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  1. Yep, just checked. Still can go find those cats though.
  2. Not the transcendant, the weaker version. Can't remember what they are called.
  3. I completely forgot about that mod, I think I have a couple from dismantling gear, and I could also go find the rest of those cats.
  4. Yeah I figured it still worked that way so I leave them in my inventory. I usually get over competitive in Crucible so I take every advantage that I can. I usually just don't swap off that armor/guns unless I start struggling to kill enemies (like in the nightfall).
  5. Thanks @Anzo. I'm pretty sure I have higher LL boots and helmet, I just don't use them because of the perks for crucible. I should swap them out when I do other activities, but I don't really care enough. I'll probably need some clan peeps to help me out with anything 560 and above. I barley passed the nightfall with one of my friends who is even lower LL than I am. Impossible for me to do the ascendant challenges by myself or with my friend. I don't even do enough damage for me to have him just run around as a decoy. Clan bounties are about the only thing I can do. I'll have to hop in discord more often.
  6. I just dislike Gambit as a gametype, but yeah if powerful is involved I will power through it. I've got too many instances of bad teammates/carrying/just overall BS that happens in Gambit. Some people might enjoy it, but I don't.
  7. Yeah thats what I figured. I mostly just pick up all the bounties from the tower and petra and do as many of them until I don't want to do anymore. I also actively avoid Gambit, I hate that every clan bounty is usually attached to that gamemode. I hate gambit with a passion
  8. This is by far the worst aspect of the show. It's bearable, but really annoying. Other than that I'm enjoying the show.
  9. Does anyone have some general recommendations for getting to a higher light level? I feel like I used my powerful gear far too early and I kind of capped out around 535/540, wondering if there are other ways to help get me higher (I can barley pass the nightfall with a friend, can't do shattered throne / ascendant challenges) So far I've just started leveling a Titan until the reset and then I'll hop back on my hunter.
  10. Nokt

    Sony Sony Silently Brings Out a Quieter PS4 Pro

    I should probably do this. I've been putting my consoles on top of boxes for the same reason since the release of the 360. I should probably invest in these as they look 100000x better.
  11. I mean if thats the case PUBG should have gone f2p a long time ago.
  12. I guess I just don't see the point.
  13. Nokt

    Sony Tetris Effect - DON'T SIT ON THIS!

    While I do love me some tetris, I'll just whip out my gameboy until this hits $5