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  1. Puppeteer I also would have said Yakuza 4 & 5 but those just recently got ports to PS4 and Yakuza is much more popular than it was on PS3.
  2. Sorry for the harsh response back. We're all in this together regardless of what country we are in.
  3. Be safe man. Let us know if you need anything or need any help!
  4. You've already corrected but it's not even remotely the same fucking thing. This is like you saying you're glad you got in an order for supplies & food from amazon a week ago, I all of a sudden today realise I did not prepare enough and used my connections to get your orders canceled and slot my order in instead. I'm sure you would love that. Trump was also forcing 3M to not fulfill orders already made that were being manufactured outside the US to not ship to anybody but the US. So I'm sure you would also find it great if china exercised their power and didn't let 3M export anything manufactured in china to the USA.
  5. There are far bigger things than that, that canada supplies the USA that it could cut. Like power to the North East for one. https://www.nrcan.gc.ca/science-data/data-analysis/energy-data-analysis/energy-facts/electricity-facts/20068 Toronto property dropped the Trump name ages ago and it was brought on by owners in the building worried his name would diminish its value.
  6. I think the latest update is they were released. The shipment did not include the full 3 million order but only 500k. Both countries tend to deal with arrival and not departing at the border crossings. This is not a case of that. This is a case of denying a truck with an export shipment from leaving the US as they are processed separately. You would experience a similar thing if you were bringing sales goods on a flight, you have to first go be processed for export by customs before you can put the items on the flight (we had to deal with this for prototype hardware brought to a trade show). Man when American Dad was on point. One of it's better episodes.
  7. This is dumb. Facial rec tech is not stuck in the 90s. It will pick you out of a crowd no problem. It will also figure out a pose estimation and be able to predict a general direction you're heading. A bit of a Dr Who reference for you
  8. Music: (I use the live one because I think it's better than the studio recording since I think they got better over time)
  9. We all felt his time as PM was going to be short but I don't think anybody took the joke odds as a serious contender.
  10. Long ways away. They're still working on their Nicolas Cage faces
  11. https://ca.finance.yahoo.com/quote/CL=F?p=CL=F Oil has been rallying on the expectation that output will curb.
  12. Guess that's two from CNN. Why can't the shits at Fox get hit.
  13. For a while it was Denver & Austin as hotspots for cheaper development outpost in the states (even a canadian company I worked for opened a denver office for a while). Yet thanks to trump and his fuckery on immigration many companies are moving outpost to Canada to resolve that issue. They just happen to pick Toronto since there was already a sizable app community here (much like montreal got the bulk of game studios since there was already a community there to support it). Amazon has been staffing like crazy, google expanded their dt marketing office to now include development (most of their ontario development was in Guelph before) and soon MS will be trying to fill a 5k office that they're building. It's kind of nuts how much it's accelerated in the last year.
  14. Yep, He's scrambling because he dropped the ball and thinks he can bully his way to the front of the line.
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