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  1. I would’ve had a tough choice deciding between switch and PS4 had it been a simultaneous launch.
  2. I was surprised too. I just assumed they had a lot of people buying their games since they had every franchise on the planet.
  3. Also, if you’re worried about “risking” losing your fanbase by changing too much, you better have a fanbase to begin with.
  4. Getting an engine that runs your very simple game well would be a start. Like evolution for me would have been making characters that don’t look unnatural and made of clay and don’t run with all the herk and jerk that all those games come with. That alone probably would have been enough for me to buy Game of Thrones and Batman, at least. But to suggest that they can’t evolve beyond that is kind of odd to me. You can borrow any number of ideas from story driven games to make these a lot more interactive and enjoyable. Life is Strange and Gone Home come to mind of great examples of purely story driven games that are actually enjoyable to explore the world around you. Or invent new ways. I’m guessing the people fired had a lot of good ideas that they could never actually implement because of their insane deadlines and crunch.
  5. I think people were generally fine with the games, but other than the story they have nothing to offer, and I haven’t seen anyone praise the story of one of these in a long ass time. And obviously people weren’t buying them. But basically my point is “these games all played the same and they should have evolved the formula over time” is hardly a hot take lol.
  6. Unpopular? I would say almost everyone is on board with that lol. We we can talk about how bad the games were, but typically these stories are more about hey here’s a lot of people who are now unemployed through little to no fault of their own.
  7. It definitely took me by surprise because of how many games they put out and licenses they acquired. I guess I just assumed the things must have sold really well. It sounds like the crunch over there was just brutal. I hope the ones wanting to keep working find new jobs.
  8. You’re also the cat who gave the nod to Spidey in EVERY regard tho lol.
  9. Paperclyp

    General Gaming Rocket League: 50 million players

    Maaaaan this game is so good. I wish I had more time to play it.
  10. Paperclyp

    Sony Sony has officially announced the end of Life

    Every so often I look at the Vita and strongly consider purchasing one. It'd just be nice to have a bunch of PS1 RPGs on the go.