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  1. I don’t have this one, i’ve Got the sfc themed one. to be honest i’m Eyeing n2ds xl now due to their themes.
  2. chakoo

    General Gaming What are you playing today?

    If you liked past Metroid games then yes. It’s been great up to this point
  3. chakoo

    General Gaming What are you playing today?

    Metroid Samus returns (3ds) WTF is up with the chase sequence, wtf games don’t need these and it’s really pissing me off
  4. I wonder if any part of this code exist in the original animal forest version of the game for n64 as it had nes games like its GameCube updated port.
  5. chakoo

    Retro Games Pickup

    I don't pissed too much. I'm glad people can enjoy games. If anything I more get pissed off when I talk about wanting to buy something then put it off for 2+ years to later find it far more expensive then it should. =/ I do find it funny that 1 youtuber covered a local retro shop in toronto but the thing is, that place their prices were already too high in the first place so deals there are rare or usually a fluke. Yet to give that shop credit, the reason I still go from time to time is because they clean and take care of their stuff before putting them up for sale (inc recaps on things like Gamegear). =P
  6. Over all I think the DS wins due to it's catalog and what it brought to the table. On a more personal level it would be GBA & PSP as I more enjoyed both platforms along with how they both tied into different stages of my career (My hobbyiest work on GBA lead to my first commercial game and job, my hobbyist work on PSP lead to my job at Ubi).
  7. chakoo

    Retro Games Pickup

    Shinobi, Nice.. If you want to go the fun DYI route you can make one pretty easily. The main parts are a Jamma Harness, a PSU (can use an old PC PSU or old device PSU that can supply the needed +5v & +12v) , a 15khz to 31khz converter pcb and a controller (Neo Geo, or 3 button Genesis works as each button is it's own pin and does not require a transcoder. Or you can go the lazy route and buy one of these. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Supergun-ProGamer-RetroelectroniK-Arcade-Jamma-autofire-voltmeter-included/152257119363?epid=1987156252&hash=item23733b4483:g:SbIAAOSwOyJX6pvu I built my own JVS/Jamma 2 rig and I use one of these for 15khz to VGA conversion. https://www.ebay.com/itm/GBS-8200-CGA-15kHz-EGA-25kHz-Arcade-JAMMA-PCB-to-VGA-Video-Converter/311778818850?hash=item4897773b22:g:qWAAAOSwXOVaZTTs -edit- The atomiswave isn't a bad system to get started with but the game selection is pretty limited. Do be careful, Bootlegs are a problem with Atomiswave. So make sure to do your research before buying any carts.
  8. This is a hard choice and even though the snes was technically the first console I personally got as a gift and not just a system that was bought for a sibling or the family, I think I have to go with the genesis actually. I just have so many fond memories of many of the titles and even the fact I won a copy of Sonic 3 via a McDonalds mail-in contest. Man Castle of Illusion, MJ, Sonic games, Toe Jam & Earl, Shinobi, Shadow Dancer, Mutant League, Desert Strike, etc..... Just so many games I use to put so many hours into. The fact you picked CD over AES
  9. chakoo

    What retro games are you playing?

    I've been putting some time this week into Neo Geo (mostly on Neo CD side). I finally played Real Bout FF (first one) for the first time. I find some of the hit/blood particles funny because on my TV it kind of looks like party confetti yet on Real Bout Special it's more like gloppy blobs. I also have to say that now after I've played more Fatal Fury games, I think Real Bout Special is my favorite in the series. It has the polish of Real Bout with a faster battle speed. I also find it interesting giving Fatal Fury a shot so much later. Sure I played Garou back when it hit but for the most part I mostly only played Sam Sho, Last Blade & Kof series back in the day (in arcades and on collections/ports). The only other Neo Geo Fighter I haven't given much of a play on is the Art of Fighting series (just finally picked up my first game).
  10. chakoo

    Retro Games Pickup

    Here is the rest of the collection and what probably will remain 75-80% of my collection (want to hunt down a few more cheap gets (Sub $50 before shipping) then maybe 1 $100 title). The games are all in good shape with their manuals with exception to Fatal Fury Special which is missing its manual and is a bit scuffed. I regret not waiting out on this one a little longer as I later found complete in better shape for what I pad. Yet again all of these titles were like 2,000-3,500 Yen with the exception of Fighters History being 5,000 Yen (not bad since 2k-4k yen cheaper then what they normally list for). On other news, the Neo Geo it self works like a charm with no problems. Quite happy for how cheap I got it.
  11. chakoo

    You become dictator. What do you do?

    Mostly what legend said with the added action of killing all boomers first, then doing the rest. A few exceptions will be made (can’t go off killing Picard)
  12. I doubt it. At most we're looking at a minority government. The CPC has mostly just been running on a platform of criticizing Justin regardless of what he does (Sans trade war). I think once more of his long play policies kick in he will rebound with some of the support he lost to NDP who have been doing horribly even with the new leader. http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/poll-tracker-federal-poll-averages-and-seat-projections-1.4171977
  13. chakoo

    Retro Games Pickup

    well when it starts to rain Neo Geo games, It pours!!!! My two NG shipments showed up today at the same time. I sadly don't have time to get into my big box of goodies (expect photos in a few days) but I did at least open my first smaller package when getting home. So while not technically the first NG game I bought (That was Sam Sho 1), it's the first one in my hands (Damn the carts are big). Expect 6 more games soon...
  14. Come join us then.. Retro does not mean it only has to be about old console games. I spent a ton of time growing up playing PC games (I kind of feel I'm due for another Build Engine retro play through soon).
  15. You only understand games that we let you run your simulation on. So get back to work you CS Go bot!