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  1. I picked up a few PS4 games i still need to get through. Dragon's Crown, Tales of Berseria, some of them anime tiddy games like Gal Gun... I have Dragon Quest XI and Yakuza Kiwami but Yakuza is on game pass already and DQ11 will be there in December so i'll probably just play them on my X1X or XSX. On the Xbox i have too many to list.
  2. I'm not sure that's fair. I'd say the policing in the early days was pretty tight. There were moderators and reporting someone could actually affect them. Back when a credit card was required, your GT was tied to your personal information and getting banned was siginicantly more of a consequence. If anything, its more lax now than it ever was. That said, i think this behavior is a bigger problem than any one service could be largely responsible for, but if i had to pick one, it would be Twitter.
  3. The XBO X has been able to capture 4K since it released, and i've used it... never. 1080p works just fine and is viewable by far more people.
  4. Man, i wanna say it was the PS2 or maybe even the og Xbox, but i think i remember there being some kinda rig back in the day where you could take memory cards or something to GS/EB and plug it in and transfer something to it from their kiosks. I don't remember exactly what. Anybody else remember that or am i just remembering alternate realities again?
  5. I think they already stated that those preview units had limited compatibility, with some games like Gears 5 being back compat at first and then being removed after an update. It could be an OS thing, or it could be intentional to limit what they want the previewers to have access to. Or it could just be that they're still working on it. I guess we'll find out in November.
  6. Driveclub was a good looking game. I don't know if I would call it "immensely beautiful." Rain effects and nice lighting aside, the track detail was meh. That said, the Digital Foundry video I watched after reading that IGN article gave a much better breakdown of the enhancements (as they do) and I'm now just kinda thinking Ryan McAffrey set his expectations a bit too high, because what DF showed looked pretty damn good. Hell, knowing that this is the team of developers that made the Motorstorm series has me excited enough. I'm thinking there's a spiritual successor hid
  7. Schrier wrote a piece on CDPR going into crunch, all other media outlets jumped on it. Turns out CDPR employees supposedly voted between delaying again or crunch and they voted to crunch. Schrier doubling down and being a douche instead of recognizing that the situation may not have been what he reported. EDIT: Or they supposedly didn't
  8. I'm so glad they bought Iron Galaxy so that we couldn't get a Killer Instinct sequel.
  9. No shit, we used to play hot potato with my nephew. We can't play hot potato with a Switch! What if we drop it? Come to think of it, now that my nephew is older, he does kinda veer off to one side when he walks
  10. I don't really understand the hype for this game. I think it will probably be fun and that people will enjoy it, but it just doesn't come off as the type of game people actually get hyped for. @stepee Am I missing something?
  11. Productivity apps like Teams, Office, and stuff. BUT apparently MS has enough confidence that Gamestop will be around not only for another year, but for multiple years. There could be some reading between the lines there. Since MS closed the majority of their retail stores, Gamestop could be quietly getting prepped to be an official retailer for all things MS. It's a thought. I don't like Gamestop, but i admit i would be bummed if yet another brick n mortar went bye bye. Its no secret they've been failing to stay relevant. This could be their lif
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