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  1. I have no idea what I would get if I won, but thank you nonetheless.
  2. I'm hoping that Apple will give an iPhone a 90/120hz screen sooner or later. MKBHD has continually stated that its one of his favorite things about phone that have it (I think Razer has it too).
  3. I actually did a "your mom" joke to my friend after his mom had died a year or two prior. I did indeed feel like POS He just kind of shrugged it off and laughed, I still cringe about it every once in awhile.
  4. Yeah I mean it'll run. Probably going to be low-medium settings and 30-60fps, but it'll run. However since it probably won't be as demanding as current WoW you'll probably be medium settings with the same fps I'd guess.
  5. What are your specs because I ran modern WoW on my surface pro 5 decently well for the specs I have
  6. Not really interested in it for that price. I can't see the games really being worth it either, but who knows.
  7. While I was living with my parents I was working about 30 hours. I regularly took Wednesday's off because it was overlap day between front half and back half (I work 4-10's). Now that I'm living elsewhere I usually tough it out on Wednesday even though its incredibly boring at work.
  8. I've heard Aphex Twin dropped around some discussions of The Flashbulb. Every time he pops up I try to find a song of his I like, but just never get into it. Maybe I'm just looking up the wrong songs. Can someone recommend me an album to start with?
  9. Haven’t setup my computer at my new place. It’s kind of weird I actually like powering through single player games. 10 or so hours into God of War.
  10. They have a bagel bacon burger in London that is freaking delicious. Funny part is that it’s marketed as a “American” burger that isn’t available in the states. Also McDonalds seems to be better everywhere else in the world than in the states. Japan always had the best fries whenever I went there and my burger didn’t look like absolute garbage.
  11. He has had visions of the future before, but its not something he controls
  12. I still oddly never had any issues with the PC version, none that I noticed at least. Though I'd still recommend installing the FAR mod.
  13. By far one of my favorite games of the past couple years. Hacking segments are always fun and the 8/16? bit "remix" of the music is an awesome little twist on those segments.
  14. I wasn't using it as evidence to support otherwise. Just providing the correct information. Sorry if it came of as douchy, it wasn't intended that way.
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