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  1. "My doctor wife" is the worst part of that tweet.
  2. I'm currently engaged in a twitter fight about that very race. Bradshaw is a Memphis native and had a strong showing there. In the rest of the state she had some good areas too. I voted for her. The DSCC supported candidate is James Mackler: https://www.jamesmackler.com/priorities/ He's honestly to Tennessee what Amy McGrath is to Kentucky. He's a soft middle of the road Dem that leans in heavily to his military service. Bradshaw, on the other hand... https://www.marquitabradshaw.com/platform First up on her issues page is M4A. She supports a Green New Deal. $15 minimum wage. DACA. Overturning Citizens United. She's a single mom. Her platform is 100% of everything more left leaning voters have been clamoring for. Stack that up against Mackler (who only overlaps on the $15 minimum wage and Citizens United) and his support for the Affordable Care Act looks weak in comparison and his being a troop is just worthless. Turns out, people actually look at the issues. But also, some arguments out there are saying Bradshaw was elected because her name appears first on the ballot. I think that's a weak argument owing to the differences I outlined above.
  3. I think I'm over it. At this point, who cares that DB was subpoenaed? Trump won't have anything hung on him of any consequence.
  4. I do a lot of shipping by USPS and I've found that untracked mail moves quicker. US to Canada is really really slow also. But yeah, Trump's PMG is fucking it all up.
  5. 2 minutes from starting the deorbit sequence. What I will say is that I HATE how branded everything is. "Bob and Doug will use the Draco thrusters to spin Dragon." We should nationalize Spacex.
  6. It wouldn't be murder. It would be restorative justice.
  7. Fuck this platform and fuck the entire party. If 2020 is the year all THIS *points wildly in all directions* happens, then 2021 is the year politicians start being assassinated en masse.
  8. I just signed up. The Athletic can't be as good as Deadspin.
  9. For real though, I think I'm going to sign up. I've been needing their acerbic takes.
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