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  1. All of these. He's 95 and has really just lived a full life. But he also fell recently! I literally JUST remembered that. AND he's had dizzy spells. I wonder if those things really happen again now that this is fixed.
  2. Yeah, I've always been wary of gas specifically because of the explosive and silent natures of the way they can MURDER YOU.
  3. RIGHT? I was laughing on the phone when mom was telling me. Like, this could have been horrifically tragic, but it's actually astounding that it WASN'T. All you can do is laugh... (and install CO detectors).
  4. So I have no idea where to put this, but I have to share this wild-ass story my mom just called and told me. My grandfather celebrated his 95th birthday a couple weeks ago. He's doing great. For the past several years, he's taken up reading history books as his recreational activity. It got to where he couldn't really get around as well outside, so he wasn't doing anything around the farm like he used to. He needed something to do to not go stir-crazy in his house. So he picked up a new hobby in his 90s. We'd get him books here and there and for his birthday and Christmas. He would sit on the couch in the living room and read them until he fell asleep. He'd constantly say that he would "set there and read and fall asleep... and when the book hit the floor, I'd get woken up." Happened all the time. Put a pin in that. The other day, my grandfather's heater in his home was on the fritz and wasn't heating as well. So my mom called a local heating company to his house to look into it. When they got there and checked it out they went to my grandfather and told him "sir, by law we are not allowed to turn your heat on." TURNS OUT... his heat exchanger had a crack in it and they detected a carbon monoxide leak. Long story short from there, they replaced the heat exchanger later that night. But this had been going on for some time. My grandfather falling asleep on the couch repeatedly wasn't due to him being lulled to sleep by a good book... He was being poisoned by carbon monoxide! Since they fixed his heater, he's sat on the couch and read and hasn't fallen asleep once. My mom bought carbon monoxide detectors for his house, hers, and my brother's house now. I do not have gas service. My grandfather is, by all accounts, perfectly fine and chugging right along at 95 years old. This shit blew my mind.
  5. Excellent mask discipline, high vaccine rates, and incredibly robust tracking and tracing infrastructure is why South Korea is having such an easy time with it.
  6. I believe that the US has been handed this intel from Ukraine. I don't believe that this makes it necessarily incorrect, but we should be doing our due diligence and it doesn't seem that we are. But that doesn't mean it's out of the realm of possibility that it is true. Provocations can come from army units too--like in Georgia. The group that is allegedly prepositioned is a special operations urban warfare group. They do more than just provocations. If they are there, that doesn't mean this supposed purpose is a slam dunk. Although, looking at the wider situation, the talks with the US have failed and I don't know that anyone knows what comes next. The avenues for a diplomatic solution are decreasing quickly.
  7. Someone doesn't know about aboriginal English or Pidgin English. Port Jackson Pidgin English - Wikipedia EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG It's real, and a real language... but when I first learned of it, it felt like it was the most racist thing I have ever heard. Now, that's not to say there are racist origins for why Pidgin English exists. But it's not just some fake racist language.
  8. Everything we learn about "how Congress works" seems like fucking Calvinball. Like, you could tell me that whole process was made up YESTERDAY and I'd have believed you.
  9. I kinda assumed he was dead since he's one of those classic actors that was just of that age. I'm definitely putting Sneakers and In the Heat of the Night on my list to watch.
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