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  1. I was originally trolling but I love you two too much to keep it up 💕 (Still, The Host did nothing for me though )
  2. Oh he's the guy who did the host. I guess I'll pass on Parasite then!
  3. The world will be better off when all Dead Heads are 6ft red?
  4. Probably something robot related, like Drones or something.
  5. I really dislike how Aikman equates length of time in the league to talent. To him Matt Moore is a 12 year vet so he should be good. But he is okay at best and if he was really any good he'd be a starter.
  6. Fanatical has this for 27% off ($29.19) if anyone is interested.
  7. The instrumental version is out now! https://illyria.bandcamp.com/album/the-carpathian-summit-instrumental-edition @Emblazon
  8. Gonna be a lot of scoring in this game, at least judging from the first two possessions.
  9. Well I see most people caring about Rams if there is caring. Chargers might as well not exist.
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