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  1. I can see a Mr Do happening in the future. Either from NewWaveToys or Numskull (who do the quarter arcade units that are 1/4th scale). Numskull is close to releasing an awesome 2 player bubble bobble soon. Replicade will be releasing 2 cabinets (a deco styled after 1942 and a dynamo styled after 1943) soon that will contain a bunch of the 1942 games (1942/1943/1941, possibly 19XX). Which one is that? Are you referring to the Arcade 1up machines that are pretty big? If so, if I could I would totally grab the pinball and NBA Jam units.
  2. I don't know of any bloat issues on Vita but if the model is a 1000, you might need to leave it charging for a few mins before the system turns on/responds. Ultimately in the long run the battery will have to be replaced since most LiPo will bloat. The vita battery isn't too complicated to replace (I think it's even mention in the manual how to do it).
  3. I do have extra units but sadly they’re all new LE Jpn units. So they wouldn’t be cheap. MrVic seems to be the hero. If someone else is looking for a vita, consider buying a second hand unit from Japan. The vita is region free (your psn account dictates what store you use), they’ll be a bit cheaper and practically look almost new.
  4. I've been meaning to post this for a while now but I've been a bit slow. Back in january I got an asteroids 1/6th scale replica. The unit is from a series called Replicade built by NewWaveToys. They are fully functional 1/6th replicas of the original arcade cabinet made with real materials like wood/glass/vinyl. This unit was from limited batch from the original run made to look like an old arcade unit that was restored/overhauled (there was only 500 of these, and 3500 of the regular). Here is a video review showing one running I do have other sy
  5. Gotta love how the CPC is so Gunn-ho to see two Canadians killed because they have nothing good to go on atm. CPC doesn’t give a fuck about the Uyghurs.
  6. Everybody make sure you download this right now. They're giving away Ghosts 'n Goblins as free DLC until the 25th. Capcom Arcade Stadium | CAPCOM WWW.CAPCOM-ARCADE-STADIUM.COM Capcom's famous titles in your very own digital arcade. Arcade Stadium has arrived! "Ghosts 'n Goblins available free for a limited time! To celebrate the Nintendo Switch release of Capcom Arcade Stadium, the paid title Ghosts 'n Goblins is available as a free download until February 25th. February 25th marks the release of Ghosts 'n Goblins Resurrecti
  7. Unknown at the moment sadly. Most Crayon Shin-Chan games don't get localized but a mini game one was recently. So maybe we'll get lucky this time.
  8. Let me introduce you all to a game that was announced today on the JP direct. You didn't know you need this but now that you know about it you will. It's "My (Crayon Shin-Chan) Summer Vacation" :P Yes this is being worked on by some of the staff who made "Attack of the Friday Monsters" (3DS) and "My Summer Vacation" (PS1/PS2/PS3/PSP). -edit- If you've never heard about My Summer Vacation, I recommend this great write-up in Scroll by Ray Barnholt (yes sadly you'll have to buy the issue). http://scroll.vg/issues/10
  9. Fire N Ice is a sort of sequential to Solomons Key by tecmo. It’s not bad if you were ok with SK before (some love/hate it).
  10. 50min is a long direct, I have high hopes on this one to give us something good.
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