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  1. On one hand, I don't like games are tied to a console generation and console support. Like, if the online service for that console ever stops, and you console breaks, your are fucked. On the other hand, the only physical games I own on my PS4 are Destiny 1 and Persona 5.
  2. Is there a good reason these places don't put limits in place? Or require you to call ahead? And for the sunflower farm, make them pay at the gate or something.
  3. I personally don't think it is that great. I mean, not great enough to watch the show if you normally don't watch. Uh, show spoilers ahead I guess. and at one point the boys bust out of jail by informing an officer who is playing RDR2 about how cinematic mode makes getting back to camp easier. And Satan plays RDR2. And to get ManBearPig to stop the killing the town has to give up Soy Sauce and RDR2, and of course they don't agree to that cuz who eats plain rice. That said, these past two EPs were actually good.
  4. That is only the twitch peasants. The big boys and girls get their games for free from the source.
  5. Unless Nintendo, MS, or Sony are dropping out, it ain't gonna be big.
  6. Once the PSX happens again then it will they will drop the numbers And the PS11 will be called 'PL A Y S T A T I O N' and the PS12 'PL A Y S T A T I O N' T W O
  7. The existence of this thread irritates me. I don't even know why. Just like, no, nothing big is going to be announced. This is fucking dumb.
  8. Bacon

    I'm selling fart jars for $25 each

    I already owned contained stink I opened it once and never opened it again.
  9. Bacon

    Sony Playstation 4 turns 5 today

    Also 5 years since PS+ turned to shit.
  10. Oh and it seemed like the Litchfield Repeater was better than the Lancaster Repeater in every regard but I swear it is worse. Especially in accuracy. Lancaster was my most used weapon. Too good of weapon.