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  1. Resident Evil 4 will be released on Oct. 21st at 7 am PT and 10 am ET. At this time, the game will unlock and become purchasable to all Oculus Quest 2 users. According to https://progameguides.com/resident-evil-4-vr/what-time-does-resident-evil-vr-release/
  2. Remaster is used too loosely. There are full blown remakes and there are what are essentially HD ports with some changes/fixes. The latter gets called a remake all the time and I wouldn't toss them into that category.
  3. I'm trying really really hard to play Half Life Alyx with continuous settings. My brain just can't seem to adjust, I get dizzy within 10 minutes or so and either have to quit or swap back to blink. Considering its my first game, maybe I should just stick with blink for now and try continuous later when my body is a little more adjusted. I've heard using a fan helps and most people recommend just stopping once you feel sick. I might buy a game where progress isn't as important that I can pick up and put down more easily.
  4. Someone posted a picture of Space Cadet 3D Pinball on Twitter and it took me back to when I'd play the game for hours with Hoobastank and 36 Crazyfists on repeat. I don't like most of 36 Crazyfists discography, but Waterhaul, Destroy the Map, and Bloodwork from A Snow Capped Romance are such bangers. Hoobastank... hasn't aged as well for me. I've liked it less and less over the years.
  5. I should probably actually play video games with some of you.
  6. The metroid OST is all about help setting the tone and atmosphere of whats going on in the game. Which the games do a fantastic job of (I haven't started Dread yet) Like when I think of the best SNES soundtracks I definitely don't think of this as one of them, but it is definitely iconic and helps sets the tone for Super Metroid the games would not be the same without it.
  7. I've had the best luck with Walmart and Best Buy. Just stay checked in for both otherwise you might lose out having to login. Also downloading the apps helps a lot too, sometimes you won't get the errors on the app like you would on a browser. I did get lucky with amazon once as well.
  8. Microsoft Xbox Series X Pre-Order & In Stock Tracker History - NowInStock.net WWW.NOWINSTOCK.NET Microsoft Xbox Series X full in stock history. View this page to find when and where the Microsoft Xbox Series X has been in stock in the recent past. MS store is on here a lot, they just don't go for an extended period of time so it must be limited quantities every time.
  9. I assume yes because I know that pokemon cards are 2 per person. I've never tried to checkout with 2 PS5's though.
  10. I too fall asleep to lore videos, but Destiny instead of Elder Scrolls. Turns out if they didn't shove all of their lore into grimoire the story would have actually been interesting. https://www.youtube.com/c/MynameisByf/featured Some other recommendations Hollow Knight - Mossbag Dark Souls / Demon Souls / Bloodborne - VaatiVidya
  11. I saw some people on twitter saying they signed up and still weren't able to purchase one. I think it highly depends on your area. Unfortunately, locking hot tech behind a paywall seems to be the new fad because A: the company can make more money and B: scalpers don't harvest them as quickly. God forbid we just introduce waiting list. Sign up, you'll get it in X months, 1 per household. Idk how easy it is to get multiple addresses, but I'd be willing to bet it would turn a lot of scalpers off immediately. Gamestop though is only $15, this is totally not worth it unless you buy an iPhone from BestBuy and get the Applecare that comes with the membership. Its $200 either way.
  12. I know it comes with the protective film, but I'm still throwing another protector on top of the protector.
  13. Unless you like Classic Halo games, it strays further away from a classic Halo game than any before it. As for me, I'm probably passing on all of these. I might play Halo merely due to the fact that so many of my friends (who don't regularly play halo) are going to play it. But I've removed almost all of halo from my social media. I hate origin I won't support activision-blizzard.
  14. Exploration in this game is crazy. You think you are getting super out of bounds, just to find out the devs left you a little present. Puzzles are fun too, but about 6 hours in the puzzles just got too tedious for me. It was either spend 20 minutes figuring it out or watch a google video. Art style sucks.
  15. Children of Morta is $9 Diablo 2 Resurrected is $40 Celeste - $20 Castlevania Advance - $20 Fatal Frame - $40 (Out the 27th) Dreamscaper - $25 Bug Fables - $25 Axiom Verge 2 - $20 Minecraft Duneons - $20
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