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  1. Kal-El814

    What should my new gamertag be?

  2. Sometimes I forget that people aren’t into watches. I was cinfused when people gave Apple shit for the term “Digital Crown” until I realized they thought it was a pretentious thing to call something and didn’t realize that part of analog watches is called a crown.
  3. Kal-El814

    Television Star Wars Resistance

    The most popular Star Wars stuff is kid friendly, and the animation looks good. Between that and Alien Gunner shitting on it, I’m intrigued.
  4. Kal-El814

    The Kavanaugh Confirmation Charade Thread

    It’s just guys being guys. And the sexual assault was probably just a prank.
  5. Is this a reboot? I cannot recall the current Transformers “canon” all that well, but I thought most people in those movies seemed surprised that Transformers existed.
  6. They really forgot about Dre, didn’t they. The irony tree, as always, bears bitter fruit.
  7. Can’t believe I forgot Splendor...
  8. Kal-El814

    The Kavanaugh Confirmation Charade Thread

    What a shock that he’s refusing to pull out.
  9. This is why I don’t gamble with real money.
  10. Then I’d stick with Secret Hitler with those caveats, as well as the others I listed. If you’ve got 4 players and want something really light and fast, try Love Letter. If you like bluffing, I’d try Coup or Skull.
  11. Kal-El814

    PC No "headset hair" with Razer "Ifrit"

    Maybe they would if they all weren’t so obviously horrified of headset hair.
  12. That's a nice looking render, and the costuming is one of my favorite parts of Assassin's Creed, as odd as that is to say. There's so many games out there that it's hard to bite on anything before impressions come out, but I'd be excited to paint that mini, if nothing else!
  13. Secret Hitler is excellent. It shines brightest with 9-10 people, plays very well with 7-8, and is okay to good with 5-6. You cannot play with just 4. To get the most out of it, I'd say you need to have a group that's comfortable lying to and manipulating friends within the context of a game. Some friend groups either have trouble doing that or hold it against people after play is over. But if your friends are into the concept, it's a very smartly designed hidden role game and absolutely worth playing. It's pretty fun if people are playing more "politely" and not actively trying to manipulate people, but the game's absolute best moments come from fascists trying to convince the liberals that one of their own is fascist or Hitler, or when you know your best friend well enough to realize they're a fascist, then have to try to convince the other liberals that your friend is a fascist without coming off like a fascist trying to frame someone else. There's a free print and play version on the game's website too, so if you have access to a printer and don't mind using printer paper components, the cost to try it is minimal. It's great. Codenames is a really solid party game if you're into word association. You can find it anywhere, like Target. Decrypto is really good in this regard also. Monikers pairs especially well with drinking or intoxicants, in addition to scaling well if your crowd gets larger. You can plat it with 4, but it's best with 6+ to make sure there's more than one person on each time guessing at any given time. You can have most if not all of those for < $30, get a lot of play out of all of them, and none should take more than an hour after you've played once and have a general sense for the rules. There's a lot of stuff that could work... do you and your friends have a specific theme or brand you all like, Star Wars or Lovecraft or space aliens? War games vs. social games?