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  1. I noticed when I was playing last night that I came across a lot more "fallen scouts" dead bodies of other players. When you scanned them you were either given the opportunity to avenger them, scavenge them or they would come to life and attack you. That's pretty cool. I don't have a lot of friends on PSN so add me if you want to be avenged skillzdadirecta.
  2. I downloaded the patch and have been playing with no issues so far... fingers crossed.
  3. Oh damn I lost 70 hours with that Dragon's Dogma bug. Too bad I loved the game so much that I put another 70 hours into it.
  4. On a seperate note, can someone explain to me what the doot response is and what its for?
  5. I had that glitch too over the weekend. I've gotten the not being able to interact glitch a bunch of times too.
  6. If conservatives got rid of the white supremacist elements that dominate their party they would make headway with A LOT of minority groups including blacks, hispanics and muslims, all groups they tend to be socially conservative because of their religious beliefs. However, Black people are not stupid. Tim Scott may peel off a few black votes but Black voters have been the most reliable constituiency the Dems have. There have been black conservatives in this country as long as there has been a country... most black folks ain't falling for that bullshit. Most that aren't named Tim Scott that is.
  7. Oh he would get SHREEDED by Black women in the Democratic party. I'm not worried about him at ALL. White Dems may not know how to deal with him but most black folk have been dealing with... people like him our whole lives. I'm not worried about Tim at ALL. Besides, he wouldn't make it out of Republikkkan Primary... especially THIS Republikklan party.
  8. Yes and they should be ashmed also that they took the bait an fell for the G.O.P.'s trap when they trotted Tim Scott in the first place.
  9. Anyone who denies the fact that this country has racism built into its DNA is being intellectually dishonest or is a fucking idiot. I mean we're in a thread literally called "Systemic Racism". What system are we talking about?
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