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  1. This might, somehow, be the worst week of his presidency thus far. And not just his anti Semitism coming out in the open(again), but just fucking everything fills me with existential dread. I think I need to log off for a while or find something more productive to focus my energy.
  2. And actively rake their own members, liberal Congressional representative women of color who are Muslim, over coals for comments significantly more miles than claiming American Jews have dual loyalty.
  3. Lmao I pulled that quote right from Heller, the second issue held by the court in the majority's opinion
  4. Like most rights, the Second Amendment right is not unlimited. It is not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose
  5. My summary was basically from the Heller case as decided by Scalia.
  6. Really depends on what you mean by gun control. Can we limit the type of weapons you can own? In large part, yes. Can you require licensing, registration, and insurance? Also yes. Can you make these restrictions so onerous that it effectively and severely restricts legal gun ownership? Probably not.
  7. Give me a well sourced contextual meta analysis of that phrase using mid to late 1700's periodicals and literature as source material or give me death
  8. It's a difference in scale. It's easier to work with one USA and secure a single plea deal than it is to be competent enough to manage something that looks incompetence across massive organizations. The more simple explanation is that the latter really is incompetent. A smaller conspiracy is far more likely to work and actually happen than a massive conspiracy.
  9. Incompetence and or corruption at one US attorneys office, though I'd lean toward the latter given what we know. I'm not arguing that him and his unnamed coconspirators didn't have undue influence on the initial deal, but this recent prosecution has very much the markings of incompetence and apathy.
  10. I literally said his wealth and connections got that deal from Acosta. The latest prosecution was hastily put together in response to public and Congressional pressure to do something.
  11. Imagine not recognizing Congressional intent but claiming to be an originalist.
  12. I mean... yeah. His wealth and power got him the sweetheart deal from Acosta, but this most recent run in seemed to be a response to reporting on that deal. This recent run seemed to be more ad hoc than coordinated and meticulously planned.
  13. Add in the fact that the push to go after him seemingly came from the bottom not the top, adding in incompetence and apathy, and it's not hard to see how the ball gets dropped.
  14. Coordinating multiple FBI field offices/US Marshals(?) and USAOs across multiple states and a US territory usually requires something resembling competency from somewhere near the top. Call me crazy, but based on the history of the past few years, that's not something I'm willing to give this administration.
  15. I think incompetence explains a lot more than the feds deliberately sandbagging the investigation for the benefit of unnamed billionaires. Lay off the chapo for a bit
  16. Is the Fed still purchasing securities? How exactly is merely holding a balance sheet forcing down yields? I could see if they're flooding the market in order to lower their balance sheet that having an effect.
  17. The funny, and not all too surprising, history is the children of European immigrants were largely considered citizens, while the children of Chinese and other minorites were not. So it's within that historical context that this amendment was passed.
  18. Don't forget the lingering dread that comes from a presidential tirade against fuel efficiency standards
  19. Again, you completely fail to understand the meaning of words like "jurisdiction", regularly and erroneously conflate "beholden to" with "citizen of" and finally fail to consider the actual legislative intent of the congress, let alone the century plus of case law based on this supposition. All of this without considering the ramifications of your promoted policy with respect to noncitizens given the reigns of executive power in an increasingly illiberal, autocratic-minded white supremacists. What happens when we have generations of noncitizens who were born here, as were their parents and their parents' parents, and know no other country and then through no fault or error of their own get caught in an ICE dragnet and aren't citizens? We already know the answer to that based on the experience of Jimmy Aldaoud. To sort out the proverbial wheat from the chaff, we'd have to be a "papers please" sort of country, by law (this being the case in practice in large part already), and that doesn't strike me as particularly libertarian-ish my by reckoning. So spare us all the "well ackshully" bit it's tiresome.
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