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  1. She also took over a few years ago playing Kara’s biological mother as well. I wonder if she would pull duel duties on that. I assume Dean Cain and Kelly Slater (who play Kara’s her earth parents) will play their superhero roles again too
  2. Gawd it was like watching a train wreck coming and you know the carnage will be horrific, but I couldn’t look away. Cuomo got to him and Rudy was playing nothing but a Wookie in a Cochran like defence for his fearless leader
  3. Well, we might actually see him as fucking Superman and not some CGI mess we got. I want to see him in a super suit damnit. Don’t disappoint us again WB I saw him and Rosenbaum together in Toronto at FanExpo back in August. They both looked like they could easily sit back into their roles with no problems. EDIT NOTE: Oh just thought of something, and yes I’m a little high now. Anyone else hoping that they can somehow integrate the Justice League Unlimited animated characters into this like Roger Rabbit? Thinking it would cool because Rosenbaum can play Lex and The Flash in the same show. Already know Kevin Conroy will be playing some live version of Bruce Wayne, along with Burt Ward playing Robin in a close but updated (thank god) 60’s era Robin costume (Kevin Smith confirmed so on a recent Hollywood Babble-On episode)
  4. Had to renew my Xbox Live 2 weeks ago and I was happy to see that the summer promo was still happening at least in Canada. Did Costco to get my code for $10 cheaper and then I bought the 1 month $1 and the $2 for 2 months. I don’t know if it worked out the same stateside but by doing this I now have my Gamepass subscription until January 2021. You could stack 3 years on top plus an auto renewal online to get a bonus month for each year and the Gamepass would up it to the same amount of time for $1
  5. Sad to see but I actually voted early yesterday with my mom. I voted Liberal before this came to light but I still would of gone Liberal. Anyway we can keep Scheer out of the office works for me. I would of gone NDP maybe but my city is an either or 2 party city of PC or Lib. We have an NDP candidate but with the way the votes have been for them here over past election cycles. It would be like wasting a vote to help keep Scheer out
  6. I actually liked Jurassic Park 3 over The Lost World. I had read the book and they fucked up what could of been a great movie with better action and better characters. I liked what they were showing in this short and where the world could be heading too, but sadly they will pull back on its true potential in the end. Never going to happen, but would love to see something of a an R rated version happen. Still I liked the real world situations that seem normal noting turning chaotic
  7. I will try to find some time to get too it. I remember meeting him in Austin, TX back 2010 and even read from that book which he was still in the process of writing. I always see what music influenced him for the book and wouldn’t say for NOS4R2 because he said it would ruin some of the book already.
  8. Start reading his Son’s books if you haven’t already. Joe Hill’s Heart-Shaped Box is probably one of my fav books I have read in my 37 years. Gotta get around to reading my copies of Fireman and NOS4R2 and 12 or so other books sitting on my shelf Must really love them Skarsgård boys for King’s material.
  9. Was Crazy Taxi a release date title? I remember playing the hell out of that game and will once again when I get my cables for the system. I did better on their new disc level then on the original arcade level.
  10. Well if they went with Cage again, he would try to find an actual way to get himself that new face. If not we have Jason Statham that volunteered to do so a few years ago
  11. They have been banned/discontinued in Canada since the beginning of 2014 My mom didn’t like the CFL bulbs because they are apparently high in mercury, or at least way back then. I still see Edison bulbs being sold but I guess they are some sort of LED as well
  12. Way too many people who can drive are an asshole driver. You have your asshole cyclists that will run through stop signs all the time, swerving into the driving lane from cycling lane with no obstruction in their way. You have the drivers (like you said) that like to do the Homer Simpson driving to see Truck-a-Saurus. Just swerving in and out of traffic, honking their horn in impatience and hopping back onto highway merging ramp lanes to get a few extra feet in front of the heavy traffic. I hate them both oh so much So with that out there. Yeah I haven’t been on the other end of this because I’m too afraid to ride out there with today’s distracted/impatient drivers
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