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  1. Chris-

    ~*Official 2020 Candidates Thread*~

    Fuck Bernie, Buttigieg 2020.
  2. Go to the Waffles thread, this is the WRONG thread for Big Boy. I thought you were talking about a dog!
  3. Also, what the hell are you paying your dog walker?!? She can't even buy a phone with a good camera in it. Give her a bonus so we get better pics.
  4. If you bring yourself to eye level with Inuk, does he shower you with love and kisses?
  5. I had 'toad in the hole' the other week and it was utterly incredible. Yorkshire pudding is great.
  6. Pussy. Note that I'm not calling johnny a pussy, but instead stating that he originally did it for the pussy.
  7. Chris-

    ~*Official 2020 Candidates Thread*~

    Too bad we can’t vote for her because she used to be a Republican :-((((((
  8. So is there a real reason to mock the guy, or does writing for Jacobin give you license to be a dick?
  9. Chris-

    General Gaming What are you playing today?

    Getting into some FF7, maybe a little Shadow of the Colossus. Might fuck around with some Smash too.
  10. - First, get some choice cuts of meat. I will not advocate for any one cut; I like strip steaks personally, but really, you do you. Just get something quality, none of that pre-packaged stuff. - Pre-heat a cast-iron skillet. Get that bitch hot as fuck; if you think it's heating up well, heat it up even more. - While your skillet heats up, let your meat sit out and warm up a bit with some garlic and rosemary; add some other accouterments as you so desire. - Once the skillet is ready, move the accouterments to the side and rub each side down with olive oil, then season liberally with salt and pepper. - Put them into the pan, adding the garlic and rosemary. - Now the important part: add A LOT of butter. Just keep putting it in. Once the butter cooks down a bit (shouldn't take long), continuously baste the steaks with the butter. - Cook on one side for five minutes, then flip. - Cook for another four minutes, continuously basting. - Once they are done cooking, take them out of the pan and let those fuckers REST. Crack open a bottle of wine, tend to your sides, do whatever. Just don't you dare fucking touch those steaks. - Serve and enjoy.
  11. Chris-

    ~*Official Nancy, AOC, and Friends Thread*~

    You also forgot being perpetually disappointed by a member of the Paul family.
  12. There's a simple solution to the problem of letting people on the watch list purchase firearms: abolish the Second Amendment.
  13. I'm not cooking USDA Prime in a ziplock bag, hard pass.
  14. Chris-

    ~*Official 2020 Candidates Thread*~

    This allegory is completely nonsensical given your admitted crux of the issue...It's not that people from Badconservativetown are moving to Niceliberalville and not contributing, it's that people lower on the economic totem pole in Niceliberalville are being priced out into areas that are closer to Badconservativetown. Immigration has fuck all to do with the wealth inequality and COL hikes that lead to your experience in California.
  15. Chris-

    ~*Official 2020 Candidates Thread*~

    So you finally admit that immigration has nothing to do with your perceived degradation of California since immigrants aren't pulling in 150k/year salaries and driving up the cost of living. Took awhile, but I'm glad we've worked through this tortured Socratic dialogue.
  16. You nerds are making that up, no way does an allegedly classic novel have a character named 'Duncan Idaho'.
  17. As bad of a double-down as that was, I don't think it will carry many pages.
  18. Chris-

    Update: Amazon cancels plans for NYC HQ2 campus

    Swing and a miss. Nice try though.
  19. Right, so back to you being pedantic for the sake of being pedantic...
  20. The point of talking about gun violence is for the sake of gun laws, so your distinction is pointless. If we should be considering suicide when discussing gun laws, there is no point in distinguishing between gun deaths and gun violence.