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  1. My wonderful wife snagged me a DE while I was away. Timing is great, i leave tomorrow for another run, and the commercial king salmon and halibut fishing will be done the first week of November. i have no interest in physical copies. I just got to watch Sony’s press conference. It was impressive, a lot of games I want to play.
  2. God of War Spider-Man TLoU2 BotW Mario Odyssey Horizon FF7R Batman Arkham Knight Bloodborne DQ11 none of those are in any specific order ecxept #1
  3. Fucking Cancer. I had no idea he was sick. I was completely shocked when I saw the headline this morning.
  4. Mario (2d and 3d) Gow PS4 3d Zelda there are a lot of them out there, but ilI think those are among the best.
  5. The wife and I spent a week away before I leave for work in three days. This is what we got back to. Turned on the tv for background noise, got background Donnie, ranting and raving. Ive learned Biden will destroy America though!
  6. Ok, that all sounds great actually, but how did fighting Brazil become a part of it?
  7. Yes, but ine is billed as such, the other isn’t. Of course its a grift, but it’s legal.
  8. Yeah, the CiC coming to speak to his soldiers is far different than soldiers showing up in uniform at a campaign rally.
  9. Ok, now you’re just going out of your way to reach. I misspell things because my phone screen is cracked and about % of the time I can’t press certain keys. I get fed up with hitting the same key over and over. Then next time it works.When I’m not spelling things wrong, I’m ysing my laptop.
  10. Ive literally told this board exactly who I am, my full name, where I grew up. Thats it, thats all. I read a few old posts about “apoc”, and you claiming im him is offensive if the stuff I read is true. why are you so upset that some of us can see beyond the story. Ive said the story us wonderful, i made an offhand comment about the game not really being especially woke. It doesn’t delve into any jnew or very progressive themes. I really don’t know what is so progressive in “revenge will destroy you”. Its not a new story, its been done a thousand times. The characters are absolutely
  11. I’m literally talking about the gameplay, not the story. You keep ignoring what I’m saying and try to claim I’m arguing in bad faith. If I leave the word “fantasy” out, is that easier for you to understand? How about “prepper power slaughter simulator”. Is that easier for you? Or are yiu only capable in thinking within the themes if the story and the literal meaning of the word “fantasy”? Maybe you’ve just been locked up too long, but you got upset as soon as we called this a power fantasy. You are the one who threw personal attacks into a debate over what a game was. and yes, I ta
  12. Apparently this Payette lady is currently mired in scandal as well right now. Something with her security, but I don’t know the details of how that works. I just saw it linked in another story.
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