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  1. Soda is trash. I'm off it completely. Family back home love diet coke and dr. pepper though. It's just horrendous to me.
  2. Easily the GREATEST, most entertaining accent in the continental US.
  3. I guess I just haven't run across it ever before, knowingly. I'll relent, then, and say that HOLMES is an insane person so utterly committed to the lie that this is but one of the weirder aspects of it to me.
  4. But accents are entirely different than the tone of your voice. lol It's almost psychopathic to do what Holmes does.
  5. The whole Theranos thing is insane to me, but what bothers me most is that her voice is so obviously fake.
  6. That said, here's analysis to show that, yes, the ruling does what it says--just as practice has been.
  7. I'm just gonna say this. If a tweet reporting this news starts out with "Oof." then the reporter that wrote it should never be allowed on the internet again.
  8. I find it interesting that the question regarding Sharia Law is similar to the one Kennedy had surrounding him--whether he would be subservient to the direction of the Pope. I think what it boils down to is that most people in this country are warped into being paranoid because we have such a bubble in our generally protestant Christian power structure. (Staggering, revelatory analysis, I know)
  9. You guys didn't know? Yang's website is just him saying LITERALLY EVERYTHING he wants to do. Some of it is dumb, but some of it is actually pretty good stuff. I don't hate the idea of a VAT, and I'm glad he has the balls to state he's for it. But overall, Yang is dumb and he should go away.
  10. I think I finally found a white man in the race that I wouldn't mind voting for. PETE BUTTIGIEG. He seems cool and good. Behind Kamala and Liz Warren, I think he'd be alright.
  11. Useful Idiot is the term that describes this. And being an asset means that you bring benefit to the other party. Your intention to do so, notwithstanding. I mean, look literally no further than the INF treaty. Trump's action of pulling out of the treaty directly benefited Russia.
  12. We all know this. I want to hear what GambleGuy here thinks the difference is. Because if you're fucking pigs as a funny joke or because it's ironic or whatever, you're still a pig fucker.
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