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  1. Penultimate week #1 Clint Howard was the guest and they did a musical tribute for him after the movie. #2
  2. RIP to the great drug kingpin, Samson Simpson.
  3. Tonight is VHS night. #1 #2 Truly a night of WTF. I watched the first one and holy hell. A lot of so bad it's good. Being under the influence may be highly recommended.
  4. Last Friday's movies #1 Actual movie spoiler: #2 Pretty sure I've seen this but don't recall anything about it. lol
  5. Told myself I'd finally sell AMC if it got back to $30 and it did. It was a fun ride. That was my first time investing in a stock; wanting to get in on the meme craze so I didn't invest much. Always nice to turn a profit though. My average price was around $17 and it got as low as $5 soon after.
  6. Codyverse is some off-shoot of AEW used to placate a forever midcarder's ego.
  7. I'm wondering if this is the timeline where the firms didn't purposely halt buying of the meme stocks. At 35 and closing in on the 5-year high
  8. So does anyone have any AMC left? Price is the highest it's been since RH and other firms limited or outright stopped the buying of its shares that dark January day.
  9. In for Wright. Love the cast too. ATJ, Thomasin, Matt Smith, and Diana Riggs' last role.
  10. Psycho Goreman 3 out of 5 Some decent charm and there were some good bits that weren't in the trailer. A more decent budget could have touched-up some effects and costumes, which were very Power Rangers-esque. Still, it was kinda fun. May be a good under the influence movie.
  11. LFG! Maryland to offer COVID vaccine lottery incentive with $2 million in cash prizes WWW.BALTIMORESUN.COM Any Maryland resident 18 and older who received a COVID-19 vaccination in the state is eligible.
  12. Late on this. From last Friday, movie #1 Movie #2 is Jack Albertson's last live-action role.
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