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  1. I already posted it, but I'll say it again, Sony stated yesterday an overwhelmingly majority of PS4 games will work on the PS4. Mark Cerny was just using the top 100 as an example.
  2. Sony stated today the PS5 will support an overwhelmingly majority of PS4 games. https://www.theverge.com/2020/3/20/21188585/sony-ps5-backwards-compatibility-ps4-games-support-majority-plus-titles
  3. Saw on Reddit one employee sent an email to higher-ups politely telling them to go screw themselves and that they're closing their doors tomorrow until other non-essential stores open again. The public is finally seeing what anybody who has worked at a GameStop already knew, they don't give a single shit about their employees.
  4. Very excited to see audio gaining more focus this generation on the PS5. I've always hated the lack of true spacial audio when gaming with headphones on. While you could always tell where a sound was coming from, it was always so sloppy spinning around hearing voices for example not smoothly adjusting with your direction. Borderlands 3 was awful with dialogue when you weren't looking at the character.
  5. Even if he doesn't commit suicide, I'm sure he'll have a large target on his head at Rikers Island. That's about the last prison you want to be at if you're a high profile criminal. The stories that come out of that prison are terrifying.
  6. I bet the folks over at Killed By Google are just waiting to hit the update button so they can add Stadia to the list. I'm sure it won't be a long wait.
  7. That game is going to look amazing on PC. Strange seeing Sony 1st party titles on the PC, but it makes sense to see it happening as the market is changing. I imagine some games will be completely exclusive to the PS5 while others will be timed.
  8. He still has another court case in California. The judge there could stack his charges there on top of his current sentence to basically ensure he'll die in prison.
  9. Kinda a bummer thinking Disney will more than likely change the ride at Disney World for this film. I can't imagine many legacy rides are left at this point relatively untouched. That was always a fun ride as hokey as it was.
  10. Shureee, we all know corona virus isn't the reason it isn't happening. We all knew it was on life support ever since Sony left.
  11. I'm sure you're going to hear of more cases coming from California since they allowed the LA marathon to go on for some insane reason. I get people trained a long time to be able to run it, but they really should have thought that maybe the at risk individuals are a bit more important than them running a race that they'll always have another opportunity to do.
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