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  1. Well thats lame. I bought the new Switch and traded in pokemon because I don't play it.
  2. I tried this last year while I was in Sacramento for a month. It was.... okay. Nothing really beats milk in terms of taste or consistency. Ripple felt really thick compared to 1/2% milk. I'm sure after awhile I'd get use to it like I did with diet soda, but I just can't see using something like ripple to put in mashed potatoes or drinking a glass of it with nilla wafers or graham crackers.
  3. I actually only bought LOD, I bummed a code from a friend for base D2, then input my LOD code. Worked for me, perhaps .5 million people did the same too?
  4. I wasn't really fond of the "gameplay" perspective of this game, but same. The ending is rough.
  5. It was more conjecture than anything. However, game sales are just the tip of the iceberg. Especially when competing with micro-transactions and concurrent subs. I also don't count Starcraft as current because its been rather quiet in recent years. I wouldn't even count Diablo as current if Immortal and IV hadn't been announced. Overwatch: base game sales + micro-transactions WoW: base game sales + monthly subs + micro-transactions + expansions + WoW classic subs now too Diablo: base game sales + a single expansion EDIT: apparently Diablo 3 has microtransactions, just not in EU/US
  6. Curious as to why you didn't enjoy FEAR 2. I think it holds up very well even if the plot is a bit wonky. The third is where the series really falls apart for me. Bioshock 2 is still leagues better than Infinite from a gameplay perspective. Infinites ending is great, but worth the journey? I'd probably say no, I was bored to tears until I got to the end of the game. Highly recommend Dead Space 1 & 2. 3 shares the same fate that FEAR 3 does. A focus on co-op, bad pacing, and a loss of atmospheric horror.
  7. Tried DuckDuckGo for a couple months. It just isn’t quite there. It gets acceptable results majority of the time, terrible results when I’m looking up something specific but don’t know exactly what it is. It’s something that google really excels at.
  8. Considering that Diablo is the least successful series that blizzard currently has (from a profit point of view) it would make sense that they would introduce microtransactions and well as still paying for expansions. Not saying its right, but in order for Diablo to be a relevant series to Blizzard they need to bring in more cash.
  9. Nah OoT3D isn't cheating. Its a worthy remaster of an amazing game. There a few flaws to be found which, at least in my experience, is a rare occurrence. Completely forgot about Dead Space. I'm still sad about how that turned out. Totally forgot about these. For how much I preach how much I love Hotline Miami, I'm kind of shocked I forgot it
  10. The main 2 things I see about this game 1: I can’t put it down 2: When does it get good?
  11. Just a quick list. Obviously my own tastes. I might come back and edit later. Mario Odyssey - Best 3D Platformer - Runner up: A Hat in TIme Celeste - Best 2D Platformer Destiny 2 - Best Multiplayer Doom - Best FPS Nier Automata - Best Action - Runner up: Zelda BotW Metro 2033 - Best Survival/Horror - Runner up: Resident Evil 2 Remake Ori and the Blind Forest - Best Metroidvania Hellbade - Best Atmosphere Pokemon GO - Best Mobile Divinity 2 - Best CRPG Journey - Best Walking Simulator - Runner up: Firewatch Undertale - Best Indie Portal 2 - Best Puzzle Solving
  12. i7 8700K Scythe Mugen 5 rev B CPU Cooler RTX 2080 Founders 16GB 3000mhz RAM 1 TB m.2 970 Samsung Evo 500GB Crucial MX500 500GB Samsung 860 Evo 700w PSU Meshify C TG 2 - Noctua case fans (I can't remember the model number) LG 27GL850 - Monitor Some crappy 1080p monitor with 75hz freesync for my secondary (I also use this with my xbox) Glorious Gaming Model O - Mouse Vortex Vibe Cherry MX Blue - Keyboard DT 990 Pro - Headphones Samson Meteor Mic
  13. The original diablo only had white, blue, gold I believe. Diablo 2 expands but still isn’t quite what the norm is. Green is the outlier here as a set item rather than uncommon. WoW probably is the earliest game that mirrors current “standards”
  14. I work 4 - 10’s and even then I’d much rather work the 4 rather than 5 - 8’s. Every weekend feels like a mini vacation and I have so much free time. You can plan short trips around you, get stuff done around the house in a weekend. It’s glorious
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