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  1. I'm spending 15 bucks a month just to play FFXIV and soon WoW.
  2. For the new consoles: Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X Launch November 10, Starting at $24.99 a Month with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play - Xbox Wire NEWS.XBOX.COM Now more than ever, gaming plays an important role in our lives. As one of the greatest forms of creative expression, gaming sparks in our imagination and connects us to new worlds, stories, and our friends. On November 10, a new generation of console gaming begins. That’s when our vision becomes reality with the most […] Didn't really read it but I don't know what the PC
  3. As long as Gamepass doesn't go past $40 a month, it will always be a good deal. Personally, I'll never stay subbed and only sub when there are things I want to play.
  4. Yeah, I really hope Sony can't buy shit. I really like what MS is doing because I can play all of their shit on my PC now. Sony will be console only, which is shit. This timed exclusive shit is even worse. Timed to get spoiled on FFXVI! Sony can choke on a cock an die.
  5. Damn. That is a big one. Like, imagine no longer buying TES DLCs cuz you get it all on gamepass.
  6. Next question: Give me a better answer ?
  7. Boston cream cake is my favorite cake. I like simple cakes too. Like a Yellow cake with chocolate icing, Chocolate Chocolate, Chocolate with White icing, and stuff like that. Well, I mean, I don't really eat those cakes anymore either, but I don't hate them.
  8. I don't like Peanut Butter in cake/icing. I don't really like cake anymore as well. Never liked "high quality" cakes either. Always too much shit in/on them. Too rich in taste. I also don't like store bought birthday cakes because the icing is usually shitty and gritty. I like cake that has pudding-esque stuff in it. I don't like cream filling. As in the shit that is in Twinkies and Hostess cupcakes. The only snack cakes like those that I eat are specifically the Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes, and I get one(1) box every December.
  9. Bacon


    You plan on getting the Switch MH game?
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