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  1. I have my doubts that it will provide any major advantages over the PS4 Pro, if any at all. Would be pleasantly surprised if it does though. I'm in the opposite boat, I'll probably hold onto the PS4 Pro for as long as possible before upgrading.
  2. I actually have a spare 128GB sitting in my PC that I don't use at all, this is a brilliant idea.
  3. Oh I know, I just wanted to make that known. You also don't have HDMI out without a dongle or dock for the surface. Which isn't terribly inconvenient, but most laptops come standard with it or at least the ones I've bought in the past have.
  4. https://dolphin-emu.org/docs/guides/performance-guide/ It doesn't seem like Dolphin is really that taxing. I think you should be able to run anything you want on it. I currently have a Surface like Mike (though a 5-gen not 6), but I wouldn't recommend it for gaming. I ran WoW on it last year and it ran fine enough, but you won't be able to play any modern AAA titles. Not well at least. I can try to look up some deals later when I'm not at work, but found this site at reddit. https://noteb.com/?content/home.php?ref=starchaser You can input things you want, a price point you want, and it will find the closest thing to you specs you input.
  5. Eh its second on twitch right now with 180k viewers. Next to Fortnite which just had a huge patch drop recently. I imagine all of the popular BR's will rotate popularity as big patches come out as they have in the past. Shroud is always playing whatever has a new patch when it drops.
  6. Typically between $15-$25 depending on what I want done. Just a buzz is on the lower end, getting a straight razor is on the higher end. Thats about all I can do with my hair at this point either way lol
  7. I really wanted to buy this game on launch because it looked amazingly fun to run through a game with a friend. Then I watched a stream of a guy playing and he was using microsoft word to keep track of his open quests that he needed to complete and another page on areas he would need to come back to explore. Decided it wasn't for me and bought Risk of Rain 2 instead.
  8. Why a framemeister instead of OSSC? I'm afraid I'm no help, you could probably ask around on the some of the retro forums on reddit like CRTgaming. Speedrunning communities might also be able to help out.
  9. It wasn't brought up, at least not while I was home. I suspect my mother doesn't understand why this change was made. Shes a very traditional person and has a very hard time adjusting her point of view. My father probably doesn't care all that much, I was mostly curious as to what my brother and brother-in-law thought, perhaps I'll ask them some other time.
  10. Immediate and extended family are all LDS besides a handful of people. I have a couple hunches on how my family will react, but it might not even get brought up.
  11. I have a feeling this will be a topic at Sunday dinner. Should be interesting
  12. This is my biggest issue with this subscription era for music. I basically use Spotify as a "need to buy/download" list because I can't mix and match the music I have on Spotify to the music I have on my phone. I mean the work around it just to add the music I have on my phone to spotify, but Spotify's quality, even on 320kbps, just isn't up to snuff. I would 100% switch to Apple music if they did this.
  13. Risk of Rain 2 with a little bit of Apex Legends and Pokemon Go
  14. I'm surprised at the love of five guys fries in this thread. Always soggy and disappointing despite them always being made when I go to pick up my order. The cajun helps a lot, but I still wouldn't rank them top 5.
  15. I don't really remember the "?" in Super Metroid at all. I know Fusion has them because they force you to watch them. Unsure about Zero Mission. Either way I think its easier to traverse a 2D space compared 3D, at least when it comes to the Metroid series.
  16. You're in for a treat, at least for the first game. I wasn't a fan of the second and never played the third because I hate the Wiimote.
  17. Next time I go back to Japan I'm going to bring a suitcase specifically for used games. Everything is so cheap and in such good condition. Got a Pokemon Green in box in really good condition for like $10-$15.
  18. Preorder is up on Amazon now. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07PFT19MG/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  19. For me personally I’d probably say Bond > MI > Bourne
  20. Probably once a year. I like to keep my systems pretty light, programs are easy to redownload and all of my files are on an external hard drive.
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