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  1. I thought it was going to be a runner based upon that intro, then I played table tennis, got annoyed by the controls, and quit playing it.
  2. It's out of print, but still readily available. Nintendo has pulled the same tactics in the past and people are sitting on sealed copies of Nintendo collections that aren't worth much over their original MSRP.
  3. I love the fact 3D All Stars is still sitting on store shelves and available on online, while tons of people bought multiple copies thinking they'd make a killing selling it.
  4. McCarthy pulls all Republicans from January 6 Select Committee after Pelosi rejects two picks WWW.CBSNEWS.COM House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejected Congressmen Jim Jordan and Jim Banks.
  5. Psychonauts 2 seems like it would be a fun one to play in handheld mode.
  6. I get why Valve said it, but they damn well know that nobody will be able to compete with their pricing model. They can take the console strategy and eat the costs given they own the storefront. The only others who could do that are Microsoft and Epic. Companies like Dell have to turn a profit up front as they have no other way to recoup the costs. I'm sure they're looking at the interest to consider the release of the Alienware UFO, but it'll very much be a boutique item with some flashier features to try to entice those with deeper pockets.
  7. It's as if somebody took that 90's virtual chatroom, Worlds.com, that refuses to die and turned it into a shooter.
  8. He just had to one up Richard Branson again and proclaim he's the wealthiest piece of shit.
  9. So now that it's hitting republicans, and pretty much entirely republicans, the far right talking heads suddenly are starting to give a shit. You wonder how many viewers he's losing a week from covid.
  10. Think I figured out the mystery of the glass on the 512gb model. Wacom also uses etched glass on its Cintiq, but unlike Apple, it's obviously designed to be touched.
  11. Finished the campaign mode in Wreckfest. Kept putting the game down, but once I got further into it, the races started becoming a lot more chaotic and fun. Not a bad racing game for people who enjoy them, but aren't too into the sim style of racing. The music is garbage in the game though, it's all sorts of alternative butt rock and I swear for a huge duration of the game, all I heard were nearly the same two songs being played over and over again.
  12. You have to wonder, with it being of basically the same glass type, Apple requires a special dry cloth for their Nano display, will Valve require such a special cleaning cloth as well? Ironically, if so, that special case could have a different interior to address the uniqueness of the glass. I think they should have offered it in a matte and glossy option personally. Calling the matte display "premium" is a bit of a stretch as it really comes down to personal preference. For me personally, I'd opt for a glossy display simply because it's a gaming handheld and I want all the contrast pop I
  13. Plasma televisions were still on the market old.
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