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  1. One of the best summaries of Ross Perot's life is by the guys from The Dollop. Ross Perot stuff starts at 11:30 in the video below. Get ready to laugh and despair.
  2. I didn't know he debated theists. Not only is he shitty, apparently he loves beating his head against a wall.
  3. Here's the biggest thing I see wrong: "The responsiveness of employment to wage increases." Make them.
  4. Yeah, I recall that Krauss got booted from the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists for his "impropriety." Didn't know there was an Epstein connection though. Yuck.
  5. Golden Dawn got completely kicked out. https://apnews.com/c10782a0c6324824a76dd23dac6b8499?utm_source=Twitter&utm_campaign=SocialFlow&utm_medium=AP_Europe But the ascendancy of the center-right party basically means that bad policies are going to be enacted much more readily.
  6. So who is ghosting that book? Because I guarantee Trump has no idea who Eva Peron was or why she was important.
  7. Was just about to post that. I am more certain that 9/11 was to us like Chernobyl was to the USSR. The things we neglected before the attack coalesced and did us immediate damage. We ignored the hints that it was coming. Our response to it has lead to the downfall of our power structure, and a complete change in how we express our policies. The populace of our nation has been changed irrevocably because of it. And the people that responded to the attack are forgotten, neglected, and left behind to suffer the consequences all alone, with few good men fighting for their cause. There should be monuments in every town square across this country to the 9/11 Responders. And they should be given every cent they need to address their healthcare needs. Not doing so is doing further damage to them and adding to the attack's death toll every week.
  8. http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/06/is-this-quote-from-marianne-williamson-or-metal-gear-solid.html
  9. It's always so distressing to read "Navy Secretary Richard Spencer"
  10. The president acknowledged that the honor was in part due to renewed attention brought by the series. So yes.
  11. The President of Ukraine has awarded the country's highest honor--Hero of Ukraine--to the three divers at Chernobyl that opened the gates. https://www.president.gov.ua/documents/4682019-27817
  12. ooooo, this does NOT look great...
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