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  1. Might have to start charging my parents since they use my account
  2. Nokt

    Nintendo Anyone else get their NES Switch controllers?

    I'd say they are actually pretty close in terms of weight at least by feel anyways. I'm not as big of a fan of the D-pad on the NES-mini or the switch controllers (they feel really similar). It feels like it doesn't depress as much and just don't give off the same kind of feedback of the original. Still really good controllers, I enjoyed using them on Sonic when I played for a little bit.
  3. Nokt

    PC Tech SSD advice

    Right, but the difference between an SSD and HDD in a real world situation is 30+ seconds. The difference is between NVME/SSD is usually less than 5 seconds. Again depending on what you are doing, but thats kind of where I'm at. Where does this make sense for an average user or even a gamer really? Like video editing, photoshop, large file transfers I could definitely see NVME really coming into play here. Its not that load times aren't important its just how much you're willing to spend for a couple seconds here and there. I get that it will add up over time, but still.
  4. Nokt

    PC Tech SSD advice

    In what situations though? I'm not trying to call you out or anything, I'm in the same boat I'm looking to buy a 1TB drive, but I can't find any real world use that makes the extra money worth it. Boot time increases by a few seconds. Game loading times increase by a few seconds. Transferring files from other drives will depend on their read/write on those drives. I mean if you have the money why not, but I can't find a reason to recommend it.
  5. Nokt

    PC Tech SSD advice

    I mean besides the better read/write is there really any advantage in getting a 960 over an 860? Form factor? I just can't justify an additional $100+ for something that really isn't going to save you any real world speeds (depending on what you are doing). PRO is definitely the better choice as its MLC vs TLC so it should last a lot longer.
  6. Unpopular opinion but its my least favorite of the 3.
  7. Momodora is on that Steam list that I can also highly recommend, but its more metroidvania than it is a Souls game.
  8. I've never watched the Village but this is what I was told by my friends. It was a fine movie up until the twist and it ruined the movie for them.
  9. You guys are crazy. 100% bloom was the worst thing ever added to a video game. Weapon sandbox got worse and worse as the series went on (it was essentially utility weapon and power weapons). Bungie didn't update Arena in Reach for months, even after resets and updates were just eventually dropped completely. Multiplayer maps in Reach hold nothing compared to maps in 1/2/3. Armor abilities are despised by most of the community (and the competitive community especially hence the reason for their removal in Reach/4). 343i was the one to actually bring the title update to reach that balanced armor abilities and bring bloom to 85% and that was a full year after its release. Reach had a great campaign, I won't argue that. Its multiplayer also had the best forge and firefight to date. Invasion was a cool idea.
  10. While Bungie did a lot of things right in the Halo series, the games also got progressively worse in a lot of ways. Let’s not forget that advanced movement started with Reach and so did loadouts. Also it’s not like Destiny’s story telling is any better than Halo’s at this point, nor is their enemy AI.
  11. Billy Madison Happy Gilmore Wedding Singer Waterboy Big Daddy I'd even consider these to be mildly good movies Click Little Nicky Mr Deeds Anger Management He's even had his hand in some movies (not that it indicated he in the reason its good) like Joe Dirt or Grandma's Boy. I found Kevin Hart's early stuff funny, but it wore on me quickly. After just a few times watching him I was sick of him.
  12. I actually really like this casting choice.
  13. A Story About My Uncle is a really good 3D platforming game. Really short, but really fun.
  14. I remember saying that this was my favorite movie of the Disney era Star Wars films when it was out in theaters. I'll watch it again at some point this weekend and see if I still like it as much.
  15. Cool game, had a lot of fun playing it, probably buy it when its on a steam sale.