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  1. I'd say a bit of that (I still have my copy of that game, lol) and the maker tools from Labo. It looks neat and any product that could get kids into maker/stem space is awesome. Yet with that said I'm not looking forward to the nintendo fanboy dribble over this shit being innovative when Dreams and others have been around for ages.
  2. I couldn't find the right topic to post this but SN15 actually landed without blowing up!!!
  3. I understand your pain as me and the wife have gone through multiple miscarriages ourselves (2 were around 20 weeks). After going through the first one in Canada I realized if we were in the states (i'm from Cali) that it would have destroyed us financially and I probably would have given up on having kids right there.
  4. As mention by @b_m_b_m_b_m, Facebook upholds trump ban. Now we can stop with the BS pedling that they were ready to bring him back (there was no way they weren't going to continue to keep him banned).
  5. The best outcome is Epic winning sadly. Apple has continued to pull BS practices and just simply saying "well use another platform" is not a valid answer. My product can't use Google SSO for base authentication because to use it I have to have Apple SSO which has requirements that break my app (It's an app that uses your existing calendar accounts). Thus I'm barred from using other services because of this, not to mention their SSO wasn't properly secured in the early days and could be hacked. -edit- Make no mistakes, Epic isn't here to the savior of all people, They are only
  6. No. The early days they partnered with people who wrote crime drama to improve the stories but not the yakuza itself.
  7. Thats kind of rich considering the rumors around Yamauchi in the nes/snes era. Also Yakuza 1 & 2 HD did come out on Wii U.
  8. it would be kiddy coaster themed as a log flume ride but with no water. So he can decree that he is right and it shouldn't be wet.
  9. Two reasons 1. Time: I play retro games because it's easy for me to play for 15-30 mins and have fun. I don't really have the free time to sit around for hours playing a single game (if I do it ends up being yakuza games that take me ages to play). 2. Nostalgia: I collect games for the nostalgia of it all. It's not just about having access to said game but being able to look at the boxes and manuals before/during when I'm going to play a game. I still have fond memories as a kid of looking at game boxes when I was at a store or when getting to rent a game at blockbuster.
  10. He has good taste, the namco clam shell cases are amazing. I’ve thought about buying up a bunch of the cheaper sports game just for the cases alone. With that said, DB2 is a fun early falcom game (makers of Ys).
  11. @CastlevaniaNut18 nice pickups. Always great to see another join the TwinFami fan club (i've got the black one). Were the games from a group/lot purchase? It's nice seeing DragonBuster 2 in the group (outside the usual good hits like TMNT, rockman, prodius and goemon). I'm guessing your husband is thrilled with this. Also the boxed Bomberman 5.
  12. Ugg... I still need that game. It's kind of annoying that end of life 3DS has been much harder to buy up games for than previous systems. PSP was great because you could easily pick up some titles for under $20. I've been trying to throw in a 3DS game every few amazon orders I make for anything I'm missing and the selection is getting pretty thin.
  13. I still personally don't see 80% of my collection as an investment. I mostly buy up what I want to actually play but I will admit there are a few items I bought knowing they are probably going to be worth a lot in the future (20th Anv PS4, Persona Q2 SE, my 3DS Systems, etc). I think the complicated issue comes from game I did actually buy to play and now they're worth a lot and I still haven't had time to get to them (DQ8) and then there are ones where I bought to play but didn't care all that much (solatorobo ds) that I think i'm ok with selling off if the price gets right. I thi
  14. I've heard RGC is also shit for prices most of the time. =/
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