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  1. It seems like initial glowing reviews have been balanced out a bit by some that are like “it’s really good! … but I don’t like the emmi sections” type impressions.
  2. It’s so disheartening. I wanna go back to losing every big game by 4 touchdowns. This makes me feel worse.
  3. I’d be interested if they dramatically changed the shooting mechanics. Otherwise I’ve played through 3 and Vice city within the last 3-4 years or so and I own all 3 in multiple formats.
  4. I’m interested in it but swamped this week and don’t think I’ll be able to play it. I’d be interested in seeing what people thought.
  5. I’ve posted this before, but my screen has a scratch on it that drive me nuts. I have almost purchased a new switch a few times just because of that, and I have two different friends who would be willing to pay like a cheap price to take the old one if I get a new one. It’s a total luxury item for me, but the switch is the first Nintendo console I’ve purchased maybe ever when it wasn’t at the end of its life cycle. So I don’t feel too bad.
  6. I had one in my cart a ways back and backed off, now I regret it. Seems like these things are gonna be harder than any console to find.
  7. In some form or another playing: Diablo 2 R Mass Effect 2 Castlevania Circle of the Moon Spelunky 2 Control (like it, don't love it, have to kinda force myself to boot it up and progress a bit, but super interested in the story so it's enough to propel me) Friends are trying to get me to play New World - I think I'm going to hold off. I am taking a break from FF14 for a month or so while I try to get some of these newer games finished.
  8. He has a significant influence on all of the titles that have been made, but to think a good metal gear game could not be made without him is naive.
  9. I love Kojima but a metal gear game without him sounds fucking fantastic. Maybe it’ll actually be a finished product. Also, this point has been made on many a podcast, but hundreds of people make metal gear games. He stamps his name all over it but they’ll be just fine if they want to make one without him.
  10. Welp it’s a well known issue so consider yourself lucky! Maybe give ‘em a call and say thanks.
  11. I’m just so in the habit of doing rest mode. I’m gonna try to break that habit but it’s absurd that it’s an issue.
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