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  1. Her brain probably tried to say Los Angeles Nicks then corrected midway through to Lakers. And it turned out really not great.
  2. I posted this on the Discord, but wanted to repost here to get everyone's takes. I'm in one of those moods where I am reflecting on the whole Trump thing. Corruption, awful coverups, misconduct... And the republicans are 100% behind him. And I question why that is. Is it because they're getting something out of him? (Judges, legislation, etc) Is it because he's their id? Is there more to it than that even? Nixon wasn't like that. They turned on him. Republicans then couldn't have been any better than they are now. Can they?
  3. It really is. KK is not good. Now, I'm a bigger fan of cake donuts myself. So that makes me biased.
  4. Am I the only one that A) has heard the truth repeatedly and understand what the President did, and B) is absolutely sick of hearing it over and over?
  5. Tulsi's honor is apparently worth a taxpayer funded trip to Damascus, Syria.
  6. In the context, the full quote is: So "take her out" tracks with "get her out tomorrow," meaning remove her from the country/recall her. I'm all about this whole thing being grounds for Trump's removal, but the conspiracy to have an ambassador killed just isn't reasonable.
  7. Yeah, after the Union vote passed and the writers got the deal they wanted and he benefited from it.
  8. Has that possible case at Tennessee Technological University in Tennessee come up? Last I heard (last night), there was a student being tested for it. So far, no confirmation. I would imagine that there's a CDC team on the scene running tests, or at least a remote team working with docs there at the Uni to run the right tests. EDIT: TTU was my alma mater!
  9. Get rid of the battery. Have it connected to wires above the road. Make it travel on a fixed route. Make it longer to hold more people. It's a trolley. It's better. I fucking hate silicon valley.
  10. Here's a question: Is anyone here thinking of voting Republican or Third Party if their choice is NOT the nominee? I, personally, wouldn't even begin to entertain those choices.
  11. I don't really mind who voted. I just want to understand WHY.
  12. 1. Sanders 2. Warren Sanders is more left-wing than Warren. Warren is more left-wing than the field. They're BOTH basically social democrats. I think Warren is too likely to go for compromise positions on the most important, visible issues to get something passed. Likewise, I think she'll be another Obama on a lot of issues that aren't sexy. It'll be better than what we got, but I want big steps. Not small steps. EDIT: I demand to hear from whoever has Buttigieg as their first choice and whoever has Bloomberg as their second choice.
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