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  1. In seriousness, the city itself is a problem, all that exposed asphalt is a heatsink that keeps it from even cooling off overnight.
  2. If I had to choose between having the train hit Trump or Sinema, I'd have a very hard time making up my mind.
  3. Florida’s COVID variant cases explode after spring break NEWS.YAHOO.COM One month after the peak of Florida’s spring break, the number of residents infected with more infectious mutated strains of COVID-19 has exploded, rising six-fold since mid-March and leaving...
  4. Remember the set shots of the GoT guy in practical orc makeup? Criminal that they had it and CGIed over it.
  5. So the same people claiming lockdowns don't work are definitely the same people ignoring the lockdowns, right?
  6. The MCU has been way to kill-happy with its villains but this is also a universe where it's not that difficult to come up with a justification for un-deading someone if the writers really want to.
  7. In Iraq, I raided insurgents. In Virginia, the police raided me. - The Washington Post WWW.WASHINGTONPOST.COM The military changed its overly aggressive tactics. It’s time for law enforcement to do the same.
  8. We just had a 25 year cop who's responsible for training new cops fire her gun while she though she was firing her taser.
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