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  1. They didn't pump up the stock for retail investors. They did it because bonuses are often given for stock performance + they are often required to own a certain amount of stock. They need to ban all or at least severely reduce stock performance incentives at the minimum.
  2. Honestly at this point it wouldn't surprise me if the 787 gets completely scrapped at some point.
  3. IMO I think businesses are trying to see how much the customer will put off with while running skeleton crews while complaining they can't hire anyone.
  4. I can see the logic behind that if it is true that he was bullied and felt he needed protection
  5. Overcoming the filibuster and voting to increase the debt ceiling are two different votes.
  6. Unfortunately full FDA approval is probably a year away which means no mandatory vaccinations at school until then.
  7. They should just hold a vote to raise the debt limit on Oct 17. They will cave and it will be awesome.
  8. I'm guessing because there is conflicting interests in this case eg the kid is related to someone in power.
  9. Its funny I bought my 2070 about 6 months before the 3000 series was released because my old motherboard crapped out and I was very tempted to just hold out at the time. I'm glad I didn't
  10. They will have a hell of a time explaining filibustering the vote to prevent the default the day before the default.
  11. No way Mitch and co is gonna let us default. I'm not worried at all. This is all show. Mitch, Romney and the rest of the ghouls would never take a personal hit not to mention their donors for principle. They would fuck up their own money and donors money if they tank the global economy. This would never happen.
  12. Dems should call their bluff. I know Mitch doesn't give a fuck about much but the one thing he does care about is his donors and I guarantee you they would not be too happy about a default.
  13. It's really hard not to be cynical about this kind of thing. Unless the public actually holds our government responsible for allowing this shit to happen nothing will come of this.
  14. There is all kinds shit in life that are "low risk" but we still take safety precautions because the potential is catastrophic. Yeah I drive but I also wear a seat belt. I ride my bike with a helmet and full visibility gear. I make sure all my vaccinations are up to date. I work out and watch my weight. You deal with many low risk activities in life which cumulatively and over a long period of time increase your odds of something bad happen. Part of not being a moron is to reduce your risk on all fronts. I'm willing to be Commodore D doesn't take basic safety precautions in all aspect of his life. My niece right now is in the hospital for tetanus; no tetanus shot. Very rare but it was stupid for her not to get the shot.
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