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  1. It's now live, $100 and not showing up on amazon.ca. =/ https://www.amazon.com/TurboGrafx-16-mini-Electronic-Games/dp/B07QD9GQ9J/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=turbografx+mini&qid=1563235818&s=gateway&sr=8-1 Well I think I can live without one.
  2. Dear worthless speaker, do your mother fucking job already. Enough is enough of this bullshit.
  3. There was, just it died down when people got into debates over the name of new 3ds & new 3ds xl. Oh the philosophical discussions over the thought of people wanting to buy a new 3ds xl (previous model) and not a new new 3ds xl or how silly it was someone might go in to ask for a used new 3ds xl.
  4. You’re over simplifying what went on in the launch of the 2ds to justify your point. There was a point people thought the Wii U was an add-on controller for the Wii. It didn’t cause utter chaos that wasn’t ultimately dealt with by a game store clerk explaining things to people. Switch is nothing more then a brand name.
  5. There is nothing wrong with wanting both, hopefully a future switch will meet your needs much like this switch does meet some people’s needs, like mine. It’s also a bit too early to say that maybe someone won’t find a way to make the lite dockable. It is after all still a usb-c port. You’re still going for a manufactured crisis. If parity matter that much then parents will just buy two normal switches. I don’t remember any parents up in arms when 1 kid got a 3ds and another a 2ds and in the future the poor kid with a 2ds can’t experience 3d. If docking is seen as a huge issue the parents will just replace the lite with a normal switch. It’s not like the old model is being discontinued.
  6. Jfc, the scenario you guys are trying to bend. Do any of you even have kids? If docking their switch is so important at a later date they’ll just sell/trade their switch to buy a dockable one. It’s not the *king end of the world.
  7. I know what i’m getting for my next birthday.
  8. this thread There is nothing wrong with those that like to only play their switch docked, just like there is nothing wrong with those that like to only play their switch in handheld mode. I have a switch, I’ve repeatedly haven’t been a fan of its size (I still prefer my n3ds units over n3ds xl units, I even bought both at launch to try them out) and spend 80% of my gaming time still playing 3ds games. So this system works for me. It’s ok if the new unit doesn’t focus exclusively on your wants. No everybody is the same. I’m not going to take issue when Nintendo eventually does the switch pro.
  9. Nancy to follow with a tweet that any effort to fight trump on this is not worth it. Everything will be solved by the elections when trump wins a second term and she finds a totally new diss clap for him.
  10. Give me now, please !! (I really don’t like the size of my switch and never dock it, HD rumble is ass, and joycons are a rip-off). -edit- not sure if I should buy now or wait for an eventual LE I’ll want more. I already like the light grey of the Pokémon unit sans the duel color buttons. Animal Crossing is so getting an LE.
  11. Nice, Got any games for it yet?
  12. You get frozen pizza when it’s on sale for $3/$4 to leave in the fridge for a day you really don’t care and just need to eat something. If I want pizza it’s usually at lunch or on my way home so I’ll just grab a slice at a near by place for $5 (it’s 1/4 of a large pizza) and that is more than enough pizza to be eating.
  13. Picked up a few more 3DS titles recently. First off grabbed a copy of Samurai Warriors: Chronicles off amazon for dirt cheap. Second I went with a friend to a game store I don't hit up all that often and they end up having a ton of stuff I wanted but I end up limiting myself to a used copy of Layton's Mystery Journey (the last one) and new copy of Monster Hunter Stories. There were other titles there I wanted to grab, so I'll probably end up going back to get others in a month. LMJ I'm happy to get because while I don't think it's super rare, I really don't think tons of copies were produced as I don't remember ever seeing it on shelves when it came out and it's still going for near retail price on ebay. MHS end up being the same price it was at launch, I regret not buying one when bestbuy was clearing them out for $30 Canadian. =/ -edit- With these pick-ups, I've hit 133 titles. (I'm running out of space in the bins I keep 3DS games in, going to need a 4th one soon).
  14. Yep, which begs the question why even bother dealing with the courts anymore.
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