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  1. @IdeaOfEvil Wait, that article says SEGA published Bayonetta 2 for the Wii U?
  2. Huh. I never thought about doing that since...y'know...the Switch is portable. And honestly not that much bigger than the Lite, soooo...yeah. I guess that IS a problem for those of you that...do...that.
  3. So....Driver: Renedage. Has anyone played this game? I recently picked it up for a stupid-low price and gave it a shot. I wasn't expected much since the reviews pretty much unanimously call it out as terrible. And honestly? They aren't wrong. The game ain't great. It's pretty bad. Yet...it may fall under the "so bad it's good" category. At least for me, lol. The graphics aren't anything to write home about. Looks about average for a 3DS game that came out in 2011. There is a weird amount of "pop in" of buildings and other geometry when driving through the city, which was distracting at first. The car models do an okay job of looking like real-world vehicles, and the 3D is decent, too. The writing is what really sells it for me. It's SO BAD. Like, literally terrible. I think I could write better dialogue and scenarios when I was in sixth grade. It's trying so hard to be "badass" and "hardcore" or whatever. F-bombs are getting dropped in the very first cutscenes, talk of drugs and sex and violence are just oozing out of every scene in the game. The one-liners from the main character are so deliciously cheesy it would make Duke Nukem blush. My favorite line is one that gets repeated maybe too often whenever you kill a bad guy: "Fragged! Goodbye forever, shit head!" So corny, but so satisfying. To the game's credit, it does a better-than-expected realization of New York City, with real-life streets and structures, and the load times are nearly non-existant. There is plenty to do, with about 20 missions in the Story Mode, and (allegedly) about 70 races to complete in the Campaign Mode, which is basically just like a standard racing game. There is Local Multiplayer and StreetPass functions, but no online mode. Which is fine, since it's 2020 and I doubt anyone would be playing online anyway, haha. The 3DS never got a Grand Theft Auto or Saint's Row game (even though one was originally announced?!) but Driver: Renegade shows the 3DS could (very technically) pull off a somewhat realistic, open-world 3D action game. Check it out if you can find it for cheap.
  4. Have you ever played Batman: The Brave and the Bold for Wii or DS? You might dig it. It doesn’t have any of the gritty “realism” of the Arkham games. BUT! If you ever wanted to play a game where you can have Aquaman riding on the back of a gorilla version of Batman, who is himself riding on the back of a giant sperm whale...this game might be for you.
  5. That is also fun! I loved New Leaf! Well if it’s any consolation, you can’t die in Animal Crossing. So your virtual life is safe! Then you have never truly lived. Why would you do that anyway?
  6. LOL! I dunno, that kinda ruins the whole “work together to make a new community” aspect, right? Heh, I remember back in the day my roommates and I all shared the same town back on Gamecube and it was awesome. But, to each one’s own. I wonder if there is some kind of work-around that can be used? Like maybe putting in a different microSD card (with different save data) would allow multiple towns to be on the same system, for different users. Just like how that was possible on the Gamecube original! Though you wouldn’t be able to visit each other’s towns that way, I guess. But maybe that would be for the best?
  7. I’m a little confused. What are you looking for? Multiple, unique towns for each individual user on a single console? Or...?
  8. I foresaw that having the foresight to do this thread before knowing what it is going to be, prior to what it is, and what it will eventually be, would be a wise decision.
  9. Anyone have any idea what Platinum is doing with this site?
  10. It’s super cute. But Imma stick with my Pokémon Lite version!
  11. Looks adorable! Probably gonna stick with my Pokémon-themed Switch Lite, but...man. This is tempting.
  12. The first new Animal Crossing game on consoles in several years is almost here, and Nintendo is rolling out a special edition of its Switch to mark the occasion. This $300 Switch will arrive on March 13th, a week before the launch of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It's covered in pastel colors, with two-toned Joy-Cons and a white dock that has some of the game's characters painted on it. The only thing it doesn't come with is the game itself -- that you'll have to buy separately. It's available for pre-order at Best Buy if you're already throwing your money at the screen, or you can just buy the game by itself and play it on a normal Switch -- your choice. On the other hand, if you can't get enough but just don't need another console, Nintendo is releasing themed "Aloha Edition" carrying case and screen protector packages on the 13th for both the Switch and Switch Lite. The real good news, though, is that after a slew of videogame delays -- that included Animal Crossing slipping from its planned launch date last fall -- it looks like this one is just about ready to go on March 20th. SOURCE
  13. FEATURING: - Super Crush KO - Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore - 198X - Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition - Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath - To The Moon - Puzzle & Dragons GOLD - Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales - Coffee Talk - Skellboy - Aviary Attorney: Definitive Edition ...and more!
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