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  1. I frankly think Sony trying to do a game pass equivalent is a fool's errand at this point. They're too far behind and will never have the firepower to put up a service that will compete with it. I don't know how viable it is for them to stay in the hardware market long term after this. And I don't say that to imply that they're doomed, I just don't know. Maybe it's perfectly fine that they put out a machine and their own software and they get by just fine. Perhaps a mini version of game pass can be part of that, but as a service to exist on its own to compliment their machine only - there's no way they can try to develop something into anything that will actually compete with the sheer volume MS has at its disposal. I've been about this bullshit before, but I think in 10 years it's distinctly possible we're sitting here like...you know game pass was actually a big mistake and a net negative for fans of games. Each one of these acquisitions makes me more and more uneasy.
  2. sure, the hardware is way faster. I’m just saying there’s very very few games you’re missing out on.
  3. I guess I’d also say to those really feeling left behind for not having a new console… don’t lol. They’re big paperweights at this point unless you want to play your last gen games with slightly better performance.
  4. I generally agree that you're going to see a stark difference in the quality of visuals between the generations, but I think there are several games already that have provided templates of at least the ballpark of what we'll see. At some point "built from the ground up" is a meaningless statement, but Demon's Souls, Returnal, Ratchet, Astro's, among others are certainly doing things the Pro wouldn't be able to handle. I'm not sure we're going to see a LOT of games that make those games look like a half step or something like that.
  5. I work a full time job with two kids and I was able to get a PS5 with certainly some frustration and failures, but just paid attention to the drop times and was ready when I could be and it didn't take that long. I guess I don't know if it's gotten worse since then, but it's not IMPOSSIBLE to get one if you really want one.
  6. Welp I’m sure this won’t make me more confused about what content I have / don’t have / what I’m buying with the horribly-named DLC packs! But a lot of this new free stuff sounds pretty great.
  7. Wasn’t the original $400 for just the headset? I think $300 for the headset this time + more for controllers will be more realistic. I’d love to be wrong.
  8. I've actually never played the first Half Life so I'm looking forward to the game.
  9. I bought: Black Mesa Nier Obra Dinn Kentucky Route Zero On the Steam sale, so I'm starting with Black Mesa. Also playing FF14 pretty frequently. I'd like to go back to Death Loop and finish it up, but man I fell off that game hard.
  10. I feel like Diablo 3’s genius was overshadowed by the auction house and then the general media was kind of over the game; but man what a polished, addictive gem that game is. The 2 remake has its issues but I generally enjoyed it; but I won’t lie there were many instances playing it where I was just like man maybe I should just be playing Diablo 3.
  11. I’m not gonna post mine cuz it’s not particularly interesting. I’ll say I played animal crossing more last year than I played my entire switch library this year. Monster Hunter was my most played followed by Castlevania advance collection. I’ve been pretty disappointed in the switch output the last few years overall. Here’s hoping for a more exciting 2022.
  12. Damn @GameDadGrant I don’t realize you were such a smash fiend.
  13. That's kinda what I mean - sometimes when those companies dissolve the rights of stuff get all put in some legal grey area. Plus I think Kojima maybe hated twin snakes? Maybe I'm remembering that wrong, and I guess it doesn't matter anymore. But I suspect part of it is they are rumored to be remaking MGS anyway (or was that actually confirmed? I can't keep track anymore), so why waste their time with TS.
  14. I imagine the licensing for it would be a nightmare to navigate between silicon knights and Konami.
  15. Pretty insane that square has the gall to be like… hey this PORT of a last gen game is gonna be the one where we break the glass on the $70 price, oh and by the way we’re gonna do a trash job at actually porting it to PC. WTF man
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