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  1. We need a "best/worst of the trump administration" thread once he is blessedly out of office
  2. Real talk we should be giving big fat checks to everyone who gets dose #2
  3. Yeah I was listening to a podcast today and one story was there was a normal seeming woman who got cought up in this because she quit her job to take care of her parents who had Alzheimer's. Once they were napping or sleeping there wasn't much else she did but fell into the rabbit hole of Q shit.
  4. It is such a long term problem to deprogram people from this right wing bullshit. And unfortunately, for us, it requires the powers that be to reign in on social media companies
  5. Also: Eradicate covid and get the economy back on track. Social research shows that when people are more anxious they are more likely to be accepting of ideas that do not confirm their biases, and are more open to conspiracies and the like. In conjunction with rooting out all the shit like you suggest this would make a big difference.
  6. He was on the grubstakers podcast and once they got to that part I just noped out, don't have time for his dumb ass, its only a few minutes in if you're interested. I otherwise mostly like the pod.
  7. After learning about it, the capitol insurrection is more akin to Mussolini's March on Rome imo
  8. How's this going to get past the filibuster? Racial animus is a uniting motivator in the republican party
  9. Not a point with spending much time on, but I guess I consider it's less inept than inevitable given their constraints
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