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  1. No. This was my grandma's house every year tho.
  2. idk, man. My ears were looked at on the inside and that was what they said.
  3. I have thought about the cancer too. I kinda know someone who had some kind of oral cancer and I think he had to have his tongue removed but he still ended up dying.
  4. Yeah. It seems to be on this cycle of seeming like it is about to get better and then it suddenly reverts back to being bad.
  5. I will for sure if the issue isn't fixed in a month.
  6. Doctor couldn't find anything wrong. I did mention that sometimes(kinda rarely) I get this butterflies in my chest kinda feeling when I lay down for bed. I use to get it all the time when I was drinking a bunch of gatorade but it nearly stopped altogether when I figured out that gatorade was the issue and I stopped drinking it. But I had that + heartburn about 5 night ago so they gave me Pantoprazole for a possibility of GERD. They also ran some labs but I don't know what for. They mentioned about getting an endoscopy, but no appointment was made for that. They want me to come back in a month
  7. The number one thing I wanted to do was go to my chinese buffet but it closed down for go0d. I know it isn't anything grand but I loved getting a fuckton of cheap chinese chicken for 10 bucks.
  8. I personally thought this was the weakest EP and I... Also, the episodes feel super short. There is actually only 33/34 minutes of new episode. Last week was only 29/30 minutes. Don't get me wrong, I don't want a lot of padding. I like Daredevil, but some episodes could have about 10-15 minutes cut out. I would just like at least 45 minutes of solid content.
  9. Is actually really easy, even early, if you cheese. You can do this spinning dodge attack over and over again and it makes the fight so easy you could possibly do it with your eyes closed. This video that I'll put in spoilers in basically how I did. I think I died 2-3 times before I found this strat on my own, and it seems like a lot of others found this out on their own as well
  10. If you get stuck on a boss or elite enemy then maybe consider watching a youtube video of that encounter. I usually don't recommend using guides for video games, but if you wouldn't beat a game otherwise then use a guide.
  11. I've kinda thought of Sekiro as a rhythm game, or like rock band or guitar hero on extreme. Cuz like you don't have other builds to beat a song. And if you miss too many notes in a row you fail the song. Of course, many other games be be described like that, mess up too many times and you fail, but Sekiro really gives me that same feeling of failing a song on guitar hero. That is due to the perfectness in which you have to parry which feel similar to hitting notes with the strum bar.
  12. Because it is all cheese and nothing else. I have gotten these before: It is a fucking lie and an insult . The bread was paler than the fucking moon as tasted like ass. You can't even taste the bacon or the egg. It is just a shitty cheese slurry, like most hot pockets and it is gross.
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