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  1. Depends on how far back of a prequel it is. A couple years could work for the first season or two, and then following seasons could deal with all the changing fallout of the freaks taking over crime in Gotham. Since it's HBO they would also be able to afford cameos from the big stars. Could even be Jeffrey Wright's next gig after Westworld is over. If it's set decades before the events of the movie, I don't see how it would be interesting without the supervillains that make this mythos interesting, but then it just repeats the show Gotham's mistakes if it brings in those villains too early.
  2. This sounds like it could be what Gotham should have been all along! I'm definitely interested in this!
  3. Stone could have talked and spilled the beans on Trump, but be didn't because he knew if he kept his mouth shut Trump would get him out of prison, and now Trump finally had rewarded him for his loyalty.
  4. For a on-rails shooter it wasn't too bad.
  5. I would love another Dead Space, whether it's a sequel, reboot, or remake. I still haven't played 3 yet (I should get on that), but the first two are very fun. Imagine what it could look like on the new consoles with the improved lighting. Plus the sound design taking advantage of what the PS5 is doing with its audio would be a treat.
  6. Inception was also that year. The score being used as a ticking clock during some scenes was clever.
  7. Daft Punk should have been nominated for Best Original Score at the Oscars, but the old farts at the Academy are, well, old farts. Hope Daft Punk come back.
  8. This has to be something they are just thinking about, not something they are fully planning, and ready to roll out, right? This is so stupid. Remember how bad we thought on-disc DLC was?
  9. Our benevolent leader has blessed us with his gracious generosity once again. Long may he reign!
  10. Anyone have a DIY for gold armor boots and/or helmet? I have the gold armor itself, now I just need the other pieces.
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