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  1. Steam page is usually pretty good at conveying what is in the DLC, you just have to go to the DLC page to read it though.
  2. To answer your question, or was it a question? Not it wasn't. Alyssa Milano in Commando and Eliza Duschku in True Lies
  3. That's why I said it's like burnout because you can takedown other cars.
  4. Penn State keeping it classy with the "bullshit" chant
  5. Does it need "more" AA? Probably not. Does it need more efficient and higher quality AA? probably.
  6. He's wrong about McDonald's though. Those are just flavorless pieces of rubber. You actually NEED sauce for them to taste good. Wendy's Spicy nugs are the best and then Jack in the box or even Carls Jr. chicken stars are better than McDonald's.
  7. Vexille: 7/10 - This is what I thought was a turn of the century CG anime movie, but turns out it actually came out in 2007. It certainly had a lot going for it. Directed by Sori, who made one of my favorite movies, Ping Pong. Main character voiced by Meisa Kuroki. The soundtrack was even composed by Paul Oakenfold! Unfortunately the movie is kind of a mess. I don't think the movie knows what it wants to be. The setup is that in 2060 Japan becomes the global leader in robotics. But they become so advanced that the UN outlaws being too technologically advanced (like in the way of androids I suppose) so Japan withdraws for the UN to become it's own techno nation. So the first half is like the US special forces investigating a guy from Japan who's in the US (I think) and turns out he's an android with bio-metal! In any case it's VERY confusing until the second half which actually is pretty cool. The first half is kind of like Appleseed, with a bunch of mech armor special units and stuff. The second half is kind of like Mad Max. The "twist" is possibly very relevant to today and like an anti-vaxer's wet dream, or more compelling than any anti-vax story in any case: When you release a CG movie I think it's important to ask would it look better than hand drawn and would it be more special than if we had done a live action film. I put this kind of in the middle. The CG is nothing special. It looks somewhat cel-shaded, like something you'd see a video game pulling off in real time today. Certainly not as good looking as Advent Children, a movie released 2 years before. Unfair to compare it to Pixar but the Incredibles came out in 2004 and still looked better than this. It was just very plain and clean looking, physics didn't look convincing, hair didn't move, etc. So maybe this would have benefited from a hand drawn look. So like I said, the movie is somewhat disappointing even if you have no expectations but saved by the last half so if you decide to see this you'll just have to suffer through the first hour to get to the good stuff.
  8. Not a gaming mechanic but I thought about this last night. Remember when you'd go to a website to download something but you'd have to wait in a queue of people and wait before your download would start? What was it, like fileplanet or something like that? Some waits were like hours.
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