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  1. I got the additional $2 but from what we know, we lose that bonus/hazard pay as of June 1st. No $1200 Stimulus pay for us Canadians
  2. Want me to go check? Apparently the house for the show is a 5-10 minute drive up the street from my workplace. Work Is located in Mississauga but the shows house is in Brampton (Hurontario that eventually becomes Main St in Brampton) I probably drove by the fucking thing 2 dozen times over the past few months and never noticed . . . . or was I glamoured
  3. more than likely that the asshole actually is a diabetic from that wonderful Diet Coke and McDonald’s daily meals
  4. Every time I see pictures like that I always think of the ending of Futurama Into The Wild Green Yonder
  5. I watched and loved the first season. Kind of waiting to watch the new season (and was renewed for a 3rd season) because of the loss of my Aunt from Covid. Still the writing was great in the first season and his reasoning for one how he see's the upside to grim news. Loved his reasoning when talking back to the ladies about the girl being attacked and having to deal with the facial scar for life, but she’s alive. I hope to get to the 2nd season in due time and will report back once watched.
  6. Maybe he’s like the next Elon Musk and was trying to breed the first known Centaur. Why the fuck not try and push that 2020 envelope even more.
  7. Ok time to brighten some people during this shit show. So if you haven’t seen the movie of What We Do In The Shadows, you might not know who these guys are. Still, it won’t stop you from getting a few laughs
  8. Haven’t seen latest episode yet, but Renewed for a Third Season also if you remember the cops from the movie. Well, they have some Covid-19 tips to share
  9. Well it says The Dark Knight with Trilogy underneath that. Plus they are all sole Warner Bros Nolan Productions and not split between them and Paramount like Interstellar. Although I’m with you on him sounding just like his dad
  10. I’m confused Completely and I can’t wait to be even more confused watching it. Can’t wait to hear what Hans Zimmer’s score will be like for this too
  11. I can provide the weed. It didn’t help Cats but this seems like a most excellent cause *quick air guitar*
  12. Well The Baron is still in the ground there. I can see him returning and forming a relationship with Nadia’s baron doll
  13. On my Sony 55x900F Bravia only HDMI 2&3 would produce the 4K image with HDR 10/Dolby Vision. The other thing is that I had to go into my tv menu to enable these features to work with the HDMI connection I setup. I think it’s a stupid thing on Sony’s part in not making it an automatic feature to enable the HDR methods. So I have no idea if that also might be something you need to do in your TCL tv. Have you tried different HDMI inputs of your tv to see if the problem still persists? Also do you have the HDMI going through a 2nd source that could be causing some handshake issues? I got a Dolby Vision update for my Marantz 7010 receiver but it still has issues when trying to stream Dolby Vision content from my XB1 system for things like Netflix. might also be something to ask on the avsforum boards with a more expertise opinions
  14. The bar fight was amazing and so was his realization of who Daytona was
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