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  1. One day I'd like to try and beat the two Xenoblade games I haven't beat, but other than that, I really don't have anything else. There are games I am going to be playing and beating, but not until I get tired of FFXIV and WoW once the expansion comes out. But with FFXIV I have about 6-7 games worth of content left to do so I plan on making this my main game and only taking a break for 2077.
  2. Well, Outlaw/Ass Rogue, Fury Warrior, BM Hunter, and, Frost DK, are all pretty basic. Frost Mage and Destro Warlock aren't much better. And yeah, your rotation can change, but it is pretty simple change. You call Demon Hunter brain dead, but I don't consider the specs I listed to be any less brain dead. Especially Fury and Rogue. All of this is said with PvE in mind. Like, I barely get a full hotbar of consistently useful abilities. And the only reason Demon Hunter looks so empty is because it doesn't have like any extra class buttons and I don't have
  3. Maybe, but you really shouldn't be doing that. That is a huge mistake if your goal is to empty the maps of quests. Man, this just... You really shouldn't do alts. And like, you have to start at level one on each job unless they are MCH, DRK, GNB, RDM, DNC, SAM, and I think AST. That just seem like you much a bunch of time into the game that you have effectively thrown away. It takes no time, in the grand scheme of things, to level to 50 with POTD, Roulettes, and dungeons (if you are a tank or healer).
  4. What do you mean by this? The gold quests are generally worthless. Quests just for exp. You don't have to do all the blue quests either. You need to do the crystal tower series, and kinda need to do the Return to Ivalice series. Sure, maybe it would take that long to do the truly optional stuff, but to get to endgame with one class it should only take a month going 1-80 without skipping any story. In two months I got Dragoon, Dark Knight, and SMN to 80 and Dark Knight and Dragoon are both at ilvl 480+ thanks to a kind crafter. I will agree that in the MSQ there are way too many qu
  5. Can't do bozja cuz I haven't done the stupid SB Alliance Raids
  6. I have played XC2. I was somewhere after "unlocking" Mythra. I watch an all bosses video before I posted this and I skipped far enough a head, I think, to reexamine the combat. This (SPOILERS XC2) is the fight I watched. And There are plenty of auto-attacks, and that is the issue. And of these things: Timed press bonuses for basic attacks, elemental combo chains, seals, ‘blade‘ swaps and cancels, animation cancels, break-topple-launch-smash, elemental orbs, health pellets, aren't particularly exciting. Like, you still only have 3 main abilities per blade and you use auto-attacks t
  7. So, I have been playing FFXIV for a few months now and I reached max level not that many days ago. I played back when A Realm Reborn launched and hit max level back then as well, but I never did any of the endgame content. I'm still playing a bit of catch-up, but man, FFXIV is a really great, amazing game. The story is absolutely fantastic with Shadowbringers being the best part. Even when I first played the game I thought it wasn't worthy of being a numbered FF game. It was why I never played XI. But I still thought FFXIV was a good game. Just not something I'd call Final Fantasy. Now, it is
  8. You. Never been in a fight outside of sibling spats and those ended like 15 years ago for me. Prolly everyone here could beat me up.
  9. Pepperoni Pizza from Vocelli. They have a $7.99 14 inch carry out deal.
  10. Yeah, if you're a fucking bitch. Red is overall the best. Sucks to be joker tho. That's why I want a little green mixed in.
  11. Not that I am going to buy the trilogy again anyways, but I saw on reddit that, supposedly, there are going to be significant changes to ME1 to make it more like the other games. I don't like the sound of that. What I really want is for them to retcon the ending and just make a new one. They could keep it mostly the same but combine green and red.
  12. And you'll always be wrong. ME1 is the best ME. Just adding ammo is enough to make the other games worse than the first.
  13. Yeah, the only reason to play this game is if you are a twitch streamer and are getting paid to do so.
  14. Well, in everything but the story, no doubt. I prefer the story of RDR2 over TW3 despite them both being really great in that department. RDR2 has really great graphics and story, but the gameplay is just wack.
  15. Yeah, I almost never read articles when posted, but I did for this. The story doesn't seem like something I'd like just based off of that. Of course, this is early access so things could change, and this is just the start of the story.
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