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  1. Hell, I can't get past the first level! I thought I just sucked at the game, but if the 10-year-olds are having a problem, then it's probably too difficult. They're usually better than me at games anyway.
  2. I love how they're using video games to teach AI's how to anticipate our every strategy. Can't wait till the next Terminator movie when the creator of Skynet is like "Look! We taught it how to play Halo!"
  3. Looking forward to it. Saw it at PAX South but didnt get to play it. Day one Game Pass title!
  4. Honestly the main turn-off for me would be if those buttons/analogs are the same as the ones on the joycons. Fortunately they put a true d-pad on it, so that would relieve a few of my frustrations, but I still think the analogs feel kinda wonky. I've never really been able to get used to them.
  5. That was an excellent series... and the sad thing is, with the tech that devs have now, there's absolutely no reason why there couldn't be a mindblowing sequel (or at least a spiritual successor) in the works. The lack of representation of this genre is puzzling. It's like they forgot how to make them.
  6. The only way this guy will learn his lesson is if his viewers leave him, which is unfortunately asking way too much of the internet.
  7. Except there are many, many sports that don't rely merely on brute strength. Way to generalize an entire group of people though.
  8. You should watch the Olympics more often. For every one negative story that comes out of any given Olympic Games, there are dozens of positive ones. And it's been the epitome of competition for a century.
  9. Eh, the ship might be a little rickety nowadays, but I'd still climb aboard.
  10. Wait... PS4 and PC? So much for that. My PS4 is my single player machine. All my online stuff is XBX. Not paying for PS+ for one party game.
  11. I'm down. It would be funny if at the end of the game they realize they've been kicking ass the whole time to save two pansy man-children and decide they don't really need them around anyway.
  12. Except they keep making the same mistakes. Over and over. They just put them in a different wrapper and slap a different label on them. This isn't something that happened once or twice over the past few years. It's an endless cycle that pretty much everyone in the industry can recognize at a glance because they've been doing it for years. This guy can eat shit.
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