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  1. So the first three episodes of this season probably should have been the last three episodes of last season at a regular 10 episode length, then they could have focused this final season all on getting the Iron Throne from Cersei, and Daenerys going mad.
  2. Is this the Sacha Baron Cohen character Bruno, or something else?
  3. Yeah I'm wondering where John is too. Maybe he'll show up at the end to tease a sequel.
  4. It'll be interesting to see how many HBO subscriptions end now that this show is finished.
  5. The only convincing I need to see this one is hearing, "it's a Tarantino film".
  6. To everyone saying that Jon could have just been pardoned once Grey Worn left is forgetting that the Ironborne pledged loyalty to Daenerys too, and even said as much at that council, so they want to see justice too.
  7. That was overall a satisfying ending. Shame the past two seasons weren't a full 10 episodes each, so things felt a bit rushed, but I was pleased with how things turned out. If the books are ever finished it'll be interesting to see just how much things differ.
  8. Nope. That's why Jon always told people to burn their dead when he was part of The Night's Watch.
  9. Further proof that these ghouls truly are the worst.
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