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  1. Damn, a 2080ti going for 3k! If only I had a new card to replace it with
  2. I see how the Chargers had one of the "best drafts" but then I say, well it's still the Chargers, they'll fuck it up.
  3. Where I live they don't use school buses (well not many of them). Back in the day when I got off work tons of kids would be coming home on the public transpiration bus. There aren't many rapist murders on the bus generally, either it's homeless folks or people going to work / school. Personally when I went to school I'd just walk home which was like 3ish miles
  4. I was on this 2 months ago. Should be referred to as "Thread of massive disappointment"
  5. Did you turn off the controller look acceleration? (Did you use a controller?) because turn this off and the game feels a lot better. But if you just didn't like the combat at all it probably won't change your mind.
  6. Yeah, unfortunately the Bay Area is not known for good Mexican food. I mean there are some decent looking places (like those places on Man vs Food in the Mission District or San Jose) but I haven't been to those places. I can't remember if I had some burritos when I was in Berkeley. It's been a minute and if I can't remember it probably was not memorable.
  7. You mean like a burrito from the Chipotle restaurant? It's carne asada, cheese, french fries and sour cream (or/and guacamole) including salsa fresca depending on where you go.
  8. Only asking because it seems like other than Southern California the idea of a California Burrito is often laughed at.
  9. Are you sure it's the Joycon drift that is making Fenyx Rising unbearable and not the game itself?
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