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  1. Cameron took a nightmarishly smart creature and dumbed it down to the level of a pack of wild dogs. Had the Colonial Marines fought a dozen of the aliens from Alien they would have been wiped out in a few hours. He knee capped a them for spectacle sake.
  2. My 2 cents Music The 60's are hard to top when it comes to music in general. Motown alone comes in stomps over everything , Country has Cline,Campbell ,Cash, and Jones in their prime.We also get to see the start of proto metal and more of the off the wall stuff like PF's Piper/Saucer and P funks start with Afro Futurism. Film Sci fi/Horror - the 70's/80's are tied, both era's made God tier films in the genres. TCSM,Alien,Jaws,Body Snatchers,Stalker,Blade Runner,The Thing,Terminator,They Live,Mad Max, Clockwork Orange,Predator,Dawn Of The Dead,The Shining Action/Adventure - I know people love the 80's when it comes to these films but I find so many are just brain dead dumb. The current era of John Wick films, Nolans Batman Trilogy,Mission Impossible films,Dredd,Fury Road have great action with good if not great stories.
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    The Official Thread of Existing While Black

  4. Xcom series 3 ft away,99% to hit,fires 5 rounds all miss Alien turns around 1 shot me
  5. Forgot to ask you, did you know this by heart or did you look it up?
  6. I never denied it happening just that it had nothing to with the MCU being what it is. We also tend to forget we are not your average consumers, we love this shit.
  7. But Captain Zeitgeist is positive this just pandering to the feminist nazi, surely your wrong and movie is will be a financial disaster
  8. I am sure the average joe remembers your lunch box from 30+ years, we are not the average population, we are tiny slice of people that enjoy that shit.
  9. 1st one is a great game , its on sale if anyone is looking to try it out. https://store.steampowered.com/app/262060/Darkest_Dungeon/
  10. Is this about your wierd ass post about Monica Rambeau? The 2 are unrelated and have absolutely nothing to do with each other None of that came around until after the MCU,you think was an Iron Man cereal that was blasting off the shelves before RDJ took the role, not a chance. Edit: Unlike the others are you fucking kidding me? Captain America the Nazi Doc Oc as Spider Man Spider Man clone wars 10 different version of the Hulk from brute to bouncer Marvel Comics is a shit show Prior to the film 99% of movie goers didnt know who they were. I do agree with you , Comic CM is wet card board but the MCU and the comics verge so dramatically your comparing apple to oranges.
  11. How do you know this have you seen end game and Captain Marvel? This means fuck all, before the MCU the average movie goer would maybe get lucky to name 2 Avengers much less GOTG and yet the movies make a metric fuckton of money. Once again this means fuck all, almost every major character has tanked and been rebooted ...... Spiderman,Thor,Hulk,The Avengers god only knows how many times, Lets not forget GOTG Starting from 2008 till now and some of those runs lasted less then 3 years before being rebooted,cast changes and major overhauls You just pulling this straight from your ass,see @TwinIon post before yours And? GOTG success proves that line of thinking is wrong
  12. Ath-m50x Phillips SHP9500’s but they are open back Grado Sr80e but they are open back as well
  13. Yup I prefer to no butter and no season other then salt. I also let them rest but not more then 1/3 to 1/4 total cooking time any more then that and the fat can start to stiffen up and carry over temp will over cook it. If its dry aged I dont rest it at all.
  14. I really like this game , I always assumed a game like this would be super cheap like 1/2 of there estimate to make.
  15. Decided to pick this up with Origin Premier The demo left a sour taste in my mouth due to the terrible frame issues on console. PC version is far and away the better version for me. Outdoors I am running between 70 and 90 fps and indoors about 100. The smoother fps made the game play feel better overall and visually the game looks very good. Ill play it for a month but the kill.loot.repeat doesnt do much for me and the enemy AI still seems to be brain dead. Yup, there is no challenge on normal or hard.