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  1. Once in a blue moon I'll do it. It's nice to have a large chunk of time you know is yours, which so rarely happens anymore.
  2. It’s pretty utilitarian but I am now inspired to make it cooler.
  3. You will miss nothing. Many basic mechanics / rules are generally the same but there’s nothing about it that makes it a bad starting point. I recently had a good friend who really only plays AAA popcorn type games, and he was able to beat it. Just takes a little patience and trusting that you’re getting better, and eventually enough will click that you’ll be fine.
  4. I didn’t like some of the trophies they included. Just needlessly complicated things in some cases that require completely different builds.
  5. There you go so no reason to not add it to your library including my obscure instance that would probably never happen
  6. I’m seeing a Reddit thread of people having problems with this from a year ago. Do you have a source for this?
  7. Only thing I could see is if they do something weird like later on make the PS4 version of the game deeply discounted but not the PS5 version, then since it sees you “own” it through plus maybe glitches out and won’t let you purchase it. A company with a good online storefront would account for that if they’re gonna pull weird shit like that, however, this is Sony.
  8. Listen I type the words in as I see fit and if my phone doesn’t fix em they’re correct as is.
  9. The box art always made me wanna play that game. I could picture the box art as soon as you said rogue galaxy.
  10. Anyone playing this? I just noticed they released another big content drop last week and man I’m liking everything they’re adding to this game. They’re really fleshing it out, and it is still so smooth and looks great.
  11. I think the part that strikes me as odd is that RPGs made in different regions have converged enough in play styles (not to say they’re by any means homogenized, but western vs eastern RPGs are certainly more similar than they ever have been on the whole), that when someone calls FF7R a JRPG (which again, I’m not arguing, it is just that) it hits at my old assumptions on what precisely that is and is at odds with that assumption. Merely an observation, not trying to ruffle any feathers.
  12. I personally did is all I was saying. I’m not saying my perception of the genre was ever correct. However I’m not alone, there are articles written about this exact disagreement.
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