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  1. If the show cared about the sport they’d have bothered to show literally any of it, and they’d bothered to have them being promoted make sense or adhere to the IRL rules for promotion. But hey, Ted and the producers not bothering to learn the sport at least keeps the brand consistent!
  2. I'm still working on a batch of Rebel Vets for Legion I started painting like a year ago... COVID and breaking my leg had the opposite effect on painting that I'd hoped. I'm chipping away and getting back in the saddle, though. I still have enough plastic that if I retired today I'd be set for months, so... whatever
  3. We move there, they get our American coronavirus, and then we're heroes for creating even MORE housing supply. It cannot fail.
  4. Beard's relationship with Jane and how it gets referenced in the last episode of the season is a good example of this. Doubly so, since it turns the actual relationship and Ted reaching out to Beard about it after being avoidant earlier in the season into another break up / make up "gag."
  5. Absolutely the funniest thing to come out of the day. Makes the MacRumors forms a true sight to behold, between this and the notch apparently going out for cigarettes and abandoning their mothers 30 years ago, based on how strongly people are reacting to it.
  6. No viewer should care about Richmond's success. Ted barely cared about it this season, there had to be < 5 minutes of actual sport shown this whole season. It doesn't matter and if that's what they hang the drama of the 3rd season on, woof, they're in trouble. Again Ted went from being motivated to "win the whole fucking thing" at the end of season 1 to not learning how offsides is called. This is it, right here. Every possible avenue for meaningful drama is undercut or resolved with such incredible speed and the only thing that's lingering is Nate's daddy issues. It could be because jokes about rom-communism just don't land and are bad.
  7. Surely this will be the content that gets people in 2022 to care about variety shows.
  8. Saying that terf is used to, "invalidate the perspective of women who view biological sex as the actual defining characteristic that needs protection," is a very charitable reading of the term, and to say that it's used to, "stifle debate," supposes "debate" is what trans people are interested in. I don't think the former is accurate in anything but the most pedantic way and that's assuming more charity than I'm inclined to give. As for debate, what debate needs to take place other than one in bad faith? Accepting that trans women are women (or that the opposite holds true for trans men, that genderfluid and nonbinary people exist, etc.) causes no harm. The greatest concession I'm willing to make is that I while I can appreciate that some people will get hung up on their perceived tent having more people under it, that seems like a small price to pay for greater inclusivity, the acceptance that this group of people often need specialized medical and psychological care (note that I'm not suggesting disorder here), and broader acceptance generally. Where's the harm? And if there's little to none, why the objection? And if there are objections absent harm, why not call it out for the bigotry it is? Cis objections to trans inclusion feel so much like objection to gay marriage to me. Why do gay people have to have their own parade? Maybe if they weren't so flamboyant everyone would leave them alone and stop caring. Yeah what you do in your own home is your business, why do I have to see it? Yes, gay people can be in committed relationships but marriage is our thing, why can't they call it something else? Blah blah blah. No doubt people are still out there grinding their teeth about gay marriage, but they've been shouted down as well they should be and it's not generally socially acceptable to get on stage and complain about it. Hopefully it doesn't take as long for people to get shouted down about objecting to the existence / identity / rights of trans people, or you know, at least get to the point where Netflix doesn't feel compelled to give someone $24M to chin wag about being on team terf because they had a trans friend. TLDR when inclusivity costs little yet benefits a marginalized group of people, we should embrace that and make rejecting those notions societally unacceptable. And TBH we should consider doing it even if it costs something more than a little, too.
  9. 10 million people + on average manage to watch Blue Bloods every week, so I guess the answer is yes?
  10. Engagement hasn’t changed and the penalties are a joke, why should they give a single fuck at all?
  11. Sure, but he’s wrong about the origin of the term and its usage. Nobody should be shocked that Chappelle is getting lost in the sauce when it comes to what was originally and is still broadly a feminist issue. Not to say that men cannot be feminists nor that they cannot have an opinion about matters beyond their own experience, of course. Again, he’s within his rights to say this stuff. But there’s no way to t-spin your way into saying you’re team TERF and not come off shitty.
  12. Well it’s only on Macs not yet released, but it’s this: It’s the “notch” in the middle top of the bezel, like the iPhones with FaceID have had since the IPhone X. A better pic:
  13. As someone who’s been staring at a notch since the iPhone X launch, it’s just not an issue. You stop seeing it at some point. I don’t think it looks great in static images but I you don’t see it while you’re using the screen. This is one of the things that internet uses seem to care about a great for some reason but I don’t think the majority of users notice or care.
  14. I know this is cliche but part of me wonders if people have less of an appetite for a show driven by a global pandemic wiping everything out. Even if it’s not that, my main issues are: 1) None of the characters seem to have any agency at all, stuff just happens to them 2) Almost literally everyone has some secret past driving an ulterior motive, other than the ostensible main character, and Yorick is the person most guilty of the first thing I mentioned 3) As of last week’s episode, nobody’s plans have really been consolidated into anything meaningful? Dr. Mann needs Yorick in San Francisco for vague science reasons, Kim thinks Yorick being alive is god’s will and wants to make sure he can to “bring men back” for which she very clearly has no plan, Beth is working with people unknown for reasons unknown, etc. I get that the nature of the show and story is somewhat fluid but again, this feeds into the first two things This isn’t a bad show at all, it’s just… fine.
  15. I’ve never gotten the whole, “these dum dums can’t find X on a map,” gotchas. I feel like people would do even worse on, “what part of your body is this muscle in,” trivia, and that stuff is inside you. Who cares?
  16. I accept that there’s an extent to which this will come off as splitting hairs. That said… I don’t think he should be censored. If he wants to get on a stage and say he’s on team TERF he’s well within his rights to do that. He should be getting dragged for saying it, Netflix should be dragged for giving him a platform to say it, and relentlessly mocked for spending $24M on the affair. Aside from it being a shitty thing to say, it’s fucking disappointing. His earlier special where he talked about George Floyd shows that he’s still got legitimate grievances, that he’s still insightful in some areas, and that he’s still got a point of view that’s worth hearing. There’s nothing that seems to make successful comedians bristle more than the possibility of being “censored.” Many of them seem to buy into the notion that if they can’t say everything they’re at risk for being told that they can’t say anything. But that’s bullshit. The difference between being told you shouldn’t say something and that you cannot say something is not merely semantic. Dave is a black man; despite being rich, successful, and a celebrity, there are concerns he has that I, as a white, less successful, and non-famous person, will never have and quite frankly cannot ever fully understand. Likewise as a cishet man, there are things about being trans that I will never fully be able to grasp. That doesn’t prohibit me from talking about trans issues or my right to speak about them without being censored. But if I was to use a public platform to speak about those things loudly and wrongly, I’d expect to be called out. Or if I used that or any platform to announce I’m a fucking TERF, I should expect the same. So yes it’s Dave’s right to be able to say this stuff, it’s Netflix’s prerogative to pay for (and apparently lose money on) this content. But being told to stay in your lane isn’t the same as being censored, as I’m sure he would feel about every shitty dollar of a white man who offers their take on life as a black man. Having the right to joke about everything isn’t the same as remaining free from criticism when you do. Or to @sblfilms’s earlier comment… these are complicated issues and Dave, me, whoever, might not fully appreciate that things are actually different even if they appear to be superficially similar, or how deep those differences run. /rant He did, but I think this is a shit take at worst and a straw man at best. Regardless saying you’re “team TERF” in any context is dumn.
  17. Shazam was pretty fun even if the ending was one of the hottest messes this side of a Snyder movie. This looks fun too.
  18. An emo reading of Batman is the only correct one unless you're going with a TAS interpretation, and I am absolutely willing to die on this hill. Also I adore 2/3 of the Nolan Bat movies, but anyone who's called out out Pattinson's facial expressions here but can maintain a straight face when Bale screams SWEAR TO ME has my axe.
  19. Good thread and the umpteenth example of how companies nickel and dime their employees, obfuscate, and withhold data in the interest of keeping wages low and shareholders rich.
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