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  1. I always feared the day my nephew would beat me in Halo. Luckily even though he loves playing Halo, he sucks at it, so I get to hold onto that for a little bit longer.
  2. “Intel 12th generation Iris Xe Graphics core graphics card, general performance surpasses MX350, even compete in specific tasks with MX450“
  3. Recently beat Environmental Station Alpha. Have no idea how I struggled with the final boss so much because I beat it first try when I reinstalled the game. Great little metroidvania that can usually be had for cheap.
  4. Oh for sure, going in dark is a much better experience. I was just trying to say don't be ashamed if you need to look up a boss.
  5. My first Souls game was Demon Souls on the PS3. I played the game for probably an hour and thought it was the stupidest thing I'd ever played. Didn't touch another Souls until either Bloodborn or Dark Souls 3. Trust me I get it, there are some bosses where you just have no idea what to do, I beat the spider boss purely just by healing through it, I didn't know that you had to run all the way back to avoid his oil/flame thing. Don't feel bad if you have to look up strategies to kill bosses. I do it, a lot of my friends do it, and just because you know the strategy doesn't mean its always easy t
  6. If we could just get Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, and Earthbound Beginnings on the Switch that would be great. Might just download CEMU at this point so that I don't have to deal with it.
  7. Typically price for what you are getting. The Naga (probably one of Razers most notable products) isn't anything fancy and there is a dozen or so mice that are the exact same for much cheaper. Same goes for their keyboards, their switches are just rebranded switches with minor adjustments. The Huntsman is actually pretty minimalist compared to the blackwidow. They also make a blackwidow lite that has this same style.
  8. Ducky One 2 $99 - Mechanical Keyboards is nice because they give you a large range of switches to choose from. For instance if you lean towards MX brown but want something a little heavier you can get MX clears or get silent versions of switches with Silent Black/Red. There are also several options of keycap colors, I just linked the first one. Razer Huntsman $150 - Probably will catch a lot of flak for this one, but go type on one of these at Best Buy, seriously. It a wild experience. Most mechanical keyboard have a weightyness to them, some scratchiness (why lubing is so big in c
  9. Is there anything particular you'd like? Form Factor? Full size, TKL, 60%? Media buttons? Macro Buttons? Moving in mechanical you'll have a different selection of switches as well. Tactile - A short bump while depressing the key Linear - No bump, just a smooth key press Clicky - Tactile but with an loud audible click
  10. Well, it looks like you just forgot to heal. You can bypass the first part of the bridge by going underneath, for the other parts just bait the dragon out so it'll wipe the enemies in your way and follow as close as you can behind him so you won't have to worry about him making a second pass. The last part will have 2 or 3 archers left and a knight. The knight is separated a little bit, so I usually just kill the archers as quickly as possible and then deal with the knight. Just wait until you get to the mindflayers area (I don't remember what its called). If they get a hold o
  11. Either I don't like 2D Sonic as much as I thought I did or a lot of the level design in Mania is just designed to piss me off. Should hopefully finish this up tonight, but haven't had a great time in the later half of the stages.
  12. I'll add it to my wishlist on steam and when they have a good sale on it I'll pick it up.
  13. I swapped mine out when Gamestop was doing that deal to trade yours in and get a new one for $100. I gotta say it was worth it IMO, but that might just be me justifying my purchase lol.
  14. Radio the Universe is suppose to be out "Winter". I'm wondering if this game will finally release. Also Omori, cannot recommend this game enough.
  15. No, not yet. I hear good things about it, but same issue. I have a hard time committing money to something I know I'll probably put down a short time later. Gunfire Reborn is probably the most time I've put into a roguelike at around 30 hours. Everything else is probably under 5 hours, including the much loved Hades.
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