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  1. Keyser_Soze

    Millennials Are Killing Sex and Drugs!

    Anyone who is younger than I am is a millennial, that’s the rule.
  2. Keyser_Soze

    Millennials Are Killing Sex and Drugs!

    Fucking bastard millenials.
  3. 3) They have infinite copies of this game. The best reason to pre-order anything is if there is limited stock you you won't get a copy.
  4. Keyser_Soze

    eSports The International 2018 (August 15 - 25)

    Here are the standings after day 2 The thing that stands out to me after 2 days is the strength of the North American teams. I always thought VGJ Storm would be good but what's surprising is that EG is looking good, they've looked bad all year. Not quite sure I'm ready to drink the kool aid yet but they are looking good. Kinda feel bad for W33 on Pain Gaming, he's basically carrying the team. It's too bad he can't be on a better team. I wish Winstrike was doing better. That's about it for now, you can all go back to ignoring this thread.
  5. Not going to go into it again but the first is one of my favorite in the series.
  6. I was gonna make a thread about this but couldn't find a good video on it.
  7. I'll one up you. I haven't purchased an Assassin's Creed game past Black Flag. I do have Unity and the other one but they came free with my Xbone (pretty sure.)
  8. I'm rocking the charge blade and liking it.
  9. Keyser_Soze

    NFL ***[ Official NFL Offseason Thread ]***

    He did a hot take on a bunch of QBs but he seems right from what other people are saying about Allen.