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  1. silentbob

    Mueller Season 3: The End Game

    I was going to go with a “Tricky Dick” in his jail cell.
  2. I have an English Golden Retriever and I’m in the same boat as you. Just look at him
  3. Wait they have this all on tape? Then I would say Mr. Kraft is a safe man if Family Guy logic works here
  4. Yeah but legal weed would help curb that problem a bit
  5. silentbob

    Anyone here have experience with compression socks?

    I use to wear them but haven’t in a while. They are a royal pain in the ass to get on, but they did seem to help. I was prescribed a pair when I was 16 because I had just broken my foot and ankle. I guess I should still be wearing them cause my varicose vein really pops out on that leg and it still swells. Plus I fucked up the same foot with my achilles slightly snapping this past July while I was working (got my foot caught in between the wooden slots of pallet and fell forward awkwardly) One problem at a time though, as I’m recovering from wrist surgery from a month ago that was 3 years in the making
  6. With this news. . .you can keep them. Probably just make them a grow op state for legal weed anyways
  7. silentbob

    Now that's an Oreo

    Just saw my first flyer with them listed in Canada They’re also double the price of a regular package
  8. The LEGO Movie 2: The 2nd Part 2.5/5 The movie has its moments of fun but everything just wasn’t awesome. I just found the creative magic the first one had is kind of lost in this 2nd outing. It has some, but not the surprise like we got with the reveal in the first movie
  9. Neil Gaiman himself This story brought a huge smile to my face. Loved the series when I was a kid. I preferred the first season where John Hurt played our storyteller. In the 2nd season they did Greek mythology with Michael Gambon taking over the role as the storyteller. Wonder if they would ask him back to play the role again. Either way, I’m giddy with school boy happinesses
  10. I wouldn’t mind it either, but not happening in Canada. We wait an extra 2 months or so and Netflix gets the rights to stream up north. Only watched 5 episodes of Titans, not bad but something still feels off a bit. Although I’m looking forward to Doom Patrol from what we got in their cameo episode
  11. So . . .a Caravan of people want in, but they will have to be denied entry
  12. Yeah I would rather have Trudeau in office. I don’t trust the PC party, and like chakoo. I have to deal Doug Ford at my premiere and I worry what might happen to my ability to grow marijuana at home (nice hobby with benefits) I guess I would be ok with the NDP but I like Trudeau even with these flaws
  13. If you are willing to import(all uhd discs region free) Paddington 2 is one of my go to discs. Atomic Blonde looks good, but not John Wick 1&2 good. So I recommend the following: Blade Runner/BR 2049 Pacific Rim Dunkirk Nolan’s Batman Trilogy Avengers: Infinity War (but prefer the 3D import overall) Ghostbusters (new one. The colours are amazing looking, but movie so-so) Ready Player One