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  1. Need a few things for me to care: 1) Daft Punk 2) Bruce Boxleitner 3) Jeff Bridges to be wearing a tunic to hide his huge dick Otherwise I don't give a shit.
  2. The only condition I will purchase this game is if Doctor Manhattan instantly wins every fight he enters with zero input from the player.
  3. Personally... 1) I am not inclined to slice metrics around gun deaths in any way that reduces them as a matter of principle 2) Physical self-harm is a violent act, suicide does not get a pass simply because it's final 20K+ Americans kill themselves every year with a firearm, more than half of all suicides in the US are firearm related. It's a public health crisis. Refusing to acknowledge this as "violence" feels like refusing to call addiction a "disorder" because people often choose to engage with whatever they're addicted to. The hair is too fine for me to bother splitting it.
  4. I thought this thread was going to be about a Sony version of the NES Advantage. Boo.
  5. ANH is only slow in comparison to some of the other movies in the series... I don’t think it’s a slow movie in general or even for its time.
  6. http://web.archive.org/web/20071002192036/http://progressiveboink.com/archive/peanuts-by-charles-bukowski/
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