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  1. Raptors President Ujiri possibly under misdemeanour charges for assaulting cop, while trying to get on court to celebrate championship win with team. Although season ticket holders and eye witnesses dispute everything the cop claims happened. Racism now seems to be what is really happening
  2. Trump feels more like a Krusty to me, well in this situation. Although Krusty realized he said something wrong unlike Trump who doubles down and goes for broke
  3. Macron says he isn’t sad/mad about Oak tree dying. So he’s sending a new oak tree out to Trump and the White House Don’t know if this is just a kind gesture or a Fuck You, here have another one . . . on the house.
  4. So the tree just Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors itself ”Life with the Trump’s. What choice do I have” and just offs itself outta there
  5. I can see them trying to explain that to Trump. Oh my gawd, I just realized we’re living in the world of Invader Zim Now
  6. Didn’t Pence just do a big speech insuring that the plan was to go back to the moon in the near future and then beyond to Mars?
  7. My tv handles most of my streaming apps now. When I want to view them on my projector, I switch it over to my Xbox One X. I got an Apple TV as well, but it ain’t a 4K box It was a hand-me down from my cousin when they upgraded to a 4K tv/Apple box
  8. Well at least the people in the Buffalo area can just hop across the Rainbow Bridge and buy some Canadian weed. Still I wish everyone the best in getting this eventually passed for you guys to enjoy.
  9. My gawd they are fucking us so badly with these calls. Could be up maybe 10 more points
  10. Congrats to Illinois, but too bad that home grown weed is “only for medical marijuana patients” I wonder how many will submit for a medical marijuana license to do it legally. Worked great with my wrist surgery and growing more for myself, but mostly for my mom now. She needs to have a knee replacement done and said she would go with the weed over the pills
  11. Didn’t he get rid of them when he came into power.
  12. I love attending my garden and checking the everyday progress on my marijuana plants. Then it’s vaping it and watching tv/movie in my bedroom on my projector.
  13. *puts on nerdy glasses* Jurassic Park was good but the book was so much better. Movies I think that have aged well or still hold up. Well at least a few of them Addams Family/Values Hot Shots 1&2 Airplane! Terminator 2
  14. That first quarter I had pretty much written off the Raptors from even getting close, but WOW that end of the 3rd and all that 4th quarter. They found their winning groove and Leonard hit that special gear of his
  15. That is a beautiful UHD but I think I would put Into the Spiderverse just slightly above it, and Captain Underpants isn’t bad either
  16. We almost got it from Neill Blomkamp with his movie taking place after the 2nd, but ignoring Aliens 3 and beyond. Now he’s doing RoboCop which I think is taking place after the 2nd movie and ignoring the 3rd movie and made for TV movies that were in the same time frame
  17. I don’t know what to say. Looks like a Terminator movie
  18. Can’t wait to see the movie but I have to wait a few more weeks for my 3D import to get here. Last 2 were amazing in 3D and hope for more of the same
  19. Wow we tied the series with a nice commanding win. They didn’t collapse like they usually do in the 4th quarter. Go Raptors Go
  20. BAD TIMES AT THE EL ROYALE I was hoping to really like this film but it was film oozing with style but the payoffs were so-so. Great cast they had for the film and some of them are surprisingly bumped off out of know where. Which worked great with the audio track, but needed a higher volume set because the dialog comes off a little quiet. Then out of no where, you think your speakers are going to blow themselves out with these surprise deaths. Video quality was good and wish I could of seen the 4K version, but for some reason it never got a Canadian release. It might be worth a rental, but that’s about it.
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