also see if there is a video game group in your area who might have potentially interested buyers as well.
  4. How I wish I could explain this to somebody I'm close with whose jumped off the deep end all of a sudden.
  5. It's apparently glass this time around. Nintendo Switch OLED review: "Clearly the best version, but complicated to recommend" | GamesRadar+ WWW.GAMESRADAR.COM Looks aren't everything, the old saying goes, but when the Nintendo Switch OLED is this good-looking it's hard to deny that looks are definitely important. As the name...
  6. Twice a week isn't bad, it's more so doing it constantly and never giving your body a rest period. You're fine though, you're working out the healthy way, and not injecting chemicals into your body to push your muscles past their natural abilities. Besides, if you're wearing a proper mask in public, it's not exactly the end of the world to have days when you've worked yourself hard. I did it yesterday myself as I was feeling good enough to extend my run. I'm just going to take it easy today, and run at a slower pace to give my muscles time to recover.
  7. And despite the insane wealth of some of these streamers, they'll never miss a moment to ask their fans to send them money while on stream as they pretend they "need it" to keep doing what they do.
  8. It makes sense, steroids play havoc on your immune system as it is and considering many people who take them are overworking their body on a daily basis for the "gains", their immune system is in a constant weakened state. Runners have been talking about over training since the onset of covid as it's well known in that community that pushing yourself too hard will temporarily weaken your immune system, but while I'm sure plenty in the bodybuilding community are aware the side effects, I doubt many of them truly care considering their acceptance to do permanent damage as it is.
  9. I've always just shut mine down simply because I'm not a fan of the rest lights on consoles.
  10. This would prevent anti-vaxxers from being able to continue to spread viruses.
  11. And here comes all the thoughts and prayers from politicians along with this not being an appropriate time to talk about gun control in 3...2...1...
  12. Google is also banking on these kids making Chrome OS the dominant operation system in the future.
  13. That's what came to mind as I was recently playing it and drifted off the main story into the Alan Wake DLC with knowing it. You'd think the devs could say hey, this is DLC, do you want to play it right now instead of, go off and do it, add more to your mission list.
  14. I hate the fact that after you buy some DLC, you're almost on a quest within the game to even figure out where to find it. It doesn't tell you things such as talk to so and so character to access it. What's worse is DLC missions that fail to even tell you you're branching off into DLC.
  15. I've gotta play No More Heroes 3 first before I consider another Switch game and possibly finish the story mode in Mario Golf, but that's becoming a lost cause for me at this point.
  16. Number 4 in your list is something I wish people would realize when they go rogue. Vaccines do have a timeline and despite fears of breakthrough infections, it's still best to follow proper timelines for dosage intervals if you want your vaccine to work at its best. Over at Reddit, tons of people went rogue the second that Israel data came out, and virtually none of them were approaching the 6th month mark, nor were apart of the age range in which the data was showing, real, beneficial results. It's been odd watching the community over there go from pro science to going after the CDC and FDA, claiming their actions to be pushing the goalposts further away.
  17. Sounds great, but this confirms my assumptions that I should wait for a price drop.
  18. I'd presume that had the biggest benefactor in their efficiency being so wildly different at this time apart, but I do know some studies into the spacing between vaccines did show some efficiency differences overall too as countries such as the UK were experimenting with time frames. None the less, it's exciting to learn more about how Moderna is performing given how limited data on it is in comparison to Pfizer, leaving us to simply assume whatever was going on with Pfizer was happening with Moderna as well.
  19. I knew Moderna was fairing better, and a few studies were hinting at it for a few months now, but I didn't realize the numbers were that different between it and Pfizer, if the data is to be solid. This is the one downside to the Israel data, we know what's good for Pfizer, but Moderna, which we always just assumed was the same is behaving differently. I'd love to know if it's down to the higher dosage we received, the spacing between jabs, or the slight differences in the mRNA being used. I suppose we'll learn more next week when Moderna goes under the microscope.
  20. I'm on the 6th month right now of Moderna, but I'll wait until their booster in released, presumably at the end of the month. It just didn't seem worth it to attempt to go rogue, especially as I'd prefer to get my vaccine based on Moderna's timetable.
  21. Checks calendar to ensure this isn't April Fool's. Holy shit, that was one of my favorite PC games, it's one of the few boxes I still have, I never imagined Outcast would ever get a sequel.
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