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  1. You should smile more.
  2. Of course there's a Barrack he can blame this on. Of course there is.
  3. I don’t see why they couldn’t cover the whole first book in an 80-90 minute premier, honestly.
  4. If they allow crossplay with console players using controllers, maybe I’ll finally log some fucking kills.
  5. I eagerly await seasons 4-6 of Wheel of Time exclusively featuring Perrin doing nothing, Rand getting harder like that Metapod fight from the Pokémon anime, and Nynaeve tugging her braid... a lot.
  6. What system(s)? You looking for wired or wireless?
  7. Kal-El814

    ~*Official Nancy, AOC, and Friends Thread*~

    Real talk I knew I was forgetting something and I'm disappointed with myself.
  8. Kal-El814

    ~*Official Nancy, AOC, and Friends Thread*~

    Are you familiar with mclumber's body of work? Poors aren't paralyzed by polio these days, who cares if the wealth is being consolidated within an ever shrinking group of people? Why are we counting someone decorating the ceiling with their brains in the statistics for gun violence? Also MS-13 isn't going to randomly shoot you in the face. And is killing 5 people really a mass shooting anyway?
  9. I don't use ziploc bags and you're missing out.
  10. Sous vide with garlic, shallots, rosemary, salt, and pepper in the bag. Finish on a blazing cast iron skillet with clarified butter. You're welcome.
  11. Kal-El814

    ~*Official 2020 Candidates Thread*~

    Could be moving to closer to where fracking is happening without living in boom towns. Good question.
  12. She does seem to be able to go back and forth in time more “easily” than other speedsters. It’s kind of weird that nobody notices she warps to the future and back all the goddamned time. Thawne also seems to know what happened before and after she changes things which is weird? But yeah, in general time travel and speed force stuff makes little sense, this episode seemed to play fast and loose with everything. I really don’t get how Cicada was gimping meta abilities with his dagger but XS could speed away.
  13. Is it just me or did this episode really make no sense? They kinda covered Cisco not being able to Vibe what was going on like he did with Thawne because of his date. But... XS can time travel but can’t make it into the Speed Force? Doesn’t time travel involve going into the Speed Force? I thought they’d abandoned time wraiths until they showed up again recently... they don’t care about this? She could only go back an hour? What? Cicada’s dagger was killing metas but XS still had her powers and could just... run away?
  14. That’s only because we don’t have Drake trolling for free XBL cards while people PM him pics of toilet bowls filled with shit. This post brought to you by Bad Cartridge Deep Cuts. Bad Cartridge Deep Cuts... for trying times.
  15. And the boat was named Martha.
  16. Yeah, and it’s not like I actually want Trump to make effective use of his time in the first place. I’m just saying.
  17. I honestly think this is a better use of his time than flying all over hell’s half acre to golf for real.
  18. Drag Manhattan with the lot and scuttle them all at sea so the last “only in New York” we ever hear uttered is the city’s death rattle. EDIT - I need to rethink this strategy. A sunken Manhattan would become Atlantis and the notion of New York becoming an actual mythic city is just too much to contemplate.
  19. Kal-El814

    Superman vs Goku, who would win?

    I don’t know much about DBZ / Dragonball. Doesn’t Goku have some kind of “chi” or spiritual energy attack?
  20. Kal-El814

    PC Axis & Allies Online - Teaser Trailer

    That one favored the Allies, I believe.
  21. Kal-El814

    PC Axis & Allies Online - Teaser Trailer

    REALLY depends on the version, of which there are many.