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  1. Paperclyp

    Papa John is an n-word guy

    Acting like chain is absolute dog poop that you would never eat is snobbery. If you didn't do that, I'm not referring to you.
  2. Paperclyp

    Papa John is an n-word guy

    lol no. I never made any claim stating Dominoes or any chain was better than top of the line pizza. I said food snobbery rubs me the wrong way.
  3. Paperclyp

    Papa John is an n-word guy

    There’s a show called ugly delicious or something like that with David Chang, and in the pizza episode he gets into a little bit about pizza pretentiousness. He makes a snob eat some dominoes (which Chang genuinely loves). Food snobbery really rubs me the wrong way for some reason.
  4. Paperclyp

    Papa John is an n-word guy

    Abso - fucking - lutely
  5. Paperclyp

    How do you save/invest your money?

    I'm getting there. It's hard to imagine that eventually I can just pocket all that money instead of making these payments.
  6. Yeah I’m enjoying Octopath a lot, and I almost prefer their little separate boring stories as opposed to a straight up bad big story, but they should bring in some outside talent to write something good for a game like octo.
  7. Paperclyp

    How do you save/invest your money?

    Right now we just have our 401k’s maxed and are putting everything extra for the most part into my student loans. It really is criminal the rates and amount of money the government inflicts on young adults, and it makes me angry to think about. But we should have those paid off within a year, about 5-6 years ahead of schedule, then we will look into investing.
  8. Paperclyp

    Nintendo Octopath Traveler

    You probably aren’t in the monority. It’s probably more unique to me. Something about it makes any conversation feel so disingenuous to me. I just turned the voices off, so I’m good now.
  9. Paperclyp

    Nintendo Octopath Traveler

    I have to say the trend of JRPGs where on the lines where there isn’t VA so they just have the character say 1-2 words that sort of convey the tone of what they are actually saying is one of the most annoying things in video games for me at this time. It just grates on me so much.
  10. this is nostalgic of the old console war games for me. But yes they do make a few games in third person.
  11. Paperclyp

    Nintendo Octopath Traveler

    Fuck it, I'm gonna buy it.
  12. If it's slightly off, do not notice, do not care. If it's a lot off, might notice, given on my mood might think something judgmental about them or not care. Probably one of the farthest things from my mind, but TBH I do not really pay attention to other people in public all that much.
  13. Paperclyp

    What toppings do you like and dislike on a pizza?

    I’m not a very picky eater at all. I’ll eat almost any kind of pizza and love it. I would say I am not big on anchovies. And I like a simpler pizza rather than a mountain of toppings. Favorite is probably straight up pepperoni or pepperoni mushroom or jalapeños. I also love love cream cheese on a pizza, or give me weird sauces like mustard for a cheeseburger pizza or really whatever - I’m in.
  14. Paperclyp

    Nintendo Wasteland 2 is coming to Nintendo Switch

    Yeah this has been announced for a long time, but nice to have a release date.