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  1. I’ve got nothing. Not interested in a PS5 until sometime next year, never interested in an Xbox, and the 3080 is proving impossible to obtain. So I’ll just stick with what I have, which is a substantial backlog, for now.
  2. What would you base it on? Are medical decisions not part of privacy rights? And what does it matter now anyway?
  3. It sounds like he’s just more of a devout catholic who eschews family planning. Not sure there’s a huge difference, though.
  4. Doing a quick search, the concept has been around for a long time, but the actual movement seems to have taken off in the late 70s/early 80s? I only heard of it when the Duggar family became prominent.
  5. My civics and AP government teacher in high school informed us how she stopped using BC because she found out it was basically abortion. She also kept a little sign on her desk that said marriage = one man + one woman. This was the education I got in the early 2000s. Ugh.
  6. It does me too, then I remember Griswold v Connecticut was after the birth of my parents. It then took another seven years for the court to give the green light for unmarried people to use birth control. We are not that far removed from basic rights being granted and there are still plenty of people out there who want to control women’s bodies.
  7. I can’t even muster enough snark to joke about skillz being completely wrong. I knew it was almost certain to happen, but the final nail in the coffin really hurts. I can’t be optimistic now. Maybe if November goes well, I might regain a little hope. But now, I’m depressed as fuck.
  8. Romney just came out in favor of confirming a justice this year. So much for my bodily autonomy.
  9. Challenger: The Final Flight 4 episode docuseries on Netflix. Really informative and well done. Heartbreaking, especially when it focuses on the teacher, Krista McAuliffe. It happened a year before I was born, but it’s one of those events that those who were alive to witness it never forgot. The incompetence is infuriating.
  10. I don’t want to think they’ll roll back contraception access any more than they already have, but I don’t feel completely safe. Because, yeah, I recall reading the dissent in Lawrence. Yikes.
  11. Fair. I mean, he did try to play a gotcha on me once because I’m apparently a hypocrite for being pro-choice but believe childhood vaccines should be mandatory. He failed miserably with that one, but between that and a few other posts, I took it that he’s pretty anti-choice.
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