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  1. I’m a little upset no one mentioned Dark. By far my favorite series on Netflix
  2. Its pretty slim pickins right now. Rtings most recommended monitor isn't available or its runner up. I typed in 1440p/144hz on amazon, looked up monitors on pcpartpicker too and most of them are OOS. LG 27GL850 $500 - 1440p 144hz nano IPS 1ms Freesync/Gsync compatible. I currently use this monitor. The stand can be finicky sometimes, but other than that no issues BH is a reputable vendor, I buy a bunch of my camera stuff through them. Its back-ordered though by about a month. Some stuff I found in stock, but have no idea about them Acer XB271HU Acer VG271UP Stuff coming soonish Asus XG279Q - May 6th Eve Spectrum - Q3 2020 QHD144/240hz or 4K/144hz. No idea how good this is going to be, its pretty new to the scene. I have an old Asus MG279Q that I could sell if you're at all interested.
  3. Yeah I don't really get why people compare Darksiders to Zelda all that much. They feel nothing alike to me. Okami is probably a better comparison, but I honestly didn't play all that much of it. Hob could probably draw some comparisons to 3D Zeldas quite a bit, but I find the game kind of a bore. EDIT: I felt I should note that I got into the Genshin Impact beta on iOS. Not exactly my choice gaming platform, but I decided to give it a whirl. It takes a lot of nuances from BotW like it’s stamina system. Being used for climbing, swimming, running etc. Other things like burning grass around you when you fight a fire enemy or using fire arrows. The gameplay though is more like Nier Automata than it is BotW. Pretty much hack n’ slash with an evade button, sprinkle in some magic. There is multiple characters, you unlock the second one in the first 30 minutes. They all have different equipment. Your starting character uses a sword with magic, the second is an archer. The story is, well, pretty anime. A unknown “god” that kidnaps your sibling (depending on which gender you choose) and you’re on a quest to get them back. All of the names sounds like the local LARPing group near me named everything in the game so... yeah. It’s pretty fun on iOS, pretty impressed that they included graphical options for the mobile version. It looks pretty good as well. I’d really like to test it with a controller though.
  4. It’s currently $17 on GMG for PC. It says in the YouTube description of the video that it’s being “rebuilt”. Still not much clearer. I lean towards remaster, but who knows.
  5. Its being co-developed by Toylogic who have helped with DQ11 on the 3DS, Super Smash Bros Brawl, The Evil Within, and Kid Icarus Uprising, among some other titles. Considering this didn't get an English teaser trailer as well I doubt it will see a western release, but using google translate it says its a mobile game.
  6. This is kind of where I'm at. I'm pretty frustrated that I can't play it and I really don't want to go spend $400-$500 dollars on a single game that I'll blow through in a couple hours. If VR really is the future or is at least going to be a bigger part of gaming, Valve is probably one of the best people that you can have in your corner. In the meantime I'll either just watch someone play it on twitch or hopefully play it in the near future where I can buy a VR headset hopefully at a less premium cost.
  7. I'm still working my normal shifts, so not a lot has changed for me. I do cook a lot more, being nightshift everything in Utah closes early and opens late including fast food so I'm pretty much limited to cooking at home.
  8. Yep. I'm rather happy about the port as I didn't play the original on Wii or 3DS. Though I hated 2, so maybe I won't even like it.
  9. The Flashbulb - Our Simulacra - 4/10 Man I use to be such a huge Benn Jordan fan. No album he put out could disappoint and to be fair I think around the time that I was introduced to his music was his greatest stretch of music. 07's release with Sountrack to a Vacant Life up until 12' with Hardscrabble. I've been really hoping that something would absolutely blow me away like the first time I heard "Undiscovered Colors". Thats not to say that his new stuff isn't good, Piety of Ashes feels just like one of the albums released between those years. Dormant (Movement 1-7) is a great album to sit and relax to. They just didn't have the same impact on me when they came out, but I grew to appreciate them. Our Simulacra though, is probably the first album where I've actually felt let down. The album just doesn't dig as deep as his older stuff and feels like he was disinterested in even making it. Lyrically Benn has never been amazing, his music doesn't even really call for vocals most of the time and when its been implemented its one of his standout song, Like "I Saw the Sky" off Hardscrabble, its fit really well. The albums opening track "Monthly Colors" is just a voice spouting out months with pretty a rather uneventful song. The actual song "Your Simulacra" shares the same problem with a repeating voice for 4 minutes, at least the song is much more varied and interesting though. Fbox is just a repetitive 1.5 second loop deformed over and over again. He does get pretty interesting with it, but I can only sit through it for a minute before it gets old. Drama Function and Portal are the highlights of the album for me. The have that classic touch with strings and pianos playing over a relaxed glitch/breakcore beat. You seem to find a few of there songs littered throughout his discography and are some of my favorite songs that I can continue to go back and listen to again and again. Unfortunately these two songs alone can't hold up the rest of the album that ranges between uninteresting and annoying.
  10. I wasn't sure the difficulty jump from whatever normal is called to Ultra-Violence. I unlocked mastery for Super Shotgun super early in the game and almost stopped using the flamethrower entirely. I'd only really use it when I needed to double up the armor, cast flamethrower on a random group of possessed and finish one off with the meat hook for double armor shards.
  11. For some reason I thought it was $20, but I was mistaking it with another game.
  12. Game always looked cool, but bosses were such huge bullet sponges that it turned me off. Probably purchase it when it goes on sale down the road
  13. I'd say its pretty much a necessity on higher difficulties. I played on Ultra-Violence and had to chainsaw someone probably every other arena in the beginning, every arena later on in the game.
  14. I'm not sure the example they use here https://developer.nvidia.com/rtxgi actually looks better. It gets their point across about the lighting, but it removes the darkness almost completely for an area that is suppose to be dark.
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