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  1. nintendo sure knows how to piss people off. Only 1 new N64 game is coming to the NSO service this month and nothing else for the other systems.
  2. I sadly have more faith in sony to make a good netflix like service for classic titles more than I do nintendo (MS has been killing it btw on this front). =/ So if the yearly cost isn't much more than PS+ is now I would give it a shot. Hey at least they recognized that the PSP existed. That is progress. It would be nice if they eventually add vita emulation/support in the future.
  3. If they edited the right cell to include maggie that would be spot on for me. -.-
  4. Good, I hope she is able to win it and the DNC better throw a shit ton of money and support at her after she got them 2 senators
  5. I kept my buying this year lite because I don't have much free time to play anything at the moment. Digital: SEGA AGES Phantasy Star (Switch) Retail: Persona Strikers (Switch) Cruis'n Blast (Switch) Sakura Wars (Ps4)
  6. So I bought another one of these. My local retro shop had some (bit pricey ($89 Canadian) but hey I was trading in some dupes I had and got a good trade value so it was only $40 Canadian (+tax) in the end. Now one might question why, specially the unit with two SMT RPGs in japanese but luckily CFW was just recently released for the GG Micros so you can install your own games (up to 36 in total, in sets of 6). I did that already and installed english patched versions of SMT Last Bible, and also added GG Shinobi 1&2 and Streets of Rage 1&2 on it (so far). Sure the system as a whole is kind of iffy but with the CFW i'm loving this as a desk toy.
  7. Nice.. (exclude me since I won the last give away, I just wanted to post that this tradition is nice).
  8. I had the fun of dealing with an anti masker today (he got aggressive because I was walking down a side street wearing a mask today). Is it really so wrong that I want to start throwing eggs at these assholes?
  9. I personally find ratio or downvote count worthless now a days on youtube. People keep saying you can just check on a tutorial if the downvote count is high that it's bad yet I've crossed many bad tutorials that had very low vote counts and the up votes were higher than downvotes yet the comments had a good number of people calling out that the video didn't actually solve or do anything (which happen to be the case for me as well, it was to reset a surface pen to get it working). If you look at so many news snippets on youtube they just a flood of downvotes because people are just out to express "MSM is full of lies" or "COVID is a hoax". The up/down votes are completely worthless in this situation. I also would have to say the way people talk like sonic movie was fixed because of the downvoting of the video isn't really the full story/true. It was the backlash on twitter, news articles etc that caused for change, not simply just because the video was downvoted.
  10. For Pre Black Friday (Today Only), NewWaveToys is having a $20 off sale on 1942 units ($129.99 after discount). 1942 x RepliCade NEWWAVETOYS.COM LOOKS, PLAYS AND CONTROLS like Capcom's classic 1942 Arcade machine! I have one of these units and I really like it. Here is a video reviews of the unit
  11. Trump will run again, it's just a question if the party can keep him from winning it or not. I expect a blood bath between DeSantis and Trump.
  12. you should be able to make a pretty penny off some of those games. Any reason why you're selling them all off? There are a few that interest me but I have to watch my spending atm.
  13. This is fantastic imo. These issues have been swept under the rug or brushed aside far too long. It's great to see Anand doing this so quickly.
  14. @Ghost_MH if you had any interest in buying this there is less than 20 hours remaining to be able to purchase this at the cheaper pre-sale price. After the pre-sale the only chance to buy them again is when they ship out the pre-sale units next year and they sell what remains from the production run. Those units tend to sell out pretty quickly (dragon's lair was less than 1h, others then to be less than 1 week). After that units tend to go for 2x-5x on ebay since NWT only does single production runs.
  15. Video of the prototype in action. Hurry up if you want to buy one as the pre-sale ends in 3 days. After that they will be for sale again after they ship next year but at the higher price and they tend to sell out quickly.
  16. I enjoyed the “now get some rest” comments after delivery. Wtf I got more rest then. I should however note that my wife had a rough time during delivery so I’ve primarily taken over all bottle feeding and changing duties so she can recover.
  17. As the father of a 3 week old baby, I’m jealous of anybody who gets more then 3 hours of continuous sleep.
  18. I'm not sure why this is being portrayed as a new trend. It's been going on for the past 4/5 years and it is glorious.
  19. It's so petty that your Premier was off asking for help from the US when the federal government told them they will gladly help out as soon as they ask. Now after wasting so much time, because nobody else would help, they finally caved.
  20. Yeah lets not. BC, AB & SK have all been a shit show because they dropped mask mandates far too quickly. We're so better off because we didn't rush into stupidity (again) for a change.
  21. If you're at all interested then don't wait and buy the MC unit now. NWT only does limited run batches of about 5,000 units for each cab (so both variants will have 5k made). Once they sell out that is it and their older cabs already go for 3-6x their original price on ebay. $130 or $150, depending on which model you buy, is the cheapest they will ever be. With that said, sadly you're late on tempest, they won't be making anymore and it already goes for $300-$600.
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