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  1. Yeah if this game wants to go full Euro Truck Sim the driving physics are going to have to be a bit better. I noticed the vehicle has a jump button for when you get hung up on those rocks.
  2. But he's the healthiest president to ever live!
  3. We can't switch here because the cable companies own territories so some cities get Spectrum and some cities get Cox. Well I don't know if "own" is the right word but I think you catch my drift.
  4. It kinda reminds me of steam sales back in the day when you bought a bundle of games like a tomb raider bundle, the bundle was more expensive than buying them individually. I FIND IT FUNNY. DON'T LET THE OTHERS RAIN ON YOUR PARADE!
  5. Yeah they jacked me up after a year long introductory price ($45) to $70 - Just for internet.
  6. I only came to this thread because I heard Jan bitching about it on the Bombcast. I guess they ruined Pokemon.
  7. Since I moved Spectrum is better than Cox so I can't complain.
  8. Eat some frosted mini wheats and some activia yogurt and you'll be shitting like a goose.
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