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  1. Are you talking about Mute? That was him, right? I always suspected he was overrated... I wasn't as big on Moon as everyone else.
  2. skillzdadirecta

    Television Batwoman Series In the Works at CW

    Yeah, I'm curious how Supergirl fits as well... unless it takes place on her Earth where it's been implied that Batman exists. Lol, I just got that reference.
  3. skillzdadirecta

    Television Batwoman Series In the Works at CW

    https://deadline.com/2018/07/batwoman-tv-series-i-the-cw-lesbian-superhero-lead-caroline-dries-greg-berlanti-1202427678/ I know the big CW show crossover this winter will involve Batwoman.
  4. Why do people keep acting like Bernie Sanders just popped up out of nowhere? He's been in the Senate since the 90's... and he y'know, lost. To the worst Presidential candidate in history apparently. THAT is the definition of success?
  5. At least Obama had the balls to look Putin in the face and tell him to "cut it out"... also fuck McConnell. He refused to sign the joint statement the Obama administration wanted to put our denouncing Russian interference... dude is a HUGE piece of shit.
  6. Especially when she and Bernie agreed on 97% of the issues or something like that.
  7. I'm not saying Obama was perfect. I'm saying that blaming him for Trump when he left the country in far better shape than he found it despite constant Republican opposition and unprecedented levels of disrespect and undermining. Thinking that the first black President in this country could follow a Progressive agenda without being accused by the Right of being a Socialist who wants to take guns and food from white people and give them to minorities displays an incredible lack of understanding about how racial politics work in this country. Trump won because White America panicked and thought the country was changing too fast and they would lose their privaledged position. That's why Trump won. Only another White man, MAYBE could have beaten him and no I don't count Bernie. Ultimately you know who is responsible for Trump? The American Electorate.
  8. Obama is responsible for Trump the same way he's the most divisive President in history... he EXISTED.
  9. That's my point... they've deliberately mislead their supporters for their own shortsighted benefit.
  10. Which makes them even stupider if not moreso. My point was less about and understanding of digital Technology and more about willful ignorance.
  11. These people don't believe global warming is a thing... do you really think they would understand server and computer Technology? Again conservatives and the Republican establishment have done this country a huge disservice playing to the ignorance of their voters for 30 years and it blew up in their faces with the election of Trump. We just have to hope there's enough people with sense left in this country to get us back on track... I have my doubts.