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Chip shortage shows no signs of abating, may drag into 2022

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I planned on building a computer too.  


I built my daughter a computer 2 years ago using a first gen Ryzen with integrated graphics.  It works pretty well.  Maybe I'll build another one for myself with one of the third gen cards with integrated graphics so I don't need to get a separate video card. 

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Sucks I had to pay scalpers but my 6800XT is doing really well at super ultrawide 1440p


I of course could always use more FPS so I might have to do it again. I do regret it for my Ryzen though. The 5800z has been in stock at my local MC when I go to check. Probably just wait for the release after Zen 4 this year.

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As these longer term effects of the pandemic come to fruition, I'm so glad I got my house when I did. (Exactly one year ago yesterday!) Between housing prices getting even stupider, and houses being much much much more competitive to buy, to apparently routers coming in short supply (I got a new one when I moved) I think I lucked out. From the router article though, lmao:


Running out of the right router would prevent a carrier from being able to add new subscribers to its network, risking lost sales in the ever-competitive broadband market. 

Competitive lmao lmao lmao

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3 minutes ago, mclumber1 said:


Use your phone as a hotspot.


Not an option for TONS of people. 



I bought a new router/modem at the beginning of the pandemic and it should have me good to go through this potential shortage. 

I'm not getting fiber anytime soon, so I won't have to worry about that either. 

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I got my PS5 during Black Friday week. Since it's BC, at the moment I'm less interested in games and more interested in beefing up my 4K blu collection. Of course, I still need a 4K receiver but after Christmas, I should have enough Prime points for that.

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I'll have to find more recent articles but it is sounding like the chip supply chain may not stabilize until 2023 at the earliest. So expect continued fun times in 2022. :devil:


I'm so happy to have my ps5 since launch even if I don't ever have time to play it (it would be far more work to find one now than it was at launch for me).

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