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  1. So, Trump wants every kid to grow up to be as fat as he is? Fuck him.
  2. It was in the 60s last weekend here. Now on Saturday, we're expecting at least 3-5 inches of snow.
  3. So does it happen at midnight on the 31st?
  4. So it seems like as long as Trump doesn't retaliate, things won't escalate further? ...that doesn't fill me with confidence...
  5. It's just how this administration works: If you've done something shitty, follow it up with an even shittier thing and the first shitty thing will be swiftly forgotten and normalized.
  6. My apologies, I really don't understand everything that's going on in the Middle East. I'll just shut up and leave this thread now.
  7. That second video was like something out of a fucking nightmare.
  8. I always did think it was weird that things like drinking and gambling were restricted to 21, but smoking was 18.
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