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  1. My older brother and his wife got their first Pfizer doses on Friday. Now that nearly everyone in my immediate family is at least partially vaccinated, we're thinking about getting together for Mother's day or Memorial day. Would be our first big family get-together in over a year.
  2. That guy was able to get me my pre-order for my SNES Classic. Much respect.
  3. Just let me know when the verdict is being announced, so I know to sleep with my pocket knife within arms reach that night.
  4. We should reach the 200m doses milestone tomorrow, and possibly reach 25% of the population fully vaccinated. Right now, over 40% have at least one dose.
  5. It's just like Obamacare. When you detach Biden's name from it and break it down piece by piece, more people love it.
  6. Even with this J&J issue, I'd like to think we'll still get to 50-60% fully vaccinated by July 4th. We're almost at 200m total doses now.
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