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  1. silentbob

    Mega millions lottery jackpot at $1.6 billion

    I have a neighbour making a trek into Buffalo to get some tickets for us Canadian friends. If we claim it I would get a good exchange rate and some of the taxes taken off, back. The big thing I want to do is help out the hospitals that my dad was in when he was battling cancer. Doesn’t seem like much but I would love to pay the WiFi for both hospitals. One was free but the other one charged $15+ a day. Bought my dad a laptop to enjoy in one hospital but told us to hang onto our money at the other that charged for the wifi. Also would like to make the TV rentals there free as well. It’s lonely in there and it’s a little something to entertain them. Fund some cancer research cause everyone in my family has sadly died from it in one form or another. Build low income houses and pay taxes/mortgage for them. Then have fun adventures for myself and a kick ass house with an awesome home theatre and indoor pool by the lake. well I can dream
  2. silentbob

    Post ITT if cannabis is legal in your country

    It’s funny that I have tried a bunch of strains trying to find that magic bullet of a pain reliever and only a few give me the munchies. GSC was one that didn’t make me hungry but the strain Cinderella 99 makes me mad hungry
  3. Yeah the saliva test isn’t very accurate and some prime ministers (Doug Ford) Isn’t a fan of them because of the inaccuracies in the results. My friend has been smoking weed for over 10 years and is a wake and baker. I don’t encourage people doing it but he said he would rather see a person high on the road than a drunk on the road. Which brings it back to what Jason was saying about the speed involved in these crashes. The reason why my friend would rather see a high driver on the road is because of the paranoia the drug would bring out in the person. He says they would be more cautious because of the paranoia and would cause them to drive slower/more cautiously. Compare to a drunk driver who would be less alert/carefree of their surroundings. I can’t argue against it and can’t argue for it either, but he might be right.
  4. Reminder that it’s out now. Just finished watching the first episode and enjoyed it. Let’s just hope the editing gets better as it was pretty damn rough and choppy. Although I am loving the use of the Dolby Atmos sound for the series
  5. I know they will be studying us Canadians closely on this. Top news story for Toronto was over a SUV brushing against a tanker and flipping rolling on its side for 300m. Driver apparently got out mostly unharmed, screaming and laughing. They don’t know yet if it were alcohol, weed or other drugs. You wonder with the increase in opioid use was ever brought into consideration/factored into their state studies.
  6. He’s so fucking right you guys. Times to remove all them trees and bushes.Can’t wait for California to get rain again and then blame them for not having the trees and bushes to help stop all of them mudslides from happening
  7. silentbob

    Post ITT if cannabis is legal in your country

    One of the most popular strains used for therapeutic use. It’s a nice mellow, relaxing, and can’t help but smile pain relieving strain.
  8. silentbob

    Canada out of weed

    Glad I bought my illegal weed before they shutdown the dispensaries this week. Should be good until my shit is ready
  9. silentbob

    Post ITT if cannabis is legal in your country

    Huh? What!?! Sorry I was attending my garden
  10. I made a final trip on the weekend into Hamilton, Ontario because they have like 40+ shops. I know a few were closing down yesterday because they hope they can go legit come April. Some were handing out cards and would do a delivery service to hopefully get around it. Like chakoo said, I don’t expect much change overall. People who wanted to use, already had tons of ways to get it before it became legal, and still do. The Ontario online store doesn’t have a great variety in my opinion, but is expected to expand the variety over the coming months. At least I have what I need until my harvest is done hopefully just before Xmas
  11. Maybe add a bit of makeup to age him and we get a Batman Beyond film
  12. silentbob

    3 days Vegas...

    Someone I worked with a few months back was there and said the Pineapple Express was great, and I would suggest Cinderella 99 if they have that in. Can’t go wrong with Girl Scout Cookies too
  13. UPGRADE 4.5/5 PQ: 4/5 AQ: 4.25/5 A hyped movie I kept reading/hearing about that lived up to that hype. Hard to believe this from the guy who made Saw, but it does show his gruesome roots. The lead does a great job between his quadriplegic act to being more machine than man. I don’t want to say too much more about the movie so you can enjoy the ride. The video is good but not the sharpest looking either, but the sound is good for the intense moments. Go see this movie now (and no I DIDN’T toke anything beforehand)
  14. silentbob

    Have you tried Cotton Candy Grapes?

    Brother bought some like 5 years ago and loved them. Been in Canada for some time now at Loblaw store locations