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  1. As President I mean. We'll still unfortunately hear from him in interviews on Fox and other right wing news outlets. I can only imagine what he'd be rage Tweeting now if he still had his Twitter account. The only thing I want to hear about Trump now is him getting charged and prosecuted.
  2. Heard Trump wasn't going to the inauguration, and even left early this morning so he could still use Air Force One. What a little bitch. I big, whiny, sniveling baby.
  3. Multiculturalism is a bad thing now? Way to say the quiet part out loud.
  4. My dad loves grocery shopping, and still spends hours doing it each week. He'll go to different stores depending on what's on sale, and what coupons he has. With all the gas he's using up, is he really saving that much if another store a little further away has something for 60ยข less? I doubt it. When the lockdowns first went into effect I told him I would do the shopping because him being in his late 60s it isn't safe, so just give me a list of what needs to be bought, but he brushed me off, and wouldn't be serious. Got to the point where I took his car keys, and hid them. Then he whined and
  5. Weird aiming system? It has weird aiming? I don't remember. Haven't played it in years honestly, and it was back on the Gamecube around when it first came out.
  6. Does RE4 even need a remake? It's still highly playable and enjoyable. RE2 and 3 got remade because the originals were pretty dated with the camera and tank controls. Only real thing to improve with RE4 would be graphics, and ehh I'm not sure if that's enough. They could make some minor adjustments, like walking while aiming for example, but again they'd be minor.
  7. I love traveling. Expensive yes, but totally worth it. I've done a few Contiki Tours, and can't wait to do another. Would really like to visit Southeast Asia, so Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia (I hear Bali is stunningly beautiful from my Australian friends who constantly go), Cambodia, etc. I'd also love to take a trip to Europe again and see some of the places I missed the first time. Hopefully I can go with my girlfriend as she's half Croatian and would love to show me some places there, like where her mom grew up, and I'd love to take her to see the Louvre since she loves art, and museums, an
  8. I know a girl who works as a nurse in Dallas. Brown skinned, Muslim, and some of the things she says of people is really disheartening. Some of the people she knows honestly say things like, "why would I want to take a vacation to another country? I already live in the best country on Earth." It's so mind-bogglingly stupid. No one says you need to move, but to not at least take a trip, see the world, learn about different cultures, try new foods, see amazing sights, etc. Their worldview is tiny. Plus like I said she's Muslim, so the odd, "Isn't that religion full of terrorists" crap here and t
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