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  1. God of War - I've started and stopped this so many times Jedi Fallen Order - Played a couple hours at most Kingdom Hearts 3 - I'm super close to the end. The series just doesn't hold the same charm it use to as a kid/teen. Shadow of the Colossus - I'm near halfway FFXV - Once I heard there was going to be a ton of story DLC after I immediately put the game down. Its been on the backburner ever since. Witcher 3 - Just too big to handle. Alien Isolation That's all I can think of off the top of my head
  2. Cool. The argument wasn't which has more depth. I was saying the FFXIV isn't doing anything drastically different than WoW. You have a few more buttons to push and WoW doesn't boil down push buttons until big attack is ready.
  3. Frost DK's have been openly mocked for how simple it is since WotLK. Though for the most part Unholy has output more DPS in most expansions. I haven't played Hunter since Vanilla - WotLK, Never gotten past just leveling a Warrior/Rogue so I can't say much about them. Havoc Demon Hunter has one rotation, regardless of situation this is it. It has a total of 7 buttons. Immolation Aura > Fel Rush > Eye Beam > Death Sweep > Metamorphosis > Death Sweep > Eye Beam > Metamorphosis > Immolation Aura > Eye Beam > Chaos Strike/Annihilation > Demon's Bite
  4. I mean yes, but no. Sure some of the brain dead classes like Havoc Demon Hunter are just a basic rotation in every situation, but when you get into some of the more complicated classes it very much becomes situational and you're rotation can change constantly given the dungeon/raid. I honestly didn't feel FFXIV was anything to write home about combat wise. Tera is something I wish had gotten more attention or at least its combat because that game was downright fun to play. I actually felt like my character was doing something other than stand in one place and push buttons.
  5. Torchlight III Critic Reviews OPENCRITIC.COM Torchlight III has been reviewed by 12 critics and currently has a 'Fair' rating. Read and browse them all to learn what the top critics in the video game industry are saying. Looks like its still pretty middle of the road.
  6. I guess this just seems weird to me. Remastering for the 4K release and then another 1080p remaster the next year?
  7. Crossplay is in the works along with a custom games browser, which is what I’m really excited for. Tour de Walsh, midship, 1 hour ffa, yes please.
  8. BestBuy still up for anyone looking.
  9. "Not available on other consoles for a limited time. Also available on PC" - from the end of the gameplay trailer
  10. Its a ton of fun at the start. Once I had to start googling how to complete puzzles or took 30+ minutes it kept me from coming back
  11. According to the wiki it’s 6-9 cm per second and could be set by the user. Apparently they have to let atmospheric gasses through the shield otherwise the user would suffocate.
  12. As happy as I am for this mod, it makes me sad that so much of the original was lost.
  13. While Cel Shaded graphics usually do hold up better over time, its not like they don't benefit from updates. Granted Wind Waker was a much older game, but its upgrade was pretty large. I don't see why PoP couldn't benefit from the same upgrade.
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