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  1. chakoo

    Nintendo ~~ 3DS Community Thread ~~

    For fun, I checked my list and i'm at 121 titles, 97 are physical copies with 2 of those being just cart (probably should get boxes for those two).41 of all my games are japanese with 80 being english releases. Also 19 of my physical games are still sealed. -.- I'm not sure why I even own a switch atm.
  2. chakoo

    Nintendo ~~ 3DS Community Thread ~~

    Get yo-kai watch 3 next month, I don’t expect a large production run and the combat is different so it will be a bit different than past titles. Also god I hope Persona Q2 gets localize. I’m probably going to buy most 2019 releases because I don’t expect them to be easy to find going forward (i’ve noticed local retailers picking up less 3ds stock and having fewer sales).
  3. chakoo

    Nintendo ~~ 3DS Community Thread ~~

    So I got 3 games in on Friday. I kind of wanted to play Yo-kai Sangokushi for a while now and decided to get it and a few others that were cheap on amazon.jp. Of the 3, I spent the most time on picross last night and just started yo-kai.
  4. chakoo

    Mueller Season 3: The End Game

    It’s funny when they try to write it in his style on top of it.
  5. chakoo

    Nintendo ~~ 3DS Community Thread ~~

    @Biggie miitopia, ever oasis, Luigi Mansion 1, Zelda MM, Pokémon ultra sun/moon, off the top of my head. I’ll check the list later to see if there isn’t a few more. Not a bad start overall for almost 40 titles. I’ve sadly got 3 more on the way for the backlog.
  6. Kids are just too damn expensive, just thinking of the cost for 1 is nuts -.-
  7. chakoo

    Happy Birthday, Wade Steel

    @SFLUFAN sorry for being late but happy “closer to deaths door.”
  8. chakoo

    Nintendo ~~ 3DS Community Thread ~~

    -.- sucks you’ll have to go back but hope you can grab a few at that price.
  9. chakoo

    Nintendo ~~ 3DS Community Thread ~~

    YMMV i’m hearing DKC, Zelda a link between words, Luigi Mansion 2, and a few others. Just check the target website to see which titles.
  10. chakoo

    Nintendo ~~ 3DS Community Thread ~~

    @Biggie @best3444 Target has some Nintendo select titles on sale for $5!!!! Go grab some while you can.
  11. chakoo

    Nintendo ~~ 3DS Community Thread ~~

    Actually if you’re good with srpgs, Stella Glow is great. I’m 20h into the game and like it (hate that the anime otaku portion goes a little too far/overboard at times).
  12. chakoo

    Nintendo ~~ 3DS Community Thread ~~

    To be honest, i’m not sure even at that price. I own the game (got my physical copy for $30 cad) but I haven’t gotten around to playing it yet. Metacritic isn’t very hot on it. Yet if you liked the mini games from past Mario parties but hated the game board aspect it might be fun for a bit. Still think there are better games in that sale to pick up. https://www.metacritic.com/game/3ds/mario-party-the-top-100
  13. We’re getting president pence before my birthday in March aren’t we?
  14. Give him funding for the wall but make him raise taxes to pay for it. So funding can only come from the new revenue made from the tax hike. If he wants to get any where he’ll need to hit up the 1%.