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  1. Yeah I really agree with this. Listen to any interview with Filoni about Star Wars and his reverence for all of Lucas’ contributions, prequels included, is obvious. The Mandalorian being set at a time where he and Favreau can riff off Lucas material and Filoni’s own without really having to dabble in sequel stuff is smart of them and allows them to functionally ignore any non-Lucas canon. I’m genuinely curious if we’ll ever get any real teases of The First Order or anything like it eventually.
  2. Not explicitly, no. We know there have been groups of Mandalorians who resisted Mandalore’s more recent attempts at peace and preferred the old, militant / warrior culture ways. But even those Mandalorians took their helmets off, when they were run by Maul, modified their helmets to look like his horns, etc. So yeah, I agree with you that they’re getting a ton of mileage out of Djarin being adopted by a splinter sect of Mandalorians. The minor feud with Bo-Katan was rad. I suspect that something similar will happen when he runs into Ahsoka, since (spoilers for Clone Wars and Rebels
  3. Gloomhaven is a beefy boy, it’s true. I dunno how many TT games you play, but there are a ton of great resources for Gloomhaven on boardgamegeek. I’d especially recommend getting PDF versions of the character and party sheets, the ones in the box are kinda tiny a bit hard to write on mission after mission. If you use a campaign tracker app, that’s less necessary. I also find the campaign workflow diagram super useful, as one of the hardest things to track is what you’ve done, what you’ve unlocked, and what you’ve locked out. Lemme know if you have any questions about what missions
  4. Boo, gimmie “Expired Tomato Sauce Can Throwing Simulator in VR” on PC you cowards.
  5. I’m a huge mark for box inserts in general. I like Go7Gaming a lot, along with Meeple Realty. I’ll usually get theirs if they have one for a specific game. Broken Token’s one for Gloomhaven is, IMHO, the best of the lot. The little monster cassette tape box things are so good.
  6. Some of that gating is a bit weird; found a barred door with no way to get into it, and after a few minutes I decided it was story related and I ended up being right. Other areas of the early game straight up say, “area not available” which would be a fine way to keep people from butting their heads against things that literally cannot be done right then. Also kinda weird when you purge an area of mobs, then the next story event brings you back there and everyone’s respawned. Only other LUL the game keeps delivering is where you use your battering ram to gain access to certain par
  7. I haven’t seen the Series X UI, but if it’s anything like the Xbox One’s...
  8. I mean if we’re going to look at the writing for every God of War game up until the most recent one... probably not all that much? “So Kratos skullfucks this thing, punish fucks some women until they cum orbs, flashback to a stupid decision Kratos made that a child would have known better than to do, Kratos says, ‘by the gods what have I become,’ do a coin flip to see if he’ll try to commit suicide in this game or the next one, and roll credits. Pad that shit out with 8-12 hours of mashing square, square, triangle and I think we got it!”
  9. Every single console that’s had a main OS UI has been, at best, an afterthought. They’re all generally very bad.
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