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  1. https://bloody-disgusting.com/video-games/3597197/free-league-publishing-releases-new-alien-tabletop-rpg-game/
  2. Immortal Bird- Thrives On Neglect Gatecreeper- Deserted Venom Prison- Samsara Full Of Hell- Weeping Choir
  3. I am hoping we arena combat a'la the Batman series . I want Jesus up against 30-40 Romans . Maybe the occasional loaves of bread as a power up and if you fail you get a static image of With a YOU LOSE Or a Streetfighter 2 style Continue?
  4. Predator 4k Best homoerotic man vs alien action slasher flick ever filmed Visual: The 4k is a huge upgrade from previous 1080p sources.Everything from clothes to jungle to rippling man parts just looks better Audio: Standard 5.1 DTS-HD nothing special its fine.
  5. The Irishman 3/5 Well acted and well shot but I found the rest rather boring. The de aging tech worked ok for them most part until you see them start moving around .
  6. Someone like @Spork3245 or @Reputator can answer this way better than I can but it doesn’t work that way. Dropping resolution does allow lower end cards to run games , often times you have drop effects like shadow quality , water quality and others.
  7. Tired of hearing about comedians bitch about PC culture as if it’s something new. What they are really upset with is how fast and far away they are ousted for saying dumb shit.Sorry Tim but it’s never been ok for you to use the n word.
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