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  1. Only an unenlightened depraved sub-human would plain face that, and only a total fucking troglodyte would sad react to my post.
  2. I have jacked off to a female version of the baron of hell getting fucked by Doomguy. I have jacked off to those snakes from Xcom as they suck some cock.
  3. I can jack off to this with no issue.
  4. I have been playing WoW for the past month. No MMO really compares. FFXIV is really good, but it demands way more of my attention than WoW does. And I really like WoW for the fact that I don't have to pay attention. Like, in FFXIV almost every class has something I have to constantly keep up. Like, a dot or debuff. Not in WoW, I just press buttons, and then sometimes something procs and then I press that button. Edit: WoW isn't even in a good state and I still enjoy it more than most other things.
  5. Yeah, those cold "fresh" refrigerated pizzas or whatever you want to call them aren't bad at all, but literally every pizza place is closer than the stores that sell them, for me that is. For example, the furthest chain from my house is Papa John's. It is 1.4 miles away. Pizza Hunt and Domino's are basically right next door to me. Both less than half a mile away. Aldi's is 2.2 miles away. Further than 3 of the biggest chains. Little Caesars use to be close by but the one that was really close closed down for some reason. My favorite Mom and Pop pizza place is 2.3 miles and my favorite chain pizza, Vocelli Pizza, is about .8-1 mile away. Basically, there is no point in getting a refrigerated pizza for me. It is either frozen or take out. I don't know how long those refrigerated pizzas last uncooked, but I have always assumed you need to make it the same day you get it. I usually have a frozen 3-5 days before I finally bake it. I don't know if the refrigerated ones last that long.
  6. I never saw the stepee trolling. Sad.
  7. Yeah, I only want a ProXLX version. This is pretty much a shitty switch. I guess this is for the pokemon kids and idiots who feel the need to own every edition of a console.
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