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  1. America is only allowed nice things when someone can work out how to make some money off it.
  2. I'd say some of that was even accelerated more due to COVID with stores putting an emphasis on only paying by card. Here in canada for the most part there isn't one (I know a few small stores will still try with credit cards). That is partly helped by the fact we have intrac which is a non-profit and most bank cards have interac tap integrated in them. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interac
  3. Who knew that when you tell your base that is dying that they need to suck it up wasn’t a good message. Blind belief that he had some control over the matter.
  4. Problem wasn’t that they would get forgiven. It’s that companies who should get or actually needed it drained the funds where actual small businesses that needed it couldn’t get it. Then when larger companies started getting shit for it the admin started to hide who got it.
  5. I wonder if the list of companies who got it will magically get lost.
  6. I heard that story from a friend there. There was quite a few fucked up things going on at TO from what I heard.
  7. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/ US tops 3 million cases
  8. I get there is an issue with people overstaying their student visa but that was a stupid idea. I'd worry less about that bit since most countries have some exception for letting back in citizens.
  9. Does ice even have legal jurisdiction to do that? That feels like overreach to me.
  10. BMW cars are pretty much heavily connected to the dealer as is (my car notifies the dealer when I need to bring it in for servicing). This is just going too far, i don't want further subscriptions. -.- I like my X1 but I might be looking for a new brand when I get rid of this in a few years. I'm already pissed they're slowing their commitment to all electric vehicles in Canada (all electric works for me because I don't drive enough).
  11. I haven't really looked over the data recently. It's just pointing out that with covid all knock on effects tend to lag by 2 weeks. It wasn't long ago that people were claiming that everything was fine when states reopened because the numbers weren't going up or that when they started to go up that ICU and hospital capacity was still low and now we're seeing that spike. There is a good chance things could be different or improve but based on past history we really don't know until after the fact. =/ I really do hope things are being taken more serious with those most at risk. I know in canada while the numbers improve it luckily hasn't caused a huge return in numbers for Long Term Care Homes who received the brunt of it at the start.
  12. As with everything covid has shown, expect a 2 week lagging indicator.
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