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  1. Cereal is my primary use for milk. I don't always drink the leftover cereal milk. Just depends on what cereal I've had.
  2. Citing Stand-Your-Ground Law, DA Won’t File Charges in Cedric Lofton Death - The New York Times WWW.NYTIMES.COM Cedric Lofton, 17, was handcuffed and placed face down at a detention center in Wichita, Kan., last year. The district attorney says the employees were acting in self-defense. I don't understand how this falls under Stand Your Ground. I've dealt with worse as a nurse and somehow I've never allowed a patient to die. The fuck?
  3. So I had a small glass of oat milk yesterday. Not really a fan of drinking it straight. It's not gross, but it just tastes like oat water. Not exactly appetizing. Using it with my cereal today and it's fine. I don't much notice the taste. Since I got this at Whole Foods yesterday, I need to see what the normal price is like to compare it to the milk I buy. I don't think I could give up dairy for oat milk.
  4. More Far Cry 6. I'm really starting to get into it. I love it when I finally acquire a bow.
  5. Ouch. Mine is already gone. But it wasn't that big. That sucks.
  6. The Hokas I got for work are pretty comfortable. I usually go to the gym at work after my shift and that first day running, I did get a bit of a blister on my big toe. May just need to break them in more. I ordered another pair of Hoka, the Clifton 8, for everyday wear. They're backordered, right now, so it'll be mid-Feb before I get them. I can wait. I've been seeing these Kizik hands-free shoes advertised for a while(thanks, FB), so I decided to order some of those. They came in today and they really do fit well while being super easy to slip into. Plus, I loved the green. They'll be good for daily wear. These are what I got: Women's Madrid Eco Knit - Olive KIZIK.COM Say hello to your new favorite shoe — The Madrid is the perfect shoe for all-day wear around the house or a casual day at the office. Designed using our environmentally-friendly fabric made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Built with our patented F.A.S.T. ® Technology to allow you to keep up with the hustle and bustle of the day. 4-way stretch air mesh upper for enhanced breathability. Goodbye sweaty...
  7. Dropped into Whole Foods today for some sushi...decided to pick up some oat milk and see what the big deal is. I'll give my opinion later. Didn't seem right to drink any with the sushi.
  8. Since I finished the book last night, I decided to watch Cujo tonight. Only found out it was on Hulu a few days ago. I thought it was pretty good, especially considering it was made in 1983. Definitely perked the ending up a bit from the book.
  9. Just watched the trailer. I've never heard of this character, but then I'm not a comic geek. Looks interesting, though. I like that we're getting new characters introduced in the MCU with these shows.
  10. Yeah, Netflix is hands-down my favorite. There's always something for me to watch and new stuff all the time. Sure, I don't care about a lot of it, but some of my favorites have been on Netflix. I've also gotten into Nordic Noir series and they have a ton of that. My Netflix backlog is pretty huge.
  11. I always did kinda wanna visit Epcot and Animal Kingdom. It’s not off the table, I just felt like I’ve cared less about it than I used to. Still have no idea what our vacation plans are gonna be for this year.
  12. I wish my parents had been able to take us to Disney World as a kid. I've thought about going as an adult, but I'm not big on rides, as I'm terrified of heights. Just doesn't seem worth the money if I skip on those. I would have liked to have gone to Harry Potter world before JK soured me with her bigotry. If only to indulge my inner child and go to the candy and wand shops.
  13. I'm trying to finish Killing Pablo, plus I started reading The Likeness by Tana French on my Kindle. It's rare for me, but I'm gonna start a romance tonight. The Sweetest Remedy by Jane Igharo. It was a BOTM pick and has some racial issues to make it relevant. Need something a bit lighter and happier after finishing Cujo last night.
  14. Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu are the ones I use most. There's occasionally something else I want to watch, but I just torrent it. Oh yeah, I do have Prime, but I rarely watch stuff on it. I keep it for the shipping.
  15. Pretty good. Visited in-laws for the weekend and I still don't go back to work until Thursday. Husband has tomorrow off for MLK day. I'm chilling and trying to finish Cujo tonight. Gotta order groceries for pickup tomorrow.
  16. Husband just did a watch of seasons 1-4. I watched them on my own back then, he didn’t start watching with me til the 5th season, after we got married. He missed the best stuff.
  17. I wanna see this. Normally not a big horror fan, but I’ve had a soft spot for this franchise since I was a teenager.
  18. Yup. Just be aware it does have a distinct taste. Let me know what you think when you try it.
  19. Decided to read Cujo by Stephen King. It was actually my first SK book, but that’s been close to 20 years ago when I was in high school. I really don’t remember much about it.
  20. I mean, she’s a nurse, but I don’t care about pedantry. She feels miserably sick, much like she did a year ago.
  21. Boo, my mom has it again. Said she feels like she has a bad flu. She’s vaxxed, but not due for a booster yet.
  22. My patients are all stable. It’s just they’re here for other things and they happened to test positive. GI bleed, pancreatitis, broken hip, etc.
  23. Ugh, so many Covid cases here that we don’t have enough space on the dedicated units and they’re overflowing to my unit now. 5/6 of my patients tonight are Covid. This is the devil.
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