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  1. I like my job for the most part. I hate the documentation side of it and unfortunately that is a large part of it. But most of the time I enjoy what I actually do. I do feel like we'd be a lot happier in general with Euro-style time off and fewer hours per week. I think a lot of mental health issues would be alleviated to some degree in this country if we weren't working 40 hour work weeks on the average.
  2. Man if the PS5 is that gigantic to help with cooling and they still have a major issue, they might be screwed.
  3. My PS5 came today. I'm guessing PC players have been enjoying this for a while now (I didn't want to buy the game twice), but I have to say No Man's Sky is almost like a new game on the PS5 compared to the base PS4. The load times alone are worth it, but it runs so much smoother.
  4. It is extremely impressive at how much they botched this hahaha.
  5. Console-wise I think PS3-360 are better. If you throw in PC it gets more murky for me because there have been some bangers on the PC in the PS4/XBO era.
  6. I just bought a new iPhone and got a subscription for a year if I want it. I...might now that I see this.
  7. I tried during the first two waves of walmart windows to get one, at work lol. I almost got one to go through but they sold out as I put my CC code in. Trying again in 13 mins.
  8. I really don't want it coming down to PA. We need Nevada and Arizona. I've been spooked about Arizona ever since Fox called it last night.
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