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  1. Pretty sure they will. That'll decide their future. If its bad, it's over.
  2. Yeah, they did an amazing job with the lore. This game was very interesting. I completed all the side quests just to learn more.
  3. ME3 is one of the best games ever made up to the last hour. That was what hurt the experience.
  4. ME3 is one of the best games ever made up to the last hour. That was what hurt the experience.
  5. ME3 is one of the best games ever made up to the last hour. That waa what hurt the experience.
  6. As long as they make Mass Effect games, im probably going to buy them. Im already stoked for Legendary Edition. They just need to stop trying to make multiplayer games, and have the budget to keep their games in tact (which is the reported reason for Andromeda's problems, such as lack of aliens and cut storylines based on the players family.
  7. Its interesting, but not what im looking for. One of my most anticipated games this year is Back 4 Blood. Thats the stupidness I want in team survival games. The demo was amazing.
  8. Naww, people love vr, its all about getting the tech right. If you haven't played Half-Life:Alyx on a decent rig, your opinion on vr means nothing. Theres no experience in gaming nearly as intense. And MS Flight Sim, WOW! I badly need a really good flight setup.
  9. Completed Control and all of its DLC. Completed The Medium last week. Completed Secret of Mana. Need two trophies for the platinum. Completed Bowsers Fury with my wife over the last week or so. Started playing Gears of War 5 Coop with a friend. Having a blast. Going to take a bit, he can only play a couple of hours per week. Game runs so good on Series X. Still playing Tales of Zestiria, im near the end. That game thankfully isn't nearly as long as I expected. Im near the end of the third and final chapter. I just beat the 3rd temple in Perso
  10. Press start on the game icon on the home screen, then check game version, make sure you're playing the ps5 version. But its just performance and fidelity modes I think. I always play performance, I didn't even think to check how it looks on Fidelity mode on my C9. Its in the options. The options tab is a mess of everything from graphics and audio to weird game cheats.
  11. Yet its also one of the best games I played last year. I mean, I don't care that patches are delayed a few weeks, and I have full confidence that the game will be fixed. I had one excellent playthrough with a lot of bugs. When the game is complete and DLC finished, ill do another playthrough for sure. Yes, the game should have been delayed a year, but a patch delayed a couple of weeks isn't a big deal. Most people are done with it for now, let the team take their time and fix the game. If they fix the major complaints (ai, bugs, etc), and get the prom
  12. Curse of the Dead Gods. Im absolutely enthralled with it. It's challenging, but not stupidly so. The curses make it interesting, but not crippling. Combat is a lot of fun, and very responsive. The stamina guage makes managing powerful attacks in combat important. I've only done the first 3 temples so far, took me about 4 tries to beat the first (you go through Temples in kind of an elimination pyramid). Im only just finished the first "level" of temples. You earn different gems to permanently unlock buffs and perks that makes each run easier than the last. There are plenty of t
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