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  1. Sunset Overdrive was made before they did the Play Anywhere thing.
  2. Never saw the movie but at least Jennifer Connelly gives me a reason to look at it.
  3. Yeah I think it looks pretty good. It's like they had an idea of what they wanted it to look like, a human but also a cat.
  4. After watching him play it, it actually seemed pretty good. I'd say if you were a fan of the other games then you'll probably like this. Looks like there were some camera issues but other than that seemed fun. The grind seemed pretty much the same thing though. Go through with heroes. To unlock more heroes you fight them, then fight villains. Also, probably like the first game this is probably better with friends. Playing it single player probably sucks unless you're @Phaseknox Supposedly there are something like 40 heroes so game is pretty loaded.
  5. Well I guess they just know how to have fun in Korea!
  6. It's a shame because she's just a regular chick. Watch Nikita if you want to see badass spy chick movie.
  7. Finally one of the most boring characters gets his own movie! (almost)
  8. You misunderstood his post. He means to say he hates women and wants to point it out to you.
  9. You could raid with my friend. he was so busy playing destiny tonight that he didn't play destiny with me tonight.
  10. Why would you need to google Nicole Bass? She still haunts my nightmares before google was even a thing.
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