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  1. This reminded me of that “you will not replace us” chant those hicks in Charlottesville were yelling about. Guess they are being replaced.
  2. How are wastelands natural protection where no wall is needed? Did he make the standard of “natural barrier” encompass open desert too?
  3. Trump proposed a long wall along the border. He sold this as something that would solve border problems and it was also something that wasn’t going to cost the American taxpayer anything. Mexico paying for it was an integral part of his pitch for the wall. Since he realized he lives in the real world he’s started moving the goalposts to Mexico paying for it using some economic rationale that his people can’t even explain and downgrading the concrete wall to fencing. His supporters go along because let’s face it, if you still support Trump now you’re never going to not support Trump.
  4. McConnell survived polio, he’ll be in the senate long after we’re all dead
  5. finaljedi

    Trump tweet fires Mattis

    My vote goes to Miller, but he's on this train until the very end.
  6. Does Guiliani have the pee tapes or something? He seems to be the worst lawyer and literally every interview he's either calling Trump some kind of moron or just doing a terrible fucking job.
  7. finaljedi

    They're merging!

    I don't know, I don't think he would be successfully primaried, but also I feel like no one will have anything to do with him once he's no longer the President.
  8. "While the American people will get fucked by these tariffs, the good news is... That'll be all, it'll be great folks, believe me"
  9. They really dialed back VOA after the iron curtain fell. There was a large array of shortwave towers broadcasting Voice of America near me when growing up, now it's a shopping center and a park.
  10. I pre-ordered that game at Toys R Us and skipped school to pick it up. I still have a 35mm spool of that commercial sitting around that I made my dad snag me, no projector to play it on though. Man I'm feeling old.
  11. He’s a man after Trump’s own heart. Trump had a fake college, mall gadget store steaks, and sold vitamins through a MLM scheme.
  12. finaljedi

    Former Clinton advisor: Hillary will run in 2020

    Every debate with Trump is going to be a shitshow, he can't talk policy without getting the wording from Fox and Friends
  13. finaljedi

    General Gaming Good morning fellow gamers

    Post your PayPal or Venmo, I'm not rich myself but I can still give something.