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    General Gaming BEST OPEN WORLD DEV

    Bethesda Rockstar CDPR From
  2. I am squarely on the side of "nothing is sacred" when it comes to humor. I am also a believer in anything you say regardless of when,where or how is on you. Nothing Gunn tweeted offends me but I also dont find any of it funny either, it all reads like an some 15 yr old edgelord. Its no surprise Disney parted ways with him and if I was them I would have done the same. On a side note I always find it interesting of where something crosses the line for folks. Would people still hand wave away Gunns tweets if they were racist black jokes or jokes about the LGBT community?
  3. Watched this today at the ADH. The comedy bits were hit or miss , mostly miss for me. The shark CGI wasnt bad and the under water ship CGI was better then expected.The plot was handled well,less is more when it comes to the more "sciency" aspect. The gore for a PG13 was heavy, I assumed the film was an R just for that alone. 3/5 stars
  4. @Paperclyp I think your right regarding the his followers and the switch giveaways. His videos prior to the switch release were anywhere from 2k to 15k views. Where as the give away videos were upwards of 300k.
  5. California State University San Marcos California State University San Marcos Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Mass Communication/Media Studies 2015 – 2016 Studies on theoretical and practical frameworks for understanding media development, production, distribution, and its multiple social, political, cultural, and cognitive effects domestically and globally. Focusing on a wide range of traditional and alternative media including television, radio, recorded music, journalism, publishing, the world wide web, and new communication technologies within their cultural, social, historical, economic, global, and political contexts While its not strictly Journalistic training, one could assume it covers Journalistic integrity and plagiarism to some degree. The dudes just a lazy douche .
  6. https://www.pcgamer.com/bethesda-blocks-resale-of-second-hand-still-sealed-the-evil-within-2-copy/
  7. SimpleG

    PC YAKUZA 0 is now available on PC!

    I was able to run it at 4k with super sampling at 4x on Ultra and was getting high 40's mid 50's fps.
  8. SimpleG

    What do you hate about the people you work with?

    My boss does this.At least once a month its guaranteed he will call in on a Friday or Monday.
  9. Life safety for new construction Gay for Pay
  10. So I played some tonight after an update. They fixed my complaint about items early on, in fact its now the opposite,I quickly became super over powered. The bosses are now sponges though.
  11. I prefer T1 over T2. For me it does more with less. Small budget FX combined with no name actors and the barest of story of a future gone wrong makes a hell of a horror film that had you in awe of the killing machine and rooting for the hero out of time.The Terminator series unfortunately follows down the same path the Alien series does, the more you expound the back story the weaker the films become but I gotta give credit to JC. He was able to make 2 films that are equal but different to their predecessor without destroying them . I gotta agree with @SFLUFAN , the T-800 is way more terrifying then the T-1000 . In T1 Kyle is doing everything he can to keep Sara alive, he knows he is so out matched and out gunned and the audience feels that. Within the first 30 mins of T2 you see the T-800 go toe to toe with the T-1000 and hold his own, its obvious which is the "better" model but it removes a lot of the audiences fear. The biggest factor is Arnnie himself as most of the audiance realizes hes the hero and so there is no question if he can stop the T-1000 but only when. If T2 had been a horror film like T1 I have no doubt that it could have been some next level terror.
  12. I have played about 7-10 hours of this on steam. It’s pretty good, my only complaint is the weapons and upgrades are pretty limited in the beginning of each run. Other then that it looks good, controls well and runs good.
  13. SimpleG

    Movies Revisited: Man of Steel

    need that reloading sound effect Edit: Just noticed Henry grows a beard when he reloads the guns
  14. SimpleG

    Movies Revisited: Man of Steel

    I am on the same boat. I like the darker color palette choice for the film. People criticized the end fight scene destruction, not sure why considering we have seen Supes go 1v1 in metropolis before, the film showed the dark under belly of when this happens that the comics and cartoons dont. Zods death at Supermans hand was reasonable and realistic considering the situation , he knows no prison can hold him and he wont stop till Earth is his.