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  1. Yeah, I know you could turn it off. I don’t know why, that screen was incredibly hard on my eyes and gave me headaches, even with it off. Got a 2ds and I was fine. Then later got the folding 2ds that I like a lot. So yeah, im probably biased against it.
  2. If you had told me at the beginning of the year that an AC game might be my game of the year, I would have laughed at you. Especially this year, which has been incredible. I mean, I’ve always liked them just fine, but thats it. But this game is perfect. Not only is it streamlined the way an open world should be, No cluttered quests everywhere, clear dots where wealth is, and probably my favourite historical setting. And the story! and I just got the seers hut tonight, goddamn!
  3. Just go look at the Australian DOJ report. Im not going to argue. And you act like its not a problem because its not directly them employing the workers? Thats absurd. Anyone who profits off slave labor is complicit. and forced labor isn’t slavery? Jesus Christ man, pull your head out of your ass.
  4. You really do like to pick fights based iff your little friends lies, don’t you? Internet bully tough guy. Congrats.
  5. Its live now. I generally LIKE AC. I had a good tome with Origins, and liked the odyssey story a lot, but found it bloated with senseless quests and way too mych gear. I can’t get enough of this! I know which wealth is important by dot size, so I don’t have to go way out of my way for leather. The side quests and mysteries are simple and easy, and aren’t filling my quest logs with trash and daily quests. Raiding is fun, and so far the story is simple but extremely interesting. So glad I didn’t get into this before the ps5 games I wanted to get done!
  6. There was nothing mind Boggling about the stereoscopic 3d. In fact it was trash, and not worth buying until they came out with a 2d model. It was terrible, looked bad, pulled really hard on the eyes, and did I mention it looked bad?
  7. It really isn’t. Ive been putting mine in rest mode anytime im not using it. I just make sure Im out of the game before I go into rest mode.
  8. I loved the Doc Ock fight. But I agree, the Tinkerer is better. how about that explosive ending? brought tears to my eyes, something yhat rarely happens.
  9. Literally the first paragraph: A new report by the US State Department-funded Australian Strategic Policy Institute has discovered that at least 83 companies are directly or indirectly linked to Chinese forced labour camps when it comes to the creation of their products – and Nintendo is one of the firms named, alongside Sony and Microsoft. The Chinese camps are where Uyghur – a Turkic minority ethnic group – and other ethnic minorities are forced to work under unethical conditions, as well as being subjected to intimidation and threats, constant surveillance, a ban on religio
  10. Yes, its been reported on multiple times. There use to be a stickied thread about it on era. And yes, CDPR has problems, absolutely. But don’t tell me that anything they’ve done is worse than using slave labor. Oh, Sony and MS too! Didn’t know they were implicated. multiple other sites reported it too, I just grabbed the first. Nintendo Named And Shamed As Benefiting From The Use Of Chinese Forced Labour Camps WWW.NINTENDOLIFE.COM Along with 83 other companies, including Sony and Microsoft - A new report by the US State Department-funded
  11. Every single community has vile and toxic people, and you know damn well thats not why Nintendo does this. Nintendo has a long history of going after fans and communities, and it’s disgusting. Nintendo is far worse than and gaming community. Its not just anti-consumer policies either. and they aren’t “avoiding” it, they are directly trying to harm the community. I wish fans had the money to take them to court, because their latest attack on Skippy is absolutely illegal. They cant make rules about where their games can be played, and backing up games is legal. They can stop
  12. Lol Nintendo is the most anti-consumer company in gaming. On top of that, the switch is made by literal human slaves from the Uighar Muslims in China. Thats why I laugh at Resetera complaining about CDpR is transphobic and some members want yhreads about them banned, but none will call for a boycott of a company using slave labor that has been reported on and fact checked. In general the Japanese are extremely racist and xenophobic, and ignore anything that doesn’t directly affect them.
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