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  1. I want it as a pet. No, in Canada we don't already keep them as pets, thank you.
  2. Excelsior! Can I gloat, or would that be unbecoming?
  3. Devastated to hear about this. I was lucky enough to visit Christchurch last year, and my heart goes out to the community there.
  4. Huh? I'm saying it wouldn't make much sense to have a Hispanic actor play an Arabic character.
  5. Didn't expect it to come to Steam. Nice that they added in Reach as well. Seeing as I've never owned an Xbox, I think I just might get this, assuming all the problems have been fixed, and the PC port is actually good.
  6. I think Ben Kingsley is a bit too old to play Jafar, and too obvious of a choice. Hopefully the guy playing Jafar will surprise us, but the trailers aren't really selling me on him.
  7. Looks better than the last trailer at least. Still not sure about Guy Richie as director though as he's very hit or miss. Also with a world that is basically a melting pot of Indian and Arabian culture, wouldn't it have been better to hire a brown person as director?
  8. Maybe if enough sponsors pull out of his program Fox will decide he's not worth it anymore and replace him.
  9. The trailer made it look positively creepy, so I'll definitely be seeing this.
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