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  1. So it's the times being a shit rag again Though the Trump admin enforcing it will be a 1A issue because you know they're going to come after critics of Israel
  2. And nyt will uncritically pass this information along in their headlines, "Barr opens investigation into Hunter Biden/Jane Sanders' College/etc, raising questions about the candidate's role in the affair"
  3. With a trifecta here, we need to push the advantage and end right to work and push other organizational/union building laws
  4. We stand a chance with the right president and Congress. For instance, on one extreme, the oil super majors and other fossil fuel companies could be nationalized and shut down in addition to a green New deal type of thing.
  5. Would have also been a good choice, but there's nothing wrong with Greta getting it. It's not like it was fucking Pelosi
  6. But it's socialism to give them preventative healthcare which can save lives. If they wanted a socialism shot they could have stayed where they came from!
  7. Despite it being an outright fabrication. Besides he now has a record to run on and foreign policy is the one place he can't deflect effectively. But this is also why running a Bernie type would be effective. Everyone outside of Washington is tired of the damn wars, and he can credibly make an anti war case
  8. And all that ignores the nature of police--that is state--violence towards the communities they supposedly serve
  9. Which is why specifically calling out black on black crime is the center space. In most cases people kill others who share geographic proximity, and since our history of settlement in this country is largely based on race and socioeconomic status, this means that most crime is intraracial by default.
  10. I don't think it's a surprise, but it's a matter of "why support someone for the presidency who is trying to figure out themselves when there are people who you know what they're about and have been about for decades?" I'm not opposed to people changing their minds or being ambitious, but with such a short career and a quick change in his supposed beliefs, it's quite clear the only thing he is for is his own political advancement. It's so nakedly cynical that it's off-putting.
  11. It's the heel turn from "they're going to call us socialists anyway so do the right thing, and also Medicare for all is the compromise" to whatever he is saying now that he's cashing Aetna checks
  12. I can't get over how fucking stupid Nancy is here. Jesus fucking Christ. I can't with these fucking people.
  13. Yeah, I quoted myself Edit: this is why people hate the Democrats. They refuse to truly wield power. They're afraid of it
  14. "All of his corruption, blatant graft, and crimes against humanity are fine, but stonewalling Congress is just one step too far!"
  15. I mean, he's now a centrist, bordering on center right based on who he's chosen as comms director. https://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=14434721 https://www.politico.com/story/2019/04/11/2020-candidates-bundler-fundraisers-1266987 Money buys access. People with a lot of money know a lot of people with a lot of money. It also shows at least some commitment to reducing the role of private money (and it's all corrupting influence) in politics.
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