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  1. This is unrelated, but I really fucking hate that “retarded” is trickling back into the casual lexicon.
  2. I wonder if Amazon has a sense that a non trivial part of the original movies’ enduring popularity is the emphasis on relationships, kindness, handsome dudes, etc. Jackson seemed to whiff on that a bit with The Hobbit movies tripling down on battles and CGI porn.
  3. I mean this with kindness because I’m talking about my people, but this is a WILDLY “always online” perspective. Ridiculously so.
  4. He came up to me to tell the story with tears in his eyes and called me sir, how dare you.
  5. Anything that even sorta implies that Thanos might have had a good point is probably not a direction the MCU wants to head down.
  6. Nintendo has only really cared about making Nintendo adapters since the GameCube days and other than the stumble that was the Wii U this has worked out remarkably well for them. I’m not saying that literally nobody will not get a Switch or Switch 2 because they bought a Steam Deck instead, they’re just wildly different markets. Roblox Corp is worth almost as much as Nintendo. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Animal Crossing sold 10M more copies than BotW. They’re in the same space, they just don’t care, and they shouldn’t.
  7. I’ve largely finished the Hoth units (Rebel Vets, Tauntauns, and the big shooty canons) I started ages ago. I should make my own damn thread once I finish.
  8. Nintendo does not give a fuck about Steam deck and those platforms are not going to compete in a meaningful way.
  9. Honestly cannot remember the last time I used in game PC chat instead of private Discord channels.
  10. With Overwatch, Call of Duty, Halo, and Gears, Xbox has become THE premier place to be called the n word over voice chat.
  11. Bold moves for a self styled feminist to assume Gadot thought he was threatening her because English isn't her first language. If you're gonna swing might as well go for the fences I guess. EDIT - Also a big set of nuts on Whedon to have the audacity to ask “who does that” about threatening women. Read some industry news you dunce.
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