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  1. Are you talking about the racer-type of gaming chair? Can't speak from experience, but a lot of people say just to get a nice office chair. I have seen many people complain about the armrests. Something like they are too thin and too hard.
  2. Clearly a reference to this. Totally...
  3. Lion King is great as a kid, and looking at it through adult eyes is just a lame ass thing to do. However, man I'd love a Lion King where Simba just eats the fuck out of his friends. As an adult I can't really get into a lot of the pure Disney stuff anymore. I just grew out of it I suppose. Well, it is more that I dislike any anthropomorphism content. Actually, I just hate furry shit. Lion King, Zootopia, or even the Khashits from TES. Hate it.
  4. The Mario Party on the Switch kinda sucks, but you will need 1 joycon per person to play I think. For smash, everyone should have a GC controller or pro controller IMO, but kinds won't care as much. I couldn't imagine only using 1 joycon to play smash tho. Seems like a bad time. I wouldn't have accepted that 8 years old.
  5. I was gonna complain that D+ was a trash service but then I realized I was sorting my featured and not A-Z. Still, aside from The Mandalorian, there is nothing on the service to get me to sub. Still, this has to be leagues better than Netflix when it comes to content for kids.
  6. The Outer Worlds better not win a damn thing. The whole GOTY list is pathetic. Smash is really the only real option IMO. Sekiro was good, but not GOTY good. RE2make was good, but there is just so little content and it does something things worse than in the RE2.
  7. I signed up for the trial. There might not be lightsabers, but this is Star Wars. This is exactly what I love about the universe. This give me the same vibes SWTOR game when not playing a Jedi/Sith class. This is what I have wanted. At least, so far. It could change for the worse I suppose, but I have high hopes.
  8. I like it when games rip off things well, but holy shit to games often suck at ripping shit off.
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