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  1. That looked pretty good, although weird that there were no jokes in this trailer since Ghostbusters is a comedy.
  2. Looked pretty good. Donald Trump-esque villain with Pedro Pascal's character, Maxwell Lord? Ride the lightning!
  3. Watching Fox News freak out over this will be interesting. "The Muslims are taking over!"
  4. I first felt like I was getting old when I turned 27, and I hit 30 a couple of weeks ago. I think I'd feel better about entering my 30s if I had more accomplished in my life.
  5. Imagine walking into that store drunk or high.
  6. Yeah it looks pretty good. I still never ended up seeing the animated original, which I should get around to.
  7. Another solid flick from Marty. Joe Pesci was great to see playing against the type he usually is, as a quiet, calmer, and level headed mobster this time. The de-aging tech is really good, and nearly flawless, but yeah you can tell these guys aren't young anymore by how slow they walk.
  8. Slick trailer. Hope it's better than Spectre at least. Blofeld and Bond being step brothers was such a stupid plot point.
  9. Petey is pretty skinny, so yeah I'm buying into that idea of him being Lube Man. He seems obsessed with, and admires superheroes, so why not become one?
  10. Was that Thunderbolt Ross? Sounded like him, and there's a character in the trailer that resembles him, but not quite. Flashback to a younger Ross, perhaps?
  11. They beat Nintendo? Is this some sort of technicality because Sony's consoles have all been named the Playstation, whereas Nintendo switches up the names? Over the course of the NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, Wii, Wii U, and now Switch, Sony has still sold more Playstations?
  12. Looks pretty damn good. Like an action spy movie more than a superhero movie, which is a good thing. Kind of like Winter Soldier was.
  13. Tactical microtransactions incoming! But seriously though, I'm fine with that if it means free content that doesn't split the community, and as long as they're not intrusive.
  14. I didn't realize this was only going to be nine episodes. Usually things like this are rounded to 10.
  15. He's only doing one season as in there will only be one season, or just that he's handing it off to someone else after this? I can't imagine this being a one-and-done show. How's it doing for HBO? Have they said what the ratings are yet? For some reason my mind went immediately to Cal when Trieu said that Dr. Manhattan was in Tulsa disguised as someone.
  16. Ok I'm loving this show. Knowing how people get pissed at Lindelof's stories makes me worried how this will end though. I've never seen Lost, but Prometheus was a disappointment.
  17. You should post your diet and exercise routine. That's quite impressive to get that fit that fast.
  18. He looks like a fatter, coked out Ray Liotta.
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