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  1. Ah sorry I thought that was clear, I guess not. I'll edit my OP to be more clear for anyone else that comes in to read this.
  2. It will be me alone, but whatever other part there is I'll have a reader off camera reading the other person's lines.
  3. Hmm not bad. A bit out of my age range, but I suppose that's just the actor, so it might not matter. A bit too long, so I'd have to edit it down, but that's a good, deadpan, not overly goofy scene. I'll keep this one in mind. This is actually pretty good, although for film and TV auditions/demos they usually want you to stay away from monologues since they can be too wordy, and therefore want a dialogue scene between two or more people, but this one I'll keep for whenever I do need a good monologue.
  4. I'm looking to do a comedic scene from a movie or television show for a submission, and I could use some suggestions because I suck at trying to find stuff for myself. It doesn't have to be long (1.5-2 minutes), and shouldn't be too physical since I'd be filming just myself from waist up (other characters in the scene would be read off camera by a reader), so dialogue driven is preferred. Also need to make sure that it's a role that I could actually play and be cast as, so 27-33 years old, white male, and trying to avoid any genre scenes (i.e. fantasy, sci-fi, etc.), and nothing su
  5. lol this reminds me of another fitness person that has been very vocal about COVID-19, and masks, and how lockdowns never should have happened. As I've mentioned before I've been using this time to get into better shape, so because I've watched some fitness videos, YouTube's algorithm suggests other videos to me. That's fine. The ads I get are also sometimes fitness related. Also fine. However, I kept seeing these ads by one guy that were very annoying, and seemed very click bait, and misinformation filled. Came across another video from a guy called Alan Roberts calling thi
  6. So is the idea that pointing out that SNL is sucking is calling for censorship. Yeah wanting the show to be better, be funnier is us wanting to censor it... I swear people don't even know what censorship means these days.
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