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  1. California gonna run out of people to clean toilets and work at Whataburger
  2. California is such a dumb state. Too much nice weather has terminally rotted brains
  3. They'll also need technology transfer so hopefully this is where things are going
  4. as a generation we are saddled by student debt, poor job prospects and economy generally, two "once in a generation" economic crashes, a pandemic, unsustainable health care and child care costs, to say nothing of housing and transportation costs. So it's not hard to see why the birth rate is cratering after peaking around 2008.
  5. Treating public figures just like any old person is supremely stupid
  6. Was thinking Black men breaking off in greater numbers. The strength of obama's electoral coalition was boosted from his support from Black men in the upper midwest when compared to Hillary and Biden. A couple thousand more supporting Scott would be all that's needed to flip the election despite millions fewer votes overall. There's a small chance he could make it out of the primary (without Trump) if only to bolster the "we're not racist we nominated a Black guy" wing but this might be a big stretch given how mask off they've been lately. He did outrun trump in 2016 in SC while on
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