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  1. @DAngelo.Barksdale Get the band back together.
  2. Person with glasses wants to be photographed without them on DEEP STATE CONSPIRACY
  3. There’s little doubt that Greenland is outpacing the United States in constructing additional pylons.
  4. 14 books and say, 5-6 seasons worth of content. You could cover the first book competently in 3 episodes.
  5. Please no, the prequels and Clone Wars have given us enough of the sauciest man in the galaxy to last a lifetime.
  6. I don’t like the Perrin casting because the actor doesn’t seem like he’d be content to stand in the same spot for like 9 books.
  7. You cannot die in your IRL apartment either because of castle doctrine.
  8. Honestly kind of surprised Trump didn’t order their Passports revoked when they were abroad to prevent their return to the US.
  9. Probably because this person is actively laundering money and is working out their plausible deniability muscles.
  10. I think a lot of the articles I’ve read in some of the places people have been dogpiling lately (NYT, WaPo) have been pretty clear that Trump regularly makes false claims, misrepresents facts, etc. Maybe I’m projecting or employing selective memory. That said I think there’s a difference between stating that Trump is wrong, as he often is, and claiming that Trump is lying, which is (often) an assumption. Or in the case of a police shooting, I really don’t think we want news reporters to make assumptions about intent when documenting what happened. When it comes to the action Trump is taking on green card holders, NYT today said: I don’t think that’s neutral language. The NYTimes.com headline for this topic today is, “U.S. Significantly Weakens Endangered Species Act” Maybe I’m nuts but I think editorializing the news is something we need way less of, cable news has too much stroke already, I’ve got negative interest in the cableization of written journalism.
  11. My lord but this post is the nuclear equivalent of, “why do we count suicides in gun violence statistics,” / “4 people dead isn’t a mass shooting.”
  12. I REALLY don’t want papers / news outlets to editorialize the actual delivery of the facts anymore than they already do. I struggle to understand why anybody would, it seems so obviously problematic and prone to bias.
  13. I assume the secondary objectives will be the usual, “the critical path is to the LEFT but there’s a shiny on the ground in a dead end if you go to the RIGHT,” because video games. Also people don’t usually look UP or DOWN so there are shinies there, too.
  14. Mrs. Doubtfire was a criminal and should be legally required to remain 300 yards away from all children, especially his. Also RIP Robin Williams.
  15. People are super willing to overlook that Jeffrey Epstein is an anagram for teen spree jiffy. Where other people see coincidence I see evidence.
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