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  1. I somehow lucked out and beat the first 2 bosses on my first attempt. Now I can't even make it to the boss anymore, the gold doors have near impossible challenges for me, its where most of my runs die.
  2. Yeah mine showed 8PM MST, but as far as I knew it was unlocking at 10PM
  3. They are valid complaints. I think reviewers really hit the nail on the head with that despite the changes that were made to combat and the graphical overhaul it still is very much a game of its time. They definitely could have cut a lot of the fetch quests out and vastly speed up the fishing and farming. After I finished the first fishing quest and I was asked to catch 10 more fish I noped out of that quest. I do agree with Greatoneshere though in that Automata is on a completely different level than Replicant.
  4. Most of Makoto Shinkai's movies are really beautiful. Children Who Chase Lost Voices and The Place Promised in Our Early Days are also really good. Garden of Words is really good, but a very contained(?) experience compared to the others.
  5. From the couple reviews I read, the game shows its age with outdated fetch quests and things like that, fun gameplay, and most reviewers are upset about an achievement that emulates looking up 2B's skirt, but with Kaine.
  6. I finally, after 2,700 deaths, beat the final chapter in Celeste. Literally had more deaths in that chapter than all of the main story and b-sides. Probably won’t attempt c-sides. Great game though. 5/5
  7. Last time I saw Okami and Darksiders get recommended I bought them. I played less than a couple hours of Okami and I didn't get more than 30 minutes into Darksiders.
  8. Its hard to say. Still just a small nitpick in a great game. I haven't beaten Prime since near its release and I've played SM too many times to remember how cryptic anything was my first couple times playing it. It could have just been the fact that I started looking on the wrong half of the map for one of the two items I needed to get to the final dreamer. Maybe I didn't pick up on some subtle hints on where I should have been going.
  9. I can tell you without a doubt that Hellbound did not impress me at all if any of you were considering it.
  10. I know it comes with the territory, but there is a point where every prominent feature of the genre can go too far. Hollow Knight rides that line for better or worse when it comes to exploration. The warp points definitely do not help the situation much. I know it sounds like I'm complaining a lot, but I really did enjoy the game, but I felt like me having to either backtrack a huge map with little to guidance on the next step or pull out google is just a bad design choice. It held the game back for me from being a 9-10/10 and I hated the game the first 2 times I tried to play it.
  11. The thing for me was that the developers wanted to focus on exploration. They wanted you to get immersed into the world and get lost in exploring, unlock a new ability, see where you can get to now. The problem is you end up back tracking a lot of areas which feels more like a drag than anything. I also had the issue near the end game that I had absolutely no idea how to get to one of the dreamers. I opened up the map looked at areas I hadn't been yet and started going to them one by one. I've already unlocked so much of the map that it was incredibly annoying, I ended up just googling what I
  12. Admittedly this is still early access, but needs to be included
  13. 1 is amazing. I never finished 2 or 3 however. I own the Trilogy for the Wii, but I'd really like an updated version like what they are doing with Skyward Sword as I doubt I'll dig out my Wii, GC, or emulate to play them.
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