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  1. Can't say I have loved the last few seasons, but I'm still gonna watch.
  2. Bacon

    Sup AMA

    I prefer the bad Christ.
  3. Bacon

    Sup AMA

  4. Jerk each other off. First to cum loses.
  5. Ehhhh It looks OK I guess. I really don't care for talking animals. And the comedy seems to mostly just be over the top raunchy shit, and that really isn't my style. A lot reminded me of Sausage Party and I would have to say I disliked that movie.
  6. If this wasn't the Joker and something more like a rip-off killer clown horror-esque slasher drama set in a non superhero universe, I'd prolly be more excited. Killer Clown(movie) Directed by Hideo Kojima.
  7. Like I said when NMS was first shown, "What do you even do in this game?" So far this is looking like a watch the movie cut on youtube.
  8. I mean, like, this. The only reason I didn't watch TWAU on youtube was because I liked the story but no one picks the options I wanted. I just wanted to see the story with my choices even if the choices are practically meaningless except for a few key points. Like, I always made Bigby fight people for the most part cuz that was fun. On another note, I hated almost all of their IP's. TWD, Batman, Borderlands, Minecraft, GOT(I don't hate GOT but no desire to explore GOT outside of the show), and I am sure there were others. TWAU was just a more unique title with something I found interesting. I loved the concept Once Upon a Time, but I did not like the show at all. TWAU had a very similar concept but the story was actually good.
  9. Bacon

    Wade was just shot and may be dead.

    @SFLUFAN Well, if you did die, who gets the boards? No jews plz.
  10. IMO, the games sucked at being games. I just really liked the story with TWAU. The TT games were just heavily animated visual novels, and those are hardly games.
  11. Apparently this is test footage from before Phoenix was 100% chosen for the role.
  12. Bacon


    Today is not my birthday.