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  1. If he had stayed on the sidelines and let the fandom do what fandom does, the SURE he would be blameless. Once he became the "Leader" of the movement and did little to nothing to calm THAT part of his fanbase down... the same part that was largely responsible for getting the Snyder cut released, then he owns it. Personally, I don't give a shit because I have ZERO problems seperating an artists work from them as people... I STILL think Mel Gibson is a great director and Breaking Bad is my favorite show of all time but I can acknowledge it's problematic racial and mysoginst underton
  2. Shadow of War wasn't ruined at all and it wasn't a live service game. It had an assymetrical multplayer component that was actually fun if you played it similar to Metal Gear 5's online. The micro transactions "controversy" in that game was INCREDIBLY overblown.
  3. I said he's deliberately minimizing how toxic his fanbase is and when someone says that something "Is bullshit" (the direct quote in the article YOU linked to) it would imply to me that don't see a problem "at all" or at least don't see a very SERIOUS problem. And I'm skipping the Rick and Morty comparison because I honestly don't know enough about the show, Dan Harmon OR his fans to gauge whether or not the example has ANYTHING to do with what we're talking about here. Snyder knows that there's a percentage of his fans that are assholes... a very VOCAL percentage ( I have no idea
  4. You said you read the article... did you read the part we're they state that he became the leader of the #releasethe cut movment or the part we're the film critic said that his fans are the most toxic she's encountered INCLUDING fans of The Joker? I posted the relevant quotes a few posts back. And once you become the head of a movement you own it. As I said, had he actively worked to distance himself and his "movement" from the more toxic parts of his fanbase, nobody would have much to say about him. The fact that he's trying to have it both ways and minimize the more problematic contingent of
  5. If he was more vocal about his toxic fans, I could see the defense. But pretending like his fanbase isn't problematic at all is disengenious and reeks of Trumpism. Trump makes the same claims about his supporters too.
  6. If you think Snyders more toxic fans give a flying fuck about suicide prevention.
  7. I can't download the demo on Xbox right now... servers must be getting slammed. Gonna try on Playstation.
  8. Snyder may not be responsible for his fans views but he damn sure doesn't seem to have much problem with them... they helped get his Snyder Cut released after all. The Vanity Fair article that I posted in this topic (that of COURSE no one bothered to read even though it directly talks about this very subject) addresses this directly. There's not much distance between Snyder and his more toxic fans QUOTE: This seems to back up what @Komusha is saying Also Despite that, this is the only thing I've seem him say about his more tox
  9. Yes the ad free one IS 50 a year with the discount for the ad free version (which is ultmately what I got) I think what you're talking about is this Seems to just limit live content and to be a way to leverage the sports stuff.
  10. Demo up at noon today Here's everything you need to know about the Outriders demo WWW.WINDOWSCENTRAL.COM The Outriders demo is set to come out on Feb. 25, and there's a lot going on. Here's what to expect and how to download and start playing.
  11. Also with the amount of wind instruments they are using, the risk could still be significant even outside.
  12. I've actually heard the same thing... I remember an Italian American friend of mine saying how aggresive Italians were when she went to italy. Very handsy if I recall.
  13. How am I supposed to know that? That isn't even CLOSE to the craziest thing I've seen posted on these boards
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