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  1. "Hey Bastila!" *Force push* *Force pull* *Force push* *Force pull* I kid, i kid. But seriously, Bastila better be hot and totally into my... lightsaber.
  2. CEO is excited for the opportunity to sell out and gain a ton of cash. Shocker. Why don't they ask the employees what they think?
  3. I like how they mention the other "actual" games that Ninja Theory is working on so that people don't slap their forehead at all the PR fluff that they just spouted above. This new thing sounds like some Hololens app that only 1%-ers will ever experience.
  4. If the lawsuit was frivolous, then yay, I guess. They have every right to defend their properties, but Nintendo's been ignoring Fair Use laws for years now and issuing DMC takedowns over fan projects and other stuff. One day they're going to get caught with their pants down, and I won't feel sorry for them.
  5. I believe it. I'm not denying Riot did any of the shitty things they're accused of; what I'm saying is that nothing those people went through is worth 400 million bucks.
  6. In that case, give it to everyone. There are wrongful death victims whose families havent been paid that much. These ladies put up with dick and fart jokes.
  7. I hope Plague Tale makes it to console GP (I would be surprised if it didn't). My PC could probably only manage to render three rats at a time.
  8. Hopefully with Microsoft bankrolling it, they can afford to take a few more chances and mix it up a bit. They were a studio living game-to-game so it's understandable they'd play it safe while gambling with their own money.
  9. It was the right game at the right time. It didn't have to be good. It just had to work lol. It released at a point when people were frustrated with Bethesda for fucking up their own winning formula, EA was shitting all over everyone with their lootbox bs, and Ubi was releasing the broken mess that was Ghost Recon Breakpoint. To back up @Xbob42 's point, even a stripper with a peg leg can look good if all the other ones trip and break their necks trying to get up on stage.
  10. There have already been a handful of games I've played and enjoyed that I never would have, if I had to purchase them.
  11. I'll still do the majority of my gaming on the XBSEX. I don't game on my PC because i don't want to.
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