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  1. Without internet probably a JRPG I’ve been meaning to play and haven’t or a comfort food western RPG like Fallout NV or something. With internet I’d pry do PUBG.
  2. I’m lucky to get an hour a night on weekdays, maybe a couple a day on weekends. Two kids changed my free time up quite a bit.
  3. Yeah. Ben has even expressed regret to some degree since leaving lol, I wonder if he’d consider coming back if they changed some stuff around.
  4. Maybe so, it certainly seems possible since they are all leaving at the same time, but the way he stated it makes it seem like that wasn’t the case. I truly wonder if any of them are going on to public facing professions. Vinny is so fucking good at it but I’m not sure his heart is in it. Brad I have no idea. He could go be a writer or who knows what. I honestly just did not expect the core group to break up. I wonder what Jeff has planned.
  5. In all seriousness that is my favorite set of podcasts and a major highlight of my week. I wish them all the best but selfishly hope they get together for something together soon?
  6. I happen to really like that game. It came and went for the media but it played really well and had good coop.
  7. There’s really not much of anything of major interest releasing this year to me, though I’d certainly be interested in seeing what this is if the rumors are true. Still, it’s tough to get TOO hyped for a Bethesda Game Studios game at this point - they haven’t exactly been knocking it out of the park in the last decade, really.
  8. It certainly feels a bit budgety - like a PS2 game trapped in a PS4 game’s body. Like the mobility feels like it’s missing additional moves or something. We’ll see, I don’t have time to add those old ones to my already stressed backlog. If this thing is incredible I might jump in on its first sale.
  9. I think Ratchet is gonna be a tough sell for me. I’m playing the PS4 one and it’s ok, doesn’t really hold my interest very long.
  10. The human voices are pretty good, though they all have the same weird tone to them all, I don’t know how to explain it. But yeah I can hear the alien phrases in my head lol. I recently played through it as well and I just was surprised to find that someone could play through it and be like nope, this game is good to go, no remake needed.
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