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  1. Was there ever much hope though? Their previews of Dying Light 2 seemed like such a mishmash of ideas that it was never really that clear what the game was supposed to be. Now it looks like the devs didn't know what it was supposed to be either. They should've just kept it simple like the first one.
  2. Mass Effect Andromeda cuz holy fuck I'm getting tired of getting a planet's viability up just to go to another planet and have to do it all over again.
  3. I think the better ending would've been that Shepard had his/her mind wiped and it was revealed that they were the reaper all along.
  4. I'd be perfectly fine if they went the Forza Motorsport / Forza Horizon route. If one doesn't appeal to you, you have the other.
  5. I think what differentiated Bad Company was that it was Battlefield for consoles. They had restrictions that the PC crowd didn't have, so they worked with it and the result was fantastic. Now they have George Lucas syndrome. They can do whatever they want so they want to include "all the things" and they've lost all creativity and personality in the process.
  6. All out military warfare with ‘more players than ever before’ Honestly this quote worries me. This screams of giant maps with shit spread so far apart that it takes forever to get from one capture point to another. Some of the maps on BFV were sooooooo damn boring, especially if the teams weren't full. You'd have this gigantic ass map with practically nothing happening on it. The reason Bad Company 2 hit that sweet spot was because the maps were big, but not too big. The 32-player count on consoles was perfect. It was just big enough to spread the action out, but small
  7. OMG if you ever come across an auction it's... quite interesting. By that I mean that there will literally be a guy standing on a wall or bench or something with an entire crowd of players around them and they are literally auctioning off stuff. First time I saw one I just stood there and watched for like, 15 minutes lol.
  8. I swear if they don't make a viable anti-tank class I'm done with Battlefield forever. The one in Battlefield V is so fucking pointless.
  9. I will add that if you have the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood expansions, do the introductory quests as early as you can. That will give you the skill lines for those factions and they're extremely helpful. Dark Brotherhood will give you the Blade of Woe which is an insta-kill stealth attack. YOU WANT THIS AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE.
  10. I just saw on Youtube that they're re-vamping the Champion system this year. Also the Oblivion expansion coming in June is supposed to introduce companions, which should make solo-ing a bit more interesting.
  11. I think it's probably one of the most newbie-friendly mmo's out there. Everything aside from the dungeons and the world bosses are solo-able, and it's not like FF14 where the story will eventually force you into a matchmaking dungeon. Dungeons in ESO are compketely optional. There are even paths you can choose where the game will recommend skills that compliment the type of combat you want to use. I've put many, many hours into it and honestly have been thinking about jumping back in with a new build. I'm on XBO if you're interested. As far as it being worth
  12. I'd give a left leg for a semi-linear story mode with all of the mining/scavenging cut out of it for after I do the first proper playthrough and just wanna run through again without the side stuff affecting the outcome.
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