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  1. Is it really? This is exactly the kind of scandal that the UK public and by extention tabloids absoutely loves.
  2. Nah he doesn't have the charisma. Trump makes libs madder therefore he will beat him in a primary. Policy details aren't nearly as important.
  3. Nah we are way more unstable now than we have been since the 1800s. You can't count on us for anything because conservatives will smash any treaty or deal made by democrats when they get power. Also this Supreme Court is losing quickly the respect it once commanded with its partisan hackery.
  4. Immigration Minister Alex Hawke cancels Novak Djokovic's visa ahead of Australian Open - ABC News WWW.ABC.NET.AU The Serbian star's visa saga heads to court tonight after Immigration Minister Alex Hawke uses his ministerial powers to personally cancel Novak Djokovic's visa.
  5. A bad flu literally feels like you are dying. I hope she is exaggerating (or just forgets what a legit flu feels like)
  6. Probably overall infections but hospitializations and deaths are just starting to ramp up. That will be going for months.
  7. How is the ICU rate lower than the mortality rate for 3 doses? People dying at home?
  8. A wall of seperation between your work and home life is an underrated part of working at an office.
  9. Getting the booster still significantly reduces infection and transmission. We just need tor redefine the term "unvaccinated" to include those with just the initial vaccine dose.
  10. In San Diego our mayors have been pretty ok, even our previous Republican one. Seems this problem is very specific to the east coast.
  11. How does NYC consistantly pick the worst person possible to become mayor? It almost feels intentional at this point.
  12. His intent was to help capture the guy. I don't think killing him really crossed his mind. His information was incomplete and was acting on what was told to him. Now obviously this was stupid and dangerous and he should have just called the cops. But he was convicted with intending to kill this guy and I don't agree with that at all.
  13. COVID: new 'Deltacron' coronavirus variant discovered in Cyprus WWW.JPOST.COM A new variant has a similar genetic background to the Delta variant, together with 10 mutations from Omicron.
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