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  1. I feel like they’ve been trying to soft reboot it for several years. Just a name change and an introduction of a new storyline or something isn’t going to cut it. I think they need to come up with something entirely new. I have no idea what that is, and I don’t think they do either. I actually really enjoyed the most recent game, but I think that is mostly a function of me not playing one in 4-5 years. Really I think the thing they should do is make a totally separate and possibly even free to play Call of Duty multiplayer, don’t segregate players based on map packs, come up with some new ideas on progressions, skins, whatever, and get a little goofy with it. I think people are somewhat over a yearly release thing for multiplayer.
  2. I just beat Rondo last night, and frankly it was incredible. I have a feeling if I would have played that game when it was new it would be a top 10 game of all time for me. And it holds up extremely well, has nice replayability, is challenging but not overly so. Only one boss (death) has a little bit too much randomness to him, otherwise the bosses all give you the feeling of a dark souls boss you’ve finally figured out. SOTN was always my default answer but I dunno. This one gives it a run for its money.
  3. The Wii U had a few bangers, but it was mostly barren with several months between meaningful releases. I’m not sure if it ever even got to 200 games on the system (not counting VC). I’d sure love 3D world and Wind Waker HD on the Switch tho.
  4. Nobody is saying don’t buy or enjoy the collection. The main idea being put out there is that we’ve enabled devs to release these scattershot collections, when it would be a lot better to have a more complete collection put out there. I’d be ok with how Capcom did it with mega man even. Like give me faith that if I buy this collection you won’t wait 5 years and then release another collection of possibly overlapping games. Honestly I would probably not really even feel this way if they hadn’t released Requiem. That game is worth it for Rondo alone, but what, is your next collection gonna have like C4 and Rondo and whatever else? Don’t play me like that.
  5. Man I totally forgot about uncharted 4. I’d like to revisit that game someday and just put it on easy.
  6. I agree. It frustrating because the companies don’t ever really seem to have a plan, yet I reward them just the same. I bought the Rondo + SOTN pairing they released just prior to announcing this, and it wouldn’t shock me if they included each in an upcoming new collection. I mean if they actually did release a full collection I would fucking buy it. Same with something like the Metroid games. The weirdest thing to me is these companies don’t seem to realize there’s a demand for this stuff. Like Nintendo in particular just holds their stuff back and randomly, it seems, decides, ok give them this game again to buy but only that one.
  7. I could see all the 2D games, though I wonder if they have difficulty getting access to put some of them out? I dunno if Nintendo published some of those GBA ones or not - I just have no clue. I don't think it's realistic to want a full series collection with the 3D ones and whatnot.
  8. One person was arguing otherwise and he seems to have relented.
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