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  1. I heard about this... didn't realize it was a Republican county
  2. skillzdadirecta

    General Gaming The Game Awards nominations are out

    Spiderman is probably my GOTY too.
  3. skillzdadirecta

    Cops Shoot Black Security Guard...

    who had already detained a gunman
  4. You don't have to drive to them in the city... their like on almost every corner in big cities. In my building we have an outgoing mail slot where you drop mail that you want to send. Most buildings have this.
  5. Pretty sure Bolton is behind this. Also this part jumped out to me So Kelly maybe gone soon too?
  6. Where? I'm not saying that it doesn't happen but mail theft, at least in my building is virtually unheard of. Now laundry theft is a different matter. That's funny because I could literally say the same thing about those mail boxes that sit out in front of the house that you raise the little arm up to indicate mail is there. I know they exist for real but I've rarely seen them in real life.
  7. Na I was legit curious about this as myself and most people I know have secured mail in boxes. I guess... someone would have to be really bold/desperate to try and crack the locks to our mailboxes in the lobby of our building when people are constantly coming in and out and there are you know, cameras
  8. Holy shit, whether I was or wasn't isn't the point. I was asking why would someone who DOES have a locked mailbox need to do this and how would they be vulnerable to scammers stealing credit cards from mailboxes. I was legit curious if I was missing something, not trying to turn this into some kinda weird culture war. Jesus...
  9. I wasnt getting at anything... I was asking a legit question for god's sake. Forget it. Good point. I usually have the manager of my building put packages in my apartment when I'm not there. I guess it can't hurt to sign up for this.
  10. Sure in rural areas I guess... most people in apartment buildings have locked mail boxes and homeowners have mail slots where the mail is dropped directly into their houses. So these folks have nothing to worry about from these scammers? That's my question.
  11. How would scammers get your mail from a locked mail box?
  12. skillzdadirecta

    Television Axios on HBO

    Anyone watch this? Not as good as The Circus on Showtime but pretty good. These guys interviewed Trump and I'm never ceased to be amazed by how clueless he is. Here's a piece