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  1. Even if you’re into guns, this is psychotic, three of those kids are have their gun aimed at someone else.
  2. I love when "creatives" have their abusive behavior and inability to manage gets papered over with the "genius" label.
  3. Finished! Took almost exactly 10 hours on Hardcore. If you like a challenge at all, I'd recommend starting on Hardcore... the only difficult part is the first real encounter, since it seems like you need to trigger something specific after hitting a certain amount of time. I think I only ran from one encounter and generally killed everything I ran into. If you have trash aim (I'm not good at games ) ammo might be a problem, but in general it isn't. I really enjoyed it a lot. It's probably the most consistently paced RE, and there's only one segment I'm not looking forw
  4. Most of the way done through the game unless there's an unexpected act. Definitely gonna be in my top 3 Resident Evil games unless something dumb happens at the end. It's really fun.
  5. There are a couple effects / rooms in the game that turn my framerate to absolute poop. Other than that, looks and runs great. I assume I'm 75 - 80% done now and it's been a treat.
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