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  1. This is a cities thread so I'm posting it. Found the root of gentrification. Build more in rich areas!
  2. But how will we remember them if we don't have statues?
  3. Good retort. What it means is that individual choices are irrelevant when systems of power are designed for exploitation. Going from brand a (with bad PR) to brand b (with good happy PR) doesn't matter when suppliers d, f, and g (who supply them both) all use the same exploitative practices in marginal communities around the world. Not difficult stuff here.
  4. No such thing as ethical consumption under capitalism my dude
  5. The center/center left still supports and gets support from capital. There's a reason he points to him meeting Obama! He's just using the kiss ass bullshit language that trump requires so you stay on his good side. It's not hard to see here folks! His ideology is capital, not partisan!
  6. I hate to tell everyone this (not just here!) but this is the case with just about every fucking brand/CEO Best case they're Romney types, but either way they're more than willing to sell their soul and your life/health for the almighty dollar
  7. I swear to god if this turns into another Canadian thread of good governance imma be pissed
  8. I remember my old agriculture science teacher less than 20 years ago saying he hoped we went to a cashless system because it would stop drug and terrorist money from flowing. This was after 9/11 even. Man times have changed. There's 0 doubt in my mind he'd be sharing these memes as another teacher from my high school, who he was close with, has shared one of these things above.
  9. One of the Facebook memes I saw on it had a bit about how moving away from cash will allow the government to track our every move. So I had to butt in, cause this joker posted it to Facebook using an Android device, like Google and Facebook aren't hand in hand with the government tracking your every move.
  10. One thing I found out looking for the study I indirectly linked to above is https://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/ny-de-blasio-property-tax-reform-overhaul-new-york-city-20200131-zeol6rhvjngjznxhfgbje4l2y4-story.html Holy shit what a steal. He apparently supports changing this, but God damn.
  11. Ideally (within cities and suburbs mind you here) property taxation rates would be tied to long term maintenance costs (roads, sewer, etc) and that would render most suburbs much more expensive per housing unit and unaffordable to maintain at large scale. This may come as a shock, but most suburbs are highly subsidized by dense/mixed-use/traditional neighborhoods and government at every level. Hell on a per unit basis apartment dwellers pay 18% more in property taxes than SFH owners on a per unit basis
  12. From the replies to a tweet Jason posted It's not impossible, and further it isn't required! But hell, if we really wanted to we could heat the bike paths or have motion detected heaters, or both, on all bike paths throughout a city for a similar cost as one interstate interchange.
  13. You do know that in places where cycling is a priority, bike paths get cleared of snow by the municipality?
  14. This right wing version of Biden kicks ass
  15. They already did this but yeah, as someone said on the discord, theyve reached the bargaining stage
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