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  1. Days Gone is great example of a game that had a lot of performance issues but I really liked it anyway. Hoping to start this game t tonight. Been visiting my family so I haven't had a chance to boot it up yet.
  2. I just wish they'd make the screen on the watch more durable without having to pay hundreds of dollars more for the stainless steel case. That's bullshit. Both my watches have scratched so easily and I'm not even hard on them.
  3. Having already seen both, they really don't. I have those and those were the versions I'd originally intended to play before I found out the SFC versions had fan translations. I also have all the NES games, but I'm never going to play those versions, either.
  4. Yeah, but they're the mobile versions and that art style is blah to me. Leaning toward passing on this and playing them on SFC like I'd originally planned.
  5. It's amazing there are people who view Shapiro as an intellectual.
  6. I'm glad we have a few professional grade CRTs for our retro stuff at least. Simply heavenly to look at.
  7. Farting in a doctor's face? A chef leaves a fish head in the freezer for cooking later and it's a Mafia threat? That's some fucking gold there. I don't know if the guy is a sexual predator and I've never followed his escapades over the years, but he seems like a giant piece of shit at the very least. I wish NE hadn't signed him.
  8. Over halfway through Wars of the Roses, this is better than Game of Thrones. These history-based shows don't need to add fiction to make it interesting. The real thing is interesting enough. For fiction, I'm reading Salvage the Bones by Jesmyn Ward. I've had it a while, tried to start it a year or so ago, but didn't get far. But I liked another book of hers I read, so I'm giving this a go and I'm succeeding this time.
  9. More AC Odyssey this weekend. 47 hours in and it's still fun. I've got no telling how much more to go, though.
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