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  1. Jeez. I feel like we should have like half a dozen great Star Wars games. But they seem to be cursed.
  2. That’s awesome. I wish I woulda played more of this.
  3. This has probably been discussed in the big thread but I was too lazy to find it. I don’t have proof, but it seems like you have to really go out of your way to smack into trees / wagons / etc now and fall off your horse. I got to a point in the game now where everything is clicking - optional open world stuff working nicely with the story missions. I would say if you fell off the game but like Arthur as a character you owe it to yourself to stick with it. But yeah anyway you don’t crash as easy now if that’s appealing to anyone.
  4. That’s an obtuse way to think about it. Of course he knows the general plot and structure of the original game. He doesn’t want to see how they’re going to present it all this time.
  5. Paperclyp

    Nintendo Top 21 games played on Switch worldwide

    Without the metrics we really can’t say if it’s impressive or not to make the list. But that said I’d venture to guess this is almost certainly a lifetime hours played list. Smash will be on top within a year or so and I doubt anything will ever come close to knocking it off. Edit: other than Fortnite, of course lol.
  6. Paperclyp

    Nintendo Top 21 games played on Switch worldwide

    I figured Kart would be higher.
  7. I understand where you’re coming from, but I think you should reserve a little judgement until the full game releases. My guess is is they don’t really want you exploring at all, and that they’re focusing more on combat + making you decide hey are you fighting this zombie and using these bullets or are you running the hell out of here. And what consequences will that decision have later. I also suspect they are going to play with peoples’ recollection of the game, changing certain things up that will actually make the game a little scarier if you have played it a bunch in the past (they did this with REmake). Again, I get that exploring was a thing you enjoyed about the old ones and you want that in regardless, but I would just encourage you to not dig in so hard about this one specific aspect until the full experience is available. It might not seem like such a big deal once that happens.
  8. Paperclyp

    I’m too young to remember 9/11

    I was a sophomore in high school in field marching and our band director ran up saying we’ve been bombed and are going to war lol.
  9. Paperclyp

    Nintendo New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Reviews

    I dunno, the art and music in those games sucks real bad, but they have some pretty great pure platforming.
  10. Depends. You can get headshots and kill them pretty quick. But yeah if you’re just doing body shots they take a bunch. The trick in the old RE games was killing who you need to and the mastering mobility. It’ll be interesting if that’s the case here too.
  11. Is Pitchford the guy that has like magic shows in his house or something? Maybe a bowling alley? Wtf am I thinking of?
  12. I got through the demo but as an RE vet was surprised at how challenging it was. Part of that is the feeling out process though - trying to figure out what my options are with the zombie interactions, what I’ll have for ammo, how the knife works, etc. I gotta say, the tension and feeling of desperation at times was really great. Tons of zombies, and the lighting goes a long way. Love how they’re gonna emphasize things that were just one off things in the original, like boarding up windows and whatnot. I was surprised at the motion capture on the faces too. I’m really impressed. I think it’s gonna be really good.
  13. You could easily argue 3. There’s certainly a split of halo fans that don’t care for the abilities Reach added. I go back and forth on which one I love more, but I think I played more Reach.
  14. I don’t agree with that. 1 was great for a console shooter, 2 was ok single player, awesome multi, 3 was a perfect combo of both. Reach changed it up in fantastic fashion. Reach or 3 is the best in the series imo. Hell, even ODST has its fans. Destiny 1 essentially didn’t have a story. It was a shell of a game, essentially a tech demo or proof of concept that obviously wasn’t complete at launch. People were talking up 2 and it ended up being more of the same for me - an incomplete... something with a lot of promise disappointing in the end. I don’t know if they bit off more than they could chew, saddled themselves with a bad engine for the type of game they were going for or what. But the team is talented as hell, and I don’t know if there’s a better feeling FPS on the consoles. I still am optimistic they could make something top-tier again.