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  1. 1. Yes you can. This drift shit really isn't acceptable. 2. You already did.
  2. If that character is recast I hope she suddenly has a Russian accent so I can have Zarya in Star Wars.
  3. Bacon

    Penis poll

    I mean, I have seen the some WEBMs posted around and they are pretty nice. I wouldn't pay for it, nor did I even jerk off to it, but I got a chub.
  4. Bacon

    Penis poll

    thinks twitch is shit/boring tried watching low-tier streamer who streamed some obscure shit tried watching omega popular streamer who has no personality didn't watch MOONMOON It is like you people are purposefully going out of your way to hate something. The people who don't like twitch are the people who hated silent movies not being silent.
  5. Bacon

    Penis poll

    You need hentai and an onahole.
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