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  1. Also known as "A bust out"... Watch Goodfellas or The Sopranos to see how the mob would do this all the time.
  2. I've been saying this FOREVER. Trump has been laundering money for the Russian mob for decades and no that is not a baseless conspiracy theory.
  3. Well if they're continuing to talk to you and engaged in the conversation, it's probably a good sign. I mean no one can read minds, but you can definitely determine if there's chemistry or not there fairly early. Do you have a lot of female friends? They're invaluable sources of info But to your original question, from what I've seen with my friends, online dating is a perfectly viable way to meet people ESPECIALLY if you don't have a lot of time, are in an area where meeting people is tough, or are shy. The reputable ones are NOT scams.
  4. I just finished it. what I did NOT see coming I had a lot of fun with the game and I'm excited about a where a sequel could go and would LOVE to spend more time with these characters. Game could use some polish and would definitely benefit from a jump to the next gen but a great first effort. I'd give it an 8, 8.5 here's some things I think I want to see in the sequel MULTIPLE CHARACTERS... I would have love to play as some of the other crew members of the Mantis. Each character could have a different play style that tackled different levels. BETTER and more BOSSES... Boss encounters in this were kinda hit and miss. Some were good, some not so good. They can improve here. BETTER OVERALL polish... That speaks for itself. Great game and a great story that adds to the Star Wars canon. Now I'm gonna go play the two Force Unleashed games lol.
  5. They would have to SEVERELY compromise Batman OR level this Joker up BIG TIME. If they do a sequel, they'd be better off leaving Batman out of it although I don't really see how you do that. @johnny's idea about this Joker in Arkham isn't a bad idea... you could do other more grounded versions of classic Batman villains too. Again, you eventually run into the problem of pretending Batman doesn't exist in this world because you've already set up his origin in the first movie. A sequel is coming but it's probably not a good idea to be honest unless Phillips has a really good idea. Which I kinda doubt. One thing they could do but would never do is make Bruce Wayne crazy too and he goes to Arkham as well as an inmate and becomes a "rival" to The Joker. I doubt they have the balls to do that though.
  6. I was being hyperbolic when I used this metaphor in comparison to online dating, but when it comes to Death Stranding? I can't THINK of a more appropriate response.
  7. I realize this is an attempt at a joke but for the LIFE of me... I'm not getting it.
  8. I thought that's the one you were talking about. Great movie but I don't remember that being in it. EDIT: Just watched the end of that... not in there.
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