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  1. Yeah! They had Mary Jo Pehl on a few nights ago with the female cast of the roadshow and previous season. Then J. Elvis Weinstein joined the Servos (minus Kevin) for another riff. So one of the big deals from the Kickstarter is that they're developing something called the Gizmoplex, which is going to be part streaming platform for existing episodes, but also a hub for the subscribers where you can do watch parties of episodes, and for the team to host live events. So far they said it's planned for maybe once a month or so. And I think that's a great idea, becau
  2. I really hope they make it. Also, they're screening Werewolf tonight with Bill Corbett. It's phenomenal.
  3. 100% down with "Corn Pop is why Biden is President." Put Corn Pop on Mt. Rushmore.
  4. I like to think that the fact that we got mad at him is how we've reached this point.
  5. I've already pledged $190. I went with the $100 level to get the new season on direct download, AND pitched in an extra $90 with the add-ons to get direct downloads of the Netflix seasons. Also, they've been streaming movies on zoom with various cast members talking, reminiscing, teasing the new season, and riffing. You can watch them all here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFzph9x-n9FR52BI94Zfgww Every single one of the people they've had on is a wonderful comedian, writer, and performer. This show is just so damn good. The future is in good hands.
  6. I've got a lot of criticism for Yang and his dopey ideas, but all of these are 100% on point. They aren't full solutions, but they are moves toward a solution.
  7. I'm curious as to where you see this. This is a daily data dump a guy makes based on state reporting data. Green lines are 7-day moving averages. We're flat.
  8. Numbers here are not decreasing. We've been holding steady in positivity rate (4-6%), deaths (about 10 per day), new cases (about 1,000 per day), recovered cases (also about 1,000 per day), and as a consequence of those last two, we've had a steady number of active cases of about 12,000 to 13,000 since February. Here, it's not going down. We've reached a stasis.
  9. Tennessee just lifted all our restrictions. Two cities have indoor mask mandates, but that's it. The governor even rescinded the ability for counties to establish mask mandates. Pandemic's over.
  10. I'm interested in seeing the list of good things.
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