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  1. But don't consider pre-ordering Monster Hunter Stories 2? Come on @GameDadGrant you be slippin'
  2. Also fat guys don't have a lot to show in the penis department so that could also be a contributing factor.
  3. You now when these guys started fighting the last thing on their mind was that they would become the butt of your jokes. But they really made an ass of themselves in the end.
  4. Everyone ITT buy every game posted and gift it to @Remarkableriots
  5. BloodyHell doesn't post at this board
  6. My Girlfriend is an Agent / 7th Level Civil Servant: 8/10 - I've seen this movie 3 times and it's good times every time. Although, the more I watch Korean stuff the more I recognize other actors I've seen in other shows / movies. Like the main guy in this, Kang Ji-hwan, was in another show I watched which I quite enjoyed (Feel Good to Die). Unfortunately it sounds like he sexually assaulted 2 women last year at his home and how is in prison for 2 years. YIKES! @thewhyteboar
  7. I'd also recommend Yes, Your Grace - It's on game pass but people don't seem to care. Buy it you fucks! Save 25% on Yes, Your Grace on Steam STORE.STEAMPOWERED.COM These are troubling times, Your Grace. The petitioners’ petty matters exceed our limited resources, to say nothing of the war. A careful balance must be struck. Your throne awaits.
  8. Save 40% on Timelie on Steam STORE.STEAMPOWERED.COM Control time like a media player and work with a mysterious cat as you solve puzzles and uncover the secrets of a strange, surreal world. Sneak, solve, and escape…together.
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