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  1. I still haven’t seen a trailer or an ad on Canadian TV for this movie. I don’t even know if my local theatre has it playing. Partly why it did dick all box office wise, and competing against Frozen II. Oh, but I’m also sure it isn’t a good movie.
  2. I liked it and the mysterious nature of the trailer. Really see no ghosts present and no theme music either, but it worked
  3. Maybe leave a Flash stinger with it leading into his film dealing with Flashpoint. That way they can hand the reigns over to the new Batman and possible Superman
  4. Not going to lie. That was a pretty fucking sweet trailer (minus the forced laugh ending) Music choice was great, loving the brighter red/blue outfit and her new use of the lasso.
  5. So sad to see this news. Growing up sucks because I’m losing my childhood heroes
  6. Well, I know what I’m watching this coming Friday
  7. Fuck Yeah on more Donnie Yen playing the legend for one more time. First movie was amazing, 2nd was sort of a letdown but redeemed itself with the 3rd (less wire-fu) So bring on the 4th and finale film
  8. It just might partly be my phone camera. Yeah it has a bit of blue from the ice but a bit of white tends to push a bit of blue in some other pics I have taken. Might not be the best example but the darker pic is from my JVC 950 (iPhone 6+ camera) which doesn’t have the HDR tone mapping like my new NX7 has. So it was using a custom gamma setup by another user on the avsforum. From the Blade Runner 2049 UHD disc, just a few secs off from each other. As you can see the NX7 pic also has a blueish tone as well. Hoping to get enough money at Xmas to buy a spyderx elite calibrator to make my picture quality the best it can be JVC 950 NX7
  9. God bless his marketing. To whom that don’t know her face. She is the wife from the Peloton commercial that is getting so much flack
  10. Looks like he was. Junkie XL (who did the awesome Mad Max: Fury Road soundtrack)had completed or almost completed his version of the score. Whedon scrapped it and brought Elfman in instead So I wouldn’t mind hearing his score if we get the Snyder Cut released
  11. I thought my JVC 950 was big but this guy is almost double that, but can’t go wrong with its picture quality. Taken with iPhone 8+, Xbox One X, 106” 1.0 Gain Screen JVC NX7 HALO: REACH GEARS OF WAR 5
  12. I’ll sell you my JVC 950 instead. I should try taking a pic of the new guy in action with Gears 5 playing
  13. Screw the TVs and get into the world of projection gaming instead. I still use my Sony TV but with my recent JVC NX7 projector purchase, I just don’t want to go back
  14. I agree that I was expecting the movie to be a complete worthless mess. Amazingly I came out not minding the mess we received on screen. It had some moments I loved like The Flash trying to outrun/maneuver Superman after being resurrected from the dead. Only to see him see, well, see him moving at said speed with ease. It was also a bit lighter in tone to that of the Justice League cartoon series. Plus hearing Elfman bring out the classic Batman theme and the forgotten Flash tv series theme (which he also wrote) to screen. Brought a small smile/warm and fuzzies to this guy here
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