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  1. And I already said, I'm in favor of reintroduction wolves to former territories. It's like you don't read. It's gonna take more than one abstract of an article to show the benefits, though. And even with reintroduction, it's gonna take quite some time.
  2. The Wire is probably my favorite show of all time. Breaking Bad was fantastic. I watched the first two seasons of Transparent, but most of the characters were so unlikable(except the delightful Judith Light), so I gave up and Jeffrey Tambor got himself fired and the show fizzled. And of course, I've seen Game of Thrones, though I'm surprised it didn't actually make the list. I have more mixed feelings on it, but the overall package is quite good.
  3. Yep. To be honest, most people I know buy ARs because of "grrr, gotta buy it before the gubmint takes muh guns" or "this is badass and i'm a 'Merican and it's mah right!" Shit like that. My parents are gun nuts and they own a couple, plus some similar styles of semiautos. Yeah, my dad shoots hogs and coyotes and he's used his AR a couple times for it, but honestly, he's the former. Needless to say, I strayed far away from the political path they tried to put me on.
  4. Human and animal populations are a lot different than they were when wolves existed all across North America. Bringing a bunch in and dumping them off isn't that simple.
  5. Try again. I've already said I'm fine with a ban on the AR. Or at the very least, restricting who can own one. I'm mocking your ignorance on wildlife management.
  6. Serious question, do you think that the indroduction of wolves into their historical range will keep the population of this invasive species in check, along with their other more typical North American prey? You've already shown enough ignorance in this thread, so try for a more reasonable response this time.
  7. Even assuming wolves would hunt feral hogs, you'd need a shit ton of wolves, because hogs breed at such a ridiculous rate. They were never meant to be here.
  8. I dunno what you get from that. I don't wear short shorts, either. I wear Under Armour mid-length women's shorts.
  9. Yeah, I'm not familiar enough with wolves to assume they're gonna kill hogs en mass. Deer are much easier prey for them. And last I knew, people weren't just freely hunting wolves outside of Alaska. I thought they could be culled in local areas where they pose a threat to livestock, but that's about it. I don't know what they're doing now. Paladin just seems to be talking out his ass, from what I can tell. At least he hasn't tried backing up any of his statements.
  10. Oh, definitely. I'm down with a soda tax. Like you said, if it's a burden on you, you're drinking way too much soda.
  11. A surprise! I'm wearing lounge pants, slippers, and a Red Sox t-shirt. Soon as the other half gets home from work, I'll change into a pair of athletic shorts and we're going for a jog.
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