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  1. This weekend I beat Shadow of the Colossus and Symphony of the Night (had started and was decently far into both prior to this weekend). I am actually making good progress on my backlog. Over the past few months I've completed those two, Rondo of Blood, Super Hot, Final Fantasy 9 (switch), Resident Evil 2 (with both characters), MK 11, and Sekiro. I'm kind of trudging through the end game of DQ11 (man, there's a lot there), always coming back to Persona 5, and I started a new game of No Man's Sky (I'd like to play through that game until I just feel like I've got my fill of it). But mostly I'm playing Mario Maker and FFXII.
  2. The first argument certainly has a conflict. You guys are saying the jump from $200 to $300 is negligible but at the same time stating that there are people out there who are not going to buy it because of its price. I think I’m done in this thread though, I wasted way too much of my and everyone’s time. part of it too is I can’t really tell who is arguing what at this point. One last thing @sblfilms I honestly think you’re totally correct in the crux of this entire diatribe that has occurred is that people are upset that this device isn’t for them. Absolutely! I wanted to get this but I won’t now since I can’t dock it. And that’s ok but I’m still disappointed and I think that’s ok too.
  3. Except that for some families it absolutely is that scenario, where the $100 matters and we can have the discussion on if that’s the case than should they be buying video game systems in the first place, but, different discussion. Oh and kids trying to save money for a console. You cant have it both ways. It can’t be a nice entry point that allows Nintendo to have greater success with its handhelds (something you said in this very thread) AND also argue that the money doesn’t matter.
  4. I know a couple who believes Sandy Hook was a hoax and that the people on the news were paid actors based on a few YouTube videos they watched. It was probably Alex Jones, looking back. They are friends of a friend who we seen in passing, and I was not there when my wife learned this about them (they were speaking openly about it). Now, Jones has admitted in court that shit is not true, so I would love to be in the room if they happened to mention it again. That one in particular gets me heated because children died and they're just casting it off as if it was this fake thing. And it's scary because, on paper, they're both intelligent people - one has a doctorate.
  5. The whole point being made earlier was hey here's a nice price point for people to buy a cheaper machine - it has fewer features but that's OK because it allows another price point for people to jump in. But also $200 = $300.
  6. No, but again I don’t get the latching on to that very specific price point. What’s likely is s pre-existing Switch and accessories purchased over time that will be compatible with the lite.
  7. They’ve had a switch for two years and they have been able to afford a controller or two over those years. Don’t get hung up on the $500 thing.
  8. I’m not arguing that at all, I’m responding to crispy who pondered why someone would want two switches and one dock in the house. I wanna give you the benefit of the doubt, but it honestly seems like you don’t want to have a conversation and you just want me to be wrong. Every post you make seems to have this underlying premise in that anyone who criticizes this is outraged for the sake of outrage. I’m not outraged. I agree that the internet lends itself to great overreaction and hyperbole and there are people out there who honestly don’t care but they are pretending to be pissed for the theater of it, and that is annoying. Im telling you that that is not my mood or intention. But I can still be disappointed in this product, and I am responding to you respectfully and when it hits a point where you don’t want to respond to what I am saying, you keep coming back to this point here or acting like we are crazy for suggesting these not very crazy things instead of hearing me out or even just saying, I get what you’re saying that’s cool and moving on.
  9. Family / kid can’t afford a $300 Switch. Family only has one TV and doesn’t need or want a second dock. Kid wants a smaller switch to play on the bus. Parents prefer kid to have the switch with non-detachable joycons because he’s always putting the other one on backwards. Parents have 4 kids and want to buy all of them switches and don’t need 4 docks. Why is this so complicated.
  10. That solution fails in a number of scenarios as well, though. You guys are belaboring it just for the sake of it. We’re not struggling to understand that yes you could buy a switch that is dockable. This conversation started with the premise of well why would a household even want two switches and a single dock, and when multiple scenarios were given where that would make sense, I can’t tell if it’s willful obtuseness or frank misunderstanding or just arguing for the sake of arguing, but those scenarios were just tossed aside because there are less convenient ways around it.
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