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  1. I wonder how much I'm going to have to pay to play N64 games on my Switch. Also...holy shit was that Banjo-Kazooie I saw in that reel of games? Is Microsoft letting RARE games be playable on Nintendo hardware?!?
  2. I didn't give that one a fair shake, admittedly. I did play some Diablo-like game and it ran like ass. Can't remember the name of it now. In conclusion, PC gaming is not for me.
  3. I think the last one I tried was Hollow Knight. On my MacBook Pro. MacOS Catalina, version 10.15.7. 2.3 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5 processor. 8 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3 memory. Graphics are Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655 1536 MB. Full disclosure, I don't know what any of those numbers mean. It's just what comes up when click on "About this Mac." Also, I think that game ran fine for the most part. But I ended up just playing it on Switch anyway, lulz
  4. Try them out on Spider-Man and set the difficulty to “Neighborhood Friendly.” Bug Fables is also good.
  5. Yeah. PC games kinda run like garbage in general, though. At least in my experience. Buggy messes that boot me out to my desktop every 15 minutes. Sorry, I can’t take PC gaming seriously. It’s cool for mods, though! I hope the Steam Deck makes PC gaming easier and more home console-like.
  6. If it helps at all, you can pick up this fairly “cheap” game and play it occasionally. It’s a great fit for the pick-up-and-play-then-set-it-down-and-forget-it title. Perfect for waiting on the next “big” release!
  7. Yeah, “better.” After you turn off raytracing, dynamic lighting, etc. Then you’re basically looking at a game on PSP. Unless you’re paying thousands of dollars for the premium setup. Which no game ever really takes advantage of. Looking forward to SteamDeck, though!
  8. Weird that Dracula X is apparently part of this. Regardless, this is good news. The last time these games were available was back on Wii U Virtual Console. But understandably, no one cared.
  9. Yes! Same for me. What a weird toy, now that I think about it.
  10. You must’ve grown up on the nice side of town. All my dentist had in his lobby was Highlights.
  11. Whoa that is crazy! I can’t believe this! I’ve never heard of anyone from this era of gaming say something like this. Are you for real? Wow. Like, wow. That’s just so insane for me to imagine. That is just incredible. Geez. Your dentist had an N64 in the lobby? Mind blown.
  12. Damn it, you're probably right! My N64 controllers were fine too, as were my friends' controllers. Though we were all in high school/college by the time the N64 came out, so it's not unlikely we took care with our controllers back then. Actually, now that I think about it? I had ONE controller that got busted. But that was because beer was spilled all over it during a party. Made all the buttons and the analog stick...very sticky. HOWEVER...it still worked, surprisingly. You just had to give it a little more "oomph" when pressing in a direction or button input. We nicknamed it the "Drunken Master" controller, lulz.
  13. I wonder if we'll get a Smash Bros character reveal? #raymanforsmash
  14. Nice! Yeah I just unlocked the helicopter the other night and I love how crazy they went with the vehicles this time around. I remember thinking how wild it was that you could drive a school bus in the original Cruis'n USA but this game takes it to a whole new level, LOL
  15. That's what I've been looking for lately, too. Plus all the keys that are hidden around in each course. I think there are three per track? They help you unlock new vehicles, if I understand correctly.
  16. There's no legal reason they can't re-release Earthbound. In fact, they've already re-released several times recently(ish). It's on Wii U Virtual Console, NEW 3DS Virtual Console, and on the SNES Classic Mini. It's not on Switch (at least, not yet!) because Nintendo gonna Nintendo.
  17. It's a...BLAST. Eh? Eh? ....eh. But yeah no it's great fun. Very flashy, and they cranked the insanity meter to 11 with this. The tracks feel more like a roller-coaster than an actual race. It's almost like they took the best of what I loved about San Francisco RUSH, Burnout, and ExciteTruck and melded it all into this one game. There's even a very Mario Kart-inspired drift mechanic that works basically the same as a Power Slide. You can take down other racers, use your "BLAST" occasionally too get a boost of speed, jump off of ramps and speed boosters to perform tricks. I guess there is some inspiration from the SSX series too, now that I think about it. It's gaudy and flashy and cheesy all in the best way. It's an insane '90s arcade racer and it just leans into that. I've had a lot of fun with it. If what I've described sounds like fun, I highly recommend it.
  18. It’s called JAK AND DAXTER! Not “Jax” and certainly not “Dexter!” You uncultured swine!
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