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  1. It's a good cabinet. I also like how my representative is now dep PM.
  2. Not a good idea, China will gladly put them up against the wall.
  3. Yup, Ford is making sure the OPC wont win the next Ontario election. ONDP really needs to replace their leader asap if they want any chance.
  4. Nah I caved and got a grey unit after launch. I had too good of a deal to pass on (got back like $75 canadian in points).
  5. Oh I know it's common and one of my local retro shops has copies around for sale. You can also buy them off square's online store right now. I just didn't expect to find a bunch of square ps1 games for sale randomly one day at EBGames. The people working there were not even sure why they showed up. So I kind of figured why the hell not (I don't have a copy anymore), I also got a copy of FF9 since they had that one as well.
  6. I need to replay this again soon. I just recently picked up a new copy at a EBGames for $20 a few weeks ago.
  7. Nice gets, @CastlevaniaNut18 let me know what you think of Pat's two books. I've been thinking about buying them (I bought his nes iOS app and found it great).
  8. I feel long term this plan is going to backfire on CPC/UPC. They’re gonna cock things up like ford did in Ontario, I mean they’re already doing that.
  9. Yeah sorry my fault on that. I read a few articles over this and I though this one also mentioned all the brands as some of the others I read did. I also wasn't purely singling this board out, I saw it mention on a few other forms people didn't know any of the sub brands for this producer and I found that odd since Land O Lakes showed up in tv shows a few times over the lewd trick (the Simpsons gif). See the above but I also agree with you on the later, Butter on toast is better!
  10. I will forever remember her from the old packaging. (I grew up in So Cal, so it was a common brand for us).
  11. I'm also on the lactose intolerance band wagon. It started to happen in my teens. I'm willing to suffer through ice cream and some cheese from time to time but pretty much gave up on milk when one bout hit me super hard at work one day. =/ The thing I find interesting in all of this is how little people know of the Land O Lakes brand, specially due to pop culture.
  12. Yeah totally doesn't work that way. The ones screaming that this whole thing is a sham are the ones hell bent into turning it into one and making the general public tune out.
  13. I was born in 83 and I feel I better align with millennials. Much of my growing up and life molds around the rapid changes in technology in the 80s and 90s. Heathens are what they are!! (first will always be best)
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