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  1. I feel like this is a bad idea, people were already confused as to whether the WiiU was a new system or not.
  2. I feel like Cloud Imperium have been all about updates on Star Citizen the whole way. I'm also not convinced that it's a game that will ever actually release.
  3. In just done getting new stores for no reason. I have origin and battle.net that mostly stay closed and unused. Uplay wormed it’s way onto my computer because I’ve bought Ubisoft games on steam. I have GOG because they’re drm free and are a decent steam alternative. Epic games seems to have shit out an incomplete product and make up for it by just throwing money at developers to not put their game on other stores. I can wait a year to not support that shit, and I might even forget about the game when it finally hits steam or GOG in 12 months, saving me money.
  4. This just means I’ll wait a year for some games, forget about others and never purchase them.
  5. I’ve used the nvidia version on a shield portable to stream from the internet and I didn’t think it was great.
  6. What do you break them up into? Ma Bell was easy, break up the regions, same with standard oil.
  7. I’ll probably check this out when it finally drops on Steam, I don’t have a reason to get the epic games store
  8. I get how it's a shit thing to start to happen. But so far it's only happened to Gawker and if it happens to AMI then no tears will be shed there either. edit: and in both cases they decided to post the private affairs of someone who could actually hit back.
  9. Hey now, my current company observes all the holidays, including the Utah only Pioneer Day (I don’t even work in Utah) , I don’t need you consolidating my free days off.
  10. I think he figures working class life is like a 1950s sitcom where people go to the local grocer and they know their order or whatever.
  11. Covington is the town you have to drive through if you're wanting to get to Newport and drink coming from I-75
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