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  1. Our training says, run, hide and fight as a last resort.
  2. Yeah, this. In fact I believe I got a copy of GTA V and it could only be redeemed on Rockstar Social club thus I had to use it as a launcher. If you can launch games directly from it (which you can) then it is a launcher.
  3. It seems like it is for Game Pass for console only. They said they'd announce PC stuff on the 24th. Play anywhere doesn't apply to game pass stuff and generally play anywhere is for first party stuff. (The game page for Dirty Rally 2.0 does not say play anywhere)
  4. I'll move to Korea if you can set me up with an acting job on a show as the evil American guy.
  5. I'm pretty into this mainly because I used to live there.
  6. "Tried to beat" is kind of an odd phrase. In any case more like played, then stopped eventually are: Link's Awakening, Skyward Sword and BOTW. I probably got furthest in Four Sword's adventures but you've got other people there pushing you for motivation.
  7. I've never played the original, I dislike the art style and I've never finished a Zelda game before so this game is for me?
  8. Were we supposed to guess before entering the thread or after seeing the picture because that's clearly him.
  9. Didn't this always exist? It's been around since LA Noire.
  10. This was a bad show and I don't really understand the appeal. The acting was terrible, the look of the show also terrible, every character was an unlikable idiot. The first season bounced around from "oh no we are out of fuel" episode to "oh no we are out of oxygen" episode and that silly racist doctor episode, among other bad episodes. Like really a frustratingly bad show. So maybe this will be better!
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