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  1. Do it ... do it ... or even get a vita tv and cfw that!
  2. chakoo

    General Gaming What are you playing today?

    Yep, i’m the same. So that is kind of why i’m curious if they’re still holding up for you. I think the $20 point is a good one.
  3. chakoo

    General Gaming What are you playing today?

    Playing yokai busters and sonic mania (finally). Thinking about what I want to take with me for a business trip in another week. Would you say it’s worth getting the collection or does it’s fun run thin after a while? I kind of want to get butafter getting the sf collection I only played a few mins then got bored
  4. I think an even bigger shame is how much Sony botched the vita tv. It’s a fantastic device hampered by their short sidedness with the game whitelist restrictions. I think there is only really 2-5 games that can’t work/will crash and those could have been patched/fixed (gyro and camera related)
  5. No, it did ok but not great. Well compared to Nintendo handhelds, still the 2nd best for non Nintendo handhelds and sold more then a few major consoles in japan. Yet still a far cry from what psp did.
  6. worse was them saying they have no plans for a follow up.
  7. I’ll take one even though I still have a n64 but I think people will be disappointed with some key titles missing (goldeneye and possibly rare games).
  8. I got my Canadian preorder in today. Pretty happy about that.
  9. chakoo

    The Kavanaugh Confirmation Charade Thread

    $5 one of those guys is the bus driver to pad out the numbers.
  10. I think it’s time we need to stop making places of work gun free zones. If simply that box of cheerios had a gun then she would have been courteous and everything would be fine.
  11. I'm kind of curious, I wonder if sony is reusing Vita tv parts to build this thing or if they ported everything to a new SOC to make this. My money is on Vita parts. I do hope MGS makes the list. I played through it again like a year ago and still felt it held up well. Also, R4 is still beautiful.
  12. @CastlevaniaNut18 pretty much got most of it. PS1 on PS3 started hw but swapped to software even on units that still have the ps2 hw. Ps2 also started with hw but some/all? slim model ps2 swapped to a software emulator for ps1 titles. I sadly can't find the articles that talk about this in detail for ps2 (damn you google) or the one that talks about when ps3 made the swap. =/ I've atleast posted two wiki on the ps1/2 emulators in the ps3 if you're looking for a little more technical info on those. http://www.psdevwiki.com/ps3/PS1_Emulation http://www.psdevwiki.com/ps3/PS2_Emulation
  13. Nope, all ps3 moved to software for ps1. Only first two models had the chip for hw ps1 but even those use sw with later fw.
  14. It’s up for preorder in the USA (not for Canada yet)
  15. Holy hell that initial lineup gives me hope the remaining titles are just as good. At least we know sony’s Ps1 emulators are pretty damn good so this should play well. I hope Japan gets a modified game list so I have a reason to pick up both