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  1. I've actually been on a statin for almost a decade now. However, my dad is also on cholesterol medication, and his said of my family has a history of heart disease. So maybe it's also hereditary? I dunno.
  2. I do. Last time I checked, blood sugar and LDL were normal. Losing weight helped that, I'm sure
  3. I occasionally eat half a dozen eggs at a time, mixed together with cheese and with a side of bacon. I'm going to die early, aren't I?
  4. I love milk. I used to drink it and chocolate milk so much as a kid. Nowadays, since I'm trying to lose weight, I mostly just drink water. And when I do have milk, I just use skim.
  5. I'm laughing at this, but at the same time I keep listening to the '90s station on iheartradio at work... OH GOD I'M BECOMING ONE OF THEM HELP
  6. Unless you decide to go from a sedan to a heavy-duty pick up truck, no.
  7. On the one hand, using a term like that isn't really very helpful in trying to get your message across, and makes you look too antagonistic. On the other hand, conservatives have been using the term "millennial" as an insult for nearly a decade, and to hear them cry about how mean the term "boomer" is just furthers the fact that they are just as big (if not bigger) snowflakes as the millennials they try to mock.
  8. Why bother even having elections anymore if the politicians are just going to declare the winner regardless?
  9. I'm calling it now: Trump is going to have this person be shot in the middle of Times Square.
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