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  1. The Amazon delivery man who stole the PS5 he was supposed to deliver is fired, recorded by a security camera NINTENDOSMASH.COM Amazon fires the delivery man who stole the PS5 he was supposed to deliver… and was recorded by a security camera. The family received a refund, but not a replacement. No consoles left! The launch of PlayStation 5 is causing many unwanted problems. Demand has clearly exceeded supply, and all available console units have been …
  2. After doing so well during the quarantine with my parents, my mother has abruptly decided to not only have my neices and nephews (all teenagers) over for dinner tonight, she's letting them spend the night. I am so livid right now I don't know what to do. I've been staying with them pretty much this whole pandemic due to me working here on the East Coast and they decide to NOW risk all of us for reasons I can't quite comprehend. To make matters worse, my oldest niece has been hangiong with her boyfriend (not quarantining) and their mother has been traipsing all over the place not quarantining s
  3. It's probably fine but better safe than sorry. Some of the issues I'v heard stem from leaving the system in rest mode or having an external HD hooked up. I'm doing neither for now.
  4. Right... the issue is not limited to one particular game. Hopefully they get it ironed out. I played Miles tonight for an hour or two with no issues. When i finished there was another system update ready apparently. I shut the system down once the update was done... I am NOT comfortable leaving this system in rest mode.
  5. The external HDD things has happened with other games too. Can you even play MM of a non-ssd external HD?
  6. I didn't have to reboot in safe mode, but it was a very hard crash. The system rebooted itself to be honest. Let it download all of teh updates it needed to and haven't tried to play the game again since. I'm honestly a little afraid. I don't think its happening exclusively with Miles Morales though... I think that;s just one of the games most people happen to be playing. I don't think any of the issues are peculiar to one game in particular.
  7. I had a scary crash playing Miles Morales earlier tonight... froze the whole system. I think it was because it was downloading an update while I was playing. I turned it off after that. Gonna try and play again later.
  8. yeah that's pretty bad... it doesn't sound mechanical either which is weird. Is it coming from the PS5 itself or from your sound system?
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