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  1. Especially since the new hardware encompasses the old hardware in the sense that it will play everything from the previous gen.
  2. I would play another Dead Space game. I don't think the first one needs a remake. The game still looks and plays great, and does everything it needs to do effectively. That said, fighting the xenomorphs got really old, really fast. They'd need to mix it up somehow. Especially since you could just upgrade the plasma cutter all the way and ignore all the other weapons.
  3. Just did the survey, and they left out one very important perspective. Most of the questions were so focused on what I was interested in or what I would want to see more of... none of them asked what would cause me to LOSE interest, or what I wanted to see LESS of. I'm a huge RE fan and have been since 1998. I will play any RE game you throw at me. I won't always like them, as obviously there have been a few stinkers over the years, but I'm always interested and excited for them. It doesn't take much in the way of marketing for me to anticipate the next RE game. I hate it when polls and surveys don't leave any room for negative or constructive feedback. Honestly thinking on it now, this whole survey is just basically a questionnaire on how they should market the game to us, not on any design decisions, which are probably solidified by now. So it kinda makes my own argument moot.
  4. Interesting. Wow wtf. That whole situation looks like a recipe for disaster. Was what this guy was doing even legal in the first place? It sounds like he was running a commune. Not likely. He sounds like a selfish prick and/or sociopath. And from my personal experiences, neither of those ever really change.
  5. I liked the first one, but didn't care for the second one at all. Is that weird?
  6. I have to wonder though; I get the 17+ kids running around acting like deviants, but where are the parents of the 14 and 15 year olds in all of this? Especially since one of the dudes in charge turned out to be a pedo. Maybe don't let your little kids run around with a bunch of horny teenagers/twenty-somethings.
  7. The fact that there's practically no manufacturing overhead nowadays (even the physical copies cost pennies to produce) throws off the whole "inflation" argument. N64 games were $60 back in the day, and they were made of expensive plastic and silicon, had full-color printed booklets, came in full-color boxes, and had the "nintendo tax" on top of them. Not only that, but if it wasn't a Nintendo first-party title, it was lucky to sell a million copies back then. Sure, the cost of game development has gone up.. but other costs have gone down. Hell, nowadays they don't even need to finish the game before they sell it to us. They literally have us pay to play test their games and they use those sales to determine whether or not they'll actually bother. If they decide to release a broken game and it sells like shit, they'll cut their losses and sweep it under the rug and move on to the next project. There are too many medium sized, very successful developers out there for the "it costs too much" argument to hold any water. They release great games that sell a ton and they don't break the bank in order to do it. The only ones complaining about this are the EA's and the 2K's that have to buy their CEO's another yacht.
  8. Dear giant publishers, stop paying your CEO's like, 30 million dollars a year. Problem solved.
  9. I really want to give this game another try. I played up to the point where the girl and boy are sneaking out of their home after it's raided.. and I got to the point where I needed to throw a jar to distract the guard. I threw all the jars, all around the guy, and nothing happened. I guess I didn't throw the jar in the exact spot they wanted? I had to re-start the checkpoint because I had nothing left to throw. It kinda pulled me out of it, and i never went back.
  10. And apparently my post went over your head, because my whole point was that grading someone's seriousness in a hobby, based on any criteria, is stupid. People will put into a hobby whatever they want to put into it. That's why it's a hobby. The idea of someone being more serious about it is silly. It just means they like to spend money on material shit. If I put in every waking moment into gaming, by myself, in my living room, on a 32" 720p TV with one blown speaker, keep a gaming blog and read up on websites and youtube every day, would I be considered a less serious gamer than some dude who had the extra $5k to spend on an 90" OLED tv with 7.1 surround and theater lighting, yet only plays once a week? You could say yes, you could say no. The point is it doesn't matter. I've been gaming since I was five, so a good 35 years now. But because I never bothered to build a gaming PC so I could get THE BEST EXPERIENCE EVAR I'm not serious about it.
  11. I think the idea of anybody being "serious" about a hobby is stupid. I think the fact that there is apparently a measurement for a hobby, is stupid. It's a fuckin' hobby. People have hobbies for their enjoyment, and the only person that should decide how "serious" they are, is them. Nobody else gets an opinion. If I want to mountain bike on a $89 Walmart special, and that's as much as I want to invest into it, that's up to me, and fuck all those guys with their expensive ass bikes in their little tight biking shorts with their ballsacks flopping around riding the exact same trails as me trying to get me to move out of their way like they have some sort of superiority over me just because they spent thousands of dollars more than me to do the exact same fucking thing.
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