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  1. So, I don't actually know this Kathleen Kennedy's role with star wars, but is blaming her like blaming Reggie (before he retired) for a bad Mario or Zelda game? Cuz that'd be dumb.
  2. Uh, it has been like this for years. Pretty sure plenty of people thought Chris Hardwick and Neil Degrasse Tyson were guilty right off the bat.
  3. I thought for sure he just misread the "weren't" as "were". Guess... not? That is one weird reply.
  4. RIP. May his spirit continue to guide my paper balls into the trashcan
  5. I had to google this because it really seemed fake. RIP. May his spirit continue to guide my paper balls into the trashcan.
  6. No, not KOTOR. Star Wars: The Old Republic is free to play.
  7. It used to be, but now they even have story mode dungeons. That means you, your companion, and a tank robot enter a dungeon and you get the full dungeon experience but solo. The PvP can be ignored 100%. When I played it, the only reason I could even tell it was an MMO was from the other people just hanging out in the world. At least this is all true for the base version(1-50) of the story. The story that was there at launch. Just in December I played through the vanilla Bounty Hunter story all solo. Never partied up with a single player. But yeah, SWTOR can easily be played solo and it is far better that way IMO. Also, even the newer DLC was designed for Solo play if that is how you wish to go about things.
  8. I tried it back in like 2010 or 2011. It wasn't good then either. It is so boring, even after Taris. I think I made up to the big reveal and then never beat the game. Maybe it was sooner than that, but I can't remember. My memories of watching someone else play it and me playing it myself have blended together. At the very least I know I became a Jedi and played after that to an extent.
  9. I mean, if you're gonna jack someone else's space logo, you can't go wrong with star trek. Also, the logo looks dated. Like they tired to make it look like it was made 40-ish years ago.
  10. Bruh, it is ridiculous how much nostalgia I'm feeling towards Tales of Vesperia right now.
  11. The real question is, should they do some shit that allows Jedi at the start? Like, your character wakes with powers they can't explain and they get an old lightsaber from somewhere. Also, forced Male character since Male MC is(was?) canon in the BioWare SWU or make your own? Same with KOTOR 2 if it gets remade. Forced cannon female lead or make your own?
  12. I wouldn't mind DA:O or DA:I combat. Or Dark Souls combat. Or Dragon's Dogma combat.
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