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  1. Been reading Where All Light Tends to Go by David Joy. He’s a really great southern noir writer. Going to start The Kid: The Immortal Life of Ted Williams by Ben Bradlee Jr for my next nonfiction.
  2. Enjoyed Tom Gordon. Still working on The Splendid and the Vile, it's excellent. And started on a WWII fiction, Daughter of the Reich by Louise Fein. I'm at 50 books complete on the year.
  3. Yeah, I'm thinking Romancing Saga will be the first one I play.
  4. Watched The Green Mile for the first time tonight. Somehow skipped this one for years. I read the book a couple months ago, so it was time. Husband and I really liked it and I liked how it was faithful to the book. 9/10
  5. Actual trip was Chicago in 2018. Of course, I've taken time off work since then. We're going to Maine in September, though.
  6. Husband gave me my birthday present early. T'was a surprise and a good one.
  7. I played both these games on PS2 back in the day because I didn't know any better. And I was in high school and that was all I had. I still really liked them, though.
  8. That’s a really good starting rotation of games.
  9. It’s good so far. I’ve always liked lost in the wilderness, survival stories. Plus, Red Sox! I liked Salem’s Lot. Read it a few years ago, when I was picking SK back up as an adult.
  10. More Dragon Quest VIII. Almost 40 hours in and I’m still having a lot of fun. I need to try out Skyward Sword HD tonight, too.
  11. One can never go wrong with some good jerky.
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