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  1. Doing a lot better on The Candidate Quest 40/75 so far.
  2. Trying to do Pain and Guilt quest and this is going to take a long time!
  3. I hope they eventually let us do some space combat stuff with our ships!
  4. I remember the plot to every MCU movie.
  5. I wiped out 4 people with 1 rocket while they were trying to capture a zone... it was GLORIOUS!
  6. I plan on starting the festival stuff tomorrow now that Iron Banner is over.
  7. Remarkableriots

    Woman leaves toddler at strangers front door

    Her carrying the kid by one arm isn't excusable because she didn't get along with the step mom or dad. Nothing she could possibly say to excuse child abuse.
  8. spoiler for Raw tonight if it hasn't aired in your area.
  9. I was burned out on Destiny 2 and wasn't sure about Forsaken but I got it and I'm loving it! The two DLCs comes with Forsaken now and are worth playing. I would get the version with the new season pass since it comes with 3 upcoming DLCs.
  10. I noticed some scrapper bounty I never noticed before.