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  1. It seemed to come out of nowhere. Husband has been playing it obsessively with a group of his friends for the past couple weeks.
  2. I like Greatoneshere, even if he can be wordy and a bit pretentious at times. But we’ve already discussed that.
  3. Varies. My new medication is giving me some constipation so it’s been a bit irregular. Had to start on a fiber supplement. But I probably average once a day. It’s not unusual for me to go 2-3 days without then go 2-3 times in a day.
  4. I grew up in a home without a dishwasher and the dishes were always my chore to do. I hated it. I cook, so the husband gets to wash. We hand wash all pots and pans.
  5. 86. I’ve always a a resting HR on the higher side.
  6. Not often enough. I’m overdue. Probably every 2 months because I forget. They do grow pretty slow, though. I sit on the side of the bathtub and rinse them down when I’m done.
  7. Yeah, that's the one. I see them all the time at my local Walmart. They are neat looking. Just sort of pointless for me.
  8. I kinda want the Ninja Turtles arcade mini they have out. It's really pointless, since I have both TMNT arcade PCBs, but the cabs are cool looking, dammit.
  9. I do like the less bloated feeling of Valhalla. While I enjoyed some of the side stories in Odyssey, there was a lot of it there. I enjoy a lot of these little world event in Valhalla, some of them have made me bust out laughing. I wouldn't mind a few side stories of consequence, though. Overall, I'm just really enjoying Valhalla. It's the setting that does it for me. I love the Middle Ages, especially England.
  10. Yeah, I cannot in good conscience anymore, support this crap. I'll always love HP, but these shitheads aren't getting anymore of my money. I want the rest of the illustrated editions of HP, but I'll just buy them secondhand off eBay.
  11. I sleep in PJs, so, no, my dirty genitals ain't rubbing on my sheets. And I'm usually not dirty when I go to bed. I shower or at the very least, wash up after work and my off days, I tend not to shower until the evening, since I'm still sleeping late. So I'm getting my exercise done earlier in the day and after I shower, I'm usually just chilling around the house.
  12. I don’t wash my sheets as often as I should. Gotta do better. I do laundry once a week. Four loads, usually. My scrubs, his clothes, my clothes, whites. Towels are usually done every other week.
  13. If I recall, I started IGN in 2005. Left not long after this place started. So yeah. Definitely longer.
  14. I absolutely adore my lit teacher from CC. I still keep in touch with her and talk books and politics. She's also quirky as hell, too, which is fun. I had some really good instructors there, overall. It was a fantastic experience.
  15. Gotcha. I mean, it certainly varies with each individual situation. I lived about 10 minutes from the CC I initially attended, 35 from the university I went to later. I also stayed with my aunt the night before my clinicals, which saved on gas, since she lived in the same city. but I do think we agree on most of the overall points here.
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