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  1. I'm enjoying the game a lot so far. I feel like medic should have the shotguns too, rather than support, since medics only have SMGs while support gets LMGs and MMGs. Hopefully there's a ton of new maps to come in the future. Battlefield 1 got a lot of new maps with its DLC, but I fear that because of the lack of a season pass, EA and DICE won't feel obligated to do that much DLC anymore.
  2. I haven't played any of the games, but I remember hearing when the first came out that it's a lot better on PC.
  3. Oh please, I've already seen news about some of the parents screaming "fake news" and that it was the kids that were being bullied.
  4. Wait it was a field trip? Where were the teachers then?
  5. I have an urge to punch that kid in his smug, annoying face.
  6. I've actually thought of this myself. If you could time travel to baby Hitler, would you kill him, or take him back to the present to raise him not to be a monster?
  7. Yeah I've seen a handful of these, and they're pretty good.
  8. If they can pull this off, man this'll be one of the greatest action trilogies ever.
  9. The only concern I have over this game is EA. They better not meddle with this game too much with their greedy little hands.
  10. Ugh FilmSelect. That YouTube channel is always doing shit like "extended trailer" when really it's just two trailers back to back.
  11. There was a teacher at my high school whose name was Richard Harder. Dick N. Weiner is better though lol
  12. According to Kevin Feige is takes place after Endgame.