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  1. There are valid reasons to not want to use it, but truly I don’t think most people for instance probably use steam voice chat, so when that is brought up as a reason it’s hard to believe that person is really as against the service as they claim to be. It comes off as a bit theatrical. I don’t mean to implicate you personally in that, and it’s easy to unfairly mix people who just generally are displeased with the epic store features and don’t wanna use it in with the people who send death threats and act as if epic had murdered their family. So like I said the services aren’t equal and it’s fair to point that out, but I do find an abject refusal to ever use it even if there’s a game on there you’d like to play to be extreme.
  2. Is there actually a problem with epic store CC security? And do you actually use steam voice chat? There are some drawbacks, but boycotting using the store at any cost is extreme.
  3. I just got to the second dungeon and so far haven’t noticed any performance issues. I totally believe they exist, but I truly haven’t noticed them yet. I was playing in a somewhat distracted environment, but personally I’m not super attuned to catching performance issues. Just for whatever that’s worth if anyone is on the fence solely because of that.
  4. I think it will. The gameboy-ness if it was like smaller but more in depth map, and constant switching of items. The story is the best in the series. The characters are some of the best in the series. It’s got great dungeons and bosses.
  5. It’s my favorite Zelda game. I got it at a time where I didn’t really know what Zelda was. I played it a few hours as a younger kid and didn’t really get it, probably let it sit for a year or so, then went back (still generally unaware of Zelda) and was absolutely floored once I sort of understood the game. My bias toward it probably has a lot with it being my first one of those, but even still it’s incredible. I stumbled into so many secrets as a consequence of sheer time I put into the game because I got one game every 1-2 years back then. No internet to look shit up. I accidentally stole something from the shop once and later on became close friends with a dude largely because we shared that same experience lol. Man I miss those days.
  6. LMAO those actors. I had to shut it off lest I look insane in the cafeteria.
  7. Lost is a bit kind. We choked it away. My first year of undergrad at UNL was Bill Callahan’s first season, so I’m quite accustomed to losing though lol. This is who we are now.
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