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  1. You successfully copied open world and applied it to Zelda. Have a promotion!
  2. To bed or sumthin’ I dunno 🤷🏼‍♀️
  3. I’m glad to see YOU back!
  4. And I remember your amazing hot take of EA will never kill off Bioware because they are so profitable (in regards to that PapEA image) And the guillotine is coming soon...
  5. I'm only familiar with the characters. I've never played one.
  6. I knew it was out because of those endless promos during the NBA Finals.
  7. He's lived as Tony Stark for over a Decade, he knows nothing else.
  8. I have nothing to celebrate today. No dad, no kids.
  9. The day this becomes the main way to play games is going to be way after the d1p reboot 2.0.
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