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  1. I was wrong though according to everybody else because it's fake news and he won't be doing this.
  2. Is CBS also fake news? Was that an actor impersonating Eric Adams? Eric Adams Feuds With Black Lives Matter Leaders Over Proposed New NYPD Anti-Gun Unit WWW.NBCNEWYORK.COM There are escalating tensions between New York City’s next mayor and some leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement over a proposed new NYPD unit. NBC New York also "fake news"? Must be more fake news?
  3. He should have called it Build Back Buttery Buiscuits Better! BBBBB>>>>>BBB
  4. NYC Mayor Eric Adams Faces Anti-Police Radicals | National Review WWW.NATIONALREVIEW.COM Can the mayor-elect save his city and his party from anti-police radicalism? Black Lives Matter activists threaten ‘riots’ if Mayor-elect Eric Adams reinstates controversial NYPD anti-crime units WWW.NYDAILYNEWS.COM The incoming mayor erupted when BLM co-founder Hawk Newsome told him the organization would hold him responsible for any future misconduct by NYPD officers. Brooklyn advocate wants ‘citizen’s arrest’ of BLM activists if they riot over anti-crime NYPD cops WWW.NYDAILYNEWS.COM Tony Herbert, who recently lost a longshot bid for Public Advocate on the Conservative Party ticket, wrote that New Yorkers would “declare war” if the protesters riot.
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