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  1. My parents continue to freely use the N-word, along with a bevy of other racial slurs, but they insist they aren't racist.
  2. We could afford a kid, but we’ve never wanted any. Love our lifestyle and finances being child free. Even before the world got shittier, I’ve just never wanted kids. I remember being a kid and never wanting any for my future. Plus, we’re on track to retire early and comfortably. I don’t wanna mess that up.
  3. Damn, Cubs swept the DH against the Dodgers today. Wtf is happening to LA?
  4. I just watched the first episode. Not bad. I’ll probably watch all of it just for nostalgia’s sake. Yeah, I know it’s not realistic, but whatever.
  5. I’ve seen The Prestige several times, it’s a great movie. I only recall seeing The Illusionist once, but I remember I liked it. I should watch it again sometime.
  6. Started The Burning Girls by CJ Tudor. Early, but it has me quite interested. Also picked back up my nonfiction, the first volume of Eleanor Roosevelt. I hadn't touched it in weeks because I've been reading some great novels, but I need to finish this. I'm into the politics stage of her life now, and that's more interesting, so it should go faster from here.
  7. I've been using lesbian porn pretty much exclusively for quite some time.
  8. Started Control. I picked it up on sale back around Christmas, so why not? I'm running everything maxed, including RT and my 3080 is handling it reasonably well. I'm not dipping below 60 FPS yet. It's...a weird game.
  9. Part nostalgia, part games I missed. I didn’t really play a lot of games during the 8 and 16-but eras. And they’re just a lot of fun.
  10. Just beat Mafia: The Definitive Edition. I never played the original, but had gone through II and III years prior. This one was solid. And good thing I didn't remember much from Mafia II, so I didn't see the ending to the original coming. 2021 games: Assassin's Creed Valhalla (PC) Mafia: The Definitive Edition (PC) Hopefully this year, I play more games. I know I'll be diving into RE VIII on release day.
  11. Yeah, he just buys whatever clamshell case games he comes across for a decent price. They are pretty cool.
  12. Yes, my mom was physically abusive at times. I'm 33 and the latest incident was last November. We have a complicated relationship.
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