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  1. Dude, just watch the Sonic 2 trailer over and over again. That always makes me feel better
  2. Buying cars are almost impossible nowadays because of the chip shortage, and everyone is buying at $3-4 thousand above MSRP because stock is so low.
  3. Figures we have a mutation whose name rhymes with the Pokémon that can change into other Pokémon at will.
  4. Kids 5-11 can get COVID vaccine as CDC gives final clearance WWW.WCNC.COM Millions of COVID-19 vaccine shots made by Pfizer have already been shipped nationwide to be ready for the CDC's decision. Final approval is in. My daughter is 4 and a half, so she still can’t get it.
  5. Did they start right away at 3 months, or gradually before? Mine is 11 weeks and he still gets up every 3-4 hours at night
  6. Oh right, I forgot he’s a Canadian. Pretty interesting the deadline is pretty much the same for both governments
  7. Deadline is end of Nov for contractors. My company put a deadline of Dec 8 to submit our vaccination card
  8. It’s been a while since we had a pages long argument between one person and the rest of the board on here. Since jigs and heyyoudvd left.
  9. Is that the Rye-Oyster Bay bridge? It keeps popping up every 10 years or so. They even talked about a tunnel that goes under those towns instead of through.
  10. A normal first baseman would have done that. Or if he really wanted to tag him then he would have just walked to him at home and tag him since the run doesn’t count on a force out. He did the worst thing there to try to get the runner out at home.
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