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  1. Is that people, or doses (meaning half that number is the people vaccinated). If it's people, that's 1/4 of the country.
  2. Lulu Garcia Navarro of NPR is retweeting people on what they said was The Moment for them on when the pandemic became apparent. Everything she retweets is giving me PTSD. These stories are all worth reading. Check the hashtag and her timeline for the things she's retweeting. For me, The Moment the pandemic became reality was when a couple NBA players got covid and the NBA postponed games. That was Wednesday, March 11. I decided to take my laptop home from work and I told my manager I wasn't coming back and that he couldn't stop me. I s
  3. OF COURSE it was written by David Axe. So I know David Axe from his time at some older publications, as well as the National Interest. NI was one of the purveyors of some of the absolute worst trash "reporting" about defense news. Dude's a hack.
  4. No it hasn't. That article fucking sucks. Let's listen to someone who covers the F-35 for a real defense news outlet, and knows more than Forbes.
  5. Comparing political disagreement to persecution of Jews during the Holocaust is anti-Semitic. That's to say nothing of the harmful things she's reposted about Covid.
  6. I can 100% buy that Carano isn't very plugged in to politics and that's how all this came to be. But being a participant in harmful and anti-Semitic political rhetoric while consuming political thought from Shapiro still does harm. She isn't a true believer in fascism, but she's useful to those who are. And that's not to say she's the only one at fault here. She's also a victim of these political novices being fed propaganda and encouragement by people like Shapiro and whoever else she's listened to/read. They're the ones putting this garbage in front of millions of people from Gi
  7. Hey, I've never been spoiled and it was a great experience watching and not knowing!
  8. I finally found one that I have a hard time making heads or tails of. Last night, I went back to the Hitchcock well and watched Vertigo. Vertigo is a great movie. The cinematography and camera work was just second to none. The sheer vibrancy of the color in each and every scene is incredible and Hitchcock's use of color is masterful. The plot had a great twist and it was very engaging, but I was left feeling really grossed out. For those who haven't seen it, I'll put it in spoilers, because it does deserve to be watched to really get the full effect of the reveal
  9. Your YT recommends are an algorithm designed to make you see that side of things. You're seeing more of a small part of the populace because YT boosts right wing dogshit like that.
  10. Continuing the theme... Casablanca. And for the first time ever. Yeah, yeah, I know. Classic, it's 2021, whatever. Bogart is a legend, but I truly had no idea just how blatantly antifa this movie was lol. I know it came out in 1942, so it's expected. But watching it now 79 (!!!) years later, it's still relevant politically. And the personal love story was tight, full of twists, and well done. It was legit. The movie deserves every bit of praise it gets. Casablanca - 10/10
  11. This is almost exactly like my house. 5 is probably right. My finished basement doesn't use space efficiently so I only have 3 rooms designated as BRs.
  12. I'm gonna say that's a typo. OR Canadian real estate counts any non-kitchen, non-bathroom as a bedroom? My house is ~1000 sq-ft upstairs and has 1 bathroom and 5 other rooms besides the kitchen. But it's a living room, a dining room, and 2 bedrooms.
  13. What's funny is that I can't tell if the topic title is written in 1st person or 3rd person /90s joke
  14. I've seen both! It was back in college, so it's been a few years but I enjoyed them back then. Rear Window is especially good. I love Jimmy Stewart too.
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