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  1. Kal-El814

    17 dead from duck boat disaster

    Also I’m not sure you were aware, but black people were involved.
  2. I don’t know that I’d go that far but I’d support the notion that the economy is going to matter much, much more than shit like this or the Mueller investigation. Those are side shows. I can’t think of an incumbent in the modern era that lost when the economy / job market was strong, unless I’m missing someone. Trump is a different kind of president but I don’t know if he’s different enough to matter in that respect.
  3. Ah right on thanks. Forgot it was on twitter and was trolling my browsing history with no joy.
  4. Someone wrote recently to the effect that it’s possible to miss the camel’s back breaking when you’re insisting that each straw that gets added is practically weightless. I’d agree with that. But even with that in mind, in a week during which Trump might have committed some light treason? This specifically seems like nothing and it’s difficult to imaging anyone giving a fuck about it in 2 years.
  5. Kal-El814

    Television DC's Titans Trailer

    I can’t believe “dark” takes on initially light hearted comic franchises are still a fucking thing in 2018.
  6. You could split an atom with the razor you’re using to split that hair.
  7. There are countless ways one could describe Putin having one over on Trump. People going to the notion that Trump is Putin’s bottom for a specific reason, not randomly, not for no reason, etc. I’m honestly blown away by the mental gymnastics here. Again, you’re giving the people saying this way too much credit. This isn’t “in any context.” The context is very specific. If people were saying, “Trump is submissive to Putin,” I’d agree that there’s a lack of context and that drawing a line from those words to dom/sub relationships is a stretch. Saying “Trump takes it in the ass from Putin” is really fucking specific. Looking into the literal meaning of those words and divorcing them from the context that was absolutely and deliberately intended is fishing for nuance that just isn’t there. And anyone who says stuff like, “man it must be hard for Trump to walk around with Putin’s dick in his ass,” but who DOESN’T intend for that to be suggest negative things about homosexuality should chose their words more carefully.
  8. I just don’t think it’s worth making. The implication is pretty clear.
  9. Except “business owners” haven’t been historically discriminated against, being a business owner isn’t a personal trait, etc. This is a pretty lousy apples to oranges comparison. Yuuuup.
  10. Again, I think this is giving the people saying this stuff far too much credit. Besides, even if you’re going to take that angle... there’s nothing negative about being a sub, either. It’s a lazy fucking “criticism” all around.
  11. They absolutely mean it pejoratively. It might not be “anti-gay” in the most literal sense, but the implication is unquestionably that Trump and Putin being gay for one another is negative. Looking for nuance in this situation is giving the people slinging the remarks MUCH more credit than they deserve. The notion that Trump is so beholden to Putin that he takes it in the ass from him is unquestionably implying that Trump is weak because he lets another man fuck him. It doesn’t “not count” when it’s political commentary. I don’t get that at all.
  12. I think it’s certainly possible to say, “those two are gay for one another” without it being anti-gay, but the, “Trump and Putin are totally gay for one another,” is absolutely pejorative.
  13. Part of my issue with MI:II is that they explain the plot in detail over and over and over.