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  1. Oh noes biden failed he did something month 4 instead of day 1 The agony!! Like, consider how the system would break down if it went 15k to 500k overnight.
  2. It 100% has to be. I deleted it a while back. My wife and I went to a concert and after were talking about how rude the crowd was, all of a sudden a bunch of suggested articles on rude crowds. I was like wtf I have never had that conversation ever before. BOTH our phones too.
  3. The fact that libs have fallen for Bill's rehabilitated image is 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Free Kevin
  4. I doubt it had anything to do with it. Liberals are too idealistic and the realities sometimes require more time.
  5. I hope it's only get ppl to like him to crush them later in the movies.
  6. Lady Gaga's Alleged Dognappers Charged with Attempted Murder, Robbery WWW.TMZ.COM Multiple people who allegedly dognapped Lady Gaga's 2 French Bulldogs and shot her dog walker have been arrested ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ. 5 ppl arrested including the woman who "found" the dogs, it was part of a dog kidnapping group who steal dogs and sell them for profit.
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