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  1. And those people who are butthurt about 4:3 can watch it stretched on their 16:9 TVs if they so choose.
  2. Rachel Uchitel worried about Tiger Woods' career after roll-over NYPOST.COM Rachel Uchitel, the former Tiger Woods paramour who was at the center of the 2009 scandal that cost him his marriage, told The Post Tuesday she’s “shaken up” about the golf star’s crash and is
  3. 'Home Improvement' Star Zachery Ty Bryan Pleads Guilty to 2 Charges WWW.ETONLINE.COM The actor will be on probation for three years.
  4. My mom got her first shot yesterday. Then she told me she misread the thing and yesterday was supposed to be her 2nd shot, her first was supposed to be on the 3rd.
  5. I thing they only have 31 stores, but they were pretty cool. The one in San Marcos was all underwater themed!
  6. Fry’s Electronics is shutting its doors for good WWW.THEVERGE.COM Remember electronics stores?
  7. What if instead of directing a live action anime adaption they just direct an anime?
  8. There were two places I worked at when I was a security guard. One you had to work with 3 other people, the other one by yourself. I liked the by yourself one because when I worked with the other people they were nuts. 1. One guy would sit around watching liveleak videos, and he said something about how the OKC bombing was a hoax 2. Another guy would sit around listening to Alex Jones full blast. He also had a lot of faith in Trump (before he was elected) and was very cautious about cell phones (he'd buy like kevlar lined cases to put his cell phone in) 3. Some other guy thought
  9. I think maybe they should go in the opposite direction. There are some characters like Sol and Ky, who maybe should be buffed. Make everyone OP!
  10. "Drop a load" is weird terminology. It reminds me of this guy at sixth grade camp who came in and said, "some guy just laid a loogie in the bathroom" but pretty sure he meant took a shit. Weird guy.
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