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  1. I used a shotgun for a lot if the game and didn't have a problem. as long as you dont let yourself get flanked, the game is kinda easy so far.
  2. People were actually making that argument, yes. Suicide Squad in particular.
  3. Nice! Curious to see what they do with this film and the character.
  4. I think the point of the list is that while most people already wrote the WB/DCEU off, it really isn't in as bad shape as the internet would have you believe. There is a slight element of DC fanboyism in the article, but outside of Justice League, has the WB had what would be considered an outright flop yet? Was Justice League technically a flop financially? If Shazam is a hit, then DC may be back in business.
  5. No they aren't but WHAT he's describing isn't the origin of those characters... it's their arcs in those particular films. In Thor's case it isn't even accurate because Thor does not "become a leader" at the end of the first movie. He learns humility, becomes worthy to lift his hammer again and becomes a hero in the true sense of the word. T'challa learns to become a better ruler by acknowledging the mistakes of the past and forging ahead on his own path. The true origin story in Black Panther is Killmonger's which is why he's often cited as one of the Marvel U's more stand out villains. But again, I'm not gonna derail the thread anymore... any superhero movie that features a single character for the first time falls under the dayonepatch movie board's definition of an origin story so I'll just go with that moving forward
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