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  1. Remarkableriots

    Ever seen/driven through freezing fog?

    I have seen it.
  2. They need to let them use Superman more!
  3. The Flash crossover episode was AWESOME! Looking forward to Arrow and Supergirl.
  4. Remarkableriots

    Football XFL introduction

  5. I guess they're working on it but the last time i got a raise was a couple years ago and it was only 13 cents. My rent went up $125 a month when i renewed.
  6. The problem for me is when my paycheck doesn't last long enough and i can't afford to eat for a few days i end up overeating when i finally can eat again.
  7. He could be facing the death penalty when he faces the other charges.
  8. Remarkableriots

    Movies Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer

    Worst part is when you try to avoid them but still catch new trailers at the theater or watching the Superbowl.