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  1. I have to show my mom this video. "Hey mom, remember like, 25 years ago when you whupped my ass for breaking my controller, and i told you the game was cheating? I WAS FUCKING RIGHT."
  2. They're going to be leapfrogging each other for the next two decades. Especially with mid-cycle updates now becoming a thing.
  3. PS5 Poor - system designed before Scarlet specs revealed PS5 Pro - system designed after Scarlet specs revealed
  4. Oh boy you havent seen my spreadsheet. Between GWG, games i've purchased, and now GP, i literally need to keep track of which games i actually own and ones that will cease to exist if i were to cancel one service or another.
  5. It's not like Games With Gold. Once it's removed from the Game Pass, even if you still have it installed on your console, it won't be playable.
  6. Sept. 19th - Jump Force, Bloodstained Sept. 26th - Bad North, Dirt Rally 2.0, Lego Worlds
  7. The trading game was my favorite part. It was like, the longest side quest in Zelda history. I would love it if they expanded on that.
  8. One was enough. That game was fun but it really doesn't need a sequel.
  9. That's the fight I'm on now. I'm hoping there's a better weapon tucked away somewhere, cuz these retro lancers are shit. I'm just chipping away at the boss little by little. It took me a good ten minutes to get to phase two.
  10. Yeah, I hear ya. I'm trying to get into Tales of Berseria right now and this combo mechanic just doesn't seem to be responsive enough to be much fun. I basically find myself mashing buttons until something happens. What I meant though were the skits, the character interactions, etc. And while the worlds weren't ever the most unique, I always enjoyed running around in them and exploring the nooks and crannies, and triggering whatever conversations might involve a certain location or character. I guess what I meant was that I hope they don't trim the fat and make it a short, linear experience with no personality. To me, it's the fat that makes the Tales series enjoyable.
  11. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out in the long run, especially once Scarlet is released. No doubt they're banking on getting people invested in the ecosystem, even if gradually. Next year when the Scarlet and PS5 are going head to head, and consumers are debating which one to buy, MS is already going to have a pretty healthy library of games to not only play on it, but pick up where they left off on their XBO. And if every (first party) game is day one on Game Pass, any launch titles on Scarlet will be available to them as soon as they get home and boot up their new console. I have to admit, buying a brand new console and not having to worry about which launch games I have to choose to buy with it is pretty damn exciting. I'd bet they're more than willing to take that perceived dive in sales to get that hook sunk in.
  12. I just hope that it retains all the little things that makes the Tales series good, and they didn't streamline or scale it back to compensate for the actual work that went into upgrading the visuals.
  13. I think the more important question is where the hell is Champions of Norrath, Sony? Huh? HUH?????
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