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  1. At least in the case of Vanderbilt, the childrens' hospital is being made into an overflow for non-covid patients.
  2. Meme aside, I talked to my mom today. No thanksgiving gathering for me. I'm staying put. Probably going to go to the store wednesday and get stuff to make my favorite dish and then a rotisserie chicken and call it good.
  3. It's dopey and everything but the grossest thing is how Jeb! misgenders the Room Rater after being corrected.
  4. This article seems like a good place to learn more about the term. Also, Lulu Garcia Navarro is a great reporter and radio person and is also Latina, so she's got some 'inside' perspective I guess. Here's an older thread of hers referring to the term and its use in media:
  5. In terms of Thanksgiving with my mom, my 94 year old grandfather probably won't be down with that.
  6. Turkey Day Update: My dad called me to see what my plans are in order to coordinate when we have our small Thanksgiving dinner. It would be me, him, my brother, and my dad's girlfriend. Well, I did some bubble checking. My dad goes into work this coming week as he teaches at a vocational school. His girlfriend works at a bank and manages like 10 people in the office. Who knows what my brother is doing, but he's no chud, so he isn't flippant about it. The big red flag came when dad said he'd be going to his GF's for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. Sh
  7. I enjoyed it. It felt a lot like a live action episode of Rebels, to be honest. Loved the twists and turns and reveals. Can't wait for the back half of the season.
  8. I think I'm going to take this weekend and really keep an eye on the numbers and consider whether or not I'm going to have thanksgiving with my family or not. It would be me, my brother, my mom, and my 94 year old grandfather Thursday, then me, my brother, my dad, and my dad's girlfriend the next. But my dad will be attending one on Thursday I have no information on. I'd be staying at my mom's house both nights. I don't know if I'll be exposed between now and then to bring it home. I don't know if my brother or mom will be exposed. The gravity of the decision is final
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