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    General Gaming What are you playing today?

    Hmmm interesting. Didn't know it was like this. This might actually get me to play it more if I can do it in bite sized chunks. I am playing with the @SFLUFAN recommended mandatory Russian voices. Only problem is the NPC characters aren't subtitled.
  2. Yeah but you're drawn to it cuz Falcons colors.
  3. Keyser_Soze

    General Gaming What are you playing today?

    I started playing Metro 2033 ReDucks. Is the whole game segmented into small little chapter parts like this or does the game open up later? @SFLUFAN
  4. Half of us would get banned within a week there.
  5. Well I agree that NOW it's probably a good call for it to be multiplayer only. But COD is basically the game that forced BF's hand to make a single player story.
  6. Keyser_Soze

    Post ITT if cannabis is legal in your country

    You're Australian or something.
  7. My job is basically exercise so I'm good I guess.
  8. No such thing in California, after it rains the chaparral basically grows then dries out and it's all over the place. There are defensive fires and preventive measures but if a fire breaks out it's basically like lighting a match in a room full of natural gas.
  9. After using an office chair that I thought was nice but it had like a faux leather skin that started falling off I've been considering one of these as well. Also looking at one of those Maxnmic ones since you can get a non ugly one. $400 seems kinda pricey, being the biggest turn off for me.