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  1. If anyone has good turnip prices this week I’d be grateful for a trip to your island. I went pretty hard on them for kind of my last deliberate push to make a bunch of money before I go back into chill mode.
  2. You guys are right around my age is my contribution to whatever has just occurred here. I am 34.
  3. Oh I just meant have they given a release date lol. I assumed it was a sure thing I just don’t know if I wanna wait too long.
  4. Have they given an indication on the PC release? I honestly forgot that was probably a thing. Though I irrationally want to play it on my PS4.
  5. What was MS’s strategy? 24 hour check ins or was that for something different? There may be a way to prevent it but I don’t think they’ll ever do it.
  6. No I think people would buy a physical copy and give their friend the digital code or vice versa.
  7. It would be nice, but I can’t blame the companies for saying hell no to that because I do think it would really affect sales.
  8. If you wanna say he lied, I can’t argue with it. I said misled because it seems likely to me that he believed the the things he was saying were in the game were actually going to make it in the game - and largely at this point they have, if not more. I’m not excusing the way he answered those questions. Frankly he seems socially awkward and in over his head as the face of a company. I empathize with him because I fear conflict and tension in real life and find myself discharging it as fast as I can sometimes. But again, what he did was wrong and I’m not defending it. Regardless I don’t take back my other sentiments.
  9. If you don't like the game and don't wanna support it, yeah I'm not singling you out. If your attitude years after the release of the game is "yeah fuck this I'll never buy this product out of principle because they misled me," and still have a genuine level of fury, I think (the royal) you are being naive and immature and frankly to use a word I don't even really like a snowflake. Nobody has a gun to your head to buy a game full price though. My advice especially on new IPs is to know what you're buying if you're going to pay full price, and it's SO easy to do that nowadays I have zero sympathy if you didn't understand what the game actually was and yet you're mad at the developer. There are things to be legitimately angry at if you buy the game knowing what it is - crashes, save ruining bugs, whatever - but to pre order a video game for 60 dollars to then shout "this isn't what I wanted it to be!" That's on (again, the royal) you. In terms of not the royal you, I would just say I don't have a problem with you not being interested in what you feel is an incomplete experience at launch. But if the game becomes something different over the years and becomes a more fleshed out thing that you actually would like, but you won't buy it because it happened to launch in a state that you didn't like, I think that's odd and silly.
  10. I know I’m on to something when bacon gives me the ol’ guillotine.
  11. And then like the whole “I’m not gonna ever but that game because they lied,” thing... I think that’s an interesting thing to put your foot down on compared to what a lot of companies are doing. It just seems naive and immature.
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