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  1. I was very surprised to CD games amongst the list. Can't wait to see what else will be announced and given they own Hudson, they have easy access to some pretty big titles for the console. Konami had M2 do the Castlevania collection so here's to hoping just like the Genesis mini, M2 will be apart of this one as well.
  2. Who saw this coming? Glad to see Konami making an obscure console and some of its games available for those who never got to play it.
  3. Very cool, looking forward to this. Of course I'd like to see Saga, but as far as I know, the code for that game is entirely lost.
  4. If you're hacking it, Fire is the way to go, if you're using it for its app catalog Roku is the way to go. Unlike Amazon and Google for that matter, Roku does not own any stream services and thus, you'll never lose apps like YouTube as you did on Amazon Fire products as they fought with Google.
  5. That's unfortunate, Vice had some wonderful programming on HBO. Now the only outside news agency on HBO is Axios.
  6. I'd hope not since with the hardware they're using today, they should be able to make the game have differing visual options just like a PC game.
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