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  1. A little different, but I typically wear a compression sleeve on my knee when it starts acting up. At the very least it seems to take my mind off of the pain so even if its a placebo effect its still doing something. $30 isn't a high price to find out.
  2. Honestly after seeing the battle scene they released awhile ago I have had absolutely no desire to go see Alita.
  3. Post an update saying you threw it away because it was too big of a hassle to ship/sell it.
  4. Nokt

    General Gaming ~*D1P's Games of 2019*~

    Mostly how I feel about it. So. Many. Cutscenes. Still haven't finished it though, it got pushed back by Metro and Apex.
  5. I actually found Depp more tolerable in this movie than the first. I mean he isn't in the first at all except for the closing moments, but his only line in that movie is abysmal. It soured a lot of that movie for me.
  6. I think this game is mostly known for the crazy levels that get created, but there is a good amount of genuinely good content that isn't a crazy hard level and much more reminiscent of OG gameplay. I definitely wont skip this game this time around. I skipped it on WiiU and borrowed a buddies for a week and had a blast with it.
  7. I can also recommend the Philips SHP9500, pretty good headphones for a relatively cheap price. I personally use the beyerdynamic DT 990, but I wouldn't recommend them.
  8. I've only played a few hours so I'll give you what information I can. 2033 and Last Light are very much linear games while Exodus is a semi open world game (at least so far). There are some linear levels in Exodus like the opening couple missions, but for the most part once I got to the first area I can pretty much do whatever I want. Not that combat has really changed drastically, Metro always did promote itself as a approach the situation however you wanted. You can be completely passive if you want and just knock people out, you can sneak around and assassinate everyone, or you can just go in guns a blazing and that doesn't change in Exodus. The only thing that really changes in that you aren't forced into these engagements anymore other than the main story missions. Based on how you play Fallout, Far Cry, and Skyrim, I think this would be right up your alley. If I had to associate it with a game I'd probably say Dishonored, Dishonored kind of has the same thing going where you can kind of choose how to approach situations and do what you want to do. Exodus does share a lot of similarities with Far Cry though through crafting systems, weapon mods, side missions, etc. Honestly its a hard toss up between a couple games. The opening missions of the game involves you getting captured and escaping. You escape on a train that you wind up naming the Aurora and the main quest you gain in the first open area is progressing the Aurora forward. You are also given 4 or 5 side quests that you can choose to complete or not. I haven't really progressed far enough to know if it switches between linearity and open world. As far as the 2033 and Last Light go, they are more of a survival shooter with some light horror mixed in. Ammo is much more scarce, your forced into confrontations whether you have the ammo or not, its also much more linear, even in the battle engagements where it gives you a little more freedom to breath. Exodus doesn't do a lot of that, you can craft ammo and crafting materials are stupid easy to find. On top of that enemies also drop crafting materials and ammo, its like a never ending supply. Engagements are a lot more free in how you approach them, but still have a very similar feeling to them. So far I only have 3 weapons a pistol, assault rifle, and a pneumatic weapon. You can heavily mod the pistol into more of a shotgun, an SMG, or just a regular revolver and you can mod them at anytime. I know there are more weapons in the game, but I don't know if you can keep all of them in your backpack or if you have to make a choice in what you keep, which is how I think the original games worked. As far as playing 2033/Last Light, I highly recommend playing them just based upon them being really good games. However, unless you do things a specific way you won't get the "canon" ending, which might confuse you a little jumping into the next game. You could just watch a refresher on Youtube and probably be in a better situation than if you actually played the games.
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    He is lord Melatonin

    I finally got around to asking my brother what he would recommend, but it wasn't very helpful. I asked him about sleep studies and he said those are really only helpful for sleep apnea. Melatonin and other things like weighted blankets can help, but its just best to go see a doctor specializing in sleep if you have a hard time sleeping.
  10. Game Informer 9.5 IGN 8.7 Gamespot 8 Metacritic 88 Polygon doesn't do numbers anymore? Given the title I don't think it was good "Kingdom Hearts 3 ends the series with a whimper" Also here is how to unlock the secret movie. It doesn't really spoil anything so I'm just going to quote it.
  11. Don't worry you get 10 minute cut-scenes all the time. Its great....
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    He is lord Melatonin

    Double post.
  13. Nokt

    He is lord Melatonin

    I have false information. Its just what I was always told growing up, but looking around the web that doesn't seem to be the case. I'll ask my brother when I get home from work, he doesn't specialize in sleep (surgeon), but he always has some good general information towards what steps you should take. Either way I'd still take a sleep study if you are having trouble sleeping often. My information was wrong. Don't listen to that. Still highly recommend a sleep study with how many people I've seen it help.
  14. Nokt

    He is lord Melatonin

    The more you take melatonin the less it will work. Probably best to do a sleep study if you are really struggling to get a decent amount of sleep.
  15. Seeing this made me wonder how much Dead Space sold. It sold a lot less than I anticipated it did, which made me more sad than I thought it would. I'll probably buy RE7 on the next steam sale, hopefully will have beaten RE2 by then. I have so many games to play right now.
  16. Yep Blackout, especially on PC, is the last to receive updates and has no real roadmap. Disappointing because it could have been great
  17. Came here to recommend rtings as well. Yes the review from rtings is the same P65-F1. Under "Check Price" near the top it has sizes and part numbers.
  18. Pinging is awesome. Its such an intuitive way to communicate without voice chat. Had all of the random people pinging enemies, armor, ammo. I love it
  19. Downloaded and played this as soon as I got home from work yesterday. I like Xbob was disappointed that Titanfall features are integrated into this game, but that didn't really stop me from playing it. Gunplay is fantastic, I have to say that it beats out any BR game thus far in that aspect. The map is okay, no BR map has every really surprised me in that it just felt like a fantastic map. It's definitely not a bad map (coughMiramarcough). Gun placement, however, is abysmal. We jumped into a hot zone and only I found a weapon out of my team. I actually matched with Hysteria (smaller streamer, know him from his Halo days) and he went through 2-3 buildings and couldn't find a gun while our teammate and I died. A couple of other times we'd drop and clean out an area it would be rare that one of us would even have anything besides a pistol/shotgun. Sights are also rare, but I kind of like that. I'm not sold on the classes/hero's thing, they bring a different element to the game. I'm just not sure that I like it, a meta will surely evolve and then everyone will be playing 3-4 character repetitively. Considering this is a standalone title, there is a good chance that balance patches will be frequent so hopefully it keeps the meta from getting stale. I haven't really played around with a ton of characters though, I've only played with Wraith and Bloodhound. Lifeline and Gibraltar seem like must haves, lifeline obviously for the heals. Gibraltar's mortar strike seems crazy strong, especially late game when the zone is so small. Pathfinder is really good for getting places quick and on top of the map where you otherwise wouldn't be able to go. Bloodhound is pretty decent for tracking people, Wraith is really good for playing solo q. I'm excited to see where it goes from here, I barley touch blackout anymore because of how little updates it gets and that blackout/PC seem to be on the backburner for them.
  20. I'm reading a Examcram for A+ certification. Its taking a lot longer than I want it to. It ruined my book a month goal that I've had going for roughly a year.
  21. I would still have titanfall in the name somewhere if it was a spin-off game.
  22. Apex Legends is an odd name for a Titanfall Spinoff. Some interesting notes 60 players, max squad of 3, no titans.
  23. I've heard that before. Though some tests do put them pretty close together with only a small percentage being different in different areas. I never thought it was really an exact kind of thing that I was going to get 100% true results. I'm not exactly going to turn down a Christmas present from my parents and talking about the results was just fun even if they aren't concrete results.
  24. I took an Ancestry DNA test awhile back when my parents bought all of my siblings one for Christmas. It was actually pretty cool to see the differences between us.