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  1. I like turtles.
  2. Nope, PS Plus is an independent service. You don't even need a PlayStation to use it. It's on the PC, smart TV's, and streaming devices such as the Roku.
  3. Glad to hear justice was served for once. There is no excuse for what she did and she deserved to be charged with murder for taking an innocent man's life.
  4. The scary part about the Lite is I imagine they'll be replacing them with a refurb unit and in Nintendo's world, that means you'll be playing the panel lottery.
  5. Looks like the Switch Lite has now been included in the class action lawsuit regarding the analogue stick drift issue. https://www.polygon.com/nintendo-switch/2019/9/28/20888540/nintendo-switch-joy-con-drift-lawsuit-switch-lite-repairs
  6. Yep, after about five minutes of dealing with that in the demo, I said fuck this and removed it. The rest of the game was awful too, but that was the icing on the top. I can't believe a game like this exists in 2019.
  7. Found a copy locally for the PS4 for $15. Always wanted to try the game and for that price, it was an easy purchase.
  8. I have around 20 copies sealed copies Corpse Killer for the 32X, lol. Back in the early days of eBay, it was cheaper to buy a box full of copies than a single copy. I sold a few on eBay through the years, and ultimately they ended up in storage.
  9. Played the demo tonight, I'm not really sure what to think. It's very true to the PS1 game for better or worse. I think I was just under the impression they'd at least add some modern refinements to it. The combat just feels like it has no weight to it and the camera is still a bit on the clunky side. I'm torn on this one now. I was excited for it, but now I'm leaning towards waiting for a sale.
  10. Very excited we're so close to the release of this one. I always loved the creativity behind this title, but the game had its flaws, specifically with its camera and controls. It'll be fun to play through this game again with modern mechanics that'll make it a much more streamlined experience. Hope it sells well enough that Sony considers giving other old titles in its catalogue the HD treatment.
  11. I'd love to see it ported to the PS4. I bought the Xbox One copy when it was being cleared out for $5 in case I ever got an Xbox One, but I never did and I still would love to play it.
  12. CRT's certainly have some big strengths over LCD's and OLED's to a lesser degree, but the whole display debate will be a wash once micro LED displays become affordable. It's everything we wanted from OLED, but without its downsides. I used to own Sony's best widescreen CRT television and while I do miss it, I'd never want to go back to it. The longer I owned it, the more I had to go into service menu to combat age related issues. By the time I gave it up, the overscan was getting bad enough that text on the side of the screen was being cut off on widescreen games. I got a Sony CRT TV for a few years ago for free I thought I'd hang onto for retro games, but I've honestly never used it. The seldom time I do play a retro console, I just plug it into my video processor I have around mostly for times I want to watch a Laserdisc.
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