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  1. Sounds like you play co op ? I can see it be being much more enjoyable that way.
  2. There is something very gratifying about falling into that world. I have close to 500+ hours in just vanilla
  3. Not sure if your a big fan of the previous games but the writing/story in this new DLC is pretty bottom of the barrel and if you havent played the Tales game your likely to enjoy it even less.
  4. GoW4 PC Xbox GP Ok so far, it runs and looks great, 1440p Ultra Settings and 140fps.
  5. A lot of Broadband providers in the EU have FTTC or Fiber To The Can, which is not a full fiber connection but they market it as a "Fiber" connection.
  6. Small TV's with HDR are not really something your gonna find. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07623P3Q8?tag=rtings-tv-pr11b-20&ie=UTF8 https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/tcl/s-series-s405-4k-2018
  7. Console makers and game dev/pub are always pushing the boundary of whats ok and if you dont push back it gets normalized Remember when the world was aghast with Horse Armor? Now that shit is an almost every game except now you buy a spin with a chance to win that armor Loot boxes are such a norm now that some devs dont consider them DLC Remember when beating the final boss unlocked new characters Now we have fighter packs PC players used to get updates with free maps and levels but not any more Witcher 3 got a massive internet circle jerk for doing something that was norm not so long ago
  8. Has nothing to do the with the conversation at hand but keep on flailing I agree its a great deal for PC users
  9. Its less the 5 bucks and more how this action ripples across the entire gaming universe. If console gamers had given MS and Sony the big fuck U like PC gamers did when it was tried on them we wouldnt be having this conversation and y'all wouldn't be ok with console manufacturers selling you a system Rent a Center style.
  10. $1500 is cheap son but then again I play at frame rate higher then "cinematic".
  11. This is your issue, you look at on line service as some kind extra perk when it not. This isnt sirus radio , this is using your speedometer.
  12. Seems like waste, they know console user will take a money shot for a cheap low monthly fee.
  13. You really are terrible at this What car company or dealer chargers a monthly fee to use a basic function.
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