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  1. I can see some of my family turning from the GOP as this shit show unfolds.
  2. Senate : Alright everybody I gotta run to the store to get cigarettes US People: But you dont smoke Front door slams
  3. Incoming Fox news about the terror of Socialism and the Government buying drugs for addicts.
  4. https://toofab.com/2020/03/26/virginia-pastor-who-posted-about-coronavirus-being-mass-hysteria-dies-of-virus/
  5. Not sure how well that will work considering the reason and the circumstances That covers issues caused by damage not because your renters arent paying the bills.
  6. Its likely less then 10% , so @sblfilms was pretty lenient with his numbers. Your problem is your looking at pure money and forget that its not just 40k but 40k plus the mortgage on a 32 apartment complex. When it gets paid off , then you get that big money but thats not a short term.
  7. So it looks like earlier this week I came into contact with someone who had enough symptoms to be tested and they shut the site down. I will know if that person tested positive for it next week.Until then I am quarantined at home. On a really scary side note I was only informed of this information by accident, it appears that the person with the symptoms company was trying to keep it under wraps.
  8. So a one time payment to cover a year or more long issues seems completely rational.
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