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  1. I do pretty much all my shopping at Aldi and Trader Joe's. Occasionally I'll go to Giant Eagle for things neither of them carry though.
  2. FACT CHECK! 69 Million Illegal Alien Extraterrestrials Voted for Hillary: Mostly True
  3. UPDATE: No it is not. This is the best salad dressing: Sweet merciful christ, this stuff is so fucking good. You could serve me literal garbage, and I would still eat it if it was coated in this dressing. I am now whole.
  4. Eight years of being led by an intelligent black man broke their brains.
  5. Ray tracing? Christ, I remember when 'progressive scan' was the dweeb talk de jure that I had to know about. Stop making me learn about this stupid sounding tech!
  6. To add to this, my rule of thumb is always: it means more to them than it does to me. It's a couple of bucks to me versus validation for them.
  7. Plenty of sporting figures have won the Presidential Medal of Freedom, it's not really that outrageous.
  8. $24 cut, $6 tip ($10 around the holidays).
  9. I want Warren the most but I'm fearful that the electorate is stupid enough to be bothered by that 'Pocahontas' bullshit.
  10. At least we can be content knowing that the leads are a woman and a black man; they can never take that away from us.
  11. It'd be a bit better if 'Skywalker' is just the 'new way' he pined for in TLJ...The Jedi Order without all of the naiveté. 'I'm a follower of Skywalker.'
  12. For what it's worth, the 'No one's ever really gone' with Palpatine's laugh could just reference the fact that Anakin was redeemed in the end, and the same could happen with Kylo. Meaning no fan service bullshit. That's not what it will ultimately mean, but a man can dream.
  13. Given that a significant portion of Episode VII concerned who was in possession of Luke's lightsaber, there is a 100% chance Episode IX has to do with finding Palpatine's robes so that the owner can be a super powerful Force wizard.
  14. It's cool, all the head cannon puds will get their rocks off over it.
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