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  1. Keyser_Soze


    Hey, I never said I liked the song.
  2. I don't think so. However, your battery will run out of juice if you don't run your car every so often, that is the bigger concern.
  3. The funny thing two weeks ago when this hit work the guy I worked with said that day he was going to go home and fuel up both of his cars and call it a day. But if he waited till today he would have paid like 50 cents less per gallon I still have half a tank.
  4. The Vietnamese song is better than that one. It's like they didn't even try.
  5. Actually to be honest if we go by the original I would say it's not very "anime" it's a futuristic setting (not that that's not anime but in this case it's not that anime) you play as some rebels taking down a corporation. I'd say it's probably mostly a compelling story. I'd say maybe chocobos are anime to you, or moogles or something. I dunno. They even tuned down Tifas boobs so that is less anime. But these changes might ramp up the anime. Who knows? You're getting it!
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