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  1. Melo black about WW1 9/10 The greatest neck in metal returns Raw romantic black
  2. Pretty sure its always been more expensive per month to go the 1,3,or 6 month route. Also in the future she can purchase the 1 year digitally from amazon.
  3. I posted this in the "what are you watching" thread but WB just released the entire Thundarr collection on Blu ray. I have been getting up on Saturday mornings with a bowl cereal to watch a few episodes. If you are interested you can watch a lot of these on youtube , sometimes full sets.
  4. Yup And weather it was intentional or not there is an element of "folk horror" in this series "At the core of all folk horror films is the fear of ignorance. Both the fear of individual ignorance to the ‘inside joke’ of the collective, as well as a fear that the collective are ignorant of their very actions. Appearing to operate through a higher power, or spirit, as opposed to moral reason." "Worse still, a group of people. Stood at a distance, staring. What do they know that you don’t? You’re not in on it. But they most definitely are. " Explor
  5. Of course, its just a matter of how uncomfortable are people willing to get. I am also not saying its the only reason you can dislike the series , for you it sounds like nothing really worked and thats perfectly acceptable.
  6. But what happens if some terrorist invade a Target trying to steal all the axe body wash
  7. I can totally understand that a lot of folks cant or wont deal with it but I do feel like its getting a lot of hate because it makes them uncomfortable.
  8. "Sony’s focus on exclusive blockbusters has come at the expense of niche teams and studios within the PlayStation organization, leading to high turnover and less choice for players" Not sure why readers could be confused Jason
  9. The creators had 2 options here when it came to the subject to matter, use a scalpel and let the audience minds create its own horror or use a sledgehammer to beat the audience with horror. They chose the latter and it works very well considering the subject at hand. It never feels unearned and it never feels exploitive.
  10. Fear Factory dropping what is probably their last album. Its catchy and feels like bubblegum metal but its not bad.
  11. Yes All the data goes through your ISP server, VPN just encrypts that data
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