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  1. Ugg I feel so targeted. . It’s a fair point to make, more just I think Nintendo’s past history with NSO does not breed confidence that the service will be properly supported to justify the increase. I’ll most likely give it a shot for a year but I’m kind of expecting I’ll end up not renewing all over again.
  2. wow, $30 more for two retro platforms they will drip out questionable games once in a blue moon. The AC stuff I could see being worth it if you’re a huge AC fan (I still need to pick up a copy). I personally wouldn’t have an issue with the $30 increase if not for how badly NSO has been as is (I stopped renewing my subscription). I might still bite for a year but I don’t have high hopes for this being better.
  3. The next real gen/leap for VR is going to be great and long overdue. Eh, it could get renamed Quest but FB has been working on their next leap in VR while Quest1 was being finished.
  4. Good, they have their own faults like they could source better screens (where Replicades have great screens but have inconsistent QC issues at the manufacturer in China. Quarter arcades are actually the easier of the two to purchase (replicades get single low unit production runs). Also quarter arcades are 1/4th scale where replicades are 1/6th scale. For me the 1/6 scale works best ask desk toys.
  5. Follow them on Facebook. Zoo keeper is rumored to be coming from Quarter Arcade (along with tmnt, turtles in time, elevator action, and qix). My 1942 comes from replicade.
  6. I got my 1942 replicade in this week, bought it in a pre-sale back in march and it just now showed up. Comes with 1942 & 1943 on the system. https://newwavetoys.com/products/1942-x-replicade
  7. There are a few of us here who have and buy arcade stuff but you're friend is better off listing on something like Arcade Exchange on facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/499649376898165 Now if he has any loose PCBs he is selling, let us know what he has.
  8. Oddly enough, when I was concerned the store was shutting down for Vita, I had troubles using my credit card or paypal then and had to go on my PC to load up my account with enough credits to buy what I was after (the missing Persona PSP game I didn't have). Sony needs to work with 3rd parties to do one last massive sale for PS3 & Vita stores. There are tons of stuff I want to buy but I'm not going to spend $40 on an old game when it's a fraction of the price on other systems or in physical form. =/
  9. The only people who will be buying that genesis controller are collectors. So of course it will sell out at the start but be in low demand after that. If anybody wants an actual genesis controller for their switch, buy this one. It's great (don't get the 2.4ghz model, that is not switch compatible, you need the bluetooth model). https://www.amazon.com/Bluetooth-Gamepad-Controller-Original-Genesis-Drive-Black/dp/B07P9Q5C73/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=8bitdo+genesis&qid=1632838695&sr=8-5
  10. May will probably be put back in charge as interim but there was a few names being thrown around to take over the greens before the election. Also during the vote count Mike Morrice was brought up as someone to be considered because of him winning his riding.
  11. Yes but sadly I don't want to drive all the way to the airport to deal with the customs paperwork myself. Sure it's pretty damn simple but inconvenient. =/ Such BS when Canada Post is only $5-$7 processing charge vs UPS's $30+. I know you can also sometimes argue with UPS over the phone and they will reduce/drop the charge but it's a hassle as well.
  12. Avengers was Eidos Montreal team (they worked on part of one of the Tomb Raiders). So not really Crystal Dynamics. Scratch that, CD was the lead on Avengers. I though it was Eidos since a lot of my past coworkers (who work for Eidos Montreal) posted about working on the game on linkedin.
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