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  1. Alan Dershowitz: Sure I Got a Massage at Jeffrey Epstein’s Mansion, but I Kept My Underwear On
  2. I wasn't saying the rest of it wasn't weird too. Although if you've seen pictures of her I don't think it's a big mystery what made him interested.
  3. Lindsey also said he's fine with people being kept in the concentration camps for 400 days.
  4. Well, uh...at least she was the age of consent? I Googled it to refresh my memory on it, and apparently he'd routinely pick her up from her parents' house. So they were presumably fine with it too, which seems even weirder.
  5. I literally wouldn't even remember you as being the guy associated with the bullshit in that one thread if you didn't insist on whining about it basically every post.
  6. As Trump Pushed Him Away, Epstein Bragged He Introduced POTUS And Melania
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