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  1. Covid & the continued fuck up of the JIT supply chain has screwed things up for many companies which is resulting in increased prices everywhere. Companies are struggling to 1. find chips/parts, 2. obtain allocation at a factory to build their product and 3. obtaining shipping containers and spots on ships to get product out of asia.
  2. If we're going to look at vita being retro, I've got a whole box of vita confusion on it's way. oh what do you think it could be? My only hint is I had originally only plan to buy one of them but ended up buying a bunch because they were going for dirt cheap on yahoo auctions.
  3. Those are some nice pickups there. I still need to pick up romancing saga 3 for switch (really want to play that one).
  4. GD it. Why can't remedy make a MP3 and we just ignore the other game. =/ Both of the original games were fantastic and I found 2 to be such perfection after 1 (played both on PC back in the day). Man gonna have to rummage through my digital collection, pretty sure I own a copy of both on one of the digital stores.
  5. Yet they have Liz so they already have an R which they have no control over.
  6. I'm gonna say no drugs were involved in making this, when drugs are are involved you get things like Rez, Dyad and the likes.
  7. Wow, that was really un-exciting which it shouldn't have been. You have to give Elon credit for something, he really knows how to make anything Space X does exciting even when it's just something routine. Like for something you're building up as being such a huge event how do you not have a live feed from those inside. =/
  8. Here you go, if you're still interested you'll have to give me a day or two to dig out the box from my locker to post photos of that but it's also in good condition as it's mostly been stored away since buying the system many many years ago. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/_CDQOHbUQ9O4QJZPFAlrly0kvpbMalscaYtYIX3YBA1D3a20QbVJRYMhEZxq0b5yqFXRNl5l7RMu67H9zVLBiiXhjWWAtEQV1wdjFGpa0RFF53xYWuueLqjAg0HK-ebznYwvBzLFuw=w2400 https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/xPvMq2FtzWkoaFQ2V-20qUtfSyfrdE22Qn4g7WROZiEb9eNaqDuGYV7aOWi2zjJr-5-LOD3v8eXePgGKLz6bbdDHBTMgCYglj7ABhxPGNf514gBRo-6X2IYdhnCs56_K
  9. But you know, as a kid you just have to be prepared because someone's freedom or something.
  10. a bit of a tangent but man this unit is continuing to confirm to me that sony is messing up by not making a PS4 Portable that just plays your digital ps4 library. This device proves they could make scale one down and the size of the library it would have to offer would be immense and add a few more years of life to the ps4 for smaller scale japanese devs.
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