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  1. Damn, and I’m just over a year shy of qualifying for the shot. Hoping for the Moderna or Pfizer shot myself, when eligible
  2. We should call it “WTF is Religion getting in the Way of Today”
  3. Ontario outdoes itself once again with 4,812 new cases reported today. More restrictions must to be coming soon I would think. Time to get into a 2 week bunker and not go anywhere, but maybe stock on some bottle caps
  4. same here on my charge pack, and it just stopped charging after I don’t even think a year. The Eneloops and some Panasonic rechargeable I got from my local dollar store have been great to use since. I use to use a cord with my PC for my controller and gaming needs. I just bought the Microsoft Wireless Headset and bought the USB dongle to connect with my PC and now my controllers too. Haven’t actually tried it yet, but might have some time to game with friends if Ontario closes down even further over the Covid numbers
  5. I was expecting a bigger gap, and left disappointed. Sadly it looks like a kid pulling off a “jump” off their sweet ass ramp of a piece of plywood and a couple pieces of wood to prop it up with. I would laugh my ass off it was Lamar Jackson
  6. I’ve been saying the same thing for VR. THIS IS WHERE LIGHT GUNS SHOULD BE NOW. Sorry but it almost seems geared for it perfectly now . . . and Pokemon Snap
  7. Fuck yeah Ontario we did it. We set a new record of 4,736 new cases and 29 more deaths. Rumours/Rumblings of them already extending the lockdown and setting a curfew like Quebec has done. I say, go for it
  8. Surprised Trump never ordered the scrubbing of the tablets Lady Liberty holds. Since it no longer seems to apply to the country anymore or at least the GOP
  9. I think the Daily Show or something covered this and I believe Biden couldn’t do anything about it. Trump and his minions have a way that once started, they couldn’t stop. A quick google search says Biden can stop them, but these companies have termination fees that they can go at gov for. The Trump government just didn’t tell the public, and how much they would still get. So it’s a cost effectiveness problem sadly. It’s probably the reason why the wall continues to be built, because it will be cheaper to keep building the wall, then to stop.
  10. . . . . . . . but please still feel free in being as racist as you always were.
  11. Unbreakable is one of my all-time fav movies. Got even better upon 2nd and 3rd viewing too, and it has one of my favourite hero themes too.
  12. People, People, People Once again we got a thread off topic, and shame on all you. You know we can only do that by talking about food. Like, did Harry Potter with all his money, ever help Ron and his family out on groceries.
  13. Abomination is coming back, along with Tim Roth reprising the role in the She-Hulk series
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