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  1. Also this is pretty cheeky.
  2. I think it's the Elementals.
  3. Oh fuck you I was drinking seltzer. That didn’t feel good.
  4. I guess... I just figured that it coming out after Endgame and a bunch of people being alive without any references to it happening earlier makes it obvious that the snap gets undone.
  5. How do you figure?
  6. Thinking about Ron Paul is like a gentle breeze at this point.
  7. They’re saying nobody has ever served this many hamburgers before. So true.
  8. Did someone say Bloodsport? The real reason Trump wants to skip to the fight scenes?
  9. Forgetting the traveshamockery of Trump's presidency for a moment, I can't think of a better photo of what Trump represents as a person than this. Tiny ass hands, wearing an overcoat inside for no fucking reason, stupid ass power tie, room made up like what you think a rich person's home looks like when you're 12 years old, Abe Lincoln art because you love black people, and a fast food buffet. Sweet Jesus bleeding on the cross, what a world.
  10. Rand has basically turned into a less principled Ron with a worse haircut. It’s gross.
  11. 99% of the Ron Paul curriculum is GOP ball fondling, nobody should be surprised.