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  1. Forget about Pig, this will be the GOAT movie about a farm animal.
  2. When the film opens and Frank is driving his delivery truck he's supposed to be in his 30s (Frank Sheeran was born in 1920), and when you compare it to DeNiro when he was in his 30s (like in Godfather 2, Taxi Driver, or Deer Hunter) you realize they didn't make him look young enough. I realize that deep fakes and the CGI used in movies to make an actor younger are very different, but it's weird that many of these deep fake videos do a better job than the actual movies, especially with a movie like The Irishman where the whole idea of the film is to do it with the main cast to foll
  3. You're missing what I'm getting at; since when are ads put in the trailers for movies like this. Is this going to become a new thing? It was weird. Why?
  4. Why did I see a quick ad for the DualSense in that?
  5. There's a few deepfake videos that do a better job of portraying a younger version of an actor than the film itself, which is just baffling to me when these movies have budgets in the millions to spend on that kind of VFX. Is it a time constraint thing? I saw one for The Irishman that was so much better than the movie that it made me think the movie was just shitty at trying to portray DeNiro as a younger man, and failed completely, which in retrospect it kind of did; the flashback of him in the army he looks like he's in his 50s.
  6. That's disgusting. The look of disappointment and defeat on her face is heartbreaking. The fact that the crowd cheered them on and booed her is enraging. I wish she had been able to say, "could you maybe not laugh in my face and make jokes about what I, and many others feel is a valid complaint, and is turning away a lot of female players from your games because the women characters are overly sexualized, and stop being a bunch of assholes to someone who tries to address this issue to you? Thanks", or if not that, more succinctly, "Fuck you". Fuck all these guys. Fuck Activision B
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