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  1. OK, so, with a few games, when I alt tab, the screen flicks to black for a second or two, or when I would use my media keys to turn down the screen flicks to black as well. Essentially, leaving the program in anyway or not having that program being "on top" will cause my screen to flick black for second. It almost feels like the the games are being treated like that are in "full screen" when they are in "borderless window". I have this issue with Monster Hunter World and Cyberpunk. Well, I didn't have this issue with MHW until today. I turned on DirectX 12 combability and su
  2. Why is volume rendering so bad? on off So washed out. I read that there are cool atmospheric effects tied to this so I have it on, but my god it is so damn washed out. Also, I have never seen AA option be this bad before. The fuck yo.
  3. The game is literally god of war lite. Not Zelda at fucking all.
  4. DARKSIDERS IS FUCKING NOT LIKE ZELDA. IT IS A FUCKING LIE. There are literally no games out there like the OoT-SS Zelda games. Brutal Legends got close with the first hour of the game but that's it.
  5. they do make flashlight dildo wombo combos
  6. Yes and anyone who gets butthurt about it deserves the displeasure.
  7. Yeah. It is pretty cool when it isn't down. My brother and I use to ride it for fun. But it is also very limited as it is mainly for getting around various campuses. I am also not sure if the AC is always broken or there is no AC. Shit can get hot, yo. Unless you're a student it is nearly useless. Even then, there is no direct stop at WVU. It is still a 10-20 minute walk with a small but constant incline from the nearest station. It has no destination even close to a major shopping hub. Again, basically useless.
  8. I know they are BT, but what I am asking, at least for wireless, what is the best option battery wise. Like, for wireless what do you, the members of D1P, use for batteries assuming you are not using disposables? Or should I just go wired? I am totally fine going wired. It is the most responsive.
  9. Hey, I just got a new controller for my PC. This one to be exact as it was just under 50. I did not pick it for the color, it was just the cheapest one near me that I could get today. I have been rockin a rock candy 360 controller since Dark Souls came out on PC. It still works but the sharp AF analog sticks have always hurt my thumb, and the rubber pads I have on them always slide off and the right right bumper does have a bit of a dead zone. Anyway, what I am wondering for those of you who use an Xbox One / Series X controller, how do you connect it to your PC?
  10. I think my last Haircut was in August.
  11. In the courtroom, the mighty courtroom The Defense rests tonight In the courtroom the quiet courtroom The Defense rests tonight Wee heeheehee weeoh aweem away Wee heeheehee weeoh aweem away idk either
  12. I thought it was all right. I watched it because I watched Split, and then I saw that Glass was coming out so I figured I liked Split and would like to watch Glass so I should also watch Unbreakable. It wasn't bad, but I wanted something more from it.
  13. The whole OK boomer shit was about owning the guy. You are part of the problem. Fucking enabler.
  14. No. Saying boomer is cringe. The OK boomer shit was fucking lame. Same with Karen. People who say it act like they are epically owning people. Like it is some end all be all phrase. It is lame as hell. There was a reddit post yesterday with some old bitty yelling at some guy and the guy ended it all with something like "bye Karen". It was so fucking cringe. The only thing more cringe than that is the people who get offended by getting called a boomer or Karen because it justifies the use of cringe tactics to their troglodyte brain. Also, if you cringe this post you're cringe
  15. No. You sound stupid as hell saying that. I listen to Voice Works when I read tho.
  16. I have been known to get a can of reddi-wip and eat the whole thing in one day. Not on anything. Just straight into my mouth.
  17. I mean, I also own 1 on PC, and have attempted to beat it a few times and I just lose all desire to play it pretty quickly. There is a part where you need to grab a camera and take of picture of a splicer and it is usually around there where I just don't want to continue. The farthest I've ever made it is Arcadia or just a bit after that. Something about the game just makes me not want to play it. I can't exactly say what it is, but even watching a video of the game I am like, yeah, whatever "this" is, this is why I don't want to play the game. Part of it is level design and combat encounter d
  18. Do you mean the thread title? Cuz you can if that is the case. Just click the three dots on the main post and then edit.
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