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  1. Botox and fillers are what keep famous people looking fresh well beyond their shelf lives.
  2. I had always kind of assumed it was a MKII thing and that the CPU was putting in frame perfect counters. I should have known better given the Flash Kick bullshit. MKII was always on another level, I didn't know how far down the rabbit hole its nonsense went until that video. lawd
  3. Got a Pro and a Series 5 watch. I was on one of the older watch models, the bigger screen is a niceR upgrade than I was expecting just by itself. The notifications / alerts are kind of fucked right now though... my phone alarm isn’t mirrored on my watch, which I use every morning. And my watch calendar knows about upcoming events but always says “no events today,” which again... a feature I use all the time. I’m sure it’ll get sorted but it’s a bummer to upgrade to less features. The Pro is really nice. The battery upgrade has been noticeable even though I’m using my phone more often than usual on account of it being new. Other than that, it’s faster than my X on a few things I do often and the camera is great.
  4. Fighting against an AI Guile was always a nightmare because of this shit.
  5. I decided to use this afternoon to paint some minis instead of watching the Jets game. ... checks score... Seems like the right call.
  6. Yeah, I felt the same way. Remember Lana left the show when she basically had powers equivalent to Clark’s? That show got weird. And that was before one of the stars got busted for being in a fuck cult IRL.
  7. I’m am irrationally excited about that, especially after the Smallville reference from last year’s crossover.
  8. My Apple Watch display almost always comes on when I move my arm, even in a “subtle” fashion... except when I’m laying in bed. The AOD will be a welcome change.
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