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  1. My company is pushing an update today that makes all of our. Zoom meetings password protected.
  2. This is the kind of inside the box thinking The Kush is here to save us from.
  3. How is a state with so many old people at risk have a governor who gives the least amount of shits?
  4. My company has teams because of its office 365 setup but not everyone uses it. Everyone does use Zoom though.
  5. I never understood the weird obsession with gutting the USPS, private carriers tend to be trash and expensive. Hell just over the weekend I had FedEx drop a package off on my porch that wasn't for me, when I called them they told me the department that would handle that has the weekend off.
  6. The actual science of the mortality rate will come after this whole thing is over and done with anyway. Doing it during the crisis and telling people that it'll only kill 2/3rds of a percent I believe will only serve to convince people that it's fine to go about their business.
  7. I feel like it should, because this kind of thing is what gets used to say it's not big deal.
  8. His brilliant analysis of the data given is what caused him to tell us that the churches will be open for business on Easter, he was told by the CDC he has a natural knack for these things so pack it in fellas. This virus has been beaten, print the banners and let's celebrate.
  9. Apparently Dr. Acton in Ohio didn't get Trump's memo. https://www.wcpo.com/news/government/state-government/ohio-state-government-news/live-dewine-acton-hold-coronavirus-briefing-on-what-would-have-been-opening-day And a surge is still coming, Acton said. An epidemiological model created by the Ohio State University’s Infectious Diseases Institute predicts that by late April, a socially distanced Ohio could still see as many as 6,000-8,000 newly diagnosed cases each day. But each provision that has kept Ohioans inside their homes has pushed the surge back and decreased the likelihood that tens of thousands of patients will find themselves clamoring for the same hospital beds. “We have, through our collective work here in Ohio, decreased that impact on our healthcare system from anywhere from 50-70%,” Acton said.
  10. I was going to take my mother to see a couple Broadway shows on Easter Weekend, my refund still hasn't been processed for those tickets.
  11. I'm sure Kushner can work the same magic on the pandemic as he did on mid-east peace.
  12. Liberals are just mad because we finally have a President that puts America first.
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