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  1. Nothing will come of this. Republicans will call it fake news, Democrats will furrow their brows some more, and the cycle will repeat next week.
  2. I honestly love malls. I just wish there was one near me that actually had a decent arcade.
  3. But it snowed earlier this winter! Checkmate libcucks!
  5. This, above all else, is why I completely despise this man. He is perfectly okay with dismissing the fact that 3000 people died due to his administration's incompetence. It's amazing that the US president is such an unlikable piece of shit that I and millions of others want to see him fail. This is far from Trump Derangement Syndrome for one reason: he hasn't changed one fucking bit. He's still the same petty, self-serving asshole that he was when he was one of the world's most infamous billionaires. Look at these above tweets where he tries to deny and/or blame others for shit that's his fault, failing to take any responsibility for his actions. That's the worst thing about him, the biggest thing I can't stand: in his mind, it's always about him. It's why numerous people have been fired from his cabinet positions just so they could be replaced by his puppets and yes men. You're not a leader, get the fuck out of here with that bullshit! I would wish something bad would happen to him, but I wont. The inevitable heart attack will take him out by the time he's 80. I have a feeling that when he dies and gets buried, they're going to have to bury his body in a steel and concrete vault, which itself will be buried under a few tons of concrete. Because otherwise, we'll be hearing occasional reports of people digging up and beating the shit out of his corpse. ...okay, I've calmed down now.
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