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  1. I made a week of it in New Orleans and by god that was some of the ugliest heat I have ever been in. Wake up at 7-8am and it was over 100 with the humidity. Except for the last day my sister and I were there, the humidity never dipped below 130. I believe for 2 days we were 146 with the humidity and I couldn’t wipe the sweat off my arms. I’d try but my arms would just bead right back up. I think this week in southern Ontario we are 100-110+ humidity and are getting the tail end of Barry tomorrow too, and are warning us for the potential of some really bad storms
  2. Even better in 4K and the 3D ain’t bad either. I had no problem with the spider bite and loved the simple shake off Miles does. I can see it happening the way it did because they were pretty much under Fisk Tower, and he could be responsible for the spider genetics in this universe.
  3. From one projector owners to another, congrats on the projector purchase. After you have one, it’s hard to watch anything on anything but your new beauty. I believe yours still does 3D and highly suggest giving that a go. I recommend Hi-Shock 3D glasses, because of price and light weight feel. Also what size screen are you going with for your projector? Also to help increase the picture quality even more (I know, shocker) Get yourself some Triple Black Velvet to line the side and ceiling by your screen. Absorbs that reflective screen light like a sponge and increase your perceived contrast. This is my JVC 950R 4K e-shift with and without the TBV
  4. Also gotta remember that he didn’t do most of the singing in that too. He hurt his vocals and Winnie The Pooh himself, Jim Cummings actually did most of Be Prepared. Overall, I kind of liked their new take as well.
  5. Why would they need to worry about security now. They have tanks present to protect them now. *being whispers into ear* What do you mean they weren’t loaded? What do you mean they were more like rentals?
  6. Screw that on the Fox Kid’s Cartoon. Just bring back my Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon which ended on a big cliffhanger and I loved Josh Keaton as Spidey. Just came back back from seeing the film and I really enjoyed it. Little slow at the start, but once Mysterio shows up, all was good. Plus the 3D presentation was pretty great and will for sure be importing a 3D blu-ray copy since it ain’t getting one in N. America
  7. Oh for the love of God. Someone please find these people, hand them the “Kool-aid” and a pair of Betsy Ross Nike Shoes
  8. No, bulbs still do need be kept an eye out on. When we had 35mm projectors we were suppose to be good between 2000-2500hrs on 4000k Xenon/Osram bulb, but they were known to blow before that time. Had a few that literally blew up when a show was running and put a few dents into the casing. With the digital projectors, they weren’t suppose to go any higher then 1250hrs for 3D screens (bulbs ran a little brighter) and 1500hrs for 2D screens(but became lax when they kicked us projectionists out and management took over) The big reason for this was because digital projectors use a glass reflector and not a metal reflector like the 35mm had. So HUGE expense if the bulb were to explode because it would easily take out that reflector too. Couple thousand easily for the reflector (last quote I remember hearing) We were forced to wear heavy musty leather jacket when we change out the bulbs, because they could kill us if dropped and not protected. They literally sound like a grenade/bomb going off when dropped in their box while wrapped in its safety plastic wrapping. The gentleman who trained me would take the heavy as hell metal pit the bulb struck to light itself and trade it in as scrap metal. In 6 months he could get enough parts to trade in for like $400. Plus he was also responsible in setting up the first permanent IMAX screen in Toronto. Bought tube amps from a local shop in Toronto to help setup that initial sound system. He said it was ugly and yet beautiful all at the same time.
  9. Not really. It’s been about 6 years since I last made up a 3D print as a projectionist but it was a simple download from HDD or Satellite, drag and drop ads/trailers/lighting Qs and film into a playlist. Make sure you have everything set in the proper Flat or Scope ratio. Send from main HDD Hub to proper theatre projector HDD for playback. My Christie projectors had a 3D A or 3D B format (don’t know if any difference but always used B for some reason) Then drag across or swing the RealD screen in front of lense and project. Although I did see Suicide Squad at another theatre in 3D and for some reason the projection was bring foreground images back and background images forward. Really disorienting and got a free pass out of it. Overall everything worked out pretty easily but would get instructions from Disney to check and make sure the bulb was able to hit a certain Lambert/brightness for their shows. (I believe 2d we were roughly 16 but needed just over 4 for a good 3D showing)
  10. Found this on the blu-ray.com forums and that Hollywood just loves to hate Gingers
  11. No 3D bluray scheduled to be released in North America or my 2nd go to import shop, the UK. Australia is the only country willing to ship (once released) to Canada. Although it looks like France might have a possible release now
  12. Yeah pretty much most are post production now. Still pretty strong up in Canada it seems from listings I see, but they are slightly down overall. Hoping to catch this in IMAX 3D but only seeing evening shows listed and they are a bit away. I was hoping to catch a matinee on Monday in Toronto before my Weird Al concert but in 2D. Plus I will have to import my 3D disc from Australia for home viewing
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