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  1. Apparently the story is debunked. At least for now. Nintendo stated that are not announcing a new Switch at E3.
  2. @ort Sorry you had such a terrible experience! I’m lucky because one of the Switches at my place have gotten some really bad treatment (my 11-year old threw the system down on the floor after losing a Splatoon 2 match) and so far...everything still works perfectly. It’s likely you got a bum system...but Nintendo should have fixed it. Strange that they were unable to do so. That’s some real bad luck you’ve had. You haven’t broken any mirrors lately have you?
  3. @Keyser_Soze Oh snap, I had that one! Loved the voices it made. COW-a-BUNG-AAAAHH!!! KEY-YAAAH!
  4. God damn it @Xbob42. Don't come in here shitting on my Gameboy thread with your facts and history! ....but wow, seriously...Microvision? Never heard of it! But pretty cool bit of video game trivia. Neat, thanks for sharing! Whoa, didn't realize the Canadian Gameboy was different! I'm learning a lot today.
  5. You wouldn't be wrong for thinking this...April 21 is the Japanese release date. It didn't hit North America until July or August of 1989. And even later for PAL regions. I just wanted to celebrate the original release date. Maybe I'll revive this thread once the North American release date rolls around later this year... I enjoyed this story, and I respect the lesson your sister was taught. Good on ya. Tobacco is a hell of a drug. I had a similar story about acquiring the Gameboy. My parents were also anti-gaming, so I had to buy the handheld with my own money.
  6. The first true mobile video game system, the first system I ever bought with my own money, and home to some of the best games on the planet! What are your favorite memories of the One Handheld To Rule Them All?
  7. Hotline Miami is just a run-n-gun tho? Never played it, but that’s the impression I got from the trailers.
  8. Worth playing? It just came out like, a day ago, right? Must be short.
  9. Steel Empire for sure! LOVE that game! My company (www.videogamesmonthly.com) gave that one out to a member of ours recently. CiB. He was very happy that day, lol.
  10. LOL! I didn’t even see this but I just referenced that same commercial right after you! Man that was a great ad. Memorable even 20+ years later.
  11. There is speculation out there, based on the wording of the press release when this collection was first announced, that this is only one of at least two compilations coming. Nothing *officially* announced of course, but it’s likely we will see another Castlevania Collection in the future.
  12. So long as they don’t screw this up like Sony did with theirs, this could be an amazing little system.
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