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  1. Hopefully in the future they adjust the tick rate. I still for the most part really enjoyed the game even with it being 10/20hz
  2. Yeah, the AI just stands there for the most part and moves around a little bit. The combat looks incredibly slow for my taste as well. I understand this is an alpha, even pre-alpha state, it just isn't something I think I'm willing to invest in until I see more.
  3. I've been using a Razer Naga since my days when I first started getting heavily into wow. I've tried switching to a few different mice, but I always come back to the Naga.
  4. I backed this its first run on KS. Then I watched the gameplay teaser and was much less interested the second time around.
  5. Yeah I definitely would like to see games adopt it more, but thats a big IF. Thats exactly the problem, if the adoption rate is low support will be lost and I'll have wasted a couple hundred bucks. Not planning on upgrading to 4k for some time. 2k 144hz on high is my bar for now.
  6. 2080 is pretty much on par with the 1080ti. May as well save a few hundred and get a 1080ti instead. May just wait until the generation of cards too as the 1080 isn't under performing in any sense at 1440p.
  7. Guess I'm part of that 6% on CE editions. Though some games have started doing digital downloads in the CE.
  8. I watched a few episodes of that while I was stuck in a hotel for a month. I quite liked it, its definitely on my radar to watch. Do you happen to know if anyone streams it? Got highly recommended to watch this show by a friend. Also on my watch list, whenever I get time to binge watch it I will.
  9. To each their own. I personally don't ever see that happening in the fights I get in. Its super easy to abuse your environment and very easy to get back to full health almost instantly. I can understand if this is you landing in a hot zone or getting pinched, but in every other situation there is just a bunch of options for you to heal.
  10. My only complaint is that healing is super fast and can be done while moving. It either needs to be one or the other or not even either. I feel like the inventory could be cleaned up a bit, but that could just be because I’m not use to the game. I dislike that you actually have to switch the gun to see it’s attachments.
  11. There is always the online chat and calls for genius appointments. I’ve tried the call before and had my situation resolved that was earlier refused in store. All in all it usually comes down to the employee unfortunately. I’ve had some friends have horror stories, other times I’ve had phones swapped with almost no questions asked.
  12. Highly doubt it’ll have 5G, so I’ll be passing on this iteration. First time since the 5?
  13. Pretty much how I felt. I rented it for a week and after playing for a couple hours I was ready to take it back.
  14. I’m not saying cracking is an option.... but it’s an option. I also am not a very good editor so I’m not sure my 2c are worth much The only thing I’ve found comfortable to edit on besides premiere is FCP and since I haven’t owned a Mac in years I’ll probably never touch it again. I’ve heard resolve is pretty good, might wanna give that a shot. Also have seen lightworks get thrown around a few times, but have tried neither.
  15. Nokt

    Nintendo Pokémon Go Friends Trading and Gifting

    I added everyone in this thread in hopes that some of you still play. Need 3 new friends for the new special event.