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  1. Now that Biden is in, what actions could he do (if any) to try and improve this, other than a nationwide mask mandate?
  2. Well, Trump is finally out. Now we need to see if Biden can get his promises done. He definitely has to hit the ground running.
  3. God, it feels good to finally have a president that doesn't speak like a 10 year old anymore.
  4. One of my cousins got it last week. Ironically, he works in the medical field, and got his first dose of the vaccine a couple days prior. He's doing fine, at least.
  5. My current mattress is over 5 years old now. It's a memory foam/gel, and I like it a lot. I should change mine every 10 or so years, correct?
  6. I found out that I'm now eligible to get the vaccine since they expanded the group 1A list in PA. However, the only place near me that had the vaccine and that I could get a hold of told me to send an email to be put on their waiting list. So I'm not expecting to hear back from them for months. Bleh.
  7. At this point I just order pickup groceries from either a Weis or Giant store, both of which are just a few minutes away from me. I'm also getting some whiskey from my nearby liquor store for my birthday next week (I want SOMETHING to celebrate damn it!)
  8. I want to do more traveling in the future, but first I need to save up more money. In the meantime, I just want to borrow my grandparents' beach house and spend a week at the beach this summer. And also visit a friend later this year.
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