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  1. now hear me out, but what if we made hospitalization free (at point of use)?
  2. And there it is. Face coverings required in all facilities at work, unless you're in a room with other vaccinated people and no one unvaccinated is present, or if you're at your desk at least 6 feet away from anyone and vaccinated. Not requiring vaccination at this time, but they're watching the feds and other companies. In the office I'd say we're at about 90% vaccinated based on mask usage (and considering lying about your status and not masking when unvaccinated may be cause for termination, I imagine compliance is pretty good)
  3. I'm curious when/if my very large employer will start to require masks for the vaccinated (only the unvaccinated have to wear them now, and they require proof of vaccination)
  4. Truly amazing how much of a drag on our economic activity is due to our housing policies
  5. Sports guys are the perfect vessel for vaccine outreach but they're also the dumbest mfers alive who seem to think they're not gonna be impacted and thus won't get vaccinated
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