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  1. I’m for sure getting that one. Whether or not I can resist the temptation to get the “normal” version...THAT is the question.
  2. I’m having a tiny bit of regret waiting until the PKMN version. Must....have....patience....!
  3. Going a bit old school (kinda) and picked Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow up again. It still holds up!
  4. Yeah, Super Monkey Ball or even Sonic Adventure worked well with my kids. Minecraft or Super Mario Maker 2 are great as well. Mario Kart is good too.
  5. Were these the games that were on PS2/Xbox/Gamecube back in the day? If so...meh. No gobbling will occur. I’ll pass.
  6. I was trying to remember what this reminded me of, and then it hit me. It's very reminiscent of the Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II remakes that came out on PSP. Though this seems more HD-er than those.
  7. Nintendo is the Royal Family of Crazy Ideas. This product was to remind people of that, just in case they forgot.
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