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  1. Prolly not on here, but I kept seeing this statement around the internet. Then I was watching a video the other day and some guy ranked it as his #1 and I figured I'd try it. It is meh.
  2. It is not. I like Reese's cups and I love chocolate covered pretzels but this is just a worse version of both of those. I mean, it is OK, but the chocolate is not a chocolate that goes well with pretzels. Too much sugar taste and not enough creamy chocolate taste. I can't even taste the caramel and the peanuts just turn into more peanut butter.
  3. Yes Oh, You Love X? Name Every Y KNOWYOURMEME.COM Oh, You Love a Band? Name Three of Their Albums, also known by the phrasal template Oh You Like X? Name Every Y, is are a series of snowclone memes which parody gatekeeping and music elitism, often associated with hipsters. Gaining initial meme recognition with "Oh you love your mom" tweets in May 2017, in October 2019 the snowclone format regained popularity on Twitter. .
  4. Of course, but I feel like this time there is much less of this. Maybe not for the right reasons, but WoW and Blizzard IPs in general have been bad in general lately so gamers are actually looking for more reasons to hate Blizzard. Then there was the whole Hong Kong thing, and the "do you not have phones". The Burning Crusade Classic is pay to win and has many people disappointed in Blizzard. On top of that many top WoW streamers on twitch have condemned the company. I mean, for a lot of them WoW is their job and they can't just quit, but it is better than them defending the company.
  5. No. This isn't exclusive to the gaming industry. Where there are men in power, there will be men use abuse it. Of course there will be women who abuse their power, but generally is it men when it comes to the sexual misconduct or whatever you want to call it.
  6. Never been close enough to one to pet it.
  7. Bacon

    Send me money

    Then why can I still see them?
  8. I mean, while the gameplay is, the story is anything but. It is a good single player game. That said, there is still something about SWTOR that just feels bad. Like, amateurish.
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