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  1. people voting for wade when I also eat steak well-done
  2. Not all clits are penises but all penises are clits.
  3. Bacon

    Hi I’m new

    Not new. imgur says it is 3 years old.
  4. These are the first two needed DLCs. "Expanded Life Paths" DLC. The DLC adds a multi mission life path prologue and further life path options in the main game and updated endings that at least mention your life path and how you got to the ending. The Corpo life path needs major work and should prolly just be entirely remade with this DLC. "New Beginnings" DLC that covers the 6 month period after the life path ends. At least 6 missions, one for each month. Increases the level cap by 10. The DLC's main focus should be to show V's growing relationship with people in the M
  5. His voice is not Street Kid material. His voice feels natural for nomad tho. Corpo works well too, but not as well as nomad, IMO. Anyway, I think he is very good when it comes to sadness and I thought he did a good job in anything related to Panam. Which kinda makes sense since she is a nomad and the voice best fits the nomad style. Actually, if we ever got another ME game without Shepard, but keep the tough soldier character type, this guy might be pretty good for that.
  6. I dun get it. I think male V is pretty good. Especially during the emotional parts.
  7. I don't understand. What does Black Entertainment Television have to do with anything?
  8. I mean, good, but I find it hard to care BECAUSE this should have happened a long time ago. Same with reddit who banned the donald subs today. It kinda just feels like a bunch of people twisting an already twisted knife. The knife was already twisted, everything else just seems pointless and bandwagon-y. "Look we're kicking him out too, praise us!" But, I get that I am not exactly right. If they didn't cut him off and ban this shit he would still be spewing his filth with greater ease. Finally, he is getting kicked off the greatest internet stages.
  9. I mean, that video is comparing meat to fruit. The only comparisons that seem really fair to make between the two are the graphics and performance and there I'd say RDR2 comes out ahead. But RDR2 is basically all nature whereas CP2077 is all city, and I think it is way harder to make a city than to make nature. It is just with how RDR2 performs and looks, it really makes CP77 performance unacceptable. Or at least that is how it seems to me. And I mean, when it comes to actual gamepaly, 77 ain't nothing to write home about, but it is leagues better than RDR2.
  10. It's hack bullshit writing cuz I don't like it and it makes a bad ending even worse. And because that doesn't feel like Sci-Fi. It feels like literal magic. There is no positive aspect to it in the sense that any possible happy ending is immediately ruined with such a concept.
  11. Also, didn't have a single crash, but a good number of times I had to reload to due to bugs. I had more things I would like to say. More of the technical side of the game, but I just can't be bothered to type another pointless wall. Pretty much any critique will prolly mention them anyways.
  12. Also, have any of you played this game: Well, if you have read on. Still endgame spoilers.
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