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  1. Forgetting the absurdity of the activity for a moment, what is the perceived benefit?
  2. It’s going to be 160 minutes of footage of Margot Robbie’s feet with Leo’s voice dubbed over saying the n-word.
  3. Seltzer? Unsweetened ice tea? Water? It’s not just the calories, since I drink diet soda on the rare occasions I drink a sweet, carbonated beverage. I just don’t think a super sweet beverage plays nicely with a savory burger.
  4. God knows I love to eat, and burgers are right up there. But man alive, I don’t understand how anyone post-puberty can eat a big burger and drink either a soda or a milkshake with it. I think I would die mid-attempt.
  5. Because I am emotionally invested in the critical and commercial reception of mass media properties, get on my fucking level.
  6. Slippery slope arguments about passing additional gun control regulation are divorced from reality. Gun owners are standing on top of a bobsled track going “OH NO, THEY’RE COMING FOR US,” and people wanting gun regulation are at the bottom of the run wearing ice skates covered in astroglide. It’s fucking ridiculous.
  7. SCOOP: Anyone who prefaces a tweet like that with "scoop" should be flung into shark infested waters via trebuchet.
  8. Everything about Thernaos is crazy town banana pants, but a professional woman adopting an affection in her professional speech is an exception.
  9. It's truly nothing of the sort. A decent number of my female college professors had to dramatically change the pitch and tone of their voice for them to be listened to. I know a non-trivial number of women who do this professionally.
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