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  1. Not that IGN ever had anywhere remotely near the same reach as any of these but even the IGN boards, despite how ban-happy the mods were, cultivated an edgelord culture. I know how to deal with trolling and flaming literally because of using the IGN boards as a teenager.
  2. A lot of New York's dysfunction comes from the fact that NYC pays the state's bills but most of the rest of the state views it as a positive in and of itself to kick NYC. It's like a microcosm of how a lot of the US treats its cities.
  3. Saw a moron wearing a (K?)N95 mask with her nose exposed at Costco a little while ago. Seemed notable that someone would bother securing such a high-quality mask and still fail at the fundamentals of mask wearing.
  4. As long as the correct procedure for passing an amendment was followed, it wouldn't be in violation of the constitution because it's now part of the constitution. It's simply not comparable to a state constitution having to stay within the boundaries set by the federal constitution.
  5. 28th Amendment Section 1: The 19th amendment is repealed. Section 2: Women are banned from voting.
  6. The 13th Amendment is unconstitutional because it represented an unconstitutional government taking.
  7. I don't care that she's already dead, drag her body out of the casket and fucking behead it right there in the Capitol rotunda.
  8. More PPP loan questions after companies paid dividends, bought their own stock - The Washington Post WWW.WASHINGTONPOST.COM Financial records show that a number of publicly traded firms paid dividends and bought back stock after receiving taxpayer-backed SBA loans.
  9. I don't see why a constitutional amendment couldn't simply strike the bit about every single state needing to sign off.
  10. The Republican political operatives who call the shots at Facebook - Popular Information POPULAR.INFO This is the online version of the Popular Information newsletter. You can get independent accountability journalism in your inbox every week. Sign up here: (From left to right: Facebook’s Joel Kaplan, Katie Harbath, and Kevin Martin) In recent months, Facebook has repeatedly taken actions that benefit Republicans and the right-wing. For example:
  11. He clearly takes his marching orders from people in the GOP smart enough to come up with that one.
  12. It's good timing if the goal is to have the numbers spiking again right around November 3 so that people are reluctant to vote in person.
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