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  1. Please don't post updates every time the jury has a question.
  2. My favorite part of that is "He's on the Down Syndrome spectrum FOR SURE." All of these people are trash in their own unique way.
  3. Yeah, I understand you. You're just using "qualified" wrong. :P
  4. I think we're saying different things with the same words. Being qualified is an objective thing. You have a list of qualities, or you don't. Supporting certain policies or not supporting policies is not a definition of "qualification" and is a subjective thing. You're using the term wrong, but I understand what you mean. I'm speaking in the objective sense though.
  5. I wouldn't say intelligence and progressive = qualified. I'm more in favor of it in general. Republicans are a cult of personality and Dems are way more divided in their loyalties. Dems aren't going to rally around one politician, no matter who they are.
  6. Is anyone aside from Governors really qualified to hold the office of President? And even then, the Governor of Wyoming is a different sort of prepared to the Governor of California or NY. And add on to that the crushing weight of foreign responsibility that POTUS holds, and there's still little that counts as qualification in that realm. Trump's not qualified. He is less qualified than a normal CEO because the normal CEO chooses subordinates and works within frameworks of a board as opposed to Trump's kids and whatever rules he makes up. Avenatti isn't qualified either, even though his mind is sharp in the legal realm. Avenatti may have said all the right things in Iowa, but he's still a fame seeker and a loudmouth. And I can't believe we're seriously entertaining this. Just because Trump won doesn't mean we have to accept this as legitimate.
  7. CayceG

    The Economist: Overhaul Tax for the 21st Century

    Force people like me to move.
  8. If this is the case, then Trump is certainly getting better at utilizing diplomatic soft power!
  9. That's like an Obama summit! No way in hell anything happens though. This admin is NOT about arms control.
  10. Did Alex Jones return to his home in the Nebula M Galaxy to beam InfoWars to us?
  11. Narrator: "It does not use the blockchain" (The whole tweet thread debunks this startup's supposed security)
  12. I wouldn't say this is going FULL September 11...
  13. CayceG

    ~~ CEB Community Thread ~~

    I had some access. But overall I didn't really keep up. And I haven't yet read through to see what I missed. Like everything, I just assumed that some things had happened that I just don't care to read about. But the answer is easily Bigfoot dick.