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  1. It is the game of the year edition? If not then no it is not included.
  2. The DLC has one of the best bosses of all time IMO so play it if you can.
  3. I don't even have an iPhone. I have never owned an Apple product. If it comes to PC I might play it tho. I like apples(fruit).
  4. I don't know. I love games like Dark Souls, but I am not really a fan of games like Super Meat Boy or N+ once you get into their later levels. I also am not a fan of difficulty settings. It is almost always either too easy, or too frustrating. This is especially true for JRPGs. The lower modes are just so easy you don't even have to try while harder modes are just there to make you take more damage and grind for much longer. That is what I like about Souls-likes. It is totally balanced from the start. It is a level of challenge that makes me want to beat it.
  5. Bacon

    I'm sad

    No. You aren't supposed to feed cats Lasagna. It is not the Lasagna's fault.
  6. I have 54 minutes and 19 seconds of proving you don't have to git gud to beat Sekiro.
  7. Yes, 2D Zelda sucked. OoT-SS were all great fantastic games.
  8. I don't. The games come one once every few years, and it is the only game like this that I play. If you want something different play something else. If they change up their shit too much then I won't have any FROM-like games to play. No one has actually aped the feel of their ARPG games. If they change it that is just less games I have to play. Like with Zelda. Shit is dead to me unless they basically go back to how it was, and I don't have anything to replace Zelda cuz no one makes 3D Zelda-like games. All the Zelda clones are of the 2D style. The Zelda I like doesn't exits anymore and I don
  9. Well, the games, except for shitty DS2, have this same combat feel to them at their core and as long as ER has that I'll like it a lot. The only thing I'll have to adapt to is their new gimmicks. Like Sekiro's posture and dying twice. I legit just played BB like DS1 and had noting to really adapt to.
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