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  1. I watched both movies for the first time last month. I don’t know how I missed out when I was a kid. They were pretty fun.
  2. I got to England last night. Ready to play more this weekend. It’s playing reasonably well on my PC. I updated my drivers and that helped a ton. I’m downscaling you 1080p for a better frame rate, so it’s not ideal, but it’s playable. Really want a new GPU.
  3. That’s super kind of you, but you really don’t have to. But if you’re feeling the giving spirit, I’ve been contemplating buying Metro Exodus or the Mafia remake on Steam during this sale or the holiday sale. But I don’t wanna sound like a beggar, so don’t feel you need to.
  4. Not all patients are bad, but the bad ones are the ones you remember the most. But, yeah, overall most people are dumb and shitty.
  5. Sometimes, but I’m definitely feeling the burnout after 10 years of med-surg. I think I need to try cardiac. I get so many shitty, abusive, stupid patients. People just do not like to show appreciation. I lost a patient a couple weeks ago. Should have gone straight to critical care but they sent her to us. 45 year old who injected meth in her breast and went septic. Hands and feet purple. Couldn’t get a line in her and spent an hour trying to while she screamed and cursed and puked on us. What a way to spend your final hours of life. Had a 50 year old the last couple nig
  6. I’ll put up my tree this weekend. It’s not a big tree or anything and I put mostly Peanuts and video game ornaments on it. I have a few small trinkets I display on my fireplace mantle and I’m pretty excited this year because my friend from work made me a Christmas wreath and I should be getting it in a few days. She’s already done a Halloween and a Red Sox wreath for me.
  7. It's been years since I read a James Patterson book. I got burned out. I will always have a fondness for The Jester, though. Man, I'm at 84 books completed on the year. My previous record was 70 last year. Obama's memoir is instantly addictive, but I know it'll take me a bit to read it. I'm gonna start Warriors of the Storm by Bernard Cornwell for my next fiction. Really want to get through this series and read some of his other books.
  8. I dunno. I've never known her to be particularly political and like I said, she always watched CNN and ABC before.
  9. I saw his mom on Tucker last Thursday when I visited my Mamaw. She used to watch CNN. While I was there I saw her with Fox and Newsmax on.
  10. Reading Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys. Also going to start A Promised Land by Barack Obama. Really been looking forward to the first of his memoirs.
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