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  1. Trump doesn't strike me (ha) as a thinking-about-the-consequences-of-his-actions type of guy though
  2. Here's some good news. Survey says black father's are more involved than white or Latino father's... Regardless of their living situation Happy father's day.
  3. One of the very, very few redeeming features of Trump is his general (and I'm being very liberal with the term here) anti-war stance for being a Republican. So I'm guessing at worst he will approve limited drone strikes, no matter what John Bolton wants. Not a hill I'm going to die on though. Just a gut instinct
  4. Anyone who isn't pardoned by the orange one who so flagrantly violates the law, like kellyanne here, should be put on trial during the next administration. The failure of the Obama administration to prosecute bush admin officials involved in torture and other war crimes set the modern prescient that you can break the law and get away with it. I hope the Biden "let bygones be bygones" types don't let this shit to continue to fly, or it will only get worse. I hope questions like this come up for democrats, and they answer that lawbreaking should be brought to trial. Accountability needs to start somewhere. And if it's used against democrats in the future, the answer is: so what? Don't break the fucking law.
  5. I mean I get that it's international virtue signaling, but the Paris agreement doesn't do much of anything (if anything at all) to actually combat climate change.
  6. I'm really glad inslee made the debates. Night two is going to be full of the crazies. Yang, Williamson, Biden. Lol
  7. Good thing we have to rely on this nonrenewable resource sold on an international market in order for the global economy to function, and we're (we being the US government) going out of our way to make sure that status quo never changes with regard to that reliance. That means we have to have the most powerful Navy in the history of humanity escort cargo tankers because there's clearly no other option.
  8. Do it anyway. Gave us all both Clinton and daddy Huckabee so they've had their chance
  9. But Bernie called dibs on those policies, he said them first
  10. Makes gaining control, let alone passing progressive legislation, far, far more difficult.
  11. And Democrats literally lynch children fresh from the womb so they'll have no choice but to vote Republican
  12. Without any real inflationary pressure, there's zero reason to raise rates anymore. I don't think cutting them now is a good idea though.
  13. They're older, but they're also "good" teachers because their wealthy, non-IEP students do well on state exams.
  14. There's plenty of teachers who can't even operate PowerPoint, let alone use a smart board or much other tech.
  15. In my wife's school district, the poor schools she taught at (read: full of blacks and Hispanics) still had chalk boards while the wealthy schools (read: white kids) have dry erase for the most part.
  16. Classroom chalk boards? Lol maybe in wealthy suburban schools
  17. Tbh I don't think he's that good of a politician, but he is the only nationally known avowed socialist.
  18. Please. She's only 30. She can easily work for the next 8
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