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  1. Good thread and the umpteenth example of how companies nickel and dime their employees, obfuscate, and withhold data in the interest of keeping wages low and shareholders rich.
  2. $10 to have your reputation visible. $100 to apply a Ben Shapiro content block Wade, drop the PayPal
  3. Apparently there’s a bug that will crash your game at the very very end if you use map markers, specifically a map marker on a particular door. Doesn’t fuck your save file or anything, but the crash is consistent. They’ll patch it out by the end of the month. But if you’re near the very end, clear your map markers in the last area if you have any and you’ll be fine.
  4. I wouldn’t mind watching psychologists rip them to shreds I suppose. Also while true crime doesn’t really interest me all that much, I’m inherently skeptical of, “entertainment genre X is rotting our brains” takes. If decades worth of playing violent video games hasn’t had an appreciable increase on violence, I’m not convinced that legions of people listening to true crime content is going to have the effect the author is claiming. Internet sleuthing has been a thing for much longer than true crime has been as popular as it has been. But I would agree that “trust your instincts” when it comes to awareness of danger is fundamentally flawed and unhelpful advice.
  5. Bills for all my money. Bills TD Bills Bills Bucs, Bills Panthers, Bengals, Cowboys GB / Chicago San Diesgo / Baltimore Mixon / Taylor
  6. Republicans complained that Dr. Seuss was being cancelled. How The Grinch Stole Christmas is a book by Dr. Seuss specifically about how Christmas is not about the presents. Republicans are complaining that Christmas will be cancelled, specifically because presents might not arrive on time. This is all an elaborate plan to get me to have a stroke, I know it.
  7. They agreed to change my account email to a gmail account, easily worth $4.5M.
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