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  1. Modiphius makes some good systems based on some folks I’ve talked to who have more engagement with their output than I have. That said, I encourage anyone who’s into Dishonored and RPGs to do themselves a favor and buy Blades in the Dark immediately. It’s an indie darling with a lot of flexibility, a low amount of GM admin, and a vibe that’s pretty heavily inspired by Dishonored.
  2. Any politician who bitches about video game violence who has ever had a hard on for actual war should be launched into orbit.
  3. He'd have won ages ago if anyone in his family or circle of friends loved him enough to buy him a watch.
  4. Hey it’d be super great if I never had to buy another console again. Ball’s in your court, Nintendo.
  5. The Hobbit movies obliterated any hype I have about this franchise, I will not care until it’s released and confirmed good.
  6. Pretty sure you can get the new ships early at Barnes and Noble
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