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  1. It's just a meaningless phrase that holds many meanings.
  2. Honestly it’s been so long I’ve played it I forgot about those other dudes but I dunno it’s not even something that stuck in my mind after I saw it posted
  3. They are just innocent misguided kids wearing MAGA hats. They will no doubt grow up to be tolerant and productive members of society.
  4. If only they were wearing Muslim clothes you’d know they were planning an attack! Wrong thread?
  5. Your fault for being a hater who never liked it when it originally came out
  6. Date: Sunday, February 3, 2019 Game Start Time: 6:30 pm ET Location: Mercedes Benz Stadium - 1 AMB Drive NW, Atlanta, Georgia 30313 Please enjoy this rematch of Super Bowl XXXVI from 2002 (Brady also played in that game) and the Patriots 3rd consecutive Super Bowl appearance. Also, enjoy the halftime show, Maroon 5, the best music Georgia has to offer!
  7. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/4137782.stm
  8. I mentioned something like this. I mean I didn't pinpoint a company but speculated he's so adamant on building the wall because it's a deal with a Russian company.
  9. Yes, a Korean man played for 50 hours almost straight before he died. Maybe this guy got more sleep than him.
  10. Keyser_Soze

    PC Yakuza Kiwami PC Trailer

    Zero is the very first game storywise and the one with the best gameplay.
  11. They added 21:9 support for all you fancy pants ultrawide gamers https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2019/01/22/monster-hunter-world-adds-2-19-ultrawide-support/#more-636057
  12. Keyser_Soze

    PC Yakuza Kiwami PC Trailer

    Gotta have those avatars you can't use on anything.
  13. Keyser_Soze

    Mobile Langrisser Out Today!

    So Langrisser is an old JRPG series that first came out on Genesis and had 5 sequels ending on the Saturn in 1998 so 21 years later we get a new one on mobile. It appears to be free to play but looks like you can subscribe to a "forgiveness clock" for 99 cents for a month.
  14. Keyser_Soze

    Mobile Langrisser Out Today!

    Yep. Saying mobile around here is like acting like playing it will give you the ebola virus. But I give no fucks and made the topic anyway.
  15. Not sure any trans would want to serve after this.
  16. Keyser_Soze

    Mobile Langrisser Out Today!

    Looks like it, sorta kinda...
  17. Keyser_Soze

    Curious to see how many men on here find it offensive

    What he should have said is he doesn't even know what a razor is. Look at his face!
  18. Chris Brown arrested on rape charges https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/music/2019/01/22/chris-brown-paris-rape-potential-charges/2642445002/
  19. OIC - Well yeah now you gotta add some purdy lights!