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  1. Some one is gonna pick the series up. I’m looking at you Netflix’s, since you also have The Magic School Bus on there
  2. Playstation controller and Rudd running away from a very visible Walmart. Plus the obvious Stay Puff Marshmallows
  3. Glad to hear he’s doing ok. I wonder if his workout/training for Nobody might of contributed to this happening or has history of it in his family?
  4. I was gonna said it was that asshole from the old thread. Glad to see Justice done because there was a pretty obvious pattern happening there
  5. How do you supposedly get an invite? I haven’t seen anything yet but a few Canadians on another board got their golden tickets
  6. You just gotta wait for the first revision of the system (other than a screw) to see them in store. Probably see trade-in deals when that happens and a huge surplus of these guys in store.
  7. Yeah the 2nd movie is easily my fav of the series. Opening scene is my favourite setup because it feels like the most realistic possible outcome I could really see myself get caught in. Plus the barb wire slicing the dude into pieces was amazing seeing the first time. The last 2 were also ok but the 3D really added to the entertainment. Have both of them at home and the 3D pop in the bridge collapse with some of the impalements just shooting straight into your own eyes
  8. There is no mention of these hearings on the FoxNews site, but you can see 4-5 stories on Beniffer
  9. Well if you’re in Quebec, you can get a 3rd dose at your own discretion. Being done mainly for those who had both a mRNA and the AZ shot, and would like like the full mRNA coverage. Plus many are running into issues for cruise ships because they don’t recognize on most ship/docking island ports the mixed vaccine protection as full coverage
  10. I believe they know nothing about them until Paul Rudd saw the trap the kid brings into class in the teaser trailer. He tells them who the Ghostbusters are via the YouTube videos you see them watching in the new trailer.
  11. I saw this and wonder if this would stack an additional 6 months onto my free 12 month trial I got with my iPhone 12 purchase.
  12. The lighting looks pretty good, RTX looked good but it needed more textures to really show itself off. I also watched on an iPad and would probably look better on my 4K tv. Wish they could of just shown a snippet of some Gears action instead.
  13. Ok, now that was some classic Rick and Morty storytelling. I would of Pickle Rick the whole turkey thing a little longer, but the whole idea this was all for a presidential pardon
  14. Its amazing how many people don’t know he played BOTH of these guys. I usually get back “NO HE’S NOT!!!” and IMDB.com we go, “Holy Shit! I would never of put them as the same guy” Plus I’m behind a season or 2 of Lucifer, but he’s on there playing God in Season 5 I believe.
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