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  1. I feel like madden is wrongly remembered. He kinda Flanders’d himself in his last few years, but the man is widely regarded as perhaps the best on air analyst in the history of the sport.
  2. We actually have some light lemonade you’re welcome to.
  3. Own my house. Well, owe the bank for it but yeah.
  4. Hey man I’m not here to discuss the reasoning. He had made it sound like Nintendo BC is a given, when only two of their consoles have ever had it. It’s likely they change their game hardware format again at some point. As I said I would be surprised if they did it for their next console, but it’s certainly not a given.
  5. That’s what I mean. GC could be played on wii. Wii could be played on Wii U. That’s the end of their console BC unless I’m forgetting something.
  6. You asked me if I think it's possible it might mean we can't download our entire digital PS4 library. I said yes. Do I think it's likely? I honestly have no idea. "We've devoted significant efforts to enable our fans to play their favorites on PS5" sure sounds good, but it's certainly vague enough that I don't trust it. Perhaps those significant efforts was this absurd PS+ package of PS4 games. Like, why are they promoting that instead of saying, outright, "Download your entire PS4 library to your PS5." The fact that they are using this vague language whe
  7. Apologies for still being suspicious they have some bullshit up their sleeve. Most of my PS4 games are digital. They certainly say the machine can play PS4 games, but until they say outright that the PS5 storefront will allow you to download those PS4 games and play them, I’m going to remain suspicious. This is a feature they know people want and they’ve had 2-3 presentations about the machine so far. It is baffling to me that they haven’t been more clear about it. Even in the one when they unveiled PS4 back compat, they confused people with their wording with the “top 100
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