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  1. Depends on what kind of remake it gets. It probably wouldn't be too hard just to recreate the game in the MGSV assets though.
  2. I think Remake has a better chance for a variety of reasons. But you bring up a valid point.
  3. Disney buying Lucasfilm for 4.5 billion is the equivalent of the Patriots getting Randy Moss for a 4th round draft pick.
  4. @EternallDarkness Redd came by and is taunting me. He had 3 authentic paintings. I took one. Do you need Twinkling Painting or Proper Painting?
  5. Well that and didn't they devote a bunch of time to Fallout 76 and the 76 BR game and a ton of other stuff I can't even remember.
  6. Sorry to tell you. His wife had to type this message for him. 👀
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