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  1. A particular problem when coming up against a tightened labor market where wages could increase at a rate faster than the subsidies can accommodate
  2. I've found other ways to vent since my doom posting can easily overwhelm this board
  3. Oh yeah I can see youngkin winning by a very small bit, and Terry is doing a terrible job of just walking into gaffe after gaffe.
  4. There's a reason why in a medical emergency one of the first steps in the CPR/first aid process is to single someone out and tell them specifically to call 911. Just shout "someone call 911!" Leads to no one calling 911.
  5. Given the proportion of deaths that were from nursing home residents, and how we finance long term care in this country, it is highly doubtful much money has come from this to meaningfully contribute to people staying out of the workforce As an anecdote the old folks who used to live across the street from me died of covid in Jan/Feb this year and their house still hasn't even been put on the market by their kids.
  6. Congrats! I'm planning on getting the snip before the year is over
  7. Agree with this, but it's also worth noting that these new programs don't get the analysis and attention they deserve because of the filibuster and having to put all of this in one big bill rather than several smaller bills one at a time
  8. There is no version of a US breakup that doesn't destroy your country as well
  9. Siri tell me how to actively remove people from the labor force via bad policy. My wife would probably have to leave the labor force. It would be damn near her whole salary--as a teacher--to pay an extra $1000/month for daycare for our kid. Then I would need to pay more for shittier health insurance (currently get our family insurance through the district which is pretty good) We wouldn't be the only ones! This would be a goddamn disaster for Democrats! Better nothing than actively increasing costs for people with young kids.
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