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  1. I actually had this very discussion with a friend last week. I argued that the reason why progressives lose is because they let the other side define the argument and react to that rather than defining the argument themselves and pushing back against false narratives. I don't understand why but that's what they do. You really have to start asking if Dems are being deliberately complicit at this point.
  2. I remember that... talk about a quarter muncher! I believe it was 50 cents to a dollar to play too! The Terminator 2 Pinball machine was pretty dope too.
  3. Lol I'd take this test in a fucking heartbeat.
  4. I remember having fun with the movie tie-ins like Wanted and The Bourne Consipiracy. This Terminator game looks like Call of Duty with a Terminator skin and that could be fun for a bit.
  5. Rudy was three sheets to the wind before he even came on air. He CAME OUT like that. He got more to Cuomo than Cuomo did to him. This is how the interview ended Cuomo "Good night" Rudy "Well, you SHOULDN'T have a good night."
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