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  1. Well, no one became a lumberjack. But Jon and Arya kinda fucked off.
  2. And who are going the be the King's soldiers? Are the people of the 6 kingdoms just gonna hand some people over?
  3. Nope. I couldn't care less. I am not a fan of prequels where you already know what happens.
  4. The only GOT content I would watch is stuff that takes place after tonight's EP. No interest in prequels.
  5. I mean, dry as desert land vs lush and plush Westeros? Like, I can't believe the Wildlings want fReEdOm that badly. I'd be staying south of the fucking wall that is for sure.
  6. These last two seasons are exactly why I won't ever bother rewatching this series.
  7. And Gendry could be king. He'll prolly have kids, so even if he doesn't fight for the thrones, his kids could. Like, Gendry being King makes more sense than Bran.
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