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  1. chakoo

    General Gaming Good morning fellow gamers

    The forums are here to help where ever we can. Don’t be afraid to even tell us what basic needs you might need right now for us to help with being overwhelmed. Some of us have even gone through dark days ourselves and are more than willing to even just be an open ear to let you vent. Don’t be afraid to simply just talk.
  2. chakoo

    Mega ST announced (by analogue)

    Yep, been known since day one. The unit comes with an adapter for master system but they will also produce adapters for game gear, my card and sg1000/mark3. I think the price is expected to be $10 for the adapters. I have to say, the GG adapter is 50% of the reason I want one (i’ve got quite a few loose GG games). -edit- i haven’t ordered one yet because you pay up front and I can just wait and order closer to launch even if it means I get in on a second run).
  3. chakoo

    Sony Playstation Classic game list revealed

    It’s hard to say with out seeing the exact text or see what gets posted on their open source site. They’re required to list them even if they only borrowed a few lines of code.
  4. Snowflake in Chief also wouldn’t it more be that she assaulted him for reaching in forcefully?
  5. chakoo

    ~The 2018 midterms/special elections thread~

    I've not been watching for the past few hours but checking in now I'm not sure why the freakout so far. Senate was never going to happen and house still looks on course. Boomers are still the worse fucking generation and will kill us all. and a large part of the US is still racist as fuck. Seems about normal.
  6. chakoo

    Nintendo ~~ 3DS Community Thread ~~

    I liked most of the game sans the final boss and late game Boos. The rest was great fun!
  7. chakoo

    Sony Playstation Classic game list revealed

    Decent list, there is no way they would please everyone and ps1 gets stuck in a bad phase of licensing hell. I’ll probably grab a jp unit for fun but sad they got parasite eve and we didn’t.
  8. chakoo

    General Gaming What are you playing today?

    I picked up xeno 2 tora yesterday because i’ll be stuck on a 5h flight + week long business trip. This trip i’m exclusively switch, last one was exclusively 3ds. So mostly a mix of xeno, capcom beatemup collection and possibly a bit of Zelda (never got around to beating it).
  9. So true, not a weekend doesn’t go by without someone shooting up a synagogue here in Canada.
  10. chakoo

    Retro Games Pickup

    I just couldn't help myself. =( Not an amazing price ($100 Cad), condition ok only major issue is missing battery holder but unit fully works, but I've wanted a micro vs unit for years and the more I drag my feet the more insane the prices get (use to be able to find boxed complete ice hockey for $100 Cad, now it's 2-3x that). On an interesting bit, I played my close retro friend today at lunch, had a blast still and totally won.
  11. And expect an update or them being dismissed a day after the election.
  12. Meh but good on it for recovering the series and screw far cry wii for screwing things up for other teams. -.-