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  1. Paperclyp

    General Gaming The Game Awards nominations are out

    Celeste was alright but I think GOTY is absurd for it, frankly.
  2. Paperclyp

    Sony PUBG launching on PS4 on December 7th

    Yeah I’m PC for this but I’ve been talking it up to my PS4 only friends...
  3. Paperclyp

    General Gaming The Game Awards nominations are out

    The game is literally David Cage thinking it’s profound to ask, “what if robots were oppressed?”
  4. Paperclyp

    General Gaming Spyro Reignited Trilogy Reviews

    I liked the Spyro games but really have no interest in going back to them.
  5. Paperclyp

    General Gaming The Game Awards nominations are out

    I am not one to complain a whole lot about awards nominations, but god damn are a lot of those games some shit nominations. Detroit being nominated for anything, let alone plot awards, should immediately disqualify the legitimacy of awards show. And like, octopath is an OK game, but iirc there’s not really a whole lot of music to that game. And it certainly didn’t wow me. I habe other opinions but those ones immediately popped out at me.
  6. I honestly did not expect to see this in another 3-4 years. It looked like it was basically a concept even in their trailers.
  7. Paperclyp

    General Gaming Good morning fellow gamers

    @HardAct any one of those things is more than anyone should have to experience. I don’t even know what to say.
  8. Dude you bought me the first one. I can’t accept this again. Thank you though!
  9. Paperclyp

    Microsoft PUBG and PES 2019 free weekend XBL

    Jeez. They botched the messaging of that pretty badly.
  10. I almost want to buy this at full price just to support IO. I wont be able to get to the game for some time though.
  11. RDR will probably be a lot more impactful if you play 2 first, actually. They discussed this on waypoint, but the first didn’t really earn the scenes between you and your old gang mates. They just implied that some shit went down.
  12. Not what I was saying at all. And we could have a whole other conversation about Rockstar’s problematic politics.