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  1. One giant map with numerous amounts of varied smaller areas vs a couple maps that don't even compare in size. Personally BRs are a completely different experience compared to Halo, but fair enough.
  2. All I'm hoping for is a Halo that maintains its population. If you're having fun, great, but how many times you gonna play the same 3 maps with the same 3 game modes before you decide to move on. Season 2 is a long ways away.
  3. I mean I get it, but at the same time. Those $10 skins aren't even armor variant wide. It only applies to one variant. There is barley any customization at all, the HCS skins can't even be changed at all. For anyone having that "I was around a wall" death issue.
  4. Not when a simple color reskin costs $10. Maybe if this was any other franchise, but I’ve invested way too much time into Halo. 343 has had nothing but marred releases with issues that never get resolved. It’s hard to want to support the franchise when you’re continually let down.
  5. Season 1 was officially launched when the “beta” dropped. They’ve already confirmed that no new maps or modes are dropping on release day. Forge and co-op already got pushed back. I’m suppose to overlook all the issues because it’s free? Halo 5 was a fully priced game and suffered the same issues at launch and some of those issues (like theater) never got resolved. Sorry if I don’t think it’s worth supporting the game, yet.
  6. Didn’t know we were into supporting games that are missing basic features that have existed since Halo 3 or earlier and have horrible price gouging microtransactions. But you do you.
  7. Halo is all about tracking. At 120 enemies are just way too small at a distance. I lowered mine down to about 95-100. From a moral standpoint, I wouldn't buy it. Melee is broken, horrible battlepass xp, horrible customization, theater is an absolute mess, low playlists, low game modes, low amount of maps, missing forge. We waited 6 years for an early access game from a AAA studio. Fuck that. Seasons never go away you can buy it later and still get the same items. On the other do whatever makes you happy. If you want some of the colors and skins go for it.
  8. The amount of people that don't pay attention to the kill feed or look at teammates "X"s is astounding. I will only play ranked with at least 3 people for that reason alone.
  9. I guess changing the character into a more real representation of the character would count as toning down, but thats the route I would have gone with. A odd, peculiar, highly energetic kid with a severe case of ADHD. That clip is... something.
  10. I’d actually like to see what you recommend and see if I’ve been there or not 😂
  11. I just turned my deadzones down a tad and moved my sens up. Halo has way to many settings that you can really mess it up by just swapping a few settings.
  12. None. My family had a Christmas tradition of watching Muppets Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve, but that kind of fizzled out when all of my siblings grew up and had families of their own. I'm the only one who keeps that alive.
  13. If you can hit your shots its got an incredibly fast TTK. Melee in general is broken. Thats the trade off, move slowly and silently or be seen. Because how loud spartans are this even applies when motion trackers are off. Halo 4 proved that not having descope was a terrible decision. Sniper became EZ mode. This and Halo 4 by far have the worst Halo maps to date. Its not even close. Its basically what a DMR should be. Majority of the guns are trash and aren't even worth picking up.
  14. I wouldn't say so much as picking a side, like I said earlier I understand Abby and her motivations. They just failed to make me care for her or her gang and its not just picking on her, Ellie's new companions are in the same boat. I do think that the way the story was laid out is part of the reason a lot of people picked that side though. I think some slight rearranging of the game would open up people to Abby a lot more.
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