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  1. I really liked what I played of it - the battle system is really unique and the story was pretty good. I started a game of it about 4 years ago and never stuck with it. It's on the deep "to do" list.
  2. @TwinIon nailed it on the head for me, and some of the subsequent posts as well. It really does feel like a sharper 3DS game with a few quality of life changes. There's so much potential in this franchise, even if they want to keep the biggest appeal for kids. They are literally making the same game over and over, and they finally did something that actually pissed off their pretty loyal fanbase in not including the entire roster. I don't care about including the entire roster. I would love them to change up how battles work - give me new incentive to get out there and grind. Give me some voice acting, I dunno. I do think the character models look good and I don't think you need to nitpick on the level that is coming from some of the disingenuous dexiters (dumbest fucking name), but the game is so bland and frankly performs rather poorly in places. I won't rain on the parade anymore. I just think Pokemon has an incredible base to start with and they just under-capitalize on it to a shocking degree. Since it's also out now, it does remind me of Star Wars in that there's all this awesome groundwork to tell interesting stories, but they all boil down to the rebellion vs the empire.
  3. Lol perhaps true. I wanna love Pokémon. I love the idea. What are are we talking here in Pokémon counts that you can’t get in one game and have to trade for?
  4. Ugh I just do not understand not just apathy that they release the two games but actual enthusiasm.
  5. I do not have the game, but I was listening to Austin Walker talk about it and he said get all your force powers before you go to search all the hidden stuff around the planets. So at the very least there's an opportunity before the end to explore.
  6. The more I play this, the more I’m seeing how limited their budget must have been. The story stuff is good, I think. The way people were talking about the game, you’d think the entire way through NPCs will be shilling company lines and the “joke” will be the same, but it’s really only that first area where it’s like that, and that actually sets up a major plot point that becomes clearer the more you play. I think this game is worth playing based on the story and side stories alone. But man, after that it really is lacking. The weapons are pretty lackluster in design and fun in using them. This game made me realize that I actually really do managing inventory in Fallout, repairing stuff and whatnot. And speaking of fallout, it seems obsidian included stuff that’s in fallout games almost in an obligatory way. Like, there is very little reason to use sneak, or lock pick, or a number of other skills, because it just doesn’t matter. It feels extremely tacked on. You would think the worlds being more one off things rather than one big place would allow them to pack them full of character, uhhhh charactERs, and personality. I find the worlds, other than maybe groundbreaker, to be quite lifeless and dull in design. Again, even like the pip boy with the great music typically had by the fallout series or the talk radio that reacts to what you do goes a long way to make those games real, and this just doesn’t do that for me. To be fair, obsidian warned us that this is not an open, sprawling game like fallout. But that being the case I just don’t know why they then made it a fallout game in almost every other respect, just not as good. I like the game, I’m going to finish it. But it made me reinstall fallout 4 last night and honestly I think that game is severely underrated, and I’m gonna start a game of that and play through the DLC I never got to.
  7. I just beat Dead Cells. I am working on Outer Worlds, but I might start something new as well. Not sure what.
  8. It wasn’t really a joke, it was something I found to be a little amusing? And @Keyser_Soze liked it and that’s way more than enough for me!
  9. If you guys are seriously upset because I find it amusing that it’s cheaper to buy each game separately rather than the “double pack” on Nintendo’s own store, even if it is by a single penny, I will just see myself out. Pokemon is great and Nintendo is great too. Star Wars sucks. I dunno. Have a good day.
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