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  1. Fb isn’t the only tech company who does this. It’s more a question of who has access for most places but at least for fb they also tracks everything so they would also know if someone peaked.
  2. My personal take of the two, Buy a Quest or hold out for the eventual refresh in 1-2 years. Don't expect a newer better rift after the S.
  3. I also have a side question, if say you were to buy one, would you still feel the need to hold on to the original systems? I ask because I did that with the SuperNT and was fine with it. So I question if I really need to hold on to my Gen Model 1, Master System & GameGear if I got one. While I do maybe want to keep the Genesis incase I ever get a 32x, I'm not sure I would play the MS again if I had this. Plus the screen on my GameGear is getting bad so it's slowly getting harder to play on it (Not sure I will go through the efforts of doing an LCD mod).
  4. MegaSG is launching early and will be shipping out on March 25th. There are also some videos posted of the boot screen and settings. I really want one but i'm also holding out on my last attempt to convince my wife to let me build a small barcade. -.-
  5. Have you two tried a n2ds to see if they’re any better? (I own one but don’t use it for play).
  6. Which model you using? I found both XL units would cramp my hands after a while. n3ds model I can hold out for longer without cramps.
  7. I haven’t got Kirby yet, I was planning to buy it on Wednesday from my local game shop but I end up getting sick. So i’ll probably try next week. I did play the demo and I enjoyed yoshi woolly world. sad that after Kirby, there isn’t really anything left on the 3ds radar till persona q2.
  8. Sony does allow it’s IP on mobile. They do also have their streaming service subscription which works on pc. They’ve also open up to streaming on iOS (android has been around for years). I generally agree with your assessment on TT valuation having a percentage based on the PC market thanks to the likes of GTA Online.
  9. For anybody in canada. EB has Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux & The Alliance Alive on sale for $25 each (most likely trying to clear stock). I sadly missed out on SMT being in stock at an eb near me but AA I have on reserve for me to pick up.
  10. I'm a bit shocked MS didn't try first (maybe they did?). I think we might see more of this as we move to streaming platforms. =|
  11. Ah yeah. I've used them once before and found it a mess. A company booked our flights with them to go to/from vegas for CES. The flight down was sort of ok but the flight back was horrible because nobody came around to open the ticket counter till like 1.5 hours before takeoff and we had a lot of equipment to check in. =|
  12. West Jet or Air Canada? Besides being on one last week to and from SF via Air Canada, I realized i’ve been on one 2 times last year.
  13. Lots of good games listed already. I'll just tack on Ever Oasis by the team who did the Zelda n64 remakes on 3DS, Wario Ware Gold & Miitopia. Now if you want titles to buy because they are ultimately going to be rare soon: Yo-kai watch Blasters Yo-kai watch 3 Etrian Odyssey Nexus Persona Q2 (not out yet) Detective Jake Hunter
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