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  1. I will have neither the integrity nor the rich heritage of this film franchise that exists largely to prop up various brands be tarnished.
  2. No. No, no, no, no, no. No. What you fail to understand is that perpetually casting unremarkable white men is not and in fact cannot possibly be pandering. I expected to be represented in all media at all times. However the casting of any minority (racial, sexual orientation, and so on) must inherently be pandering. I see me on screen and it is clearly made for everyone. I see a black woman cast in something and it must inherently be about wokeness, about pandering, about oh fuck I can’t go on anymore Jesus Christ. I can imagine that a 50 year old man can fuck any woman within seconds of engagement, kill anyone on the planet with generally modest effort, and that a giant with steel teeth can survive a building falling on his head. But you mean to tell me a BLACK WOMAN might have her name in cell B7 of an Excel file somewhere at MI6? THAT I CANNOT ABIDE.
  3. Show is good, offender profiling is an abomination.
  4. Everything about a super wealthy, mega popular celebrity fucking a high schooler is super weird. As a 38 year old I cannot possibly fathom meeting a high school junior and thinking, “yeah this is who I should be spending my time with.”
  5. They were fine. Any attempt at atmosphere and story were ruined when they named their insomniac A Wake. If they’re not gonna take it seriously neither will I The less we talk about the gameplay, the better.
  6. Every part of Alan Wake other than the visuals is at best okay. Remedy peaked 16 years ago.
  7. For someone who refers to people who like the latest Star Wars movies as the KKK, IdeaOfEvil is picking a weird hill to die on.
  8. The late 80’s early 90’s were a super rough time for women’s fashion. Also we should have a 30 year reunion post to celebrate when an in-his-late 30’s Seinfeld started fucking a high schooler IRL. That scene where Denise Richards is playing a 15 year old with cleavage is perhaps too real in hindsight.
  9. I’m disappointed in this news, only because Craig’s Bond has retired in EVERY FUCKING MOVIE HE’S BEEN IN INCLUDING THE FIRST ONE JESUS CHRIST FIND A NEW ANGLE PLEASE. Ahem.
  10. Wade seeming to not know that Long Island is super Jewish is very confusing.
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