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  1. How did Nancy ever pull off such a feat on such a highly skilled, knowledgeable and qualified lady as herself.
  2. Man is she in for a surprise when she finds out what channel the show airs on in America.
  3. For some who don’t know is that Mike Henry the original voice actor stepped down from the role saying the voice should be played by a black person. (Much like with Big Mouth’s Jenny Slate and Central Park’s Kristen Bell did) I had never heard of the guy but apparently he is pretty well know on YouTube for doing random impersonations including Cleveland on Call old Duty streams. I approve and the CoD stuff is actually fun to watch
  4. well if you download the game through the store you get $10 off your next purchase over $14.99 and Canadians get $14 Off on $20.99 and over purchases. Which pisses me off because the season pass for Control is $19.99. Trying to buy them separate in one transaction to get to the mark but I can’t
  5. So the Diddy Kong Racer to the Mario Kart/Smash Bros fans out there. Got it
  6. Meet the Robinsons will be right then. I think you mean North Montana. Hasn't been called Canada in years. GETYARN.IO Meet the Robinsons (2010) - Find video clips by quote. GetYarn.io now.
  7. He uses the Russian vaccine and every surviving Canadian after Covid gets a free American Winter Home with all the vacancies he will open up.
  8. Well, I hope the dog’s ok at least. Dogs just love them pig ears
  9. EGS has Rocket League for free. Plus if you download it between now and Oct 23rd, you get a $10 Off voucher to use on $14.99 or higher purchase items in their store until Nov 1st
  10. Until the end there I was going to say “At least we know one person to live” Should be interesting to watch
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