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  1. More launchers means dealing with shitty storefronts and the bad return policy that comes with them. Multiple friends lists with multiple achievements ( for those that care ) list become a hassle to deal with. Steam makes every other store front look 3rd rate at best.
  2. Sounds like new guns come with “timed” assignments , not looking good. The spot bug may also not be fixed until January. i have deleted the game until they fix the bug and do some balance patches.
  3. SimpleG

    Movies Marvel fast-tracking Shang-Chi movie

    An Asian character that uses martial arts feels lazy. Silhouette could be interesting or Jolt could be good to.
  4. Agreed I didnt see a nerf in regards to the SMLE in your link
  5. Sounds like its not https://www.cbr.com/netflixs-canceled-marvel-shows-disney-plus/
  6. It meets the definition of "Milk", so no issue with it on my end.
  7. I dont think there should be a limit, vehicles need to be hard to take down but they should have a minimum 3 man crew required to drive ,repair,shoot.
  8. SimpleG

    General Gaming Cloud gaming console

    $35 a month plus at least a 50MB connection just to do "4k" thats overly compressed,data caps for some could be an issue,lag,MP games will never happen,someone else in the house decided to watch Netflix and there goes "4K" not to mention you are remotely logging into a PC and supplying that PC with your Steam,Uplay, whatever with your credentials. This shit needs to die. Or just take the money you save on a slower connection and with $35 you would spend a month and buy a damn console.
  9. The bombers are currently over powered. A single bomber pilot can swap seat to the rear gun and it out guns the planes, swap to the front, repair and repeat with bombs until the match is over.
  10. They do, the fourth season had been pitched to Netflix and they declined. Viewership is down, I think this just case of Netflix moving on.
  11. Sounds like your photo's do a damn fine job of capturing your family essence. Embrace it and enjoy.