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  1. https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/cq1q2/help_reddit_turned_spanish_and_i_cannot_undo_it/
  2. A real shame Mercedes focuses on the average middle class apartment dweller, then.
  3. It's gotta be less than a decade though, right? They can still ride off what they have but eventually everything becomes obsolete.
  4. So now that I've actually seen Far From Home, it's still lame if this is Tom Holland's last MCU outing, but now I can say it at least actually kinda makes sense thematically if this is Peter Parker's exit from the MCU. The movie was definitely building up Peter being Tony's successor and Peter accepting it, but the way it did it, it's actually not totally crazy for the movie to conclude on Peter wanting out of anything more than being a friendly neighborhood Spider-man. I guess Feige knew this was possibly coming? The post credits scene is definitely a real dangling thread but the name reveal would actually make it even more realistic for Peter to want all the way out.
  5. Yeah man the Benghazi shit was totally a failure even though McCarthy openly admitted it was a hitjob to tank Hillary.
  6. I hope GEOTUS hereby orders them to keep building cars powered by clean beautiful coal! #MAGA2020
  7. Well they did have to have the Supreme Court steal the presidential election from them, but yeah, failed impeachment obviously wasn't a death warrant for the GOP.
  8. I'm sure these red areas TOTALLY flipped because of a sudden newfound love for Democratic policies.
  9. I mean I get it, imagine everyone thinking you're a @Rachel when you're actually a @Triage.
  10. I guess this just happened. Arming Shimmerman confirming earlier that Eisenberg was in the hospital:
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