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  1. I would add that using Crisco on the bottom of their "pizza" doesn't help either!
  2. What's the duct taping rule for this scenario? My guess is 2 PS4s taped together is a PS4 pro and 4 PS4s taped together is a PS5?
  3. My daughter just brought a box of these home for me the other day! I'm looking forward to giving them a try as she swears they are better than basic ramen.
  4. I don't mind real-time combat over turn based at all! The only issue I have with real time combat in RPGs is when they make a party based combo system the sole focus to the point that regular attacks are pointless. I love combos and team combos, but don't make all enemies bullet sponges to justify the combo system.
  5. I was talking to Graham (RPS in peace) about this and he said: "Eventually one of these RPG sci-fi fantasy things will get close enough to being a BioWare game that it makes loads of money." This being the games equivalent of monkeys and typewriters. But although I agreed with Graham at the time, I think comparing it to BioWare might be mistaking the particular appeal of Elex II. It would be too simple to say that I "enjoyed" the hours I have spent with it so far. I didn't not enjoy it. I mostly came away respecting it for how little it respected me. Like the popular kids on the playground making life so difficult for you that you wish to become best friends with them. This right here is why I love jank games. They are often these overlooked, B tier titles that are the video game equivalent of finding a homemade board game and learning to wrap your head around the designer's thinking. I know that's not typically how you make a game for mass appeal, but I do think it pokes just the right part of my brain that makes me feel like I found a budget version of Narnia and I love falling into these unwelcoming worlds and subsequently carving out a home. These are more intimate titles than say a Mass Effect or a Fallout. I find them to be the perfect counter balance to the Q3/4 mega titles each year. In short, these games don't really seem to care whether you like them or not, they just "are" and I kinda love that.
  6. Is it confirmed that he made it off I-95, or is Wade reading this from his vehicle while wearing Inuk as a coat?
  7. Having worked at an institution chalk full of "great minds" for the last 21 years, I can say that charisma often wins the day over reason, and that certainly seems to be borne out at a national level if not a global one.
  8. Yup! It was indeed called tee eye when launched as in the periodic descriptor for Titanium. Based on a history of watching these god awful presentations, there appear to be two camps in the Nvidia house. I've heard it said both way through "official" events. As for me, I'm firmly in the "Tee Eye" camp!
  9. Oh damn, hold out for a 4xxx series card, your 3080 should be really solid until the end of 2022.
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