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  1. Been rewatching The Last Kingdom while level if FFXIV, and god I still hate the jump from season 2 to season 3. Just feels wrong. Like the show when from HBO to Starz.
  2. Ah, the next Negative World. To any protentional new comers I say to you, yngmi but I hope you do.
  3. Never watched any true crime shit unless Once Upon a Time in Hollywood counts.
  4. Title seemed kinda funny at first. "Bow and Arrow" attack sounds like a joke. But it's actually fucked. Reddit says at least 4 dead.
  5. I thought it was great. That was until I played it. Ubi really cut the balls off their own project. I was looking forward to all of these controversial things and then it had none.
  6. Story seemed interesting. Crazy Right Wing Religious Cult set in America while Trump was president. Also, I remember it being said that there was less crafting in Far Cry 5 and I hate the process of grinding mobs to gather mats to make gear. Hate crafting. Just let me kill a boss and get the loot. I mean, there are people ITT that are saying so. Multiple reviews say it's another Far Cry game. Yeah, and I've seen FC3 and 4 played including their endings. Having only seen those, when I went into FC5, it felt like I'd had played this game before. At least 2 times. and seeing FC3 and 4. I'll refrain from repeating myself. Yep. Based on reviews, twitch streams, this thread, my experience playing FC5, and the repeating part that I'm now repeating. Far Cry 3 and 4 were mediocre viewing experiences and Far Cry 5 was a mediocre game that lured me in with an interesting premise. Saying FC6 is the best one yet when in the same review they say it is more of the same is a sign that I should avoid it. You also said this. If the series peaked in 2012 and everything after that were disappointing follow-ups, no reason to really give FC6 a shot. Yeah, you said it looked better, but being better while being more of the same isn't really what I'm looking for. But like hey, I hope you like FC6 and I hope it's the best one yet. I'll just wait until they BOTW'd it and see if I'll enjoy it then. Oh, and it totally proves literally nothing, but right now, FC5 has a higher Opencritic score than FC6.
  7. or maybe something like this
  8. I haven't worn a mask since like 2 weeks after my second dose. However, it's been near six months now I think and I haven't had a booster. Might be time to put on the mask until I get the booster.
  9. I want to see this, but really don't know if I want to spend 3-4 hours at a theater. Trailers were pretty brutal during SW9. Bunch of wasted time. come to streaming early
  10. Never played a FC game until 5 which I thought was mediocre and I was let down how basic the plot was despite the trailers. It was the first FC that actually seemed interesting but it was neutered watered down waste. The gunplay was nothing beyond basic and all combat encounters became a joke when using a silenced sniper. Despite never playing a FC game before, my overall reaction was "Yep, this is a far cry game." I had seen 3 and 4 played and I was surprised by how much just watching those gave me the feeling of play FC before when I got to FC5. All of that was to say, I came ITT to see if it wasn't just another FC game. Giancarlo Esposito gave me some hype when the trailers and such came out. It's a shame that it's just another FC game. If FC games were great by default I wouldn't mind if t was just another FC game. I generally don't like it when great franchises change things up. FC has never been bad, but never great. It could be great, but it isn't. Just want to point out, until this point I didn't even see the reviews or the score. Just read some of the thread. So I went back and read some of the opencritic blurbs. It is hilarious how so many of them start out by saying that it's definitely another Far Cry game.
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