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  1. I was honestly curious on how they planned on incorporating the politics of thousand year old European tribes into their platform.
  2. Yes which is why it is murder. If you held someone's head underwater until they passed out and continued to hold until they died, it would also be murder.
  3. I can't wait for Republicans to allow me to own my own hydrogen bomb. Should be fun times.
  4. To me it is cut and dry. If you choke someone, they go unconscious, you maintain that choke on an unconscious body and they die. That's murder every time.
  5. Id argue the length of time of the hold after Floyd went unconscious is what is important.
  6. The gains made by my "safe" investments like VIGAX/VUG would have been considered ridiculous at any other time in history. It just makes me a bit nervous like asymmetric inflation is happening or the gap between asset holder "haves" and everyone else is accelerating at a breakneck pace. The whole thing feels very combustible.
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