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  1. I'm saying summer so that when it's announced to be Q1 I can be pleasantly surprised.
  2. TLOU2 will be the swan song for the PS4 like first game was for the PS3. I'm betting on a summer release.
  3. That why I always mute the lobby. Especially now when crossplay I really don't need to hear the kids on Xbox being little shits with absent parents.
  4. So if I want to keep Sheer out, it looks like I'll have to vote Liberal here in Ontario. The current MP of my town is Liberal.
  5. The sequel should star a Canada goose. Those cobra chickens are assholes; perfect for this style of game.
  6. No one is "cool" with it, but his apology is being accepted, and we're able to recognize that he's matured in the years since, and is actively fighting for the rights of minorities. There's a difference, especially when compared to Sheer who can't even give a full answer as to if he's still a homophobe or not.
  7. Guess I won't be playing it tonight. Downloaded the beta only to find out I can't actually play it since it's only for people that pre-ordered the game right now. I thought it was the open beta now.
  8. I thought those were just placeholder lines while the game is in development until they hire some voice actors. NOPE! Those are the actual lines and readings!
  9. Can it redeem the fucking piss off that was the series finale of Smallville? I felt so cheated by that.
  10. I've actually never really watched CBC.l News. I kind of stick with CTV News.
  11. You uninstalled after only 1 and a half matches? That's hardly giving it a chance. I'm going to download the beta and try it out tonight to see for myself.
  12. Video showing Trudeau in blackface emerges https://globalnews.ca/news/5922861/justin-trudeau-brownface-video/
  13. I've been thinking for a while that they should make a high quality Terminator game, then I see this is released and think maybe my thoughts have been answered. Then I see the release date (November 15 in the UK). An announcement trailer for a game that comes out in a couple of months... OK nope, it's going to be a shit game just to market the new movie.
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