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  1. Republicans have done everything possible to try to get rid of social services for children. They don't give a damn about poor children which are often the result of people not being able to get an abortion.
  2. Elon Musk says Twitter deal ‘cannot move forward’ until it proves bot numbers WWW.THEVERGE.COM Twitter thinks 5 percent maximum, Musk thinks 20 percent minimum.
  3. Now that would be quite the accompishment for Putin. Doing what was once thought impossible.
  4. I'm so happy this deal is falling through. The last thing we need is the fucking circus back in.
  5. Elon Musk says Twitter deal on hold pending details on fake accounts; shares plunge 19% WWW.CNBC.COM
  6. I just wear Rainbows almost anywhere unless I'm gonna go hiking or something.
  7. It amusing the people outraged about protests outside Justice's homes are the same crowd that wear 1776 shirts.
  8. He's the "classical liberal" aka a generic republican.
  9. Reminds me when I was 12 the old lady freaked out on the corner when I was writing on the sidewalk in chalk.
  10. How do you not understand that there are a ton of kids in shitty home environments with emotional and trust problems?
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