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  1. Its really mind boggling how far behind they are in that regard
  2. Not a tall hurdle to get over Not sure if they ever were able to get going right but both base consoles really struggled with it , like mid teens frame rates in areas.
  3. Between a 1060/1070 Yes Real gamers have the titty twist add on I would certainly hope so its considering the age of a 1060
  4. Our local BBQ joint said they have seen upwards of 250% increase in price.
  5. She the CEO of PR company , and it sounds like she has had a break down of some kind.
  6. 1:10 in the first link, that horse took a solid flying wolf kick that threw it like a good 5 feet.
  7. MAN VS EARTH by THE THIRD KIND Some knuckle dragging NYC hardcore/thrash. Doesnt reinvent the wheel but good none the less. Croatian band in the same vein as Mars Volta
  8. God this such a great movie "But I sell drugs in the community" and "Hush lil girls"
  9. She didnt need to pull the gun , but this video has been edited.
  10. I think it still rare enough if someone with her body type walked by most of us would be like While I love Abbys build it more then likely be closer to this or this Which is closer to Ellies build. I think I Abby built her body for revenge and it fits. I would guess that was intentional by the devs to show the lengths Abby will go to get what she wants
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