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  1. CastlevaniaNut18

    MLB The Mariners

    Pretty good All Star game.
  2. CastlevaniaNut18

    MLB The Mariners

    Won't be sad to see Manny go. I really don't like the guy.
  3. CastlevaniaNut18

    Nintendo Octopath Traveler

    I didn't play it much, it's still on my shelf. I contemplated getting the Switch version when it comes out, but it's $60.
  4. CastlevaniaNut18

    Nintendo Octopath Traveler

    It is, but I do recall that much. Plus, I had a weird habit of keeping receipts for my games back in the day, so with 90 DS games on my shelf, it didn't take long to find some.
  5. CastlevaniaNut18

    Nintendo Octopath Traveler

    Yeah, $40 was the max for a DS game and that was pretty much just Square. I recall The World Ends With You being $40, which was a shocker for me at that time. But it was really only Square and a few games at that and $40 was the max.
  6. CastlevaniaNut18

    Nintendo Octopath Traveler

    You are absolutely wrong. We're talking about DS, not 3DS.
  7. CastlevaniaNut18

    Nintendo Octopath Traveler

    I remember a few Square titles being $40, but that's all. Don't think Nintendo priced their titles at $40.
  8. CastlevaniaNut18

    Nintendo Octopath Traveler

    Not even that much. DS games were typically $30 new, if I recall. Edit: Maybe $35, I'm having trouble remembering.
  9. CastlevaniaNut18

    Books D1P, What Are You Reading?

    With the Old Breed, by E. B. Sledge. It's his memoir on the battles of Peleliu and Okinawa. One of the greatest personal accounts to come out of the Pacific Theatre.
  10. CastlevaniaNut18

    Nintendo Octopath Traveler

    You missed out on a great game.
  11. I bought it when it released.
  12. CastlevaniaNut18

    ~The 2018 midterms/special elections thread~

    Kinda related, but I was talking to a patent's 71 year old daughter who now lives in Austin, TX. I normally make it a rule that I don't talk politics with patients, but i came out the woman hates Trump with a passion. She referred to herself as a radical who wore the pink hat in the Women's March, has an "Impeach Trump" sign on her front door, has gone to the immigrant detention centers to protest, and is super excited about Beto. She said she and her husband have been doing canvassing for him and she would have been out there this week, if not for her mother, who is now dying(it's expected, they're coping well). Just pretty cool to see an older person from around here with those views. Maybe I should move to Austin one of these days...
  13. CastlevaniaNut18

    Retro Games Pickup

    Woot, woot, got it! Now I need the Genesis version, since they're different games.
  14. CastlevaniaNut18

    What beer or liquor have you drank recently

    Love frog legs. Southern food is really the best. It's one the the few things we can be proud of.
  15. CastlevaniaNut18

    MLB The Mariners