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  1. Motion controls can be hit or miss, depending on the kind of game/talent of the developer. But I’ll tell ya what was no joke; IR aiming. Aiming with IR controls in the Wii version of Resident Evil 4 is pretty much the best way to play that game. Aiming was so quick and natural-feeling...it’s hard going back to traditional controls. It feels archaic in comparison. Honestly I think the same could be said about nearly any FPS game as well. Playing the Goldeneye 007 remake with the Wiimote against players that used the dual analog controller was almost unfair. The speed and accuracy of IR aiming made dual analog players basically fish in a barrel, lol. Enemies could be picked off and destroyed so much easier in Quake and Dead Space. Same thing applied to Call of Duty titles, and for games specifically built with those controls in mind, like Red Steel 2 and Sin & Punishment: Star Successor. Motion is okay in limited quantities, but never as a substitution for a button press or analog stick tilt. I’ve found gyro aiming in games like Ocarina of Time 3D or Splatoon to work well in conjunction with traditional controls. Set up your shot with analog, then tilt just a bit to get that precision target. But other than that...motion (and traditional dual analog) ain’t got nothin’ on IR. Kinda wish more games were developed with those controls. Would be interesting to see what devs could come up with now. Or how the technology would have improved (which I assume it would, since we have seen advancements in motion controls). Oh well. What could have been...!
  2. I’m always wary of things like this. Thankfully I haven’t experienced the drift *knocks on wood* but if this happens on the Lite, I’d be pretty disappointed/ pissed.
  3. Oh gawd that freakin’ game. My son has that on nearly every modern device in my house that plays games. Switch, iPhone, iPad, Playstation 4...pretty sure if the microwave could play Fortnite he’d download it there, too.
  4. Actually, yes. With the Nintendo Switch Online service, your cloud games/saves can be accessed on a different Switch just by logging into your account. You can do that with any Switch, now. More info on Nintendo's official website on the topic. CLICK!
  5. Hm, alright. By the way, you can play Pokémon Let's Go in handheld mode, so it seems you can still play it on the Lite.
  6. Actually, it will appear sharper with a smaller screen. Compare image quality appearance between an OG 3DS versus a 3DS XL. Or a DS Lite compared to a DSiXL. Or the GBA SP(+) to the Gameboy Micro. Small appears sharper. No, it doesn’t make sense on paper. But that’s the reality of it. At least, in my experience.
  7. Well, that’s just what I’ve learned in my experience - handheld play is far superior to playing on a TV. And I feel I’ve explained my reasoning behind that opinion. But others have posted in this thread explaining why they feel playing on a TV is preferred, so...even though it doesn’t jive with me, then we simply have a difference of opinion. If that’s how they like to play games, then...hey. More power to them. Hopefully nobody was offended by my preference to play games. You jest, but it’s true! It’s actually how VR works as well. Compare the Switch’s Labo VR to Playstation VR. Which looks sharper? And which has smaller screens? Eh? Eh? Flawless, airtight logic. Completely irrefutable. I’ll take my Nobel Prize now. Please and thank you.
  8. Hmm. I am both disappointed and perturbed that THIS is how I am perceived on these boards. I can honestly tell you (and everyone) I never intend to troll. Because that behavior is obnoxious. I just like talking about video games. Not sure how I’m coming off as trolling? I’ll be more cognizant of my posting from here on out. Thanks for the info on Xenoblade. I appreciate it.
  9. I know. I said it will APPEAR sharper. It won’t actually be, but the smaller surface area of the screen will trick the human eye into thinking it is. I think others should actually take this advice. And I get others have different priorities, I’m just stating my stance on the subject. Hence my “IMO” at the end of my post. How bad is it? I haven’t started Xenoblade Chronicles 2 yet. Is it just sub-optimal, or like...legit terrible? Actually, never mind why am I asking this forum? Most of y’all think that if a game isn’t running at like 50K with 3500 mega dura flop hertz (or whatever) and going 120 frames per second, the graphics are garbage, lol.
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