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  1. I think some people are jumping the gun thinking that her character will be the new 007 going forward after this movie. Unless her character is really popular, I think future movies will be sticking with James Bond. As Kal mentioned though, how many times are they going to have Bond retire?!
  2. The joy of the Switch is that I can do both. Relax in front of my TV, and then take the Switch on the go, or play it in my bed.
  3. Huh? Why wouldn't I want to dock to my big screen and relax on my couch while I play Zelda or Xenoblade?
  4. I've never seen the animated original. I should change that.
  5. I just realized that this thread's title is missing Home in it. Is that on purpose?
  6. The fighting game community is rather toxic I've heard.
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