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  1. Looking at a lot of those games, its sad how few linear action games there are nowadays. I wish B-tier games would make a comeback. Tired of indies just making pixel art side scrollers and free-to-play battle royales. Make a good third person shooter or action game, give it 8 or 9 stages and sell it for $20 or $25 and i'm buying that shit all day long.
  2. I'm not worried as much about it being a "re-imagining" so much as I am the story will reach Kingdom Hearts levels of bullshit and I'll need a damn encyclopedia to know wtf is going on. The original FF7 story was convoluted as well, but nowhere near as much as those spoilers are telling.
  3. I remember when Pepsi used to do blind taste tests at our local waterpark. The taste between Coke and Pepsi is clearly noticeable so it wasn't hard to lie and say you liked "that" soda better and get some free swag lol. Wait, what are we talking about?
  4. There's a certain amount of calm and serenity that comes with realizing you don't give a shit about CoD anymore. It took me a while to get there, but man, it's great.
  5. I really just want the original Super Mario All-Stars. I had it on snes but i missed it on Wii. I'd drop $20 for it but i know Nintendo will want at least $50
  6. To be fair, it's pronounced NieR TomAHto.
  7. That I don't know. The 'open' sign was on and there were cars out front, as I passed a guy got out of his car and went to the door but that was as much as I saw. It's possible they were doing curbside, though I was on a side of town that isn't exactly known for its... tendency to.. listen to authority.
  8. I don't know if this guy realizes that if a game sold over a million copies in 2002 it was considered a success.
  9. No, I meant remaster. Meaning I'd be totally ok with playing the original game as-is, but with higher resolutions and maybe a few lighting tweaks. Since CV was technically "3D" they don't have to do a full-on remake (though I wouldn't be opposed to that either). They could replace character models and assets, as well as tweak rendering, lighting, etc. which is a freedom they didn't have with earlier RE's. They could even tweak the camera if they really wanted to. Hell, there was even first person shooter bonus game in CV that was actually pretty cool.
  10. I would actually be okay with a remaster of Code Veronica... BUT it needs to be remastered from the original Dreamcast code... not that watered-down, muddy textured shit that is Code Veronica X. I had a VGA adapter for my Dreamcast and CV was sharp as a tack. You look at CVX, even via HDMI on an HDTV and it still looks like blurry garbage.
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