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  1. I’ve played such a level already, please don’t. They set up a switch every other step with blocks in between so that you have to hit every single switch and did 3 levels of it.
  2. I have made a total of 0 maps. I do have WR on quite a few maps I played during endless.
  3. When I was in my parents basement I would so my cat could freely walk in and out of my room since he would sleep with me most nights. Now that I am in an apartment with a co-worker without my cat I keep it closed
  4. Newegg technically has them, just have to wait 1-2 weeks for it to ship.
  5. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07SXMZLP9?creativeASIN=B07SXMZLP9&linkCode=w61&imprToken=ejs7S3o2shiYJNTLdvj4MQ&slotNum=0&tag=wepcus-20 Been unavailable for as long as I've seen it up.
  6. Machine Gun Kelly - Hotel Diablo 7/10 (I linked my favorite songs) I typically don't like 75% of MGK's albums. Its usually two, maybe three songs stand out, this album is the exception though. It's like all of MGK's different rap styles mixed into one album and most of the songs just happen to be solid songs. Hollywood Whore could 100% be a Linkin Park song. Definitely got that Nu-Metal feeling to it and MGK actually pulls it off really well. I would love to see him continue with this style as I haven't heard it a bunch from him. Its most likely the standout song from the album and it probably contests for favorite song on the album. El Diablo, Floor 13, and Roulette are all "hard" MGK. El Diablo being the standout, its got a sick beat with a fast flow. Roulette and Floor 13 just don't feel as polished in almost ever way. Floor 13 is a little more dynamic and mixes up the beat, both songs just don't feel as polished as El Diablo. Glass House, Death In My Pocket, and 5:3666 are MGK's depressed side, talking about the struggles of life, being famous, his depression. Some hit harder than others, but Glass House hits me the hardest with his lyrics. Death In My Pocket is a close second though. 5:3666 just doesn't have a good hook and that's what holds it back, but its still a solid song. Candy, Wasted Love, Burning Memories, and I Think I'm Okay are MGK's pop/drug side. These are my least favorite songs on the album. I've never really liked his pop stuff all that much with a few exceptions, but Wasted Love and Candy are bearable to listen to. Wasted Love could also been looped in with his depressing songs as well, but it definitely fits the same vibe as the other pop/drug songs.
  7. Already have the game, but highly recommend it to anyone. Its mostly a walking simulator with some fights sprinkled in, but a wonderful story behind it.
  8. This one didn't hit me in the feels anywhere near as hard as 3 did and I think thats a big part of why its my least favorite Toy Story so far.
  9. According to reddit Roach carries the other sword. This is based off the books, not the game, where he only carries a single sword on him.
  10. The removal of motion blur actually looks really good. The biggest problem I've seen graphically is it blows out the highlights when you're in the shadows. I haven't heard of any other major problems with the flight yet.
  11. Halo forum sadly. I hardly ever crack games. Yeah either way seems like a dumb move on their part. Majority of the people downloading it are people that probably really want to play your game, probably not the best idea to permaban them.
  12. Just finished the story mode earlier today. It's okay... As a bunch of people have noted, there isn't really any "normal" mario levels anywhere to be found in the story mode. Everything has a dedicated theme to it and its forced down your throat for good or bad. Some of the levels are pretty decent, others can die in a dumpster fire. Nothing feels like a really great level and they are all pretty short. There is some side quests that you can do along the way like helping the dog get his home, helping the yellow Toad made stone statues, and the eraser erase stuff. You also unlock two power ups that aren't available if you just jump into creating. Luckily its a rather short story mode, I did everything except beating all of the level and I probably put 4 hours tops into it.
  13. The first flight takes place soon. Looks like mostly streamers, pros, tournament casters, and such got into the first round. Kind of a bummer, but makes sense.
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