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  1. This kills me every time someone complains about this section of the movie. Its real simple , once Neo finishes the 11 herbs and spices , the 2 piece and biscuit is complete and it re enters the program thus starting the Matrix over.
  2. Pretty sure they are They were born in 978 and the series starts in 998
  3. This idea has been kicked around forever. Forcing someone to do something hardly falls under the "invisible hand". And good luck with forcing insurers to cover people.
  4. Regardless of how lawful they are , insurance co. will see people in those areas as a larger risk due to the increase in chance of firing the weapon.
  5. Water. I get more then enough protein from daily meals.
  6. Your issue is your in BL, people love to smurf there. If your looking more of a even fight play ranked. You will get some smurfs there but not like BL.
  7. Total games played is no indication of skill. A player with1k games but is bronze is likely to have reached their ceiling and would be a good match for other bronze players.
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