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  1. conker sequel yes but not toys 4 bob. Give them banjo and give conker to vicarious vision.
  2. Sort of. They are merging and changing up PS+ & PSNow into something different.
  3. Umm.. Didn't they hand them out to parents before the holiday break? It's amazing how much Lecce lies and bends the truth out of all other Ministers.
  4. One bad thing to come from this is it will continue to push the entire industry to consolidate under a few key holders. So expect sony to buy up a few devs that will piss people off.
  5. MS better clean house once everything is finalized and fire bobby out of a ***king cannon. As nuts as this is, this is probably best for activision in the long run.
  6. I’m happy to be living in a condo where I didn’t have to shovel anything today. With that said man the storm was relentless all day. Even being up on the 5th floor my balcony has a lot of snow.
  7. Not shocking. ONDP has been ***king awful this whole pandemic. Yet I'm sure Resetera will continue to tell me that no it's not that I'm just afraid of the ghost of bob rae and not giving them a chance when I already did. Like seriously every time andrea horwath holds a press conference it's like less than 1 min speech of 2-4 sentences with no actual direction then instantly opens up to questions. At least Del Duca can actually make a point when holding a press conference (weather you agree with it or not).
  8. Cool then the commision should just keep going as normal and if the RNC does not participate give free air time to the democratic nominee.
  9. Take over the computer lab and force the kids to do Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing.
  10. So what class you taking? I think Econ or math would be a good fit. Get them kids caught up on how to run their own drive in. -edit- I think I read that the district in question from the article also upped their rates from $80 to $100 a day.
  11. @sblfilms So when are you going to become a substitute teacher? Texas schools ask parents to become substitute teachers amid COVID surge WWW.FOX7AUSTIN.COM According to Hays CISD, parents would still have to apply, pass the fingerprint criminal background check, and do orientation to become substitute teachers.
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