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  1. LaGuardia is far from small. It’s heavily overused and handles a majority of NY flights to Chicago and Charlotte (which is a major American Airlines transfer hub). This will hurt a lot of business travelers trying to come home from a business trip
  2. It is amazing that ONE person has the power to decide whether a chamber in Congress is allowed to perform their job or not. Is there any way for the Senate to override the Senate majority leader and vote on this bill? Otherwise they need to abolish that position or change how bills are brought onto the Senate floor for a vote.
  3. Because he illegally migrated to Earth to get away from his abusive and shit life on his home planet.
  4. Unfortunately, Voter ID passed so more disenfranchisement here
  5. Long Island City makes sense, since people could stay there or in Astoria if they don’t want to travel too far.
  6. Voted in NC. Was pretty crowded. A lot of people wanted to vote early. We have electronic ballots, but every selection produced a paper receipt so I took the extra time to read that receipt after every selection.
  7. Stephen Miller is the most dangerous person in that administration because, unlike the other idiots there, he’s smart enough to work in the background and stay out of the spotlight.
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