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  1. As an employee of Pepsi I have nothing to say. ok I love my Pepsi and drink it everyday and sometimes several times a day. I can’t drink the diet cause it just kills my stomach. I will admit I won’t go near an energy drink as they are discussing and same for beer. Can’t stand the taste of either
  2. Someone gave him ice cream and diet cokes for bed, and now he’ll be up all night tweeting
  3. Bought my 4K copy as it looked amazing on the Venom 4K disc. Will also be importing a 3D copy as I missed it in theatres in that format
  4. Love Death and Robots: Season One 4.25/5 Cool anthology series on Netflix and from David Fincher. Overall they had some great shorts and a couple that were meh. Love the different animation styles included and felt like watching The Animatrix but with no central plot to anything.
  5. Please someone take him golfing to shut him the hell up for even a few hours
  6. People keep talking misdirection with the trailers, because we see Nebula and Stark walking in their new suits near the end of the trailer. So how does he get back to earth? I’m thinking Captain Marvel finds them on her travel back to earth with Fury’s page being sent out. He did hack into SHIELD in the first Avengers and might of known of her existence, and from that hack is piggybacking on Fury’s singnal out of desperation/hope
  7. This was a wonderful show and hit me pretty hard in the feelings. I lost my dad 3 years ago and the way he described the loss of a loved one was too damn accurate. Also I liked his perspective on health treatments and how we view one thing to another. Like a 97 year old woman getting a face scar for the rest of her life, but she has already lived 97 scar free years. The difference between putting a dog down easily for an illness, but unethical to do the same for a human. The last episode was a little weak but doesn’t take away the fact that this was one hell of a show.
  8. AFTER LIFE God damn you Netflix and Ricky Gervais. I never wanted to laugh and cry so much for a tv show until I watched this amazing series. He plays a man so far beyond being just depressed/suicidal. He has pretty much given up on how you treat people, what a life is really worth, and the overall treatment of the sick. Great line about how you see your dog suffering from illness and put him down to rid them of their pain/misery, but can’t apply that same ethical treatment on someone with dimentia/Alzheimer’s This will hit you hard, especially if you have lost anyone close to you recently.
  9. THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY: S1 9/10 Only 10 episodes on Netflix but they were an awesome 10 episodes. Great acting, good SFX and one great soundtrack. Hopefully more will watch and Netflix announces a 2nd season soon
  10. That seems like a lot of stores for 15000 people. Toronto Ontario will only have 5 shops hopefully come April 1st to serve a few million people. (Minus online store which is said to be slow and expensive) Before legalization in Canada. The city next to mine had a ton of illegal weed shops in a very close nit area and all did very well. A newspaper article said the police raided 41 shops in one day and 36 of them reopened the very next day. (That wasn't even all of them)Although we are probably close to 300-400,000 people in a 35km radius. Gotta make it legit in America and maybe they could make a splash up here and down there
  11. If you haven’t watched yet on Netflix, I highly recommend doing so. Not your typical superhero show as everyone is just mentally fucked up one way or another. Great cast and some pretty good VFX too, especially for Pogo. Hopefully Netflix will announce a 2nd season being picked up soon. Also cool to see local spots near me being used in the show. The big action scene in the 2nd episode was a Target store I use to service with Pepsi before Target went belly up. Just go and watch already
  12. Watch him lose his job but be hired by Trump for his 2020 campaign
  13. Gotta ask everyone on their thoughts of Stan Lee’s cameo. He wasn’t playing anyone but himself reading the Mallrats script (which was awesome) So, how does he feel about his characters being real real in his world. Almost becomes a Deadpool breaking the 4th wall kind of moment
  14. First I would say, Skip the Saturn and go for a Dreamcast. Now my recommendations Darkwing Duck (NES) Tiny Toons (NES) Batman (NES) Lion King (SNES/GENESIS) Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2&3 (PS2/GC) Project Gotham Racing (Xbox)
  15. I liked the film but think it could/will improve upon another viewing. Already preordered my Zavvi 3D Steelbook. Thought the 3D at times was spectacular and on par with Infinity War. I think by mid film the pace was a little slow for me, but liked the fully charged up ending. Acting I think was solid throughout and people shouldn’t worry from what they were seeing in the trailers. Yeah I agree that Brie runs weirdly though. I wish some of the camera work was better for the fights and reminded me of Batman Begins and the complaining it received. Still a good outing for Marvel Never thought I would see such deserving love for Paddington 2 in a Captain Marvel thread Import the UHD from the UK as it is a stunning looking disc
  16. All probably because he can’t put a long lasting autograph on a roll of paper towels with the plastic still on it.
  17. When my dad was dying of cancer over 3 years ago. He had 3 shows he would always watch. COPS, M.A.S.H. and Jeopardy. He was a Jeopardy fan for years and it would be the only thing we could watch at 7:30 Mon-Fri befor3 we got another tv in the house. So for my dad, he better beat it sblfilms i I wish you all the luck/chance to make it on there someday. My cousin was a 3 day champ about 5-6 years ago. So if you do make it, ask when it will air on tv. My cousin shot the shows in late July, but asked when they would air on tv. They told him in November around Thanksgiving. So he started taking that into consideration and started reading/studying bits of thanksgiving trivia and it paid off in final jeopardy. Came back and won over a question involving cooking hotline that people could call during the holiday. It was Butterball and he was the only who got it right.
  18. It feels like a tv show with 2 minutes of needed filler to reach their proper runtime. Like when the Simpsons visit Apu after being shot saving James Woods. They hug and assume that’s the end, check watch and hug him again before credits roll. Fox News are The Simpson’s to comfort/cuddle and Trump is Apu enjoying every moment of their imbrace. Sorry, but everything seems to have a Simpson reference somehow
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