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  1. I've only played Sly 2 which I got for free from the Sony demo disc memory card wipe apology.
  2. Hang out on the discord. Or better yet, don't.
  3. Sounds like it was a real honor for those that responded. Sadly the homeless veterans with no internet cannot respond to that tweet.
  4. Did @Emblazon make the fire graphics?
  5. I liked them more than subway but then they just closed down. Sad!
  6. No you hate DOTA so you're a bad person.
  7. I never have a holiday off. I work on Christmas too.
  8. I look forward to you bumping every old thread.
  9. I agree with your assessment with "Was ich liebe" on the rise.
  10. I remember hearing about it after it happened and thought no way it could be real. I just really feel bad for the audience watching, must have been horrifying.
  11. Oddly enough you made me second guess myself and I had to think, "did I type that?"
  12. You should be a vegan then you could tell everyone about it.
  13. Looks like Artifact has become the destination to watch pirate movie and TV streams https://www.twitch.tv/directory/game/Artifact
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