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  1. Between 30 and 50... depending on what kind of notes I get. Anything over 50 is time and a half my rate.
  2. Chernobyl is very good... Barry? I've heard good things but I just don't have any interest in that show for some reason.
  3. Sometimes I do work from home. Gig I'm on now, I'm doing primarily from home... I go into the office once a week to work with the client. Been doing a lot of E-sports work in the last year.
  4. I got laid off from my last staff gig going on four years ago. I've been a freelancer/independent contractor ever since. I split my time between New York and LA primarily for editorial work but I've been thinking about adding Atlanta to the mix.
  5. Again, when he has he been shown to see the future? I remember when he was talking to Sam he said he could see what has happened and what is happening now. I don't remember him ever saying he could see what WOULD happen. Jojen could see the future to a degree but only his own if I interpreted it correctly. The Red Woman could KINDA see the future but not clearly.
  6. That's pretty much how I looked at it. Like he can see what happened in the past and in some cases the present, but he has to know what he's looking for. Like he didn't know about Lyanna and Rhaegar getting married until Sam told him and he actively sought that moment in history out. As far as seeing what's happening in the Present, he seems to need something to Warg into, like a flock of Ravens, in order to witness events that are happening in real time. I don't get the sense that he is omnipotent.
  7. Is it certain that Bran could see the future? Has that been established? I thought the line where he said "why do you think I came all this way" was just a cryptic joke. Have we ever seen any instances of him predicting the future?
  8. I thought 10 seasons was a bit much too... now I see that the show could have EASILY sustained 10 seasons. Like I said earlier, these last two shortened seasons could have been extended to three full seasons easily. That said, they they about as well a job as they could have with the mount of episodes they had left, but some of the beats would have had more resonance if they were allowed to develop a little longer... particularly Dany and Jon's love affair which NOBODY really bought because it just didn't have the same time to develop like Jamie and Breanne's.
  9. They weren't... they were driven back I believe. But it was so long ago that most people in Westeros thought it never happened and was just a made up story yet they STILL manned the Wall. Now, knowing that the threat of the WW's was real, I would think that for the sake of they would keep manning that wall just in case.
  10. The White Walkers were defeated before... there's no guarantee they don't come back. At least as far as anyone in Westeros knows. Yeah these last two seasons were definitely rushed, no doubt about that and it's apparent now that everything is said and done. Two full seasons for these last two and maybe one more could have sufficed. HBO wanted ten seasons and that may be have been the right number.
  11. After finding out that all the stuff they that the Night's Watch was created to guard against that was long thought to be the stuff of legend and and myth was actually REAL and the Night's Watch actually serves a purpose, I would think that not only it still exists but would be reinvigorated with support from the remaining six + one Kingdoms. It would literally be like disbanding the fire department after a huge fire and saying "well that's that... they served THEIR purpose!" Not only would I think the Night's Watch would still exist, but every one would be working double time to fix that huge hole in the Wall.
  12. Westeros got some bottled water at the end there. https://www.theverge.com/2019/5/20/18632198/game-of-thrones-season-8-finale-the-iron-throne-water-bottle-coffee-cup-sam-tarly
  13. Yeah all the beats were right... everything was just rushed. We should have gotten two full seasons to spread things out... One dealing with the Night King and the Lats dealing with Cersei and Dany.
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