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  1. Is that one of those things where it's like "well yes, they have coronavirus, but they're in here getting treatment for pneumonia, not COVID-19"?
  2. Fact, car accidents kill more people in Florida every year than hurricanes, yet you don't see them sending people to shelters for car accidents!
  3. I live a couple miles from there and worked just across the highway for years and haven’t been since like 2007
  4. I think the people who show up to these things are great. Like that mountain of camo, pockets, and the most accessorized gun ever right next to her.
  5. I’ll admit I picked it up on Steam on the sale they’re having. It’s only 10% off, but it’s one I’ve wanted and now it’s on the platform I use.
  6. That feels like a white flag, though the federal government seems to have waved that months ago.
  7. Ohio's flag can naturally be worn as a cape with no modification
  8. People aren't used to anything being delayed and I think culturally we're really bad about seeing ourselves as part of a whole. It's why we have people who say they aren't sick so they aren't wearing a mask, despite all the evidence saying you can really control the spread if everyone just wears some cloth in front of their nose and mouth.
  9. I think I might go get some chicken and waffles, there's a Joella's that opened not too far away right before COVID.
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