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  1. If Trump ends up losing, do you think he's going to declare the election invalid unless all of the mail-in votes are made null and void...somehow?
  2. I don't know how this wasn't posted yet. I'm almost dreading what he's going to do...
  3. I've been working from home since mid-March, but not really much else has changed work-wise. I did receive the $1200.
  4. The blue states, which tend to have more cities and thus are more densely populated, are getting hit harder by a contagious disease? No fucking shit.
  5. Remember how people years ago screamed that "OBAMACARE DEATH PANELS WILL PULL THE PLUG ON GRANDMA!"? What happened to that?
  6. PA: 8 more counties going from red to yellow May 29, all remaining counties in yellow by June 5 Also, 17 counties will be going into green on the 29th.
  7. The Pacific is also in a "La Nina" phase, which tends to increase tropical storm activity in the Atlantic.
  8. My county partially opens tomorrow. Today, I went to get an ice cream cone at a nearby local spot. It disturbed me how many people were standing next to each other without masks.
  9. We need to focus on more than just deaths when talking about coronavirus. There have been reports that people have survived, but were left with possible permanent lung and/or heart damage.
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