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  1. That person may have their game set to the Southern Hemisphere, too. I am sad about the lack of gyroids. And Nintendo items. Maybe they can add them down the line.
  2. I'm pretty sure sharks are primarily in the Summer, so you'll see them later. And who knows what they'll add with DLC down the line.
  3. I still go to work, since I'm in just about the most essential of jobs during this. Work is definitely different now. I don't go out a ton anyway, though I did have to cancel a dinner with a friend we'd planned for a while. Can do my usual online grocery order, since everything is out of stock, so we have to go to a couple different stores in person to get what we need. Can't go the the gym every morning after work as usual. Still been keeping up with my outdoor jogging/walking when the weather permits. Otherwise, I've been at home, reading and playing Animal Crossing, which I'd be doing anyway.
  4. Well, this feels like a gut punch. My husband is getting a 13% pay cut at work. He was actually planning on asking for a significant raise next month because of all the extra work they've put on him since his boss left and was never replaced. Oh, and they're raising insurance premiums by 20%, too. Just a big old fuck you.
  5. Saw a Buzzfeed post about it, so I decided to watch Ever After again for the first time in probably a decade or more. Loved this movie when it came out and watched it many times during middle school and high school. It holds up well. I like the more feminist take on the Cinderella story. Plus, I really liked Drew Barrymore back then. 9/10
  6. Seriously, fuck this fucking piece of shit, I wish he would die. Reading this, I am so pissed right now. Just die, you sorry sack of refuse. Was talking about this with my boss the other morning on the dl. She even said she wishes he’d get the virus and croak.
  7. I finally caught three of the fuckers last night. I see then plenty, I’ve just always gotten bit. 8000 bells per spider, baby.
  8. Thanks, Asa. He's a republican and I'm generally not fond of him, but he's not a complete shit stain. We certainly deserve some incentives right now. https://www.thv11.com/article/money/gov-hutchinson-announces-additonal-financial-support-for-nurses-during-covid-19-pandemic/91-7af11a6e-7344-48e8-b113-1cafb8caf87e?fbclid=IwAR3wp3DMbZY9UB9TV0_kGXK7h_-AbNY4xCekkS6NAY4jYmOtiCYzCSpfPpo
  9. My residential center is closed today for an upgrade and I've got over 300k bells sitting around waiting to pay off my most recent house upgrade.
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