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  1. Let me tell you what 95% of conference call attendees are incapable of... finding and using a meeting password.
  2. Again, all. Please, anything even remotely or peripherally related to what's in the spoiler tags... spoil tag it yourself. Even if it's a reference to it.
  3. I'll be the fucking judge of whether or not this would have been the first time either of you used this accurately.
  4. Why do we never get to talk about virus on virus infections
  5. Okay, all. Apologies to everyone I edited in here. Probably cut too close to the bone with my edits but... better safe than sorry. I read all the spoilers so if something slips through @ me and I will edit as quickly as work allows.
  6. Seriously, anyone who's remotely invested in this game and doesn't like spoilers should stay far fucking away from this thread. KAL MODS HIMSELF, IS THIS MODSTERBATION?
  7. Digital distribution for games doesn't mean much if they can't get a console into people's homes.
  8. So I know little about matters military beyond broad strokes, so I suppose this goes out to folks that know more about it than I such as @Emperor Diocletian II, @mclumber1, @brucoe, @CayceG, and whoever else I'm forgetting. But as we've seen that America's political and economic clout are not what they used to be, I've wondered if the same is true of our military. I know that's a broad thing to wonder, but shit like this makes me concerned that we're not what we're hyped up to be on this front as well. I'd valuer any insight you have.
  9. That stinks. That said, I wonder if the decision to not release the game at all is going to be tenable if the current situation holds. Why not release it digitally? The desire to get it into everyone's hands at the same time is a noble one and I can appreciate not wanting to leave people who cannot download it out of the mix... but Naughty Dog has bills to pay, no doubt. Hmm.
  10. Our founding fathers fought so we could die outside a Perkins.
  11. Anti vaxxers overstate the danger of vaccines and their contents, they overestimate the risks of vaccines, and they generally don't understand how something why you could still get the flu if you get the flu shot. I've seen them doubt the utility of something like the polio vaccine because of the scarcity of polio, I've not seen them doubt that the diseases that vaccines treat actually exist, or doubt the efficacy of things like the MMR vaccine. It's a dumb meme.
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