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  1. My contract for a project I was working on included language based on existing means of delivering and exhibiting films and future means as well. Any smart lawyer will at least TRY to include that language. Sometimes it gets negotiated out... everyone is aware of how quickly things are changing and that contracts need to take that shit into account.
  2. I'm sure it's a valid case and Disney will surely settle. Feige is supposedly pissed at this strategy too. Same thing is gonna happen here I'm sure. She's saying 50 million in lost revenue? She'll probably get more than half that in a settlement.
  3. So enough Republicans agreed to the bill to get it signed and SHE is the holdout?! PRIMARY HER ASS.
  4. Here's another one everyone forgot about This game is so forgetable that I forgot I actually own it and never bothered to even play it
  5. My XPS 17 arrives next week and I'm looking forward to having the wider screen for video editing. The 15 inch screen was fine and I used it for a year and half exclusively because I was away from my desktop (I use an ultrawide monitor with my mac pro desktop) but things DID get cramped on that screen especially when I used Premiere. Not sure what I'm going to do with mmy XPS 15 just yet... I may give it to a relative or just keep it.
  6. No idea... I would think the ID you use for Itunes aould be the same as your Apple ID right? Try entering that info in. My old Itunes account IS my Apple ID as all of my purchases through Itunes from back in the day are still one there. Apparently I bought episodes of Heroes, 24, Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Terminator the Sarah Conner Chronicles.
  7. It definitely stacks. My free 12 months, which they actually extended to 18months just ended and I got the free six months. I was billed last week for the first time since signing up for it when it launched. Won't be billed again until the end of the year.
  8. Just download the App on your PS5 and sign up or login with your existing Apple I.D. I highly recommend it. Apple seems to really be stressing quality over quantity with their shows (Most I've seen are VERY well produced and well made even the ones I didn't like in particular) and there are some gems there.
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