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  1. Any statements from Jordan or Phil Jackson yet?
  2. Pretty sure most of us do whether we realize it or not. I've known several in my lifetime who were sexually assaulted and my friends wife runs the rape crisis center at a major hospital and regularly testifies in rape cases as an expert witness in court cases. I also know several women AND men who were molested as children and I myself served as an alternate juror in a rape case a couple of years ago (that fucker was guilty as shit and ended up pleading once the prosecution made its case). I PERSONALLY know of a popular actor who is on TV RIGHT NOW who has been accused of multiple sexual assaults but has so far managed to escape any real damage to his career. Maybe it's because of the shade of most his accusers? On the flip side, I know people who were PROVEN to be falsely accused of rape too. One was accused because his accuser didn't want to admit to her boyfriend that she cheated on him, another was because the girl got pregnant and when she had to tell her religious parents what happened, the first thing that flew out of her mouth was "I was raped." In both cases the accusers recanted the stories before anything went too far. In the FIRST case it was the cops who were investigating the story who figured it out and exonerated the dude who was TERRIFIED and was also, very young at the time. Rape cases almost always boil down to "he said, she said" at the end of the day and often the only evidence is "These two had sex" unless there's other circumstances like a stranger rape or drugs like in Cosby's case. That doesn't mean that cases that don't involve overt violence or drugs aren't valid or aren't "real" rape, it just means the evidence in those cases isn't as cut and dried and some of the armchair sleuths here are trying to present.While I believe that every allegation of sexual assault should be taken seriously and investigated and that potential victims should be treated with care and sensitivity, given this country's track record with criminal justice particularly with cases of men from certain backgrounds being killed and lynched by vigilante mobs at the mere accusation of LOOKING at certain women the wrong way, forgive me if I at least try to keep an open mind and deal with each accusation on their merits rather than blanketly assume that EVERY man accused of rape is guilty. There was "evidence" in the central park five case too and look how THAT turned out. Anyway, this thread has turned EXACTLY into what I hoped it wouldn't and I regret my part in it. If anyone feels like locking it and starting another one feel free. I'm sorry for the losses of everyone involved in the crash yesterday. It was a tragic event and while this rape conversation is a good one to have and was probably inevitable, the way it was entered into was what rubbed me the wrong way. The body wasn't even COLD yet and folks were already throwing zingers trying to outdo each other with the clever quips and gallows humor before folks even had a chance to process what the fuck happened and even get an accurate body count and figure out WHO exactly died. There's a time a place for everything and personally, I didn't think minutes after someone died was the time or place especially when the only purpose of starting the conversation is a lame attempt at humor or to further prove one's moral superiority to everyone else. Just my two cents.. . Carry on. Oh and BTW respond to this post if you like, I won't be responding back about anything regarding Kobe's rape case. @SFLUFAN thanks for the clarification about the helicopter stuff, I was just talking to a friend of mine who flew into LAX yesterday shortly after the accident and she said it was VERY foggy yesterday morning. How common are these types of crashes with choppers or did Pilot just completely fuck up? Will the families of some type of case
  3. Which is ironic considering a couple of pages back he said he wasn't a Journalist so he shouldn't be held to journalistic standards... then he cites several Journalistic outfits to justify what he did. WTF?
  4. The first two episodes are the best so far but the show is definitely good and is holding my interest. Now I want to read the book.
  5. Working on the backlog, currently playing Dead Rising 4 and Uncharted 4 with a little Farpoint and KOTOR 2 thrown in.
  6. So this is pilot error? How does a pilot fly into the side of a mountain going that fast?
  7. I didn't want to give that thread of this conversation anymore life than it already has been given but, Well said
  8. Harrison Ford crashed a plane in Santa Monica awhile back and walked away from it. He was lucky as hell.
  9. Sounds like she said "Nakers"... like Knicks and Lakers combined. Nothing to see here, move on.
  10. Dude kinda looks like Rick Fox... maybe that's where the Fox rumors came from? EDIT: I just read the part about his wife and daughter being on board... so fuckin' sad.
  11. I was just telling a buddy of mine that the older we get the more and more celebrities of "our" generation are going to start dying and it's going to affect us differently than previous celebrity deaths. Sure we had Prince and Micheal Jackson, but that was more my parents generation... I think my mom and Micheal were the same age. I think these types of events just remind us of our own mortality as we get older.
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