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  1. Wait, what? Hey may not be so bad after all Kidding!
  2. Probably by selling our Data like everyone else
  3. I believe this is how it's handled in origins. Interesting that they took it out for Odyssey. Glad they put it back before I started playing. About to beat the Pharoah's DLC.
  4. I can't wait to replay it at some point. Great game and I didn't do nearly as much side stuff or exploring because I was so engrossed in the story. Plus I didn't crash nearly as much as folks on the boards were complaining about. When you DO crash though it comes at inopportune moments
  5. How is Fire and Blood? I love the World and Lore of GOT but not enough to reread the books. I WILL start rewatching the show in anticipation of the final season thought. As far as the sec goes, a lot of it was over the top but Spartacus was on around the same time and GOT had NOTHING on that show
  6. skillzdadirecta

    Mueller Season 3: The End Game

    That is the very definition of "The Useful Idiot", a role Trump fits PERFECTLY. He's no doubt compromised, probably financially through his dealings with Russians starting in the early 2000's until recently.
  7. It's like they got permanently stuck in the "college dorm room" phase of their political evolution and never outgrew it. Reality is hitting them hard in the face yet they still cling on...
  8. Yeah but the combative NY/NJ Dickhead in ME shouldn't be so sensitive LA has made me soft