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  1. I have read this 10 times and each time I get to the end I feel like I’m missing a word somewhere, but I don’t think I am.
  2. As always, I love when people who bitch about wokeness just immediately tell on themselves. What is “woke” about this show?
  3. The man is out here and in favor of stabbing people in any context, and honestly? I stan.
  4. Nothing in that trailer would lead any if to conclude this is a comedy.
  5. Yeah well Odysseus’s wife has > 100 suitors while Odysseus is out of town, making him one of history’s greatest cucks.
  6. Yeah. It’s a different thing compared to someone like Shapiro, who should just be ignored. Shouting at him that he’s a statutory rapist isn’t meaningfully different even if it happens to be more likely, legally accurate. He can ignore that, too.
  7. I truly do not care enough to invest in a razor sharp enough to split this hair, nor do I think anyone is under any kind of obligation to shout the correct legal term at someone in this situation.
  8. Online fandom can be incredibly toxic regardless of industry or space, though gaming seems particularly bad in this regard. There are legions of young people who treat their sexuality / gender identity as a kind of fandom online, and it’s both wild and disappointing to see.
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