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  1. I thought since what originated as a shitpost on 4chan almost destroyed democracy in America it would be worth a thread on how people get sucked into Qanon and the mechanics behind it. This is by far the best article I've read on it and honestly a more generalized version should be mandatory reading for everyone as education is the only way to stomp out this kind of shit. A Game Designer’s Analysis Of QAnon | by Rabbit Rabbit | curiouserinstitute | Medium MEDIUM.COM Playing with reality
  2. A Game Designer’s Analysis Of QAnon | by Rabbit Rabbit | curiouserinstitute | Medium MEDIUM.COM Playing with reality Really really good article. I knew some of this stuff but the way the author put it together was quite illuminating. I recommend everyone read it.
  3. Him not knowing DC laws doesn't pass the smell test. And whether that badge was given by his employer should be easily checked out. And he had 500 rounds in his truck but denies it? None of this adds up.
  4. Yes I do believe there is a direct relationship between COVID the civil unrest this country has had over the past year. It wouldn't surprise me if it also accelerated the spread of right wing extremism. Having too much time on your hands + stress can be a potent mix. The problem though is once it is in place it is unlikely to go away very easily.
  5. I just read that LA Times article on it being our "Beer Hall Putsch" and I totally agree. I've been saying for awhile that I don't underestimate the cult anymore because these fuckers are everywhere. Seemingly normal people in positions of power have been radicalized by the human centipede of right wing media and online sources. It goes back to what I said that Biden needs to do a full court press to root this shit out. - Bring back the fairness doctrine - Hold "opinion pundits" accountable for blatant lies - Regulate social media companies into aggressively going after m
  6. Alex Jones knows how to talk to these patriots while protecting his bottom line. You can't say he doesn't have a skill.
  7. Taking after their dear leader by throwing him under the bus. True patriots
  8. Anyone who was online knew this shit was gonna happen. I just assumed, naively apparently, that they would have national guard, riot police etc. The violent rhetoric on Parler was out in the open. You didn't need to be some leet hacker..
  9. There were two types of people there. The hardcore terrorists and the "Disneyland Insurrectionists" eg the people who were planning to go to an indian gaming casino while they were on vacation.
  10. Tearful Pelosi says Congress members may be prosecuted as she announces Capitol security review WWW.INDEPENDENT.CO.UK Speaker says retired Lt Gen Russel Honoré will lead probe following Trump riot This seems like a pretty fucking big deal. I get the impression there is some pretty damning evidence.
  11. I honestly think it is even more important than COVID for Biden to fight aggressively against this tide of American flavor of fascism that has been allowed to flourish under Trump. The DOJ and FBI needs to devote massive resources to this. The first order of business should be to audit every single person with security clearance, specifically their online activity. They also need to set up a division specifically to root out white supremacism in state and local law enforcement. There needs to be thousands of people devoted to monitoring online activity where this shit festers and spreads.
  12. Reminds me of this time I when I was a computer tech we had this new horrible, stupid narcissistic vice principal. Her entire goal while there was to tear everyone else down while changing up things just for the sake of it so she can point to them and advance her career. Anyway she bought this new testing system that I helped set up and had every student take the tests regardless if it made sense for them to take it or not. So here she was trying to make these severely emotionally and mentally disabled kids take this test when many of them didn't have the ability to relay the informati
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