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  1. I bumped the OT is why, and you didn't look for it. (it was posted in July of last year)
  2. Street Fighter V update makes it impossible for blind people to play | PC Gamer WWW.PCGAMER.COM A simple sound switch has made the game unplayable for a chunk of the game's audience.
  3. Praying very hard right now
  4. How about outside under a canopy with some space heaters then? Wimps!
  5. I only set one alarm. Well I set two but they are for the same time and I've had this clock radio since I was young so I just like having that clock radio go off.
  6. Best gaming keyboard – the top boards in 2021 | PCGamesN WWW.PCGAMESN.COM We’ve tested all the top gaming keyboards around with the conclusion that yes, mechanical keyboards are just the best – obviously (For anyone else looking, this article just popped up)
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