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  1. Damn dirty democrats! Using the vaccine to kill the people they want to replace us with! We, the people, will not stand for it!
  2. Resogun on Veteran mode. Took me all day yesterday. Which shows how much my reflexes have slowed with age. I used to find it so easy, now my eyes water trying to play it and I lose focus if I don't pause and take a break every 30 minutes. The constant explosions of red and green just kills my eyes after a while. Such a good shoot em up tho.
  3. Is Plague Tale great? I played about an hour of Innocence, and I found it pretty weird, like an on rails shooter without the shooting (aside from the sling). Did I not play enough, or does it just continue to be a constant run/stealth/run/stealth? It wasn't bad, just not interesting enough to feel I had to keep going. Most of my pet peeve mechanics have already been named. Rubber Banding, unnecessary boss fights that add nothing to the game, normal escort missions. I don't consider LoU/2 and God of War to be escort missions, even when I guess they technically are? But the dumb shit, like slow walk for a mile, fighting off hordes while your charge slowly saunters down the road towards the goal. You telling me this guy only has a first gear and can't move faster than a slow walk? Ffs. Make it a longer run if the designer wants it to last longer. Nobody is walking in an orderly fashion while trying to escape hordes of monsters.
  4. Its not absurd, and nobody is advocating for being "super nice" to him, but a SC Justice is not going to be intimidated (or protested) into voting your way...
  5. I feel like the helicopter is the safest option, as my wife wouldn't be able to catch me to murder me for wasting that much money.
  6. It's been a very underwhelming Gencon for GW so far. Some bloodbowl and Necromunda, and the KT expansion.
  7. First of all, I'm sorry about your grandfather. I'm not trying to diminish any pain or anger you might have towards nuclear energy, I cannot imagine having loss my grandfather to it. But how many will we lose to climate change? How far would we have come if we had worked to educate on and proliferate nuclear energy? How far could we have pushed automation of those technologies to minimize human interaction? People associate nuclear with weapons because thats the narrative government and media have pushed for 7 decades. I just think it would have been way smarter than what we're currently doing. Hell, we're probably at the point where we could store the waste in space if we had the political will and common sense to build vaults to hold it safely. And yes, i know that's fucking stupid to even think of because we're screwed.
  8. Dexter has probably killed fewer people than Jax (and both series turned to shit for the last three seasons).
  9. Lol people who want a constitutional amendment don't actually want a constitutional amendment. You'd be opening a can of worms where the abolishing the 2nd would be used by both parties to remove other rights and liberties. I don't trust either party enough to want either of them touching the constitution (I certainly trust the GOP less than the Dems, but thats not saying much).
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