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  1. "The President's obstructive behavior cannot be denied and could be impeachable offenses." "We want to follow the facts for the American people. We want to reveal that the President is engaged in a coverup. How we deal with that is a decision that our caucus will make and we want to be ready to make it. We're not at that place yet. Impeachment is a very divisive issue." HMMMMMMM...
  2. Pelosi's press conference going on now: "Trump wants the House caucus to be on a path to impeachment and when he found out that they weren't, he got mad." Not a direct quote, but a summary of a statement she just made. I doubt Pelosi is going to allow impeachment proceedings.
  3. Sears sold houses too. This isn't really new or different.
  4. Well, the water wouldn't have flattened the land from Kyiv to Minsk. But it would have caused an explosion that would have likely destroyed Reactor 3 and caused a way worse radiation release. It's really affecting me. Not from a "we're all going to die" standpoint. This isn't anything that could happen today in the same way to the same effects. But the atmosphere of the show is soooo frickin good.
  5. Like I may have said before, I knew the ins and outs of the disaster. The faulty design, the things that happened that night, the devastating effect it had... But I didn't know names. I didn't know stories. Seeing it happen TO these people is another level entirely. And seeing the physical effects of the disaster is so brutal. And there's even more to come.
  6. The show has so far embellished almost nothing aside from timeline, some minor details of how things come together, and the compression of real life people into singular characters. I will say, though, Legasov was a true Party man. He was a devout communist and his actions and frustrations in Episode 3 do not fit his character. But I understand why they had to make that decision with Shcherbina being his opposite number. Another thing is that Legasov requests all the liquid nitrogen in the USSR to cool the reactor. In reality, it was Bryukhanov who was told to acquire it, or else he'd be shot. But the sidelining of Bryukhanov and Fomin after Legasov shows up serves as a good narrative choice, and an illustration of how quickly they WERE sidelined once it became clear they this was basically their doing.
  7. No. I've read 1:23:40. It's another that I recommend. EDIT: I said I bought it. Which, I think I only put it on my wishlist, by mistake. Either way, I haven't read it.
  8. Yes, he was the first patient Khomyuk met in the hospital who told her to fuck off. It'll get explained later in the series about what happens to him. If you don't know the history, check out this, which I'll put in spoilers in case you want to find out in subsequent episodes:
  9. Yeah, the direction and the makeup and the sound are all top notch and absolutely give this show the atmosphere it has. But we know what is coming. Soldiers are going to be roaming the Zone and killing abandoned pets. I'm not ready. I'd rather watch Akimov's face melt off.
  10. Well, that was way way way more brutal than I anticipated. The preview of Toptunov looking so bad was absolutely not the most gruesome, and it was still incredibly gruesome. Fucking Vasily... I honestly had to look away. Now, Akimov... they didn't show him, but you could tell that Khomyuk's description of "he didn't have a face" was real. I rewatched the scene and her eyes dart away from him every time she brings herself to look at him. It's that horrific. And they didn't show it. BECAUSE IT'S THAT HORRIFIC. Also, miners were fucking heroes and easily the best part of the episode.
  11. So apparently this study was commission by a chlorine industry trade group. Chlorine, obviously, is used to disinfect pool water. https://www.npr.org/2019/05/18/724462203/opinion-why-the-pool-poll-should-give-us-pause?utm_campaign=storyshare&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=social
  12. Wailing and gnashing of teeth. Then a flood of state laws that either restrict or ban it altogether, or allow for easily accessible abortions. And LOTS of lawyer money thrown around in subsequent years to get it back to SCOTUS.
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