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  1. @Xbob42 Ha ha, no worries man. I’m not feeling personally attacked or anything. I stumbled across that comic? Meme? Recently and thought it fit the discussion at the time. Sorry if it felt like *I* was attacking *you* - just wanted to share a joke. And sure, there are a lot of improvements that could be made to this game...or any game, for that matter. Let’s not overlook all the great new things this latest iteration of PKMN does do, though. Maybe I’ll detail them later on when I have more time. Cheers!
  2. I don’t think it HAS to be connected, but that’s how I have mine set up. I log into my account on the OG Switch when playing something like Smash, but I’ve been logging onto and using the Lite for all my Pokémon stuff.
  3. I have it! It was a little tough holding out on it until it released. But I’m glad I waited the system is awesome!
  4. If you play any of the Labo stuff or Ring Fit Adventure or 1-2 Switch or Just Dance and things like that, multiple Joycon are needed.
  5. What I guess you could just rent Let’s Go (maybe from your local library?) and get the bonus that way. Or ask your local game shop to test the game in your Switch and just make a save file. Then don’t buy the game, haha.
  6. Nintendo has it on lock for the Best Family Game category. How in the actual hell did Smash not make it into the best multiplayer category?!
  7. Pretty nice, right? You also get some kind of bonus in-game if you have a Let’s Go save file on your system. Neat!
  8. Good luck! My Sobble evolved from a slightly meek-looking worried child to an angsty-looking teen Pokémon. I haven’t seen Scorbunny’s evolution line, but I’d be surprised if it doesn’t end up being a Fire/Fighting mix. I am also that asshole. Also, why does your post read like one of Trump’s tweets? LOL
  9. Cool! The Ghost-Type gym is not new, though. There was the Ecruteak Gym back in Gold/Silver/Crystal, which awarded the player with a Fog Badge when victorious. That said...it's been a while since we've had a Ghost-Type Gym! About time it made a return! I think the new types of gyms are the Fairy-Type and Dark-Type. Present in both Sword & Shield....I think?
  10. Team 17 is one of the best publishers on Switch. Here are some of the highlights that are on sale: Yoku's Island Express - A freaking masterpiece of elegance in level/world design. Pinball Metroidvania Perfection. Worms WMD - Easily one of the most robust multiplayer games on Switch. Hotseat Play, LAN Play, Online... classic Worms gameplay, endless customization, random level generation, vehicles, crafting, 6-player support, teams, AI bots, 1080p/60fps, tons of unlockables, free DLC and substantial updates, a freaking Rocket League car... hell, it even has a slew of single-player challenges. What more could you possibly want?! Yooka-Laylee - The first game was decent, and the new 2D platformer looks amazing! Best of all, Playtonic puts REAL effort into their Switch ports. Overcooked - A fixture on the top seller charts, for good reason. It's a co-op classic. Perfect for Switch! Blasphemous - Haven't played it yet, but I will. It looks awesome. A gruesome take on Castlevania. Automachef - Looks like a super-fun puzzler. The Escapists - Intriguing, but haven't tried. There are many more, but give 'em a look on the eShop!
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