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  1. This is not the October surprise we were expecting, yet it’s the October surprise 2020 deserves....
  2. Name all major PS4 titles that aren't Yakuza..... Yeah those ones. (I'm so far behind)
  3. Sony host their own servers for PSN. I think there are like 2-3 regions setup for the US and you'll connect to download to the one closest. So for one user it can be great but total dog shit for another. Also the Wifi unit in PS4 is not the greatest (I get better speeds over wired than wireless on my Gigabit line). The updated NIC on the PS5 should improve dl for some people.
  4. Funny thing, I don't think I've seen an actual DQ do this in years. Yet the one time I had DQ in China the employees there made it a habit to do that right in front of you when you go to grab your order (while waiting I saw them do it on every order).
  5. They should take a page from British Columbia and recommend Glory Holes as a safe alternative.
  6. Post election is going to be fun, They're just going to light everything on fire on the way out as a F-U to everybody for losing.
  7. I look forward to this either: a) falling on deaf ears b) backfire and lead to a bunch of trump accounts getting banned.
  8. It's about fucking time. Post election I think a lot of the internet will be doing a massive cleanup for the cluster fuck they allowed to fester and build.
  9. Time for plan lights out and a sign up saying that you're not doing candy this year? Though you might have to clean up some egg in the morning.
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