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  1. I was a bit cynical about a fourth film (especially seeing how time has caught up to some of them), but hearing their exuberance washed that all away. I am there day one.
  2. They are going to make an obscene amount of money, and the combination of prestige and an obscene amount of money gives people unrealistic expectations. Besides, better to be in the nexus of power than not.
  3. As Roth foretold: Michael Irvin Is The Future Of The COVID Vaccine Push | Defector DEFECTOR.COM It is unwise to use Beasley as a stand-in for any broader group, but there is in his flustered, finger-pointing umbrage something that is very easy to recognize—a sort of load-bearing defiance, a storm...
  4. No pretense, no true need; I barely even want it. I just want you to do it. Have ‘fuck you’ money? Go ahead and fuck me you coward.
  5. Won’t be postponed…because it will just be an immediate forfeit, a far more significant punishment, and much more likely to wrestle compliance than a mere rescheduling. SBL DIDN’T READ THE ARTICLE
  6. Incredible that the Tom Clancy brand has gone from tactical dad novels to a bunch of 19 year olds getting rolled by FaZe clan videos and smashing their RGB keyboards.
  7. Technically he’s not an active player, as he has yet to appear on the roster.
  8. Also, LTO add a necessary sense of freshness and texture variation to sandwiches and burgers.
  9. LTO are standard sandwich toppings, move on from the kids menu dude
  10. I added some Hot Ones Classic to the leftovers.
  11. Read the thread title on main and thought this was going to be a @Bacon thread
  12. I got banned plenty of times on IGN, I think my longest was three months.
  13. @stepee fire up the tracker, we have something new to log
  14. I’ve come to recognize Texas Pete as an extremely solid mass-produced sauce. Quite nice.
  15. Yeah, unopened and undamaged versions of these games are probably just as rare (if not more so, since unlike baseball cards their collectibility wasn’t the entire point). Then you get into the weird production quirks like the Zelda copy the other day, and the scarcity becomes even more pronounced. Will these hold their value as well as the rarest baseball cards? Hard to say because of the demographics involved, but from the standpoint of, ‘What constitutes a high-end collectible?’, I don’t see anything particularly crazy about this.
  16. I don’t see a difference between this and any other collectible, Wagner and Mantle cards just had a few decade head start.
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