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  1. The Trump administration was. a slow moving car crash, people slowed down to watch. Biden isn't that, the last scandal I saw with them was the fact that his son may have paid his cell phone bill for a while
  2. Henry Kissinger isn't really a person but an avatar of evil brought into this world by unknowable powers. While he may not be considered alive, he will most certainly out-exist us all.
  3. I don't even get this one, it isn't some weird thing he's using to line his pockets, it's just some straight up cold shit to the middle class. $60k for two incomes isn't a whole lot.
  4. When I got mine they took my insurance info and billed insurance for the injection. But if you don't have insurance you still get it free.
  5. I would seriously ask why my condo association dues are going towards paying a lawyer over someone's shoes next to their door.
  6. This reminded me of real life salt of the earth hillbilly JD Vance plugging this talking point about how AOC and others don't have kids and therefore don't really think of the world the kids will have to live in when the Green New Deal and whatnot do just that.
  7. I scooped up a pre-built from micro center a couple months ago. First prebuilt computer I’ve had that’s not a laptop since 2004. With video card prices being about half the cost of a prebuilt it’s about the only way to go at the moment
  8. I get kind of tired of people complaining about people gathering for outdoor sports. Has there been documented increase in spread with the outdoor gatherings? The BLM protests last year didn't lead to a bump. Comparing Christmas gatherings to baseball games is silly, one is outdoors in the open air and sun, the other is in someone's living room with a lot of people sharing air in a small space.
  9. Just give them one of these on their way out, from my flight Sunday night.
  10. It's really dumb. I haven't had a cold in a very long time, I've never once had the flu, or at least gotten sick from it. I just assumed in this thing I wouldn't get COVID or know if I did. That said I'm not rolling those dice, I masked up and didn't visit the insides of a restaurant until I got vaccinated, which happened as soon as I was eligible.
  11. That is a man who's broke. He has to fly a small private jet, is selling the lease on his hotel. I wonder how far we are away from cutting ribbons for used car dealership openings in the midwest.
  12. That's been a thing with the Republicans for a long time. I've been called a coastal elite on the Internet before when a time of the year that's coming up means that I will not be able to drive to town without being stuck behind a combine going from one field to another. I was able to hear cows at night until that guy died and left the Cincinnati Zoo his farm and they got rid of all the cows. I've always found "midwestern values" to be condescending. I mentioned in the Discord that the democrats me hold contempt for a lot of them, but they're more honest about it.
  13. There was a tent in front of a closed Burger King here selling Trump 2024 flags yesterday
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