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  1. It’s like watching the greatest hits scenes with this trailer
  2. Had my buddy over last night and told me he had an extra ticket to see it at 11pm on Saturday and wanted to know if I wanted it. So I’m seeing it Saturday thanks to his dad not wanting to be out that late
  3. JAWS 3-D (in 3D) 3/5 I remember this being a cheesy movie and it was, but not nearly as cheesy as I remember. Ok the 3D is intense with a ton of that cheesy zooming in on an object as it slowly pops out of the screen and into your face. It does this A LOT and at times becomes a bit hard focusing in on these objects. Plus the SFX are. . . pretty bad with tons of terrible green screen action. This is 80’s cheese at its best?!? Must see for 3D owners but overall best to stop after the first one
  4. I’m going to get me some Mary Browns Fried Chicken, head home and get high. Start with my homegrown Cookie Monster, store bought Trainwreck and end my night with either my HG Black Domina or Granddaddy Purple strain. Plus it’s been helpful with my wrist still healing from surgery whats everyone else going to smoke?
  5. God, they almost look like a pair of twins who were just dressed by their mother for a first day of school picture
  6. No No No No They should finally just give us our Terminator Vs RoboCop movie. Just like the Sega Genesis game promised us
  7. Shows up on my Netflix, but I’m also in Canada. Either way, seek it out, and give it viewing
  8. Still need to see the 8th movie (wasn’t a fan of 7) Still this looks so over the top, that they are totally in on the joke type of fun
  9. Loved the movie (watch it on Netflix now if you haven’t) Now it’s a tv a series on FX and it’s pretty close to matching the movie. Haven’t seen any of the original cast make an appearance but the new cast is pretty great. Even bring in new vampires that feed off your energy by cornering you and boring you to near death at work, or off people just arguing.
  10. I had no problems with that and I think it had to do more with vulnerability of being a regular teenager. I think the giddiness (when he becomes Shazam) was that he could be this alter ego (and at the time) not fear of being physically hurt by anyone or anything. Billy could bruise and bleed, be shot dead, and be seen as another poor adopted kid thrown into yet another adoptive family. Being Shazam was a childhood dream come true (at the time not for him) and he was bullet proof, fast, and invulnerable. Until he meets our bad guy he had no problems and I would probably of done the silly things he does if I had that power at his age. His silliness you slowly see dwindle and mature when he realizes that he could be still be hurt, even with the powers given to him. Overall i I enjoyed the flick, and they were able to hide most of Toronto from the movie. Living so close to it (actually be there tomorrow) I just hate how they would use iconic buildings and try to pass them off as something else. They just kind of take me out of the movie. It was a fun movie but surprised at the some of the scary creatures. As they scared some of the younger kids in my showing. The 3D was also pretty good too and will be getting when released on disc
  11. If only there were a place they could go to for forgiveness and make that confession in
  12. So, what’s the over under that we find a tape of him in drag or being seen paying/having some fun “female blackface” hanky panky
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