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  1. I've been writing a book little by little for a few years now. I've got what I think is a fun fantasy idea and I'm attempting to write it in conjunction with patreon support and "fan" interaction. I don't have either yet, as I've just started the Patreon page, but I need some general input from everyone. My main struggle right now is trying to decide how much of my story to reveal to the public and how much to keep for patrons. I'm not arrogant enough to think that someone would steal my idea (what idea is even original anymore?) but I am protective of it and don't really feel comfortable sharing it out there in the interwebs. Another compromise I'm struggling with is that telling someone what it's about is to spoil a neat twist. Without the twist, it's just another standard fantasy/sci-fi sounding game like everything else, but to give the twist away would be to spoil a large plot point of the over-arching story (something I don't really want to throw out there). I don't really know what to do. I realize running a patreon on a series of novellas is a tall order to begin with, but I'm trying to supplement it with extras like short stories and (hopefully one day) concept art and other extras. Are there any readers on the site that could offer insight as to what (if anything) might interest you to support an on-going project such as this? If anyone is interested in taking a look, you can see the Patreon page here for a little extra info. (not looking for you guys to actually become patrons, i really am just looking for input)
  2. XxEvil AshxX

    eSports PAX South anyone else going?

    Yeah. A playable Crackdown demo couldn't have hurt (well, it could've) but by this point they could've been showcasing some of their game pass titles as playable games. Forza Horizon 4, Hellblade, Below, Sea of Thieves, We Happy Few, etc. They might not all be amazing games but they do show the diversity that Game Pass has to offer, and on top of that there's a lot of people that have never played any of those.
  3. XxEvil AshxX

    eSports PAX South anyone else going?

    Oh, and Sony had a PSVR booth and a pretty badass Days Gone booth. Microsoft had a tiny fucking Game Pass booth. Granted, they were giving away free shit but still. Gotta do better than that, MS. Your Xbox fans in Texas deserve better.
  4. XxEvil AshxX

    eSports PAX South anyone else going?

    Yeah, by the time you posted on Saturday I was already out the door. Had been there since 8 for will call. I keep forgetting that unlike most things in SA, PAX actually knows how to handle a crowd. (Comic Con hit capacity by noon the first time it was here and they weren't letting anyone in). Soooo.. by the time they let people in at 10, I'd already been there for two hours and by 2:00 pm I was already pretty fatigued. It was a shame too, cuz that was around the time the cosplay was getting really good. I guess all that shit takes a while to put on lol. Next year I'll manage my time better and hopefully be in a little bit better health so I'm not dragging ass all day.
  5. XxEvil AshxX

    General Gaming Final Fantasy XII Coming To Switch & XB April 30th

    I bought FFX/X-2 for PS4 but really only played about a quarter of the way into FFX. I'd honestly sell it off and pick it up on XBX just to be able to play on my console of choice. I never did get Zodiac Age so my wait paid off on that one.
  6. XxEvil AshxX

    PC Brothers in Arms series now available on GOG

    Road to Hill 30 was frickin' awesome. For whatever reason, I didn't like Earned in Blood as much and don't think I ever played Hell's Highway. Too bad games like this don't have a snowball's chance in today's gaming ecosystem. Today's tech could really make for some intense shit.
  7. XxEvil AshxX

    eSports PAX South anyone else going?

    Capcom's booths have been legit. They also have pretty good merch. I'm hoping for a Licker plush toy this year.
  8. XxEvil AshxX

    eSports PAX South anyone else going?

    Honestly, the panels for today (Friday) are better than the Saturday panels, which is odd considering Saturday is the biggest turnout. Perhaps they use it as a push to sell more Friday badges since people work, go to school, etc., but I am going tomorrow and am a little bummed I missed the Cory Barlog panel. The Saturday panels are kinda "meh" but like you, I wanted a big gaming con in my neck of the woods since I was young, and now that we have one I'll go just to support it. I have to say though that Microsoft, despite having the Mixer booth, needs a bigger presence at this show. They really seem to have their head up their ass for this. I get that they're already planning for E3, but I just don't think they realize how many people are in Texas that don't get to go to the other big cons on the East/West coast. They really are missing the boat here. People keep asking Major Nelson if he's going to PAX South and doing a Inside Xbox episode and he just plays coy and dodges the question. Nintendo had a booth the year before last where they had playable Switches (before launch) and that booth had a line a mile long. Capcom had Monster Hunter World last year and Resident Evil 7 the year before, and had a line a mile long. This year they're going to have RE2, and I'm willing to bet that the line will be a mile long. Capcom gets it. Larian has had a presence every year. Larian gets it. Sony will have two booths this year, if the map is anything to go by. You can bet they'll be showing something off... maybe playable PSVR or something. For whatever reason Microsoft keeps writing off a state with like, 12 million people that are only a few hours' drive away.
  9. XxEvil AshxX

    eSports PAX South anyone else going?

    I'll be there on Saturday. All day, if I can help it.
  10. XxEvil AshxX

    Microsoft Hololens 2

    Port over one of those PC Desktop Stripper apps where she's dancing on your coffee table and that shit will go consumer before you can blink.
  11. I think EA acquired the Star Wars license with little else on their mind other than quick, shallow cash-grabs riddled with loot boxes and micro-transactions. Then the gamers voted with their wallets on Battlefront II and now EA literally has no fucking clue what to do with it. There's no way in a blue Hell they'll pay for a studio to spend five years on a one-shot single player game, no matter how well it sold, yet the multiplayer angle is no longer a sure thing. I honestly wish they'd swallow their pride and throw in the towel on the whole deal. There are so many other developers that could do an amazing job with that license. But, EA gonna EA (and Disney gonna Disney, for that matter).