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  1. Don't do it. Mill decks ruined Magic long ago anyway.
  2. Yeah, im really disappointed. I love SE, and expected a better show.
  3. I thought Greg Miller was hosting e3 or something? I haven't seen him in anything all weekend.
  4. Wow, that was terrible. Guarfians looked great, then all down hill from there.
  5. No, it was great. Easily an 8.5 if I had to rank it out of 10. 27 upcoming, very good, free games...
  6. Make up for it? It was an awesome presentation, it doesn't need more.
  7. Last year, I wasn't sold on gamepass at all. Now im all on board. I still think sony has better first party (and im not an online fps guy, so halo is just a campaign to me), but GP is incredible.
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