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  1. I thought NBA was played on a court while NHL is played on a rink?
  2. Very cool! I have been wanting some Warhammer/40k live action movies, tv shows and animation for a long time.
  3. @Chairslinger They have a couple new Arrowverse shows coming soon. Superman & Lois later in the year and another show this Spring. Besides the new Arrow show later on.
  4. I'm looking forward to. shows Star Trek: Picard Star Trek: Discovery season 3 Better Call Saul season 4 Netflix and season 5 Bosch season 6 The Falcon and the Winter Soldier movies No Time to Die Black Widow Dune Eternals
  5. Due to budget cuts the only available unit we can download you into will be an old garbage barge....
  6. https://screenrant.com/justice-league-dark-movies-tv-shows-bad-robot-dc/
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