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  1. This feels like a device that 90%+ of the people who own it will either be youtubers or collectors. So this will probably stay expensive for a while.
  2. Ouch, Arm is a severe blow and not a US company (but the fear is over it affecting some US tech they bought). This spat is going to get ugly quick.
  3. To the LCD It's VGA but from the PCB it goes through a 15khz -> 31Khz converter. These are simple cheap ones from china that are common in arcade configurations. This is the one I use https://retroactivearcade.ca/products/gbs8200-cga-rgb-to-vga-converter The stretch again is not a product of the converter. I can change the shape of the image but instead of configuring a bad 4:3, I'm better off having the converter give a full size pass through and let the LCD constrain that to 4:3. Once the kit is fully put together I'll probably spend more time on dialing this in to make sure it produces the best possible image quality. The display is a 10.1" LCD with a native resolution of 1280x800. http://www.retrobuiltgames.com/diy-kits-shop/arcade-parts/10-1inch-lcd/
  4. We don't know because the proof the US Gov has isn't being made public. We're just being told to trust them. I mean there is a chance they could be a security threat but technically wouldn't any US tech be as well to any other foreign nation out there? They all work on or are vying for defence contracts.
  5. We have some cleaned up wiring !!! I was a little unsure about this due to how expensive the connecters ended up costing but seeing the results I'm loving it. Unpictured I have a player 1 input harness done. I know the cables look a little short but I have tons of extra length that will go into making extension cables soon. Here is a photo with the power block cleaned up and properly wired for DC jacks. I'm also using a USB->DC jack cable to power the 15k->31k converter. Colors still look like shit. Unsure if it's just uncalibrated or limitation due to video plugging into the CGA plug. I might have to make a conversion cable to plug into the VGA port (I've got a spare hacked VGA cable around). Just unsure how to handle Sync when VGA line has 2 and Jamma only gives 1. Some photos of me trying out the SF Ex board. Yeah I know it's stretched, I was playing with the upscaler to get the image to properly fit the display (See the offset tekken above). The LCD itself has a 4:3 mode I can turn on that will put it back to proper size. I'd rather use this setup since the upscaler won't be easily accessible but the LCD buttons will be since it mounts above the screen in the cabinet. I'm getting pretty close to the stage where I'll need to glue the shell together. Just need to wire the audio PCB next and finish off some parts for the button wiring (just holding off till I get a proper dremel bit to enlarge the button holes for Sanwa buttons (they're just slightly larger than Happs which this kit was built for).
  6. Actually sometimes you guys are. It’s a $20 collection.
  7. The cost for kids is scary. It's why me and my wife waited so long before even considering trying to have one (We're in our mid 30s). The cost is even worse if you live in the states without good healthcare.
  8. I blame my friend in high school but I also sort of enjoyed the n64 games. Hell my friend beat them multiple times and we’d play them every so often at his place.
  9. I don't know why I waited so long. I'm trying to hunt down a copy of the 3DS Catalog nintendo released a while back in japan and I'm having the hardest time finding it. =/ The reason it matters is I really want the physical book (even though nintendo released a pdf of it) but I'm having a hard time finding the name or the original nintendo.co.jp post on it. =/ -Edit- Scratch that. I found it again and was able to grab one off yahoo auctions. I thought it was a book but it ends up being a magazine created with Famitsu. Still it has the entire jpn 3DS catalog up to it's publish date. Here is a youtube video of someone flipping through it.
  10. I think I read that they will patch in the jpn version of cv3 at a later date.
  11. Very, sure Nintendo games don’t go on sale frequently but opportunities to get the games for less do come up. Like i’m sitting on a $50 Canadian ($30 off) preorder for Metroid.
  12. Castlevania Collection, Maybe get myself back into playing Dragon's Dogma on switch.
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