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  1. Remarkableriots

    The Thread of Sensible Chuckles

  2. Remarkableriots

    Movies Captain Marvel Official Trailer

  3. Remarkableriots

    Movies Captain Marvel Official Trailer

  4. Remarkableriots

    General Gaming ~*D1P's Games of 2019*~

    Playing Final Fantasy XIV a LOT to get ready for the next expansion Shadowbringers. Play time so far 245 daya, 7 hours and 28 minutes. DoM/DoW 70 Paladin 70 Warrior 70 White Mage 70 Scholar 70 Astrologian 70 Monk 70 Summoner 70 Red Mage 70 Dark Knight 65 Black Mage 64 Bard 64 Machinist 64 Ninja 64 Dragoon 63 Samurai 50 Blue Mage DoH 70 Carpenter 70 Blacksmith 70 Armorer 70 Goldsmith 70 Leatherworker 70 Weaver 70 Alchemist 70 Culinarian DoL 70 Miner 70 Botanist 70 Fisher 13 Elemental Level
  5. Remarkableriots

    Football Reminder: AAF inaugural kickoff TONIGHT

  6. My last roommate for years never changed the oil.
  7. Really liked this special!
  8. Remarkableriots

    Superman vs Goku, who would win?

    Naruto Uzumaki OBVIOUSLY!
  9. Remarkableriots

    General Gaming What are you playing today?

    Playing Final Fantasy XIV to finish leveling all the jobs to 70, finish the remaining quests and get equipment to be prepared for Shadowbringers! Also I've been playing the classic SNES Super Mario World, Final Fantasy III, Super Punch-Out and Zelda LTTP.
  10. Pentagon Jr. and Fenix are one one of my favorite tag teams!
  11. Yeah the Fox Daredevil movie came out February 14th, 2003 and Marvel got the rights back October 10th, 2012.