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  1. The Really Unexpected Missile Penetration System or TRUMP “Defending your Pussy Countries . . . Maybe”
  2. I gotta say I liked the first couple pleasantville style episodes. Gotta love the charm from the shows of old but with just those brief moments where you can see that something just ain’t right, at the same time. I’ll be there for next Friday’s episode
  3. I’m pretty sure we have an idea on some of them but still I can’t help it
  4. just put it in San Francisco and wait for it to eventually become Star Fleet Academy.
  5. Now with all the security, army personal, and proud boys appearing at his inauguration. Will Joe Biden have a bigger crowd then Trump did for his inauguration?
  6. Imgur I.IMGUR.COM #Spaceballs #Spaceballs_the_tag #Spaceballs_the_gif #RickMoranis #Rick_Moranis #Comedy #Funny #Melbrooks #Mel_Brooks #MGM #MGMStudios #Coffee #Morning #Monday #Mood
  7. Howard Steen said the exact same thing this morning on his show. He goes on to say, when the cloud loosened on these woman who followed his word. They couldn’t believe how idiotic they were to follow him. Here’s hoping for the same on all Trumpers, but I think there’s a deeper darker evil there that just needs to be wiped off the face of the earth
  8. Can we add this to our many emojis please. It seems like we might be using it a lot
  9. I hope she goes for a senate run and eventually become the new speaker of the senate
  10. Gotta go all Prince or “The Tweeting POTUS formally known as @realdonaldtrump”
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