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  1. I’m seeing back the blue styled Cat in the Hat memes today, it’s fucking ridiculous.
  2. Joker was not good, so it seems only natural that they would lean into it.
  3. I should really get a squad together too. I don’t play often enough and anyone who plays regularly will wash me, but it’s too fun for me to care much. Armada is also absolutely worth checking out too, but you should find someone to play with first. It’s less popular and takes longer but it’s quite good.
  4. Cavill got three chances (four, if we’re counting the Snyder cut as a separate thing), it’s not on him that the material was lousy-to-terrible. Coates is a strong writer so I’m in on that. Abrams has an eye for drama that would probably work well if the material he’s given is solid. Black Superman, traditional Superman, I’d be interested in hearing more. Also LAWD SPARE US from Man of Steel 2. Superman was world weary before becoming Superman in Man of Steel, I cannot imagine how fucking intolerable he’d be as a character after coming back from the dead.
  5. Loki time traveling and giving people slightly anachronistic media would be a funny show premise
  6. Also wasn't there a teaser at the end of the original cut? He's going to make a different one for this?
  7. He did, I just checked. I don't care at all, I just think it's funny.
  8. Is Snyder set to work on any other DC movies? Why would he do this.
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