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  1. Nice setup! How are GW paints now? I haven't bought a pot of anything but their contrast and technical paints in a decade. I found their base paints way too thick, personally, and even with flow improvers, they don't work very well in an air brush. I amrecently bought two kits of Monument Hobbies: Pro Acryl, but I haven't actually tried them yet. Plan on using them on a new Tyranids force. I generally stick to Vallejo air and army painter.
  2. Exactly this. When 40k was first released, and id say up to around 2000-05, there was actually plenty of satire and nonsense, but then they did a kind of rebranding to the super serious grim dark that they say is satire, but the evidence is incredibly thin for it. That said, most bigger gaming spots have wonderful people. Its the tiny places where the the same people play together for years on end where you find this stuff. I can tell you that very few TO's would allow the stuff that happened in the original post. In all my years playing, I've never met anyone like that. I've met plenty of sore losers (and one really, really sore loser in a game of WFB) while gaming, but never outright hateful bigots.
  3. For those that think the judge did anything wrong. He also did a video on the case itself.
  4. Ok, as much as I hate this too attractive monster, that was funny because I have no pity for Cawthorne either.
  5. Psychonauts 2 is definitely my GotY. This year had some great games, but that one is incredibly special. MS has nailed it.
  6. The XSX doesn't take very long to set up. Updates are quick and easy. I did a factory reset a couple of months back too, and it was fine. Downloading games is definitely the longest part of the process, and that depends on your internet. Either way, I hope you get great joy out of your new box.
  7. Yeah I don't, for one second, believe they can make Chrono Trigger better. Remaking it would ruin the incredible pacing with bloat that can only hurt it. Plus, doing it wrong would be deserving of Seppuku for everyone involved. Chrono Cross, not so much.
  8. I was wondering what you were talking about as I read the thread, because Godfall gas no DA in it at all! 😜
  9. Bloodborne, God of War, and BotW. I think those three games are representative of the best of AAA experiences of the last decade.
  10. I like mine. It's not my astro, but its a decent headset. The 3d sound is impressive when it's used.
  11. On top of the nature of the crime, the dad is a retired cop. So yeah, definitely no gen pop.
  12. Aside from the extreme Breitbart wing, most feel it was justice. And even there, its like 1 in 4 who are full on "he was a long toe nailed criminal", the rest are fine. . Even the vast majority of fox news commenters feel it was the right verdict. I specifically checked those two to see what they were saying.
  13. THREE DA's not charging, before the fourth (thr redhead who prosecuted) got her hands on it.
  14. Or at least make adoption free, faster, and easier. If we can't get free cancer treatment, we aren't getting free fertility treatment. Not that im against it in any way, I just think there are far more important medical procedures that need funding.
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