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  1. Trump says he will fire intelligence watchdog at center of Ukraine allegations that led to impeachment
  2. It's a libtard deepstate conspiracy to keep us healthy!
  3. *eye twitch* FFS there's only 50 states, just give the exact number.
  4. Spoiler alert: the audio in this tweet is doctored and deceptively edited.
  5. They help now because even a coal plant is more efficient than the internal combustion engine in a car, IIRC 25% vs 12.5%. But what you're burning to power the car is far from the only problem with cars.
  6. Doctors trying to avoid catching it and then spreading it around their hospital seems like a reasonable use of a mask.
  7. https://www.wsj.com/articles/a-shocking-development-for-a-new-yorker-he-can-cook-in-his-tiny-apartment-11585767610 how the fuck is this not an onion article
  8. Pretty sure I have a bunch of these at home from Costco. I'll have to get a refund once the coronavirus shit dies down, I guess.
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