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  1. Updated title for release. Sept 30th If you have purchased the game through the website you can access your games and get a steam key.
  2. The camera might be sunken in the case just a slight bit. One of my friends had his, I didn't take a super close look though.
  3. They answered above me but the FW900, same as the video you posted. Thing retailed for like $2200 in 99/2000 from what I can gather from a quick google search.
  4. I didn’t watch the whole video, so they might have touched on this. Its a bit misleading to say Control looks good on a CRT. This isn’t some CRT a ton of people had back in the day or that they gamed on or a CRT that you’d find for local pickup for free. This is a professional grade monitor, not only that it’s an extremely rare one that supported widescreen and high resolutions. There is a reason these are so hard to find.
  5. Apparently there is a classic mode that you can enable that makes it more turn based.
  6. Celeste Started it because Chapter 9 just came out. I was still in the core and hadn't finished it yet. Unbeknownst to me I was in the last room of the chapter and for whatever reason it only took me a handful of tries to complete it. I had been stuck in there for days without gaining any progress. So I started on Chapter 9. I fared okay and I think I'm about 1/3 of the way through? Not sure exactly. I ended up just starting a new save file after awhile anyways. I was getting hammered on one of the rooms and decided to take a break. Oddly enough (or maybe not) The Completionist on YT ended up doing a video on it. Just a couple minutes into this video and it brought back a bunch of fond memories of playing this game and the great soundtrack it has. So I decided to start a new file and play all over again. Going back with all of the skills I gained from my first playthrough allows me to get into a lot of more strawberry area's which makes me pretty happy. I've also completed 3/4 B-sides I've unlocked so far and I do it immediately after completing that chapter.
  7. Reachability to me is the most half baked solution for one handed users. Let’s just cut the screen in half! May as well have the smaller screen at that point.
  8. Snapchat is another one. Android doesn't natively use the camera. It pulls a screenshot of what you are seeing on your screen. Most of the time my apps I use or rarer occasions I just push to the second screen, but I find that more of a bandaid fix to having an app drawer. So I see the appeal somewhat, its not a huge gripe. What is a huge gripe is that iOS still doesn't let you reorganize apps anywhere on the home screen. This really kills one hand usability on the larger phones, especially when you take the home button away. It's the only reason holding me back from getting the larger phone (and having a larger battery and higher resolutions). There are other minor gripes as well, like the notification screen being atrocious and how the phone handles notifications in general is pretty dated. Swipe isn't great on the native iOS keyboard (I've been using iOS13 beta).
  9. I mean its not really a clone, just similar art style at most.
  10. Facebook memories finally pulls through with something that doesn't make me look back and regret everything I posted. I talked about a small band called Swarms. Decided to hit them up on Spotify and see what they were up to. My post was from 2012, I missed 2 albums since then. I started with Black Chapel Sun. Loved absolutely every song from start to finish. It's an ambient, synth, garage kind of feel to it. It's hard to pinpoint exactly what the synths remind me of, something between Stranger Things, Disasterpiece (Hyper Light Drifter, It Follows), and Jim Gurthie (Sword and Sworcery). Songs where the synths are prominent Raw Messiahs, 1 Last Look. This album is such an atmospheric delight to listen to. Everything about it was just soothing to the sense and a joy to have on in the background while I was playing WoW Classic. Definitely going into the regular rotation when I'm playing mindless games or going on a long drive. 10/10
  11. I think that would be a cool event for a season. Like the whole event is based on like dabbling in some unknown magic and you're gathering it all up and then the next season you find out its hive or taken magic and you have to spend a season cleansing yourself of everything you gathered.
  12. Considering how much Bungie has reused content in the past, its a bit of a far reach to expect them to completely redesign Shadowkeep from the ground up. That also doesn't invalidate that part of Destiny's grind is doing a lot of old and new content over and over and over. So you're options are either, shoehorn people into only doing new content where everything will get tiring much more quickly than it already is or have 75% of the game be Well of Radiance and Rally Barricades and 15% be whatever new content they come up with. The nerf is the most viable option here, even if it wasn't a power creep.
  13. https://kotaku.com/after-disappearing-for-six-years-cube-world-is-finally-1837938692?utm_source=Kotaku_Twitter&utm_medium=Socialflow&utm_campaign=Socialflow_Kotaku_Twitter
  14. Tier 2 Reckoning isn't a boss battle that requires Well of Radiance and Rally Barricades. The Hunt and The Riposte can be accomplished without Radiance, but it makes it 100x easier with it. None of those are bullet sponge encounters. The newest raid requires you to split into 3 teams of 2 in the final boss room and the more rally barricades and Wells you have the better. Almost all of the raids that have been created so far require you to break up the team at some point or another. Well of Radiance is still the optimal super with luna being the optimal exotic in these situations. I'm not sure how this isn't a power creep issue, its the optimal super by a long shot in 90% of the game. I'm not arguing that they couldn't create more interesting encounters, but are you going to redesign strikes, patrols, adventures, and public events? Probably not. EDIT: I guess in patrols and adventures its so stupid easy that it doesn't really matter what you use.
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