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  1. Probably for the best. Hopefully someone can replace him, but good on Azaria himself for saying he'd be willing to step down after listening, and understanding why people have a problem with the character.
  2. Especially the Leia scenes since this first draft was written before Carrie Fisher died. Those would definitely have needed to be changed. I wonder how else Leia could have been handled. Maybe a full digital actor with a soundalike would have been better (if they also got more time to make sure the VFX are good). Writing scenes around cut footage from TFA probably wasn't the best idea.
  3. Finished the game. That was pretty good. Nice to have a single player Star Wars game. Looking forward to what new Star Wars games we'll get next gen, and what Respawn does next.
  4. Let's be honest with ourselves though; Treverrow's script (which we haven't read, just heard about bits of it) only sounds better because of one simple thing; the movie doesn't exist. By never actually have been made, we can never fully judge it, and it's left to our imaginations as to what it could have been like, and because most of us were disappointed by Rise of Skywalker, this movie in our heads is going to seem better.
  5. https://www.patreon.com/posts/33213577 Film Crit Hulk on the movie. Very well written article (well aside from some grammar and spelling errors here and there, and calling Arthur's co-workers fellow cab drivers instead of clowns )
  6. https://www.cracked.com/article_27001_sorry-but-ignoring-rose-tico-kind-ruins-star-wars.html
  7. I figured he'd do one at some point. I believe he's completely off Akira at this point.
  8. Oh go get your dick bent. Other people have mentioned it since it's one of the very first planets. You're just saying that because I complained about an actual, meaningful spoiler.
  9. Game is pretty damn solid. On Dathomir and it's basically looks like Hell from Doom (2016). I did encounter an annoying bug though. I found an albino wyyyschokk, it killed me, but when I go back to fight it is not there anymore, and won't respawn. Looked online and this seems to be pretty common.
  10. Should Pokémon learn a thing or two from this game? Yes. Will they? No.
  11. Anyone else think the guy that NetherRealm Studios uses for The Joker in Injustice and now Mortal Kombat kind of isn't all that good?
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