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  1. I mean, yeah, but I think it would have been shit to cancel him over that when he was 17. "When I was a kid, I show another kid hentai and now I am forever canceled and banned from everything," would be unfair, IMO. But then there was the other stuff, and now he's fucked for good.
  2. Uh, this isn't "which fruit works the best in X dish." Also, I don't like any of that shit. Grapes are the best fruit. Juicy No mess Easy to eat No need to peel You can eat as many as you want and your tongue won't feel weird Nothing can beat a grape. No fruit is as perfect for consumption as grapes. Biting into a crisp grape and having the juice explode in your mouth, man, there is no other fruit that can really pull that off. That initial crisp, almost popping sensation followed by a flood of juices, not a single other fruit does that.
  3. The only thing with the whole ZeRo thing that I disagree with is how this all started. He was getting canceled because at 17 years old, he showed a (not sure if directly or indirectly) 15 year old some hentai. Like, you could say it is bad cuz it was a boy showing a girl, but like to me that is literally a nothing story unless he was forcing her to watch it. But well, then he just had to ask a 14 year old girl for pics of her masturbating with an ice cube when he was 19. Just like, c'mon man. It is like the one thing you can't do and you just had to do it. You can't come back from that. It is literally against the law, man. Even if she was 16, you still can't ask for shit like that. I don't get it. Like, just don't fuck kids man. It ain't hard. I mean, I haven't had sex at all with anyone and I don't even have to try. Well, I guess he wasn't fucking kids, but it still works.
  4. TBH, I don't think the game is gonna be as amazing as everyone thinks it is gonna be and that is why if I can't get someone else to get it for me I don't think I will get it. At least not right away.
  5. Fucking gross. Such a slutty comment. Anyway, I only want pepperoni on mine. Pep and bacon is fine too.
  6. Oh, I am supposed to beg? Dude. DUDE. Please dude. DUDE. FUCKING PLEASE MAN! C'mon dude, please. I fucking begging you bro, fucking PLEASE DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. Thanks in advance
  7. Huh. Lol. Saw the email an hour after I received it and I was like fuck this shit. I was like "I ain't gonna be playing these kinds of games for a fucking beta code." Like, that email I received was enough to just say fuck the beta. Like, a beta isn't a prize. Or at least it isn't the prize they are making it out to be. Glad they are getting push back.
  8. If pre-orders be allowed then Cyberpunk 2077. If not, then it shall be Code Vein. On Steam of course. Thanks in advance, yer grace.
  9. It's a no for me. Only once have I gotten dessert while eating out. Well, if you count fast food, which I wasn't but it is fine if you do, I have very rarely gotten something like a cookie from subway, or some kind of cinnamon treat when getting pizza, but it is still generally no.
  10. Games haven't gotten better enough for there to be a price increase. I think most modern triple games have gotten worse since '00-'10.
  11. He was also the very first person to hit 3k in WoW arena, and a hearthstone pro. He suffered from bipolar disorder. His last tweets.
  12. On top of all this, as per the other thread, there has been multiple allegations against members of the Smash community. One got their dick sucked by a 15 year old boy when he was 20, and a 24 year old woman did the same to a 14 year old boy. Then there was a least one girl who wasn't old enough to drink, who then got drunk and then a guy raped her. And then on top of all of that the first person to hit 3k in WoW Arena and prominent Hearthstone streamer, Byron 'Reckful' Bernstein, committed suicide. He also paved a lot of the path to make streaming popular. He was a streaming OG. He suffered from bipolar disorder.
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