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  1. I’m more speaking to the move towards electric that’s been moving right along.
  2. Electric cars are pretty impractical right now for anyone who doesn’t own a garage. Charging will have to be built out a hell of a lot more.
  3. Big Ben NEEDS to know. Is it a mushroom head, does it curve to the side? These are the pressing questions that Shapiro needs answers on.
  4. It’s a weird feeling when he does the right thing for the shittiest reasons
  5. What the fuck is a slow cook impeachment? Nevermind, this is from the same brain trust that said they didn't have to impeach because Trump is self impeaching.
  6. I haven’t installed any of the freebies, the off brand ones I picked up from Home Depot have been troopers though.
  7. The electric company sent me a box of like 6 LED bulbs free a few months ago. I already converted to all LED when I moved in here 4 years ago and only one went out since then so I probably have enough spare bulbs to last a decade.
  8. Stephen Miller needed to get the daddy juices flowing again, there are darker people who can be forced to stay in a wrecked country.
  9. The DCCC is probably in the process of typing the angriest email you’ll ever read asking for money so that Democrats can protect the NWS to send to everyone who has ever donated to a congressional campaign.
  10. The statement saying that Alabama wasn't going to be hit was just the NWS being responsible, because hurricane forecasts can be life and death along with costing every level of government billions. This latest one was put out to make their sensitive boss happy.
  11. The problem with masturbating to weird shit is that you fall down a slope of needing weirder shit. Stephen Miller started with just beefed up border patrol and deportations, then he moved on to kids in cages, now this is what he needs to get off.
  12. It’s a good thing he’s wanting to move money from FEMA to the totally necessary border wall.
  13. It is much more fair that about 3 or 4 Midwest (and Florida) swing states pick the election instead. In fact thanks to electoral math and fairness my vote in Ohio counts in a meaningful way and a person's vote in Texas, New York, California, Alabama and many other states have absolutely 0 impact on a Presidential election. That's what you call fairness, not one person one vote.
  14. The poem was written to raise money for the pedestal and 20 years later it was attached to it on the inside. It’s not policy but it was put up to sort of go with the spirit of being a country of immigrants and the fact that the statue is one of the first things they’d see on the trip across the Atlantic.
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