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  1. It would take too much work. He just needs to come back here like last time and make it easy for me.
  2. I mean stuff like creating paths and moving things around outside. Painting a path looks a lot easier than putting it down one at a time controlling your character.
  3. Rolling Stones drop ‘insensitive’ Brown Sugar song from US tour setlist | The Rolling Stones | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM 1971 hit condemned by critics as ‘prime example of entitlement’ but Mick Jagger says it could return
  4. I have no interest in the DLC as I'm not super into the design aspect of the game. It being included with the Online Expansion pack would make me play it. It being $50 / $80 is not a price I'd be interested in paying. So I'll probably never play that DLC (Actually I'm on a family plan so it depends on my "father" 🤫 )
  5. Maybe Epic will accept them with open arms.
  6. No specific order then makes a numbered list. Makes sense
  7. My thoughts are, they finally included everything they left out of the 3DS version (except the campsite). There are some QOL things. Not super interested in the DLC but I wish you could use the editor in the DLC in the main game.
  8. Cliffs notes The Roost Invite characters with Amiibo Drink with real people Kapp'n Boat tours Harv's Island - Will have shops from all people who visit island normally Katrina Group stretching (Can use motion controls or button controls) Island ordinances More home exterior options More storage expansions up to 5,000 New nook miles stuff Cooking DIY (Including vegetable growing) Ceiling decor / Accent walls Can have 10 bridges and inclines now More fences Camera app improved Can wear patterns New Hairstyles New Reactions Island Life 101 Outside storage shed Outside ABD 12 more K.K. Slider songs Gyroids New shop items Permanent ladders Tight room navigation Residents will visit or invite you over Can go to work Happy Home Paradise paid DLC, make vacation homes for characters. $24.99 (Included with Nintendo Online Expansion Pack)
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