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  1. My top choice for Atmos would be Blade Runner 2049 and Deepwater Horizon. When that platform in the gulf goes to hell, it makes sure it makes you feel uneasy. Plus Blade Runner is just loud and immersive. Only done a few scenes but the new 4K release of The Matrix Series is amazing in Atmos, and so is Ready Player One. The race for the key and final big battle sound amazing with cars, debris and weapons going off everywhere
  2. Also getting a very quick home video release. In fact, it will be out in 2.5 weeks on Dec 18th.
  3. Jessica Jones Season 3 and The Punisher Season 2 are coming in 2019, but after that
  4. Can’t believe we haven’t gone this route yet
  5. silentbob

    General Entertainment Ricky Jay dies at age 72

    That’s sad to see. I wonder if was going to be in the Deadwood movies or had made his scenes already
  6. Pretty much what has been said already. This is just fucking stupid and a waste of time/money
  7. Looks like you can get some good deals at BestBuy.ca/in store on Black Friday. A Klipsh 12” sub regular $800 for half off. Pair of Polk Floor standing speakers for $250.
  8. You guys are dumb. . .it was the Monsters under the bed. Who will then blame it on the caravan of monsters in the closet trying to move into the land under the bed.
  9. If you don’t need the banana plugs right away. Should use the Canadian monoprice site called PrimeCables I purchased my banana plugs from them and were fast, easy and cheap. Might be worth checking out and maybe cancel your amazon order.
  10. Yeah go for the 5.2.4 setup and slowly add what you need over time. I found a Pioneer 9.2 from 2001audiovideo.com for $1050 I have Marantz SR7010 for my 5.2.4 setup in my bedroom. Once you get your Atmos speakers hooked up. You go and watch Blade Runner 2049 or Deepwater Horizon and thank me later
  11. silentbob

    $$$ The Official SFLUFAN HQ2 Contest $$$

    New Orleans is just too fucking hot in the summer. I was only there for a week in the French Quarter and woke up to 108F every morning at mid June. I think with humidex we got to 142F once or twice. I did like Austin, Texas and I have a cousin who lives there. Sure it gets hot in the summer but you have lots of cool shit happening there. or another vote for the Toronto. Greener pastures with legal weed, but we now have 2 sports teams that is giving us championship hope. The Blue Jays is another story but I like wearing their gear
  12. silentbob

    Chump wants to Cut Relief Funds for Puerto Rico

    Can someone just lie to him and say he has an offshore bank account there.
  13. Ok I’ll admit it. I want to see it
  14. I don’t even think Macron parted his hands in any attempt to shake his hand.
  15. silentbob

    Well isn't this a chucklefuck.

    Might as well send them to control the hordes of people invading the Black Friday stores