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  1. Dammit. I missed Lopez content. Serves me right for not reading upthread.
  2. Exactly. Which is why I don't mind listening to it and don't feel like it deserves the same criticism as the more 'serious' true crime ones.
  3. Man, I thought My Favorite Murder was bad... They were just glib about murders/assaults and painted cops as heroes. That nonsense in those tweets is a whole new level. My favorite "true crime" adjacent podcast is Last Podcast on the Left. And they're really only focusing on paranormal, UFO, spooky, and serial killer things. It feels a step removed.
  4. The issue is distributing it though. ...assuming we're talking about fresh water stocks in the ground/lakes. If we use direct potable reuse (toilet-to-tap treatment systems) where wastewater is treated then re-treated as drinking water, then the distribution issue really decreases.
  5. Malthusian ideals are not based in fact. They are based in discriminate class warfare. I don't want to go deep into this, but just consider what needs to happen to those other 19.5 billion people.
  6. That is actually fascinating and a true development for good. The problem is that this is not what people think of when they think of drones. And there's probably a larger anti-drone mindset out there that could potentially lead to bubbas out there with potato guns shooting down organ transplant delivery drones. Maybe this should be all drones are for. Eliminate the combat drones and dog robots with guns on their backs and surveillance bullshit and maybe peoples' opinions will start to change.
  7. That's because the interview with Harris wasn't the only thing the kids did. They made a whole production... which needed actors: The kids knew that. What they didn't know was that they were going to meet Harris: Monterey teen featured in new YouTube kids special with Vice President Kamala Harris WWW.KSBW.COM Monterey teen featured in new YouTube kids special with Vice President Kamala Harris Harris came across as unauthentic, sure. But this isn't something where she pulled the wool over the country's eyes. It's a produced kids' short to promote space stuff that she showed up in.
  8. I won't say much about whether it was or wasn't a sick out. But Southwest does not have flight sharing agreements with other airlines, so no one was able to get another flight with a partner carrier when the SW flight was cancelled. That was a big part of why it sucked for passengers. That said, unions protecting anti-vaxx stuff is anti-worker and shitty. Unions should bargain FOR vaccine mandates. It is a net positive for literally every party to a contract.
  9. He gave the dogs treats. This isn't a threat. The fact that you pulled this from Bari fucking Weiss's substack is blatantly obvious that this is a total whitewashing of what happened. The amount of dog whistles in this article are enough to make me sick. Also, let's go into this a little more. Now, I know Bari Weiss isn't the author of this piece. But it's her substack. Bari Weiss has made a living on publicly shaming people. In college, she protested a report by Columbia University that showed that a Middle Eastern studies professor did NOT intimidate pro-Israel students. She instead took to publicly shaming him. She has also tried to destroy the reputation of academic Nadia Abu El-Haj when he questioned her conclusions on anthropology when relating to the Jews' claim on Israel's territory. Weiss circulated a petition to prevent El-Haj from getting a teaching position (but that failed). This is nonsense.
  10. I didn't know ER nurses offered belly scritches. I bet the hospital bills insurance out the ass for that.
  11. I think we can all agree that the number of fat people in Ukraine is dwarfed by the number in the US. And they are not doing good with their vaccines. AND they have another covid wave ramping up. Two friends of mine in the east got covid about a week after their first vaccine dose. EDIT: I just remembered that my avatar is literally the Ukrainian national symbol lol
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