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  1. https://www.geek.com/television/amazons-new-invincible-animated-superhero-show-has-a-cool-cast-1772705/
  2. Remember Tyrion’s blonde hair ? maybe it’s a metaphor for breaking away from the Lanistors.
  3. Charges made public against Assange indicate that federal prosecutors sought to question her over online discussions in which Assange allegedly aided her in attempting to crack a password that would provide access to Defense Department network used to store classified documents and communications. While Manning already had access to the network, known as SIPRNet, the password would have enabled her to download additional material under a username that was not her own. https://gizmodo.com/assange-charges-finally-reveal-why-chelsea-manning-is-s-1833972958
  4. Per the charges he attempted to help manning "hack" information from the US government and being a citizen has no bearing on anything.
  5. Agreed I can’t say I’ve heard her speak or really know much about her , is English her first language?
  6. My 2 cents Her speech doesn’t feel like it’s down playing 9/11. It makes mention of it and moves on . Just saying “9/11” is enough, we all know what it is and what she means. It feels like people want Muslims to apologize to the US every time it comes up. I do disagree with her though . Just because she has risen up as an Islamic women doesn’t mean it Islam can’t be oppressive to women.
  7. Gotta disagree with you here Dice sucks with the frsotbite engine as well. The engine needs to die.
  8. I think most everyone knows how I feel about guns and gun control. I dont see an issue with this.
  9. https://deadline.com/2019/03/childs-play-mark-hamill-tar-wars-joker-chucky-orion-1202585616/
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