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  1. That's where the Nashville epicenters are--apartment complexes where poorer people live. They are likely mostly essential workers.
  2. Richard Herd? Also, I love that he was IRL a massive Red Sox fan and played a Yankees employee on Seinfeld
  3. You know, Roger Miller and Merle Haggard used to write songs about days like that.
  4. And to prove how real-life this supposed "video game" is... Abt has been dropped by his race team. https://jalopnik.com/audi-driver-who-used-ringer-in-online-race-dumped-from-1843675718
  5. Here's the thing. A lot of people treat these things like video games. And they are... but most of the professional racers participating in these treat them like real races. Or at the very least like real simulations--which they normally use to train for real races. So this is likely an outlier and I don't anticipate this happening again. But I think this is just a bump in the road for iRacing becoming more embraced as legitimate EVENTS in the racing world.
  6. Yeah, I lock it when he's after something and just stand still til he calms down. We're working on it.
  7. Also, I am here to confess my sins to you all. I've taken my dog to a park off-leash before. It's an old country club that's being upgraded to a real park. The golf links are all gone and there's tons of pathways going through the area. It's secluded with very low attendance. It's not that popular, so I felt more okay with unleashing my dog so he can roam a little. But the few times I did it, invariably, someone would top a hill or come around a corner and I'd put my dog back on a leash to pass them. Now that I have a newer retractable leash, I don't feel that it's anything I'm going to continue to do.
  8. If there's one thing that gets me irrationally angry it's a fake voice. I've never heard him talk but I absolutely am pulling up video on him. This doesn't really hit me the way Elizabeth Holmes' voice does.
  9. What do you think Obama Phones were supposed to do? Help them make calls?
  10. How wild is it that these two people have the same last name?
  11. My dad invited me to a picnic with him today. The preacher's wife at my mom's church is posting the news story about Trump "declaring" churches as "essential" and calling for them to open doors. Numbers look good in Nashville for relaxing some of the restrictions, but it just doesn't feel good going into a long holiday weekend. And I'm really not feeling like going to Lowes to buy a new dishwasher this afternoon. Recirculated air is not really where I want to be with other randos.
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