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  1. Looks like this new variant is causing the markets to take a massive shit.
  2. Yeah I'm not a fan of any of these guilt by association laws. Like if two people burglarize a house and one of them kills someone in the process both can be charged with murder. I think people should only be charged with the crimes they actually commit.
  3. When convicted felons basically have to live on the outskirts of society you get a group of people who are almost forced to commit crimes.
  4. These are the kind of thoughts people think are brilliant when high as a kite.
  5. The ultimate irony of conservativism is their demand of having a "traditional" family where the man is the breadwinner and the woman stays at home with the kids but through their economic policies made that impossible for the majority of the population.
  6. The right wing are celebrating him because he lived out their fantasies of murdering liberals.
  7. He put himself in a volatile situation with a weapon in opposition of the protest/riot with the intention of stopping them by force in necessary. He made the likelihood of a deadly situation occurring by being there much much greater. As far as I'm concerned morally at least he committed murder. Its like if hypothetically a band of liberals with assault rifles put themselves between the insurrectionists and the state capitol building. The only thing that could happen is mass death. That is what police are for and why they have the power they do. Anyone who goes to a volatile situation with a weapon with the intention of using it should be convicted of murder regardless of the circumstances behind them using it.
  8. I'm curious if conservatives would have the same reaction if say a band of liberals with AR-15s stood guard over the capital building in front of the mob.
  9. Any large piece of meat has much more protein than any protein shake.
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