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  1. Think about this... for what MS just paid for Zenimax, Disney bought both Marvel AND Lucasfilm. Good deal?
  2. I plan on replaying both games sometime soon. I had a blast with the second game... actually enjoyed more than the first.
  3. I got a disc PS5 and a Series X. I'll continue to work on the backlog. Do we know what games will be getting upgraded this fall?
  4. Don't know if this has been mentioned but both DLC expansions for Destiny 2 are now on Gamepass... so glad I didn't buy them a month or two ago.
  5. MS seems to be following Netflix' business model is all I'm saying and folks STILL don't think Netflix has turned a profit. Uber didn't for awhile either. This MAY be the strategy MS is follwoing with thir Xbox brand which is less risky for them than these other two companies because they are extremely profitable in other areas of of their business. Unlike Sony.
  6. Also known as "The Netflix approach"... whatever they do, it will be to benefit their brand. Like timed exclusives on Xbox and PC on gamepass and POSSIBLY going multiplat in the futre. OR they could just freeze Sony out and just do Xbox, PC and Nintendo... plenty of strategies here that would make sense that don't inlcude "throwing a bone to your bitterest rival."
  7. Keep clicking it... that's how I got my PS5 from them last week.
  8. Same. I was getting it for my parent's house.
  9. Not for me... tried them several times. Get to the review order page and everything goes wonky.
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