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  1. Yo fuck Tom Nook and his whole vertically integrated, nepotism fueled, company store, ouroboros frequent flier, bullshit operation. Dude has had me by the balls since 2001 and frankly I'm sick of his shit. That said I can't find tarantulas, which is ALSO bullshit.
  2. Yeah. It’s just odd that they retired Resetti and don’t give a shit if you’re date scumming, but do care about multiple islands on the same system. Both? Sure. Neither? Better. One and not the other? So weird.
  3. Yeah, it’s a combo of saves living in the system / not living on the cart and Nintendo not allowing different user accounts on the same Switch discrete Animal Crossing saves like they do with other games. No idea if the latter is a technical limitation or a design choice.
  4. No. You need multiple Switches. The islands are saved on the console, so multiple carts on the same Switch won’t cut it.
  5. It’s an expandable game, but Dominion is a solid deck builder that has some customization options out of the core box, or a lot of options if you get the Big Box. It’s build as you play, you don’t need to do work before you play, really. If you don’t want deck building at all, Lost Cities the card game is solid. Hanabi is also, though it works better with > 2.
  6. More or less, yeah. Animal Crossing has always been weird about data... not saving, changing the time, etc. But you could almost always have several towns if you had multiple copies... or multiple memory cards back in the GameCube era. I THINK the Wii version was the only one that worked kinda like New Horizons... but that was because of the aforementioned data weirdness.
  7. On other recent systems, the save was per game. So if a family shared a 3DS but everyone had their own cart, they’d all have their own towns. It does stink that if you have a couple kids and only one Switch, the island can only “belong” to one decision maker and every other player has much less control. I don’t know about it being an entitled attitude, it’s a big change for the series.
  8. It never ceases to amaze me how some religious people are so willing to cheapen their faith. Hemmer is Catholic, I believe. So on one side of the scale, you have god made flesh, come to earth to die for our sins, literally rising from the dead on the third day. And on the other side, stores could open up again. I don’t get it.
  9. I mean we'll finally have hard evidence that prayer doesn't work, but it somehow doesn't seem worth it.
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