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  1. Yeah. It doesn't mean anyone into organic food or veganism are Nazis or white supremacists. But the "purity" of diet is part of Nazism.
  2. It's just more proof he's a fucking Nazi. Tracing the link between natural food and the Nazis - ABC News WWW.ABC.NET.AU We're often reminded of the benefits of eating fresh food — both for us and the environment. But did you know the 'leave our food as natural as possible' idea started as a Nazi slogan? Why So Many White Supremacists Are into Veganism WWW.VICE.COM From Hitler to present-day national socialists with YouTube cooking channels, the far right's anti-meat ideology runs surprisin
  3. Martial law being proposed by the MyPillow guy to the President today.
  4. In a past life I did some creative writing collaboration that covered some potential uprisings in a near-future scenario. The scenario I went with for the opposition group to get rid of a troublesome politician was taking a quadcopter drone, loading it with plastic explosive, and flying it OVER the crowd and the bullet proof glass, only to detonate in the politician's face. I do not know if the federal authorities are equipped for passive counter-drone efforts. But they should be. Because this shit has been proven to be effective in war zones.
  5. Franklin Graham is one of the worst voices on the Religious Right. Him stepping back from the brink is just him very nearly finding out after fucking around for 5 years.
  6. I'm not sure if we remember but there were stories that Trump is absolutely TERRIFIED of nuclear war. I believe the last bit. BUT I still think that he is unstable enough to back his way into an accident. Nine days left.
  7. Well, I dug back and this was the first thing I found. Lopez on Obama's inauguration: Why would anyone be proud of yesterday? | IGN Boards WWW.IGNBOARDS.COM I'm hearing a lot of people be like, "I'm so proud that my country elected a black man," and I just don't get why. First of all, that's racist by itself. Second of all, why would we proud of... This thread is just full of fucking gems. EDIT: This one is BIG TIME Trollpez. How long until we forgive the Nazis? | IGN Boards WWW.
  8. Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley: take notes. Take the honorable path out.
  9. PGA will strip Trump Bedminster of 2022 PGA Championship, insider says WWW.NJ.COM The golf major will be moved, according to a report. Trump meets once again with consequences for his actions.
  10. This is absolutely a great concern with this strategy. But it's a tough decision because there's a slightly better chance of conviction under the next Congress than this one.
  11. That probably isn't unreasonable. If there's no chance of this Senate convicting Trump within the next 10 days, then Trump is out of power and they could take as long as they need to try and convict him. From a Congressional procedural calendar standpoint, it might make sense to deal with initial legislation to get shit done. Then the impeachment trial can happen.
  12. I can't say this is surprising. It is not. They're just going to run out the clock.
  13. Gonna need someone else that's far more trustworthy than Seth "Game Theory" Abramson to corroborate that Proud Boys were the ones who pushed past the barriers and also had coordinated identifiers. EDIT: Here's where that's revealed: Also, those two tweets are saying things but also heavily implying that there is a connection, though he does not come out and say it. He's leaving room for when this turns out to not be true. Like I said. I need more than Abramson trying to get attention for me to buy that Trump sanctioned the Proud Boys to do this.
  14. Completely unsurprising. Deplatforming (?) Trump from Twitter will be one of the only safeguards we as a country get.
  15. Look, I'm sure we've all evaded a forum ban or two in our lives. Trump's just catching up to us.
  16. Also, Impeachment requires every democrat + 17 republicans to convict.
  17. It feels like Trump's given up at this point. We'll see if he stokes the fires for Inauguration Day and after... Congress needs to act to make sure he cannot run for President again.
  18. "The Storm" Seriously, though... the info bar on Wikipedia may not last long, but when I checked the page just now it showed this: Seeing the same conflict info bar template with the two opposing sides is... this hits home just how significant Wednesday was.
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