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  1. Bitching about the potential presence of children in the the movie theater during an MCU flick is fucking rich.
  2. Nothing is more metal that metal being made by actual metal.
  3. Friendswood sounds like the name of a town in the next Jordan Peele horror movie.
  4. Live tweeting reactions to reading legal documents should be a capital offense.
  5. I gotta catch up, I got sucked back into rereading Harry Potter.
  6. I really enjoy when games deal to players and enemies from the same deck, or something akin to it. MGSV having the enemies “steal” your gadgets and using them against you, being able to use tactics similar to yours is pretty great. This is really obvious in something like the old Baldur’s Gate games where EVERYONE is governed by the same stats and dice rolls based on them. I like when characters come out of water and need a little time to dry off, or shake some of the water off themselves when they get back to land. I also like attention to detail in the character outfits and clothes. I guess this just means I like looking at Assassin’s Creed games, which I already knew. I enjoy safe harbors in games, like town spaces in classic RPGs. I also like when that’s subverted like in FF6’s Zozo. I like when games give me a home space I can make my own. I really appreciate when idle animations say something about the character.
  7. I didn’t say that who’s in charge doesn’t matter, it obviously does. I just said that having a grand plan for an entire series from jump isn’t nearly as important as people seem to think it is.
  8. It doesn’t matter because planning does not necessarily have an impact on the quality of multi part stories. They knew the prequels were going to be a trilogy and they sucked. They didn’t know the OT was going to be a trilogy and it was rad.
  9. I can’t see a Sodom and Gomorrah reference without thinking of this gem:
  10. Again, not necessarily. Shit obviously wasn’t thought out between episodes of the OT Star Wars trilogy and that shit was pretty great. The PT Star Wars trilogy involved MUCH more forethought than the OT and it was MUCH worse. The overall plot for LotR (the books) wasn’t thought out when The Hobbit was written, but all that shit was great. Stuff like The Hobbit MOVIES were ALL thought out beforehand and those movies were bad. Any insistence that planning out something like a trilogy MUST help the planning is wrong. It COULD. It MIGHT. But there’s so much equivalent evidence on both sides of the scale that you cannot make the claim that one is heavier than the other. EDIT - that’s what I get for not scrolling to the bottom first, sblfilms nailed it.
  11. For media I love (books, movies, music, whatever) I almost always enjoy, appreciate, and observe subsequent consumption more than the novelty of the first experience. Personally this is especially true with more emotional stories, as I find that well crafted work rewards additional exploration beyond what the novel experience did. To each their own, of course.
  12. “Most” seems like a stretch though anecdotally I’d agree that the rate seems higher than the general population.
  13. Well this is the worst strawman I’ve seen in a while.
  14. We’ve had enough Obi-Wan in Clone Wars. He became the cattiest Jedi in the galaxy.
  15. I had the distinct pleasure of forgetting that Michele Bachmann was a person until this post. Boo.
  16. The thing to keep in mind is that Stannis was always a worthless piece of shit.
  17. I have no problem with Palpatine being alive conceptually. Yeah he fell down a big hole. Maul got sliced in half and THEN fell down a big hole and he lived. So it’s stupid and ridiculous, but that is on brand for the franchise so I don’t care. I’m disappointed in it if for no other reason than that TLJ seemed to divorce Star Wars from some of the baggage that 40 years of movies has brought with it. The Emperor was rad in the OT, he was wasted potential in 99% of the PT. The notion that the last 120 minutes of the ST is going to make him more satisfying feels pretty hollow. I feel about TFA / TLJ the way I feel about Black Panther / most of the MCU. TFA is a fun romp. Most of the MCU movies are fun romps. I feel that TLJ had something to say, and so did Black Panther. I will still enjoy movies in those franchise that don’t have anything to say, but I’ll miss the absence.
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