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  1. In some areas it's too late for gradualism. Specifically on climate. We're quickly burning through our carbon budget so solutions that would be deemed gradual today are probably not going to be effective enough given how much time is left to nearly zero out carbon emissions. They would have been great 30 years ago, though. Also, don't delude yourself that there is a broad based consensus on something like this, when one political party denies it is even happening
  2. Lol what? If they try impeachment he's going to the supreme Court? Lol. I don't think even kav or Gorsich would back him here. Thomas though, he's got Trump's back
  3. And if the Senate isn't taken back, I'd be shocked if any executive appointments are confirmed, outside of Trump continuees.
  4. This is as good a time as any to bring up that the fillibuster needs to be abolished. “We don't have the 60 votes,” said Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Chairwoman Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.). “So Sen. Reid's a pragmatist. So rather than take us to a situation where we don't have the votes, rather than do half-measures, let's wait until we can get it done and get it right. So I think it's a smart decision.” All the talk is not having 60 votes, not a majority. Climate change legislation of any kind will. Not. Pass. The Senate if you require a 60 vote threshold. Republicans will. Never. Sign. On. No one should hold any delusions about bipartisan climate legislation, it's just not gonna happen.
  5. Yeah but we won't though. We can't even get national health insurance, let alone ubi
  6. I, for one, can't wait to see how well the low wage taxi cab/Uber drivers and the high wage semi truck drivers take being replaced so rapidly
  7. The Easter worship crowd is quite different than your every Sunday worship crowd for what that's worth.
  8. Checkmate, Trump didn't run on transparency #keepingpromises
  9. I assume she wants to keep heads attached to their bodies. Complete nonstarter.
  10. Quick reminder that virtually everyone in this current administration, Trump included, and the house and the Senate, is a member of the elite by any definition you choose, even aside from their status as national level political leaders
  11. Biden most certainly is. Bernie has an appeal different than everyone in the contest minus Warren.
  12. A lot of People wrongly think impeachment means he will be removed from office. Hell yeah keep him on the ballot, but also do the impeachment thing.
  13. I'm not too concerned until he takes cash from fossil fuel lobbyists.
  14. Just make sure you don't like your coworkers, cause that crunch is gonna annoy the fuck out of them
  15. The passing laws part is ignored by those who don't want to eliminate the fillibuster. The answer to an overreaching judiciary is an active as hell legislature.
  16. Seriously though. Put her in and kick chuck the fuck out
  17. Their base like Trump a whole hell of a lot more than anyone in Congress. If they don't support Trump, the base will kick them out and put in someone loyal
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