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  1. Second episode PS - You don't even have to know about DOTA and you will enjoy this show (did I do it right?)
  2. @Greatoneshere Also it looks like they finally released the Heaven's Lost Property movie. If you recall I noted this last year when I went through the series. So this is good news. 🤔 Heaven's Lost Property Final - The Movie: Eternally My Master - Movie - BD/DVD+Fun Digital | Funimation SHOP.FUNIMATION.COM Beautiful and otherworldly Ikaros’ connection with Tomoki is deeper than she originally thought. Now she’s starting to feel empty and confused—with new emotions that she’s had little experience with. How will she pick up the pieces after what comes next?
  3. Sounds like they'll make the HDR version available next month. If you bought the non HDR version they'll replace it AKIRA 4K Ultra HD: HDR Disc Replacement How-To BLOG.FUNIMATION.COM The highly anticipated AKIRA 4K, featuring the film in 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray and SDR is out now, but we know you want the highest-quality format possible.
  4. I tried the milk angle but no one cared. (Also it was an obscure reference so no one got it probably)
  5. Drinking a glass of milk in addition to a bowl of cereal (with milk) is the new hot debate
  6. Yeah there are some weird people who refuse to upgrade then always whine when there is no Windows 7 support for the game.
  7. @GreatoneshereI feel like maybe I should have gone for your strat and caught up on the first book. The show really hits the ground running taking off where it left off. No flashbacks or recaps or anything. I think this was only sort of an issue for a couple of subtleties at the beginning. About halfway through it focuses on the major thing you remember (or should remember) and it's not much of an issue. Also like I speculated Only watched the first episode, not bad, and is certainly setting up some shit to happen very soon.
  8. Viki subs are pretty cheap in comparison to other services. $5 a month or $50 up front for a year. Sometimes they even have sales on subscriptions as well. There are also a handful of shows you can watch free (with commercials)
  9. The best combination is Viki and Netflix because that's what I have and I'm the best.
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