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  1. Glad it isn't Chris Judge, that would have made for one awkward moment considering Kratos is modeled after him.
  2. That's amazing. I remember all of that fondly. I wonder what ever happened to my Max Payne mousepad. Wouldn't surprise me if it's floating around in the drawers of my folks computer desk considering the other ancient relics that exist in it for no reason. Speaking of Max Payne, this old benchmark from Remedy just came to mind. It was the first time I ever saw the name Max Payne and wondered what on earth it was.
  3. Yeah, I found him on the balcony there, but I went through all his dialogue and just ended up with a sword. Maybe I need to talk to somebody else I've missed somewhere. I'm pretty sure I touched the proper bloodstain as I've cleared all his dialogue choices.
  4. Must be more to the quest line as they seem to be out of rewards for now. I did touch the bloodstain.
  5. Ah, found him and got a sword from him. I don't mind fighting those pumpkin head guys, it's the enemies that move around crazy fast that are frustrating as I feel like I'm forever running around trying to find a window to slash them or cast magic at them.
  6. I did speak to him, is there something I should purchase from him? I'm garbage at dodging in the game. I always feel too late as I'm stuck in an animation when the time comes to dodge.blockquote widgetlockquote widget
  7. Fuck whatever that monster is in the bottom of stormveil castle. Got wrecked by it the first time, and the second, I just made a mad dash to pickup everything on the floor. I feel like the fight getting to Godrick was a whole lot harder than actually fighting him.
  8. Do I ever love the ashes of war quickstep. Has that ever made evading challenging bosses with large damage areas a lot easier to manage.
  9. Ended up giving it a go tonight and killed him on my fourth attempt. Magic did wonders helping me to fight him from a distance and knock him out without having to do much close combat.
  10. Decided to start over with a new class. Wasn't feeling the weapons with the vanguard, and didn't want to grind through the game until I can make my character what I want. Switched over to the samurai and am having a whole lot more fun with it. Feel much more in control in battles and defeated a few dungeon bosses with ease that were a pain in the ass prior. Around 9 and a half hours in at level 27 now. Still terrified to fight Margit, but I'm having a lot of fun roaming around finding whatever I can as well as spotting dungeons to do at some point.
  11. Torn on this one, and am going to wait to see what my friends decide. Loved BL1 and 2, but none of us really found 3 all that compelling as the loot just wasn't all that fun. Still beat it, but never went back for the DLC despite having the season pass.
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