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  1. Someone missed a real opportunity when calling it “Blue Balls” instead of a “Cummy Ache”
  2. Kinda great to see the number that high. Usually I wouldn’t give it a 2nd thought but after all the dialogue I heard from everyone in Guardians of the Galaxy game. This is, I think, great info to have out there. Never played the first game but will give this one a go I think
  3. Their BBQ Chicken and Butter Chicken pizzas are pretty damn yum. I had Papa John’s when I did a trip to Austin, TX about 12 years ago and was one of the worst things to call themselves pizza. My city actually has 2 of them and I thought they were stateside only for the longest time, until like 5-6 years ago. . . you can take them back now.
  4. God you are so wrong. it is clearly a bread bowl with a hearty tomato and cheese soup/stew
  5. silentbob


    Wordle 214 4/6 🟨⬛⬛🟨🟨 🟨🟨⬛⬛🟩 ⬛🟩🟩🟩🟩 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 one of my fastest solves.
  6. It just recently got approved in Canada and has been mentioned a lot on our news cast/ticker news scroll. Plus most hospitals usually play their local CP24 news feed, on the waiting lounge/room TV. Which is pretty much the same news every half hour (like what CNN Headline News was like) Although they probably knew about the pill, but non of the details around it, which the dr did know.
  7. silentbob


    I was scared there for a moment Wordle 213 5/6 ⬛🟩⬛⬛⬛ ⬛🟩⬛⬛🟨 🟩🟩🟩⬛⬛ 🟩🟩🟩⬛⬛ 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩
  8. That little girl deserves something special for asking a harder question then most actual reporters. Surprise she didn’t quote the bible on the eye for an eye
  9. That happens, then I’m leaving my Steam Deck as a preorder. Although I’ll probably wanna upgrade to the OLED version. GOD DAMNIT!!!
  10. I sort of wonder though if Microsoft will have to release some games on PS4/5 to stay out of the monopoly situation they would have on the game. Sort of like what happened already with Sony and MLB The Show franchise being released on Xbox last year
  11. @Keyser_SozePosted this on the other page 45min ago. still HOLY SHIT on this transaction. I know several PS5 owners who would love to see gamepass on their system
  12. Pretty limited up in Canada and so I’m with Prime, Disney+ and Netflix. The only other big streamer is called Crave and handle all the HBO/Showtime shows but still are very limited on any 4K and Atmos on almost everything they offer.
  13. I got called into work early because of the storm today. We had 3 cars stuck on my street (can see one in below pic) and probably +45cm on my driveway. So mom, my sister and I went out and shovelled my car out and even cleared a bit of the street to give me a chance. Let me just a moment here to thank the AWD Deep Snow Traction option on my Ford Escape, cause I got through it with ease. Slow day at work and some of the local stores stayed closed and the Tim Hortons was Drive-Thru Only. Thankfully my side street was cleared before I came home and barely any snowbank left by the plow too.
  14. Well we already have had some actors/actresses already played multiple roles in these Marvel movies. So what’s one more, but he wouldn’t do it with his busy schedule as it is.
  15. silentbob


    Wordle 212 4/6 ⬛🟨⬛⬛⬛ 🟨⬛⬛⬛⬛ ⬛⬛🟨🟨⬛ 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩
  16. Are you so sure on that? He has such a shit ton amount of KFC skin in his system. That the only thing dying are the toilet bowls he shits upon. My money is on complications from a fall down some stairs.
  17. silentbob


    Wordle 211 4/6 ⬛🟨🟨⬛⬛ 🟨🟨⬛⬛⬛ 🟩⬛🟨🟩⬛ 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩
  18. Yeah Bills!!! Now i know money is tight for people, but now is the time to invest in them cheap plastic folding tables. Gonna make a killing if they playing like this for the entire playoff run
  19. Just a follow up on this. Today they announced that they have a new date of January 26th for her surgery I don’t know how that happen
  20. silentbob


    ITALY is another non word for the game as well. Tried using that as my 2nd guess and said not a word.
  21. silentbob


    I cheated yesterday but got today’s on my own on my 3rd guess. It was easy 3rd guess when most of the vowels had been used guessing but we’re not usable for the actual word. Wordle 209 3/6 ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛ ⬛⬛🟩⬛⬛ 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩
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