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  1. It's a solid upgrade. Plus even if say you have your heart set on a 3080 or 3090 it's better to get a 3060 if you can find it as MSRP.
  2. The game is fun. Problem is it has taken step backs from back from previous BF games. In addition with so many f2p shooters out there you can't afford to release a buggy game for 60+ dollars. First impressions are too important. Players that leave will most likely not come back.
  3. Simpler times. Before going mask off on fascism.
  4. There should be one. I have it. I had Hulu ad free separately but got an email about a new bundle with ad free Hulu. Canceled Hulu and switched to the bundle.
  5. Didn't realize this thread had updates. This update is mos def a "liberals get the bullet too" moment.
  6. I broke and bought some 12mm WW2s. I am hoping to use them to play Battlegroup. Got a British force, American, and German force. I unfortunately have to figure out what German div to do. Maybe the 21st Panzer. I enjoyed them in Steel Division. Need to buy the vallejo paint sets for WW2 US, German, and British. Also got 12mm Civil War and gotta make that eventually. I wish I won the lotto to just paint and assemble models. Edit: Got the Germans becaus3 they were cheap and to get people to play new games you need both sides.
  7. It does suck since it's a game from the wii u era. I finally found my cart thought I lost it. Really didn't want to buy it for the 3rd time especially at 60 dollars.
  8. A fascist nuclear power would make the world interesting to say the least. (Prefer not to find out)
  9. Lol I was watching Uncle Adam (tabletop minion) I think you were the first person to post about him here. Was listening to his how to warhammer on the cheap video. He mentions buying only thr specific paints you need for a project. I wish I heard that advice when I first started. So many paints lol I guess I am also a paint collector. It's why my friend has been bugging me so much. He wants me to stop painting the GW way (read the way I learned how to paint from white dwarf in like 2006) and switch to Vallejo paints and enamel washes etc. I resist it because I have so much GW paint I bought. He wants me to switch to be faster but between 2 kids and his wife. We probably can't play until his son (younger of the 2) is old enough for minis. I'm not gonna run out and replace it. I will use vallejo for maybe a color GW might miss or something. Hell I use mecha color for Gunpla but I'm not replacing all my paints. That set up is great. I have an old stand that holds my paint collection and a box from my Aya Neo using my in use paints. I do need to search for some of my paints. Mainly my mecha color. Your set up is goals.
  10. Yup. Also related to this I decided to reward GW for putting this statement out by buying minis. Lol let my guard down and spent over 400 dollars. Got some Sisters to paint up, Daemons of Khorne for daemons of the ruinstorm, some AT Knights, some new tools, and paints I need for Raven Guard, Blood Angels, and Sons of Horus.
  11. Not surprising. Though they did help with our disasters in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  12. Yes the earlier editions were heavy with the satire. However since 3rd ed they have been playing the grim dark straight. It's an interesting problem in that the setting is satirical but there are now countless works (including the GW rulebooks and codexes) that play it straight. Tbh i dont think admitting it's satire will have the desired effect.
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