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  1. I think I’d agree there. Worst one I watched was that Cecil Hotel series on Netflix. I couldn’t believe that got approved, it was just terrible.
  2. Not gonna lie, I’ve liked a lot of true crime stuff in the past and still do, but seems like a lot of Netflix stuff is more designed to be shocking and salacious and I just find that in bad taste. I did find The Innocence Files to be really well done, though. If anyone has watched that.
  3. What a game, what a series! This team has gone above and beyond my expectations this season. I must say, I feel a little bad for the Rays, though.
  4. I go to take care of a load in the dryer and miss 4 runs. Go figure.
  5. Good to know. That's dumb they did that. I was thinking I'll just watch the 2007 movie. Seems like I've heard fans complain about the ending, though I never knew which version they were referring to.
  6. The Last Kingdom is one of my favorite shows of all time. The books are fantastic, too.
  7. Midnight Mass 8/10. Flanagan has another hit. I can’t get this one off my mind since I finished it last night. Probably his bleakest ending that I’ve seen so far. The Valhalla Murders 8/10. Another good Nordic Noir thriller. Pretty sure I’ve found a new genre to dive into. Jesus, Netflix has quite a few of these. I’m stocked for the foreseeable future.
  8. Now starting Skeleton Crew by Stephen King. I wanna see what The Mist is all about and lucky for me, it's the first story. @EternallDarknesshelp me out: what's better, the show or the movie?
  9. Seriously, over 5 hours. Great game, though. And nice to see Chicago showing some life.
  10. That was fucking weird and a huge break for Boston. New rule incoming, I’m sure.
  11. And a quick search will confirm that yeah, it’s Tom Cruise. Bleh.
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