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  1. They're still around? I probably haven't ordered anything from them in like 10+ years.
  2. I figured with games starting on Saturday (Florida vs Miami), now would be as good a time as ever to start up the ol' college thread.
  3. I'm shocked that Skillz added punctuation after an emoticon. SHOCKED
  4. I was content in letting this thread die a silent death but this series was just so wild I had to post it. If you only watch one thing from the international, make it this thing. Only 8 teams left as of today, finals on Saturday!
  5. Until the recent 3 movies (actually haven't seen Far from Home) I had only seen the first two movies and I hated them then and probably still hate them now (I haven't seen them recently but the CG was shit even by 2002 standards) Then I gave up on them till Homecoming which was the best spider man movie until into the spider-verse came out which took the crown back!
  6. Feels good when you poop so much you sweat.
  7. I’d be down if there was some confirmation that he’d be able to accept the money.
  8. Have you been shot by a cop yet?
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