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  1. The one on the sports board is mostly positive, you can post in that one!
  2. I looked at the ESPN article, words were chosen carefully there. Nothing that said, “Great guy and a rapist”
  3. All I know is you dun goofed when @Dodger is the one calling you out
  4. The old “someone else did it so it must be right” argument.
  5. There's a time and a place for the "rapist" discussion and half an hour after his death is not the time.
  6. I don't think anyone thinks Trump stole the logo or even designed it himself. At least not in this thread.
  7. I first read this as "It's an experience I've had returned back to me a few times"
  8. Sakura just won Evo Japan 🇯🇵 @NeoJoe
  9. It's completely free though I think you need to be a subscriber for the newer expansions. Though from what I understand if you subscribe for one month and it expires you'll still have access to all the story content. I will say it's worth (or it was when you COULD get it) the starter pack off amazon for like $40. (You got some goodies a 90 day subscription and some cartel coins (You can still get a 90 day prepaid on amazon though)) - But ignore all that first if you just want to give the game a shot which you can do for free. Here's a breakdown of F2p vs subscriber / preferred benefits: https://www.reddit.com/r/swtor/wiki/f2p
  10. I played the first one briefly, it was ok. I didn't stick with it for long.
  11. Other than a circular logo there's nothing in common with the Trek logo.
  12. Trump is a wannabe dictator so he must be rewarding them for their loyalty somehow. Either that are they are so delusional they THINK they are getting something out of it. I think the latter is more accurate.
  13. What he said. Though when I played I did pair up with a rando for a couple of hours one time...
  14. Have you played it? If you ignore the MMO parts it's very KOTOR. The story is very robust for all the classes. You go on quests. I mean you can even solo it if you so choose.
  15. They should just make it look like The Old Republic and play like it and call it a day.
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