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  1. Engaging in conspiracy theories is just accepting that brainworms are at work.
  2. Question: Are black voters by and large politically unengaged during primaries? If so, Biden't lead could be due largely to name recognition. Someone tell me if I'm wrong.
  3. OR the administration is comically inept and doesn't do things like past administrations, which is why the entire staff of Walter Reed wasn't notified.
  4. Of all the consequences to this goddamned forever war, I hope that the next soldier to tweak out at a gun range shoots these war criminal motherfuckers.
  5. CayceG

    Worst day ever.

    Remember how Jason has been being really leftist since Trump took office? This is not leftist.
  6. They've done this before, so it isn't a big deal. It adds context to things that were of their time that are no longer appropriate. It preserves the art and contextualizes it. It's how art should be presented as time change.
  7. The only milk I drink is the half and half I put in my coffee. MILLENNIALS ARE KILLING MILK.
  8. The courts overturned term limits as unconstitutional.
  9. This is wonderful. But how exactly do they measure productivity? In my line of work, productivity is essentially hours billed to a project. So if this were to happen to my company, I'd basically just have to do 32 hours of work in 4 days, just like I do 40 in a 5-day week. And I don't have a concept for what that changes going to Microsoft and whatever it is that they do. Also, I recognize that this isn't the same as doing 4x 10 hour days. Which is miserable.
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