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  1. They read the bitching on here about the jumping and thought, "oh fuck! We better fix that up a bit!". Good job, D1P.
  2. Anytime I ever heard his name on a news broadcast, or even just TV like SNL or something, they said it like "Cole-in" instead of "call-in", like Colin Mochrie, or Colin Farrel.
  3. I see. I'm sure they'll have him cross paths with Shazam soon enough though.
  4. Not sure why this isn't a continuation of the Arkham games when Bruce is dead. Although I'm sure by the end of the game Bruce will be revealed to be alive and then you get Batman as the fifth playable character.
  5. Yeah weird they are giving him, a villain, his own movie instead of having him be the antagonist for Shazam 2.
  6. Pattinson is great, and has really proved himself to be an amazing actor, and shed the Twilight stink, but I'm still not sure about him as Batman. He looks a little too emo here, and maybe a bit too slim. Compared to Christian Bale it's night and day. I'm sure he'll do a good job though. Not really a fan of the cowl though, and I don't like the overly armoured look for the suit, but I know they said this is just an early version of it. Hopefully by the end he makes a sleeker version. Matt Reeves is certainly a great director, and this looks very David Fincher-ish, which I've always wanted from a Batman movie, and it helps that he's said this will be more of a crime drama/detective story. I do hope it's not too grim and dour though. The overly depressing look of Bruce doesn't help. People said the Nolan movies were grimdark, but looking back they really weren't compared to what they could have been, they were just darker than the usual slate of superhero movies we got before, and really the Nolan trilogy struck the perfect tone; they were dark and serious when they needed to be, but also had moments of fun and levity. Certainly this doesn't look as bad as Snyder's version though since that was an adolescent vision of what dark, gritty, and badass looks like. Really hoping I like this version of Batman. I just hope it's not too serious and realistic in the sense that they're taking too much inspiration from Nolan, as I would like this to be a universe that we could see the more fantastical villains show up like Clay face, Killer Croc, Mr. Freeze, etc. I think dark, serious, and somewhat realistic works well for a character like Batman, but there should be some wiggle room. The Nolan movies were a fun "what if" version of Batman. The "what if" being "what if Batman was real" and how they thought of realistic explanations for things (like how Ra's wasn't actually immortal, just trickery with body doubles, Joker was filtered down to his core essence of psychopathy, and just wore makeup, not actually scarred white, etc.).
  7. That's a lot of new stuff, but I don't know if I can get back into it. Might be overwhelming for me to try and create my perfect island when I'm not all that creative with games like this.
  8. I feel like I've seen the entire movie already based on the trailer.
  9. Also griefers. People love being able to piss other people off. I also think there's a cultural thing too. I've heard from a couple of people that the reason you see a lot of cheaters coming in from China is because they don't view downloading a cheat as cheating; they view it as using whatever resource is available to win the game, so they're playing normally in their minds.
  10. He brought up the whole thing about having sex with prostitutes in Moscow before being elected. You know the one story about them pissing in the presidential bed because Obama slept there.
  11. How much you wanna bet this guy has some Nazi paraphernalia hidden away in a trunk in his basement somewhere?
  12. I swear I saw players' health sometimes though. Not all the time, which was weird, and at first I thought that is a feature that should be in, but then I later did see health bars.
  13. Didn't Sweden not shut down for the pandemic, and instead just tell the elderly and vulnerable to isolate while the rest went about their day, albeit still social distancing? I'm not sure if things have changed there, but perhaps at one point they were ahead of schedule. I only know they didn't do shut downs since all the Republican chuds kept going, "we should've done what Sweden did".
  14. Before it was even revealed I kept hearing that development was going well, and even ahead of schedule. What the hell happened? I liked BFV well enough, but man did that game have issues, especially at launch, and some things just never truly got addressed (and the lack of any Eastern Front maps was tragic). I do not want a repeat of that.
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