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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.vox.com/platform/amp/policy-and-politics/2020/3/28/21198224/coronavirus-new-york-navy-ship-comfort-icu
  2. The petty bullshit is someone firing him probably because they were offended he didn't go through the proper channels/hospital policy. That's what I figured he meant.
  3. I'm not just worried about getting COVID-19 at work. I'm also worried how much more dangerous my job could get when people start running out of money.
  4. My schedule hasn't changed at all. I still work my regular shift and do my normal routine.
  5. https://ew.com/celebrity/patrick-stewart-shakespeare-sonnets-social-distancing/
  6. Even if you survive you could end up with permanent lung damage.
  7. How much shit? You can't breathe because your lungs fill with liquid/blood and you end up drowning.
  8. You could put the stuff away and wash your hands at home. Hard to do that when you're grocery shopping.
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