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  1. Considering his only work on Halo is Halo 5 his track record isn't great. Looks like his previous work was Lucasarts games and the tomb raider reboot. Not a terrible background, but I think Halo's development head (bonnie ross, frank o'connor, and previously Josh Holmes) have a lot more to do with why Halo is where its at. Some of their lower tiered employees are actually really cool devs, just get stuck on a crappy game and try to make the best they can. Like Tom French or Brad Welch. Doesn't look like Mary Olsen has much of a track record according to Linkedin. Looks like she joined Microsoft as a sound producer and kind of moved around till she ended up at 343i doing the same thing.
  2. Yeah I can't beat the first boss alone. Too much going on for me to handle it by myself. It doesn't help that the bosses attacks go through walls. I've been hit on the other side of a wall, not even near a door or window and died because of it. Really seems to help alternating between the ground and second floor as to give you a second to deal with the ads, but they respawn so quickly and if the boss wants, he will just constantly charge you until he gets an attack off.
  3. I actually really enjoyed this. He handles the heat extremely well, probably the best on the show besides Sean.
  4. Wasn't a huge fan of the class I picked, so I might start another character just to see if its like beginning gear I don't like or if I actually would like a different class.
  5. I haven't played enough of FFXV to get enough of a feeling for it. I stopped playing after they said story DLC would come out after the game released. Just been waiting for the right time to jump back in. I also feel FFXIII isn't a great final fantasy game, but I also don't think its as horrible as people claim it to be. I enjoyed what I played of it. FFXIII-2 is definitely worse than 8 and so is FFX-2, but I don't consider those main titles.
  6. I should mention that its G-sync compatible, not actually g-sync. Which probably means it like the freesync monitors that meet the g-sync requirements. A little heart breaking, but not a deal breaker for me.
  7. @SFLUFAN set up a D1P twitch channel that would auto host any of us if we started streaming. I might start streaming Destiny on Mixer. I'm not sure I'm a big supporter of Twitch anymore after everything thats gone down recently. Mixer at the very least has pretty clear guidelines about marking your stream for a specific audiences (everyone, teen, mature) and guidelines for each of those audiences.
  8. I'm waiting for my internet cap to reset so I can download more games
  9. Highly recommend playing it on something that has a good D-pad. I ruined my regular xbox controller's D-pad. If I don't hit up in just the right way it will register as a right press. Maybe I'm just too hard on the controller, but it seems like the PS4 or maybe even a joy con would be better suited for it.
  10. I'm really waiting to see if people start jumping ship. I imagine it will be harder for the larger streamers to leave, but I wouldn't be shocked to see some of the smaller (but still big) streamers swap.
  11. This is how I feel about MMO's in general as I've gotten older. I always keep coming back to WoW because every time I try a new MMO I have to relearn crafting, character builds, rotations, etc. I just don't have the time and patience to learn those things again.
  12. And then you find out there is 26 endings Don't worry they aren't really worth grinding out
  13. While I'm not opposed to the idea of getting some former 3D Zelda formula clones, I am opposed to naming SS the best Zelda since MM.
  14. This is the monitor I'm buying 1440p/144hz, nano-IPS, 1ms, G-Sync - $500 Monitor I have Curved, VA Panel (better contrast, worse color reproduction), 1440/144hz, no adaptive sync - $267 4K/144hz, G-sync, IPS, $1000 Rtings highest rated 4K monitor $319 without adjustable stand, $419 with
  15. I'm fairly confident the only 4k monitors with anything over 60hz are very expensive. Do you have a budget? I would probably recommend two monitors because you could get a fairly cheap 4k60hz and a 1440p 144hz for gaming and probably still pay less than the 4k/144hz.
  16. PS4 27th, Switch 29th, Xbox/PC/Utomik? 30th. Looks interesting
  17. Thats how Cascade Crash is. The only way to get it is in a 24 pack with Riptide Rush and Glacier Freeze. Neither flavor it bad, but I don't want to buy a 24 pack every time I want this flavor.
  18. Cascade Crash (gatorade) is far and away my favorite sports drink. However since I've given up sugar (or as much as I can) its really a toss up. Gatorade Zero definitely has more of a variety available which is a huge plus, but the blue & red Powerade Zero's are always good.
  19. I think its the first time I've actually ever had a book buying spree, it definitely has me excited to read them. Maybe I can actually hit my one book a month goal I set for myself if I just grind out a few more.
  20. Currently reading Stardust by Gaiman. I love the short fairy tale vibe from his books. The part where the witch turns the boy into a sheep/goat so she can have two messed me up. For whatever reason people struggling to make ends meet makes me incredibly sad and thinking about the mother just left to rot. It was a surprisingly dark tone I never got from Neverwhere or Ocean at the End of the Lane. I also went on a book buying spree. Annihilation - Jeff VanderMeer Kokoro - Natsume Soseki Graveyard Book - Gaiman 5 Centimeters Per Second - Kanoh, Arata Circe - Madeline Miller Red Sister - Mark Lawrence Excited about 5cmps mostly because Shinkai wanted it written to fill in what he felt was lacking from the movie. So it'll be cool to see that extra insight. Apparently the manga is the definitive experience despite being the last of the 3 forms of media. Never could get into comics/manga though, just not for me. Don't know if Annihilation will make any more of an impact on me than the movie did, but it interested me enough to want to know more.
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