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  1. I think it runs decent enough on the Pro/X but not on the base versions. I am running max on PC right now with a 1070.
  2. I like walmart. Kroger and Giant Eagle cost way more for the same shit. Kroger usually has better fresh stuff(produce/meat) but everything else costs more. However, Kroger sometimes has some amazing sales and deals. But like a bag of chips at Kroger can easily be $0.50-$1.00 more than walmart if not on sale or part of a deal.
  3. [OT]~*~ Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice ~*~[OT] or SEKIRO: Shadows Die Twice - You will die and die again, and THEN you will respawn at the bonfire.
  4. If I get Chick-fil-A I get a milkshake and large lemonade.
  5. Best piss I have ever tastes.
  6. This? I have never seen it
  7. I drink two of these a week It tastes amazing. I literally don't care about the energy part. I just like the taste of it.
  8. Soda is awful for you. If you are a parent and let your kid drink it often, then you are parenting wrong. Kids are gonna want soda and will get it one way or another, but you should heavily limit their consumption as much a possible. Takes sip of Mello Yello.
  9. I have a feeling the "parry" in this game isn't even that much of a parry. From what I can tell, it looks more like a perfect block rather than a traditional parry, which would make parrying far easier because even if you mess up you are still blocking. Maybe I am wrong, but that was my impression from the few trailers.
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