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  1. WTF? Was covid basically a dam for all these shootings, and now that restrictions are loosening up they're all bursting out trying to catch up from last year's drought of shootings?
  2. I misread at first and thought it said guy threw a bobcat AT his wife. Wonder if it attacked in part (aside from the rabies) because of the pet crate the wife is holding. I also like how the video in the article loops, "A bobcat attacked my wife! A bobcat! Good morning."
  3. I want an ultra wide monitor, and I would love TVs to start getting 21:9 models, but 32:9 seems too wide.
  4. Already seeing friends on Facebook calling for the lockdowns to end in Ontario saying it's not the people's fault, it's the government's (provincial and federal). and that now with a third lockdown things aren't improving anyway. I mean yeah Ford isn't handling it well, and our boarders should be closed, but ending the lockdown isn't going to help things.
  5. How old is your son? Cold War isn't exactly a game I'd deem appropriate for kids.
  6. Okami is one of my favourite games. It's a shame that it got overshadowed by Twilight Princess because it's the better game. The art is beautiful. I would love to get a sequel* one day that picks up where the game leaves off, but I doubt we ever will. Just imagine what it could look like on the PS5 with that art style. *there was Okami-den for the DS, but it's more of a sidequel with Amaterasu's child, rather than continuing her adventures.
  7. I don't know. Maybe when she should be ovulating just in case the pill isn't working. Haven't really decided. Just saying I'm not opposed to having to use them.
  8. You know what, fuck off. Get the fuck out of my thread, and quit trying to derail it with your attempts at trolling. You were better when you just posted gifs, or better yet, not at all after you were shamed off this board when Andrea found out you're nothing but a pathetic no-life loser in his 50s living in his mother's basement, who lies about himself on the Internet to strangers, and trolls them in an attempt to feel better about his own failure at life.
  9. Of course the pill is effective, but it's not 100%, neither are condoms, neither is using the pill with condoms. Just don't want to take the risk. Another reason for wanting to get on BC is so she can regulate her menstrual cycle. We already keep track of it (when she's expected to have her period, when she is expected to be ovulating), so we can plan around it. Even still, and with abortions legal, we don't want to take the risk. I'm fine with wearing a condom once and a while, I would just like to find one that feels good, hence why I made this thread looking for suggestions. Yes sex is bett
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