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  1. Announced today that the Original Japanese voice actors of Cowboy Bebop will provide the dub voices for the series
  2. It really has a Home Alone 2 vibe going for it. I liked and hope it doesn’t disappoint me like most of F&WS did.
  3. She should be offered counselling and treatment, not this bullshit 4 year sentence. Appeal and overturn this shit now
  4. So what she is really saying is that America could be a safer place with stricter background checks/waiting periods on people getting their hands on guns before committing a crime. I never thought I would agree with her on anything but here we are. The guy would probably of used a gun if they passed their laws, but clearly couldn’t. Imagine how many more people they could of killed with a gun instead of playing Hawkeye/Katniss out there
  5. They might as well vote yes for the measure on raising the taxes for helping school kids. Most of these people are already betting away their kids College funds anyways
  6. I’ll go so it because I was a fan of the short story Joe Hill wrote (20th Century Ghosts is the name of the book) that the film is based off of. I think the whole story was no longer then 12 pages long in the book.
  7. I just think, Man I could be playing my Dreamcast 5 by now. I’m still bitter at them pretty much putting the nail in the coffin of a new Sega system. Dreamcast deserved better then the early death the PS2 brought it
  8. Like I’m one to talk but he looks like he is slowly fattening himself to be/become Chris Christie for an upcoming republican propaganda movie i have no problem with it. I have and currently work with people who are bisexual. Why shouldn’t they get some representation in a big name comic. It’s not like they are making “THE” Superman bi, just his offspring
  9. I only know him from the cartoons where he is friendly but is known to have like a duel personality that makes him super dangerous too. I believe he has jewel on his forehead that almost like a mood ring change with his personality and even has a pocket dimension in there. He wasn’t who I would think for the role. Thought of the lushes hair and thought of this guy
  10. I believe they call them diamonds at that point. Don’t even give him coal. He is such a tight ass on any movement for the Dems. That I’m pretty sure he would start taking that coal, shove it up his own ass to make himself a diamond(s)
  11. *stomps front hoof twice* I think SEVERAL still think treatment comes from a farm
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