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  1. I live in San Antonio, which definitely skews toward the lower end of the economic spectrum, and there's a walmart every few miles. But then, there's everything every few miles. This city is redundant as shit. Thank God we have H-E-B though. They might have muscled out the smaller grocery stores, but they're competitive and they have their own line of products which are actually pretty good. I don't have to rely on Walmart for their "fresh" meats.
  2. Yeah but they're usually rockin' the electric carts anyway.
  3. Honestly, if it gives most of the people you see at Walmart a reason to not go out in public, this could be a good thing.
  4. Yeah I was frustrated about something completely unrelated and I kinda vented here. I guess I could've gone back and edited/deleted it but I completely forgot I made the post until you quoted me.
  5. Yeah i'd like to play those myself. After reading about these today i jumped back into Mirror of Fate HD. I still really like that one too.
  6. So you sold a ton of copies to a country that is literally starving for their own content? That's great! Oh, it also means that your game has zero interest in the rest of the world. That's not so great. I've never even heard of it. At least they sold almost 750,000 copies there, that means there's approx. 3 million Chinese players!
  7. "Quiet! I'm busy fragging noobs in my online multiplayer eff pee ess!" Younger guy looks at older guy. "It stands for 'first person shooter'" *cue old guy's comment about "whatever happened to chess"* laugh track. Personally I was gonna say the game kinda looked like a really elaborate blacklight mini golf course. Also, at 10:55 you're totally exposed to alien scrote. And gooch.
  8. It's not only annoying but affecting the gameplay. I'm playing solo and without my turret I literally have nothing to watch my flank/aggro the enemies.
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