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  1. The Japanese demo was interesting and the other impressions I hear on ResetEra sound fantastic. So I really can’t wait for the western release.
  2. While not all companies, in general yes hardware is somewhat subsidized by the license fees 1st party gets from game sales. If the BOM is $450 with some of that being a recent spike and not general cost, I can see Sony eating some of the cost upfront to keep the the system at $400-$450.
  3. The RDJ parts look great but the TH stuff doesn't as it still looks too weighted on MJF. Still the tech is very much improving with every new one being made.
  4. Still loving this show. I agree with some of the cube complaints. Some parts are great and move things forward and some parts feel odd/flat for what they're trying to convey (like the ice skating scene).
  5. Yep, I adore CoI and a complete copy in good shape has been on my wanted list for a long time. I can play this game for hours (Actually played for a good hour today). This was my first time playing BBros on Genesis and it's great fun but really damn hard for a game that doesn't look very complex on the surface. I really love collecting for the genesis but it's been pretty hard to find games complete with their manual in good shape locally. It's a real shame. =(
  6. Yay, I picked up another classic from my childhood. I've been looking for a complete copy for ages and now I found one at a decent price. I also picked up a fun sega classic I've never owned before. I'll let you guess which is witch. =) With this, there is now only a small handful of genesis games I'm still missing from my childhood (Moonwalker & Sonic 3). I should probably consider a Mega SG soon so I can play these on my main tv.
  7. I was still holding out hope for warren to get the nom but since that is looking unlikely, come on Bernie let’s get this locked up.
  8. Normally Congress is supposed to give a shit but they seem to love the teabagging recently.
  9. Anybody tweet Susan Collins to tell her she is a sham and responsible for this? We really should start dragging representatives through the mud for fully unleashing trump.
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