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  1. If you still haven't bought Persona Q2 for 3DS yet, GO get on it! It's currently on sale on eShop. https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/persona-q2-new-cinema-labyrinth-3ds/
  2. Greens french racist/sovereignist Bloc Québécois General racist/alt right Peoples Party Canada
  3. Considering sitting members of CPC is fine with reading the Christchurch manifesto to a Muslim can you blame them?
  4. For fucks sake. If this causes the CPC to win i'm going to be pissed off. Specially with a ton of the people the CPC courted this year.
  5. I've got the game on pre-order and can't wait for it's arrival on friday. Now the bigger question is if I get a switch lite in time for it or not.
  6. It’s sad that they had to go through that. Hope they are able to recover from the incident ok (both physically and mentally).
  7. Mario kart 64 and sonic adventures were beloved by my nephews in that 3-6 year old range. So either a fun kart game or something with a very linear level progression would be best. If you have a Wii-u, I would highly recommend MK8 and Mario 3D world. If not get them a n2ds and Mario 3D land.
  8. Ontario continues to suffer the wrath of a crack head's brother so that the rest of Canada might not punch itself in the balls too hard and vote in the CPC to power. I'm really crossing my fingers for another LPC majority.
  9. In honor of Dreamcast's anniversary, I decided to grab some games yesterday to play. Yeah I know it's shameful that these were not already in the collection (My DC collection is pretty poor, 2/3 of it is from a coworker just giving me a bunch of his games). Sadly when playing them last night my DC was acting up on the video signal. I think I might have a busted cap that needs replacing. I'll also need to give the game cases a really good cleaning this weekend.
  10. As if we needed any more proof the GOP does not give a fuck about 9/11. Dems need to stop being so fucking ignorant when dealing with them.
  11. I had a dreamcast back when it came out, can't quite remember how I was able to get one (I don't remember specifically buying it or asking my parents for it). I do remember getting to try one out from a Hollywood video when they were rent-able before launch. I have fond memories of playing Sonic Adventures, JGR & Soul Calibur so much on the system. I also remember when I went overboard onetime with a very large bonus I got from work(*) and bought a huge naomi game collection that I eventually sold off over time back in early 2000's. I actually still have a dreamcast but it's not my original system. (*)
  12. If you haven't converted to LEDs you really should. When we did reno on our condo we had all lighting fixtures covered to LEDs and our monthly electricity cost is way below what I know some others pay with much smaller places. You don't even need high end bulbs, just some simple generic versions from home depot.
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