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  1. I thought he had since his show began way back then. Sorry to see but not terribly surprised
  2. WHY? Thats all I gotta ask about these gun nuts. Although I did love the caption for that heavy guy with the sniper rifle calling him “Meal Team Six”
  3. I was wondering what they were talking about on my local news. Same screening/training happening at Toronto Pearson Airport in order to avoid I guess a potential SARS 2.0 outbreak. I guess I better be careful cause I’m not too far away from there for work and have been in Toronto a lot these past few weeks
  4. Frozen II being left off the list was surprising Knives Out get a nod for original screenplay but not Best Picture or anything else Taron Egerton skipped over on best actor (they love actors portraying singers. . . and giving them the win too) haven’t seen Uncut Gems, but it’s getting nothing but praise from reviewers but gets nothing in the end. also though Avengers: Endgame would of seen at least more technical award love but only VFX I'm not too surprised but more confused if anything
  5. THE LION KING(‘19) 2/5 Well you know the story of this film, but it drags in this pretty stellar looking movie. Don’t own the 4K, cousin&husband didn’t want to watch it in 3D, and so we watched the bluray. The animation is pretty damn realistic and because of that, hurts the enjoyment of the film. Unlike the classic hand drawn animated film, this realistic approach doesn’t emote well to screen. It’s felt like watching a pet store commercial with simple talking lips of the animals talking about the product. Cute for a 30sec ad but hard to keep that attitude for an 1hour and 40min movie. I even watched it high and it still didn’t help (Do-Si-Dos is amazing) Also hard to hear classic voices (minus JEJ) being replaced by these new talking voices. Plus the forced in Beyoncé “Spirit” song and the Elton John song should be anywhere near what was an already perfect soundtrack.
  6. I remember playing next door in my friends basement and playing with his Intellivision system. It was also my first system in my house as my cousin gave it to the family when he got his NES. (I eventually got that system too) First brand new system my family ever got was the Lion King Genesis Bundle for a Xmas gift for me. The first system I was able to purchase with my own money was a launch day release Dreamcast I remember spending like $600 on it from my first summer job working at Tim Horton’s Bought system, Sonic, Soul Caliber, and House of the Dead 2, extra controller, and a VMU. Had to wait a couple weeks before the light guns were released. So came home from school, got someone to take me to Future Shop to get everything, came home with everything and got called into work. Only worked until 8 but came home only to see that I needed a few RFU adaptor in order to play my new system. Didn’t really play until the 2nd day when I got my RFU from my local BlockBuster store
  7. Had to think about it for a sec and Holy Shit I’ve bought a few (including trade ins as partly covered rest with cash) 4 Xbox One (Launch system, Trade in ‘S’, Trade in ‘X’ and gift for friend) 2 PS4 (launch and trade in for Slim) 2 Nintendo Switch (launch and Xmas gift for sister)
  8. Well he has expressed interest in wanting to make Disney’s Gargoyles into a live action movie (which I am so game for) Maybe he steps into the directors chair for Dr. Strange for them, and they allow him to make his Gargoyles film as well in exchange
  9. My brother 8-10 years ago almost got to move him into a new home in my city, but was yanked off the job and pissed him right off. He was pretty much moving back home, or as close as he could. While still enjoying a nice view of Lake Ontario and his old city of Hamilton. I was never a huge Rush fan, but there is no denying how fucking talented that man was. Can’t believe the same cancer took him and Gord from us Like rubbing salt into a wound that hasn’t yet heeled. I’m just glad I got to see The Hip during their farewell tour in Toronto
  10. Who do you get to replace him. I’m think Jordan Peele would be a cool choice if they want to get in some horror like elements that he seems great at, and humour
  11. I’ve been in Toronto all over the place with work. I always hope I will run into them filming the new season, but alas I have not. Can’t wait for the 2nd season and I hope they are able to top the cameos from last year. Well Skywalker is a good start
  12. I’m a big Joe Hill fan and will give this a go. I have the first few issues but I still need to read them. Along with NOS4R2 and The Fireman. Got to meet him about 10 years ago when he was nearing his final draft of NOS4R2 and read us an excerpt from that draft. now if they could make Heart-Shaped Box in a mini series or movie, and I’m there right away. One of my all time favourite books
  13. Surprised they just don’t call it a complimentary 23 and Me kit. Loopholes baby
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