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  1. RE4 is no doubt my favorite, until you get to the island. The island is garbage, I almost didn't beat the game because of that.
  2. Bacon

    Now that's an Oreo

    Yeah nah Love'em
  3. Bacon

    Now that's an Oreo

    Bruh, #MeToo. I wish there were CCC but without chocolate chips. And no, not just sugar cookies. There are other differences. I have eaten someone else's attempt to make CCC without the chips but it wasn't quite right. The best I have gotten was White Chocolate Chip Cookies. I hate that normal cookies with white chips always have nuts. I don't want nuts in my cookie.
  4. I watch stuff on my monitors
  5. When I watch if I wonder how much I am gonna >>. I skipped a lot in IF, JJ, and LC. Too much wasted time and points filler.
  6. Bacon

    Y'all are cool people

    I thought this was gonna be a "don't come to X tomorrow" thread.
  7. DUDE. It is a nice precinct that has taken extra precaution, and zombies are actually super strong. They can use the full extent of their muscles and can exceed the limits of the human body. See: So, they are bullet proof but not zombie proof. You can't shoot thru those wooden doors either. They are very sturdy. Makes no sense for them to include a weak spot with the glass so the glass was bullet proof.
  8. I know, I was the one who posted the video. But it is Bullet Proof. Just in case. Also, there are also doors with openings on the top and I am pretty sure you CAN at least shoot thru those.
  9. Kinda hard to go back to a place when you've never been there.