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  1. Nokt

    Music ~Rate the Last Album You Listened to Thread~

    Nier Automata Piano Collections I'm a sucker for piano music, I'm an even bigger sucker for piano recreations of music I already enjoy. Most, if not all, of the Piano Collections for the Final Fantasy games are worth a listen, but as the series continues on I became less and less interested in recreations. FF13 for example just didn't touch base with me at all. Even on some of the earlier albums it can get pretty spotty sometimes where it just doesn't feel like its a good representation of its source or just doesn't emote the same feeling. However in this album seems to be the best piano collection yet. Every single song is a great representation of the source material, they all hit the right notes, and give off the same emotion of the original. The Tower feels very repetitious and is probably the only song on the album that I don't really enjoy. Highlights (as I can't pick a favorite) Weight of the World Bipolar Nightmare Amusement Park (though I'm not a huge fan of the actual song its a wonderful representation) 9.5/10
  2. The only experience I have with Blackmagic is I had their Intensity Capture Card. It might have been the only uncompressed card on the market at the time, but man did that software suck. Had to contact support multiple times to get it to work and it was always software related. If they haven't stepped up their game I'd avoid the crap out of this too. But then again I don't own a mac and probably never will again.
  3. Its sad to see such great franchises fall to such stupidity. Its got to be frustrating as a developer to want to create your vision and your parent company saying no it wont sell. I think if anything looking at the success of Hellblade it shows the potential for what the true Dead Space 3 would have been. Hopefully both series have a chance to redeem themselves in the future, but unless EA changes their game plans I don't foresee their successor games faring any better.
  4. Nokt

    How do you save/invest your money?

    Not much better than a savings account, but you could do CD's.
  5. I would have really liked to have seen something with the origins of the Necromorphs. The story got ridiculous in 3 though. It definitely needed to be toned down a bit. To be fair though, EA had a lot to do with why DS3 failed as a title. A story about Issac's psychosis sounds a lot more interesting than giant zombie moons. I'm glad they acknowledge the issues with the crafting system in 3 because that was a huge problem. Once you have an OP weapon you don't really use anything else. Would have been better if you could just tweak existing weapons with mods that would change secondary fire or make enemy variety larger with more weaknesses so that one weapon doesn't demolish everything. It's sad to think that even if we do get a Dead Space 4 at some point in the future it will most likely follow suit with 3 rather than its predecessors. I can't see EA supporting a smaller horror genre, instead making it into an action game that will not satisfy fans and cement Dead Spaces death (if it hasn't already come).
  6. Nokt

    Nintendo Octopath Traveler

    Some details you may or may not be interested in.
  7. If it’s a steam key I’ll take the Dark Souls III DLC
  8. Yeah I guess its kind of going from a Golden Age to just regular releases maybe or as you say a shift. Its just that we haven't gotten anything really fresh, innovative, or something just to stir the scene up. Its all been done before or really close to it. Not that games like Doom, Prey, Deus Ex aren't really good games, they just don't feel like something thats really that new. Titanfall 2's time warp mission is really really cool, but also really short lived. I've found that X is usually where people draw the line of where the last good Final Fantasy. You either hate it or love it. I also would probably place To Zanarkand in my top 5 Final Fantasy songs, but yeah the rest of the soundtrack isn't really great. The piano collection is really really good though (so are most of the other piano collections).
  9. Yeah definitely didn't double check all of those like I should have whoops. Fallout 3 and Prime probably fit in a hybrid genre (FPS/RPG/Metroidvania). I have fond memories of TS2, but its been awhile, definitely something I should revisit, though I own it on PS2 and my PS2 is broken. I'd probably throw Portal in the same category as a hybrid. But still my point being that besides a couple of games here and there we haven't had consistently good FPS games since 2000's, it starts breaking up in the early 2010's. I guess it could just be a short stint. Who knows.
  10. Because Overwatch sold well, is a good balanced well thought out game, and holds together nicely. Doom might have an amazing campaign, but its multiplayer is a rush job that had no player retention and was generally disliked. Sure and a lot of it follows how people review it. Some can completely miss the mark no doubt. You don't have to look back to the 90's though. Look at the 2000's Halo CE/2/3, Half Life 2, Bioshock, Bioshock Infinite, CoD Modern Warfare 1&2, Unreal Tournament, Quake III Arena, Team Fortress, Borderlands 2, Metroid Prime, Killzone 2, Fallout 3, Far Cry 3, FEAR, Timesplitters 2. EDIT: Messed that one up
  11. Battlefront was number 2 in December. 8th overall for the year. It isn't abnormal for bad Call of Duty games to top the chart. Even its worst titles top the charts (Advance Warframe 2014) Money alone isn't what makes a game good though. When was the last memorable CoD campaign? When was the last multiplayer that was loved by fans? What was the last CoD that scored above a 90 on metacritic? Heck when was the last time a FPS scored above a 90 on metacritic. FPS wasn't available at launch, but I guess we could count it. Rainbow Six Seige did make a pretty good comeback, however I don't think its a widespread success, it just found its niche and makes it work.
  12. While I think Titanfall 2's campaign is overhyped, its still a really solid campaign. Thats another discussion though. Two games that are two years old isn't really any evidence that the genre isn't in a decline. When was the last really good campaign before then? What about multiplayer? Lawbreakers failed, Quake isn't doing amazingly hot, Halo isn't doing great, CoD isn't going great, Battlefront is a bust, Battlefield is okay? Overwatch is the only thing that really comes to mind that has been a success so far multiplayer wise.
  13. I mean doesn't that already kind of come with Metroidvanias? I mean not every single item, but typically every upgrade found from a boss or after a boss affects the game in a large way, exploration wise and gameplay wise. I feel like this shard thing is just a little something on top to let you add a little extra damage if you like that or a little faster dash to attune to your play style a little better.
  14. That trend hasn't caught up with Halo yet. FPS games in general are on a decline.
  15. I think it’s $15 on PS4 and unsure if it’s always been $10 on PC. But sure we can say 10M