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  1. The level of skill humans can develop for such odd tasks never ceases to amaze me. Anyway, does this game seem to run well on consoles? Or is it something you should get for PC?
  2. Views on Walmart are a bit skewed. In big cities you don’t really them at all until you get far enough into the suburbs. I live in prime Walmart country. Certainly the demographic skews impoverished, but for a lot of towns in my state it was really the only logical place to get groceries or random stuff. Hell even when I was younger it was like that and radio shack for electronic stuff until target got bigger. I have no idea why I’m even posting this.
  3. Actually that's about it. Other than that it's just the lack of anything else they included. Like no art or anything cool. It's just the game. Which is cool, it's still great. But it seems like a better collection is coming.
  4. Maybe it’s too soon to answer some of those questions, and also the line of questioning with “why this over everything else,” is flawed since you don’t have to pick just one. But until we find out more I think it’s more appropriate to wait and see. The tone of your posts comes off as “who the hell wants THAT?’” Rather than a calm, genuinely curious, “who wants this?” Probably because the better way to ask what you say you’re asking is something like, “what sets this apart from what already exists?”
  5. It looks potentially really cool? Why are you so down on it?
  6. Once the PS hit stores and people saw stuff like Tekken running on it, I mean I didn’t take long to win people over. That and the abysmal library of the N64 and Saturn. But yeah the gut reaction at first was like GTF outta here and make the Walkman.
  7. Even if it looks good most people will hate it just like when Sony first entered and then MS. It’ll likely be streaming stuff and I don’t think we’re ready to transition to that yet.
  8. It’s def a game to stick with rather than go back to periodically. It teaches you what you need to know and you need to keep it fresh.
  9. It gets tough dude. I got stuck on several. I need to go back to it someday.
  10. Yeah I’m not sure. I think BioWare is so different from what a lot of people think of now. Personally I think it’s an average studio, at best. Like if anthem was instead some massive, single player only RPG, we have little reason to expect it would blow anyone’s socks away. I get the sense some people think EA is holding them back, and that if they could just break free of the shackles we’d be getting gold from them. I just don’t think that’s remotely the case anymore.
  11. I didn’t say nearly every game was looking for a game as a service. Most of the games you listed are doing some form of continual revenue stream, however. EA certainly is looking to do this with most of their games, but that didn’t mean this was an inevitable conclusion for the game BioWare was gonna make.
  12. I feel like if they had made a Battle Royale some of you would be saying “well they made not have DIRECTLY said make a PUBG clone, but obviously that was the only option.”
  13. Nearly every big game by a major developer is targeting a long term revenue stream. The idea that this pigeonholed BioWare into making precisely and only a destiny clone is absurd. They could have gone about it any number of ways, including a single player RPG a-la mass effect with a separate multiplayer mode. They made a lot of money with past ME multiplayer modes.
  14. I am not sure the question is being asked in good faith, so I’m not sure I wanna answer.
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