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  1. I have no clue what you are talking about. I thought every single one looked like shit and never watched them. All I said it was different than what FF7R is doing. I also said this: Which is still true. Never said they were good. Just different. I mean, plenty of book adaptions are fucking absolute garbage. But the live action Avatar: The Last Airbender has nothing to do with the cartoon. At least in the ways I have been talking about. I don't have any respect for TLA movie or any of the live action Disney remakes/reboots. Or are you talking about this: Nothing here is me talking about Disney's respect for anything. Or this: This is just me say the two types of remakes are different. Not that one is actually good while the other is bad. Again, I also said this: Really, I have no clue what you are talking about. The only view I have towards the reboots is that they look like shit. Never seen a single one. But I also know that nothing like what Keyser said happens in the Aladdin or Lion King reboot. But it does in FF7R. Like, just because they didn't do that doesn't mean I giving Disney some kind favorable critique or something.
  2. No. That is different. They don't have alternate times lines where a person time travels to the past to change the future. They have zero interaction with the previous films and don't override anything that came before it. They are two wholly different entities. FF7R is not a remake is is a sequel. This game is not like RE2 and RE2make. It really feels like you have zero understanding as to why I don't like this shit. You are also being fucking ridiculous if you really think those types of remakes, the Disney live action ones, are anything close to the same as what it happening here with FF7R. The difference between the live action remakes and the cartoons are like the difference between and book and its movie adaption. Two entirely different beasts. FF7R isn't that. If it was I wouldn't care as much. I'd still hate a lot of the shit, but that is no different than a book fan being mad that the movie didn't include this part, or changed that part. FF7R is nothing like that. Also, I don't give a fuck about Disney movies.
  3. That doesn't matter. I still don't like what they have done to the story. And the story is as bad as I think it is because that is subjective. The stories have almost always been the main part. I have said it before. I'd rather play a mediocre game with a great story than a great game with a shitty story. Or I'd rather play a game with shitter gameplay and a story I really like over a game with good gameplay, but a story I despise. This really only goes for RPGs. It also comes from knowing the plot of KH and how bad that is. I have no faith in the future of the remake series because of the director. Yep it was but now it isn't. I can't view it any other way.
  4. Yes, but that goes for anyone and anything. But you can make assumptions. I don't like the smell of poop. I don't like the way poop looks. I don't even like the act of pooping. I have seen other eat poop and vomit from the taste. I have seen other describe how bad it is. It is safe to assume I don't like poop. But I guess, if you really don't eat the turd yourself you will never really know. But that doesn't really work with FF7R. I have played the demo and experienced at least the basic version of what this game has to offer visually and gameplay wise. I have essentially fully experienced the story. I don't need to play the game to get the full experience of the story. Watching the YouTube movie version of FF7R will allow me to fully experience the story of the game, which is the main part.
  5. Uh, no? I still don't like what I see. Why would I do that? Even if it was free, I still have to spend my time. I don't get this "just enjoy something you don't like" shit. I don't like the taste of poop(or at least I assume so). I'm not gonna eat it just cuz it's free.
  6. As I said: People said the same thing to Star Wars. People(rlm) are saying the same thing about Star Trek. You can chose to ignore it. You can also chose to ignore your health. That doesn't mean you are healthy. Ignoring something doesn't make it not real, and something that doesn't matter.
  7. Possibly waste $60 and your time. I also don't hate everything. Just the story. The demo gameplay is mediocre, and the graphics look great. And like, I did make this thread to hate on it. I didn't want to clog up that the other thread.
  8. Uh, of course the game isn't a lie? Like, I want to say more but since you didn't read the spoiler I posted there is no point in me continuing. Edit: Because this game changes that. FF7 is now officially the bad end to a story.
  9. Me: I don't like the direction and changes of the story so I won't be partaking in this game/book/movie. Other People: No, you can't do that.
  10. But it isn't just FF as I posted earlier. I have done similar things with KH and ME. "I think you should just play it and have fun," is fucking stupid when I don't like what is happening. "Wow I sure don't like getting stabbed." "I think you should just accept it and enjoy it." "Wow I sure don't like the taste of X." "I think you should just eat it and like it."
  11. Except you can't. I mean, I guess you can but you would be literally wrong.
  12. Nope. Same shit happened with Kindgom Hearts 3. I was waiting for a finale but it turns out it was just the end to book 1. I also never beat ME3 after seeing the endings I sold my CE copy on ebay. You're just trying to get a rise out of me, but this isn't the first time people have basically said the same shit. I don't get why anyone would seriously think I would get this game.
  13. Nope. I was going to get it eventually when it was just 3 parts but now that the remake
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