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  1. People are sleeping on Apple TV but they are really proving to be quality over quantity at the moment.
  2. So I have a doozy of a story for you guys... remember when I said my friend helped me get a PS5 for my nephew when she found them in stock at BJ's and bought one for her son? Well her son refuses to play it because she won't put it in his room. The kid is kind of a shut in and spends every waking moment in his room playing videogames. She bought the PS5 as an enticement to get him to come out of his room and at least be present with the rest of the family so she hooked it up in their living room. The TV in the living room is a 4K Sony and is at least 65'. They also have an impressive surround sound system with ceiling speakers. The kid refuses to touch the PS5 unless they put it in his room so he can play it on his tiny assed 34' TV. She won't do it because one, if it goes in his room the rest of the family won't get to enjoy it and two, she will never see him again. I told her to stick to her guns and even go as far as to unhook the PS5 and tell him that since he didn't want it, she sold it on Ebay. BTW he only plays 3 games she said, Fortnite, Destiny and Overwatch.
  3. The deck will technically be able to play all nof the first party games from the big three
  4. 6 was the one with Chris punching the bolder? Yeah I enjoyed that one too... 5 was the co-op one right? I know I played and beat both on Gamefly rentals and I didn't hate either as much as this one At least those games knew what they were. I didn't play this game at launch and didn't pay much attention to it because I KNEW I wasn't gonna get it until a price drop but I heard such good things about it that I figured it was an improvement on RE7. NOPE. It was a big step backwards in my opinion.
  5. I thought the Wii U "failed" because of confusing marketing and people not knowing what the fuck it actually was. Like the same folks who bought a Wii thought the Wii U was just an add on for the Wii and not an actual whole new system.
  6. Dude... it's been a fucking CHORE playing this game. I'm still scratching my head. Everything just feels so sluggish and non responsive... I even went in and tweaked the setiings a bit and the aim speed feels a little better but the overall movement of the character just feels like shit. You know what it feels like? It feels like a First person shooter from the early 2000's. That's what it feels like. Like they tried to marry RE4 with RE7 and didn't really understand how to do so without making a subpar action game. It's crazy to me. If I would have spent full price on this I would have REALLY been pissed. As it is, the 19.99 I did spend on it felt like too much Ok rant over. Once I beat this boss, If I ever do, I'll delete the game from my harddrive and never look back. The sad thing is because everyone fawned over this game so much, it ain't gonna get better in the future so we're pretty much stuck with this out side of the remakes and remasters. I'm just waiting for a Code Veronica remake and I'll probably be done with this series to be honest.
  7. Both of my sisters have Nintendo Switches in their households, one has two. I don't see that happening for Steam Deck and a LARGE part of Switches install base is the so called "Casual Gamer". Those folks aren't gonna flock to the Deck.
  8. When Batman first appeared in the 30's, he definitely killed. The modern Batman doesn't and it's become an integral part of his character for the last 50 or so years. He doesn't kill and he doesn't use guns. In the movies it's different because I'm pretty sure Batman has killed in pretty much every live action film he's been in in the last 30 years.
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