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  1. So their death toll numbers are actually WORSE. This is what it's about for him... added to the fact that he hasn't been able to do his ego stroking rallies and these ratings numbers are like cocaine to him.
  2. Yeah I got that letter two weeks ago. I'm working at ABC NEWS and I'd argue that your job is more essential than mine at this point.
  3. On the bright side, The HBO miniseries about this is gonna be AWESOME.
  4. And yet they're trying to blame Florida's cases on NYC smdh.
  5. It was a great show but It was clearly expensive to produce and given the current world situation, I understand why it was cancelled from a logistic standpoint.
  6. Not the point... They're not saying they aren't giving refunds right now. They're saying they aren't giving refunds PERIOD. My point about the real estate ownership is that NYU is VERY wealthy and can afford to partially refund some of these students fees. I saw this last night. The 1918 Flu stuff is very interesting.
  7. Here is the article I got the Tweet from which further explains what the students are talking about... which I thought would be self evident since most of us here went to college and paid a lot of these fees https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/nyu-tischs-students-want-tuition-fee-back-amid-coronavirus-shutdown-dean-responds-with-dance-video/2346626/?fbclid=IwAR1ApQDr4uKIYxE-WGswQhTa_fKqdHUzIo-AuLLTY4pfKXjPUn21dHFDe14 So there you go. BTW NYU is one of the largest owners of Real Estate in Manhattan... they can easily afford to refund some of these kids' money.
  8. Well that's what the kids in that article are talking about so... and BTW it's not just that school. Another friend told me his son's school isn't giving refunds for his room and board even though they sent the kid home. THAT'S what people are talking about here and it's going to be an issue for these schools moving forward.
  9. No you don't. You pay for equipment fees and first year students are required to play for a meal plan that they ARE NOT USING. I know this because my niece is in her first year of school and I am helping to pay her tuition. I don't know where you went to school or what you went to school for, but online classes at NYU for the arts are not the same as taking in person classes and it isn't the same value. The only reason I went to film school was for access to equipment I wouldn't have had access to otherwise. That's it. Nowadays for film students at least, the cost barrier for equipment isn't as prohibitive as it was when I was in school so buying a camera and learning on your own may make more sense than going to a four year college, but paying for college involves a lot more than simply "paying for instruction" especially for first years students and some of those fees and costs should be refunded if students are forced to take online courses.
  10. When Students at NYU TIsch sent an email to their Dean asking for some of their money back because they had to take online classes and that's not what they paid for, she replied with this:
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