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  1. My governor refused to allow the TN Health Department to use the J&J vaccine because he believes it was developed using fetal tissue. (It was not developed using fetal tissue). Tennessee governor's religious views became 'barrier' in J&J vaccine rollout, former insider claims WWW.NEWSCHANNEL5.COM Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee's personal religious views became an obstacle in Tennessee's rollout of one of the COVID vaccines, a former state health department insider claims.
  2. He knows how to pick em too. Because Lincoln is in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame because of how dominant he was in his youth.
  3. This is just about the only reason I look forward to football season. Drew Magary has taught me that hating is loving.
  4. And now it's fixed. I'm betting that the CDC's guidance isn't what caused the spikes.
  5. Are people really upset or surprised at the CDC reversing guidelines here? I can't see why they would be unless they just don't have an understanding of the function of masks and the ability of covid hotspots to perpetuate themselves. I feel like there's going to be some kind of backlash to this change in policy.
  6. Now, his Han Solo deepfake inserting young Harrison Ford into Solo instead of Erenreich was INCREDIBLE. So I'll say this was a great pickup.
  7. Nashville has seen the same influx of high tech businesses (not necessarily high-paying) in the last 10 years or so since I moved here. I bought my house 6 years ago for just under $200k and now, it's approximately doubled in value. It fucking sucks.
  8. I wish CNN's link to the study itself was broken. What I'm unclear about is "For each 1.75 ounces (50 grams) of beef, lamb and pork eaten, the risk of coronary heart disease rose 9%." Does this mean that every 1.75 ounces you eat period? Or every 1.75 ounces per week? Like, does this compound? And reading down into it, it seems that the impact is from saturated fats and sodium.
  9. Farrakhan/Hebrew Israelite stuff. That NOI stuff involves a ton of anti-semitic imagery and tropes. Ice Cube’s Long, Disturbing History of Anti-Semitism WWW.THEDAILYBEAST.COM He’s recently shared anti-Semitic memes, but the rapper and actor Ice Cube also has a history of anti-Semitic lyrics and was even once accused of ordering the beatdown of a rabbi. I understand why it's come to be, and why it's so enticing. But it's still insane, wrong, and harmful.
  10. Bloomberg - Are you a robot? WWW.BLOOMBERG.COM This is just picture perfect. Is that so... LOL This is the wall, btw: He literally could have built a wall 1/4 the length on the narrow part of his land. This dude is a fucking idiot.
  11. I think that thread illustrates that the media at large has not only come to terms with Republican bad faith, but has accepted it as reality! They give it no critical coverage whatsoever. That's just How It Works these days and we'll report on it knowing that! It's infuriating.
  12. Not only that, his body was interred in Memphis. But it was recently moved: A Confederate General's Remains Are Being Moved Out Of Memphis WWW.NPR.ORG The remains of Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest, a slave trader and early leader of the Ku Klux Klan, are set to be moved to a new Confederate museum in Columbia, Tenn. And the NBF bust in the state capital in Nashville is set to be moved here soon too. State Building Commission to vote on the removal of Nathan Bedford Forrest bust WWW.NEWSCHAN
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