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  1. I like how some of the games aren't discounted nearly as much as they usually are so that the PS Plus members can get the "double" discount. Games like The Surge and Technomancer are regularly discounted to under $10 (for non-PS Plus members), yet here they can't manage to get below $20
  2. I dunno.. tons of people watch streams on Fortnite and that's just a bunch of jittery garbage. I can't watch that shit for 30 seconds without getting a headache.
  3. Other devs and publishers have already proven this gen that games can be profitable without all that bullshit. Just because the bigshits at EA/Activision/etc can't sustain their bloated salaries isn't anyone's fault but their own. Fuck 'em.
  4. I think eSports should be left to local small tourneys and fun events. Video games should be just that. Video games.
  5. I dont care what people say, Lords of Shadow was awesome. But my favorite is still Super Castlevania IV. They just tried so many neat little things with that game, like the rotating rooms, going behind the fence, swinging, letting your whip dangle, etc. Plus the music was fantastic.
  6. For three weeks, then it's 40% off. This was inevitable. EA and the like have already proven they can't be left to their own devices. They could've done it in moderation and flown under the radar, but they had to get greedy.
  7. While i didn't really have a problem with the way it looked before, i like the improvement. I was okay with a mid-tier, crowdfunded, small production project looking like a mid-tier, crowdfunded, small production project. Fortunately, it looks like he had the opportunity to take a step back and re-think the aesthetics and probably bring in some extra artists. Also he probably saw what happened with Mighty No. 9.
  8. Man that's looking good, plus I saw a wreck! I love that they put those back in the game. I realize that the video is a WIP but it looks like they have the damage turned off. I wanted to see how crunchy it could get.
  9. Hold your finger on the Xbox button on the console for about ten seconds. It will do the chime but it will stay on, then shut down immediately without the light blinking. Let it sit for about 30 seconds... turn it back on on again. Sometimes you might have to unplug the power brick after the console shuts down, long enough for the power brick to die, then sit for thirty seconds before plugging back in and turning on, but honestly I haven't had to do that in a while. I don't even know if it's a thing still.
  10. 99 cents. Unfortunately EA is that guy at the Burger King counter that's like "Hey! I have 99 cents!" What they don't show is the cashier being like "hey dumbshit, it's $1.07 after tax."
  11. I don't think so, but you can flush the system cache which, a lot of times, will solve weird graphical and audio hitches like this. Dunno if the op tried that first.
  12. $400 for a VR set that doesnt require additional hardware is pretty tempting. I imagine if you guys are impressed, than someone like myself that has zero experience with VR will be blown away. Well, I do have some experience with VR... I played a cheesy lightsaber game at the mall in the mid-90's
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