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  1. The motherfucker just wants to put one of his big dumb golf courses on it, not realizing that Greenland is mostly ice*. *For now
  2. It is criminal that pumpkin ales get all the autumn glory compared to marzens. Then again, Emblazon probably thinks marzens are too hoppy.
  3. We put out an RFP every three years, but we go back to the same firm every time. Though to be fair, the fact we do yearly independent audits at our size (an NPO with a $4 million yearly budget) is more than enough; it is terrifying how long some places go without a real audit.
  4. Like honestly, Bernie Sanders is running for the Democratic nomination and has a 72% favorability rating among Democrats. Piss off with all the disassociated language about 'the Dems'.
  5. You ever have traditional Taiwanese-Chinese food? They use some much fucking basil, it's awesome.
  6. It is though! It was developed by Chinese chefs and based on 'traditional' Chinese recipes. The fact it was developed for a new audience with a different palate doesn't make it any less 'Chinese'. As always though when it comes to foodie-related matter, David Chang has the best take... https://www.newyorker.com/culture/annals-of-gastronomy/david-chang-combats-culinary-purity-netflix-ugly-delicious
  7. Unhealthy =/= junk food. A strip steak slathered in herb butter with a side of truffle-oil roasted potatoes isn't healthy, but it's not 'junk food'.
  8. Right, because whining about tweets saying Warren had a bigger crowd at the Iowa State Fair is the same as opposing the invasion of a foreign country.
  9. Difference is that Warren Warriors aren’t whiny pissbabies, so they will collectively shrug it off and move on. Berniebros can’t even handle tweets about crowd sizes.
  10. Actually it seems like it's the opposite, if what I'm reading is correct; investigators now have basically complete impunity to take any and all evidence they want, without a warrant.
  11. I'll be your Head of Security - 60k salary and 5% on loss-prevention savings. Do it you coward.
  12. All semi-automatic weapons should be categorized as Title II weapons under the National Firearms Act.
  13. What always caught me off guard is how some Texas HS football coaches are full-time...Like, not even a teacher/coach combo, a full-time coach.
  14. Yelp is great if you want a visual of whatever menu item you may be considering, especially if it is an ethnic dish with which you lack familiarity.
  15. Should have just had that money in some index funds, ya dummy!!!
  16. Finished 'Sword of Destiny' (second book of short stories in The Witcher series) over the weekend, now reading 'Wind/Pinball' by Haruki Murakami.
  17. Her exact words were, "Video games aren’t causing mass shootings, white supremacy is." There is nothing that needs to be assumed if you have a basic command of the English language (though noted prescriptivist @Kal-El814 would probably question that in this instance...) In fact, the assumption that she only believe there is one is the MUCH bigger assumption.
  18. She did not suggest all mass shootings are tied to white supremacy, which makes it all the more entertaining that you would accuse *her* of being the dumbass.
  19. Don't have a link to the tweet, but some guy from The Verge just stated that they paid him $50 million (!!!!) I'm sure that's just the potential value of the contract depending on benchmarks, but damn, that's a lot of scratch.
  20. We'll see how well he does for Mixer the first time he says 'fuck it' and decides to play on his FFXI private server.
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