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  1. I think @sblfilms is the only person who still plays this but pretty interesting changes in any case!
  2. Could be based on this study that women have 10 trillion dollars in unpaid work https://www.image.ie/life/womens-unpaid-work-worth-10-8-trillion-year-three-times-global-tech-sector-oxfam-report-173235
  3. My team left town and I don't have one. What's your excuse? Also it's not like every pick was an Eagles pick.
  4. Well it certainly looks better than it could have looked. They cleaned up the poop! (PS Don't even try to look at Mighty No. 9)
  5. You should still get game pass doe, for your amazing PC you have.
  6. Why does it have to be more than 4 teams? Money is money! Also, kinda bummed I picked Mostert a week early.
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