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  1. It’s called JAK AND DAXTER! Not “Jax” and certainly not “Dexter!” You uncultured swine!
  2. Battlefield Rainbow Six DOTA Destiny Counter Strike Team Fortress 2 League of Legends The Witcher Roblox That’s all I can think of off the top of my head.
  3. Not really. It’s likely eventually the Xbox version will be free. This is the ONE time the Switch version would be free for you. And only you, no one else.
  4. Sux...all your time away since you have so much fun playing it! Yeah I don't really know. His original games he wasn't a fighter, but his introduction to Smash (in Brawl) he was basically the main antagonist so...I dunno. He's a robot, I guess he could be programmed to do just about anything! Even drive go-karts in Mario Kart, so whatever. If you wanna count him as a non-fighter, then I have no real problem with that.
  5. @Keyser_Soze Kirby - Although Kirby goes on adventures would youu really say he's a fighter or has fighter skills? Yes, Kirby fights in his games. Plus? There is literally a series called Kirby Fighters for both 3DS and Switch. (Kirby Fighters 2) Peach - If peach could fight she wouldn't get taken by Bowser in every game Peach doesn't get taken by Bowser in every game, and it's theorized she does this on purpose. Besides, she has fought in previous games like Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario RPG, Super Princess Peach, and Super Mario 3D World. Daisy - She's no fighter Have you played Super Mario Strikers? She's no push-over. That said, you're technically correct (the best kind of correct!) since she has never thrown fists before. Mr. Game & Watch - Doesn't this guy just catch things? He's done a variety of different things, including Game & Watch: Boxing. Olimar - I haven't played many pickmen games but doesn't this guy just walk around collecting pickmen and not fighting? Yes, Olimar has the Pikmin do the fighting both in the Pikmin games, *and* in Smash. Everything lines up. Villager - AC has no fighting and your villager really can't fight Agreed. Wii Fit Trainer - S/he fights to keep the calories off and that's bout it Agreed. Rosalina - Not really a fighter but a giant space woman Palutena - I really have no idea what she does but don't think of her as someone with fighting skills. Duck Hunt - This guy just picks up dead ducks Or laughs at you. But keep in mind, Duck Hunt is actually a THREE character team - the dog, the duck...and YOU using the Zapper to shoot the opponents on-screen. Duck Hunt isn't the one shooting when in Smash. It's actually the player using the Zapper. And since the player has always been the one *attacking* ....I dunno this one is a gray area. Isabelle - She's even less likely to fight than the villager. How can you get lower that 0%? Agreed. Piranha Plant - This thing just pops out of pipes This one was admittedly a stretch, but when you consider everything this species has done...including spitting up spike balls, fire balls, etc. To say it's not a fighter isn't quite correct, either. Steve - On the fence with this one, you do "fight" in minecraft but it's pretty basic. You said it yourself, you fight in Minecraft. My points still stand.
  6. 1.) HALF the cast? FAKE NEWS. At best, there is a small handful of characters Sakurai purposely chose to put in the roster *because* they aren’t known for fighting. (i.e. Villager, Wii Fit Trainer, Duck Hunt) 2.) I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. Just a little jarring since this character has never (to the best of my knowledge) shown any fighting prowess in the 30 or so years she has been around. Now suddenly she’s throwing fists in TWO games with the best of them? I mean, okay but wow that was unexpected.
  7. Agreed, but wow I don’t recall April having any fighting skills.
  8. I dunno if there is much of a reason to get the OLED when he already has the OG Switch. But worse choices could be made... ...like buying a Series X when a gaming PC is already owned, as well as a subscription to GamePass.
  9. I'm looking forward to it. I'll be picking up my copy from GameStop later today.
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