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  1. If Trump dropped dead I would shed no tears because he's a horrible, despicable human piece of garbage, but I don't want him to die; I want him to live long enough to spend the rest of his miserable life in prison.
  2. Good to hear that you guys are enjoying the game. Aside from faster load times and higher framerate, how does the PC version look? Does it look noticeably better graphically, or is it about the same as the console version?
  3. When this game started development they weren't owned by EA yet, just partners, so they probably had freedom to use whatever engine they wanted. Who knows if that will change with their next game. If EA really wants Frostbite to be their premier in-house engine, hopefully DICE can make improvements to it so that it's open to more games that aren't first person shooters, and is easier to use. As for why Respawn didn't use Source, maybe because they liked something in the Source engine for multiplayer (netcode perhaps), and that's why they used it for Titanfall and Apex Legends, but since Jedi: Fallen Order is singleplayer they felt Unreal was better suited to it.
  4. You mean Respawn. They probably went, "listen, Frostbite is best with Battlefield games. We're not not DICE, so just let us use an engine that's actually built for multiple genres".
  5. Except he's not. People just like to fan cast Fillion to play a live action Drake. The developers have stated that they took inspiration from Johnny Knoxville.
  6. Ooo I didn't think of that but maybe. Who could have kidnapped him do we think? Maybe Dr. Manhattan. A sort of late punishment for the squid, like, "fine you saved the world from a nuclear Holocaust and made world peace, but you're stuck here as punishment for all the lives it cost to do it".
  7. The Bulbasaur and Squirtle lines getting cut are odd. Charmander is in, so why not the other original starters? I would have liked to see what a Gigantamaxed Venusaur and Blastoise look like.
  8. To look worse on purpose? I don't think that's correct. I've heard that the modding has caused some issues, but it's not on purpose. The modding is to make the game run better because from what I've heard it runs at sub-30fps at times. That 9.3 from IGN seems way too high. The animation, and graphics are not what I'd expect from a Switch game, and unless there's been a big overhaul to the battling system, it looks to be the same formula we've been doing for over twenty years. Honestly it seems like Sword and Shield were originally supposed to be 3DS games, before being ported over to Switch in a rush. Plus the lies from the developers when they said that Pokémon had to be cut in order to make these better animations, and models from scratch...which turns out to not be true since they're the same models from the 3DS games, and the animations are crap, and also reused. Cut Pokémon would be one thing if they said they'd be added back in over time with events as DLC, but they haven't even announced that. I think Pokémon has kind of driven itself into a tough corner by always adding to the roster though. If you make cuts someone's favourite is going to be cut, but if you just keep adding eventually it's going to get too big. I'm wondering if maybe each new generation should have always just focused on brand new monsters from the start. This series needs a massive shakeup and overhaul like Zelda did with Breath of the Wild.
  9. We knew he was a white nationalist/supremacist, but here is the proof out in the open. He needs to be fired from any political office immediately.
  10. Design certainly looks better. Too bad the rest of the movie doesn't. Why would you set this on Earth instead of Sonic's planet?
  11. Wait, are all the episodes up? I thought Disney+ was going to release new episodes on a weekly basis.
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