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  1. The party is afraid of him and his hick supporters. He was consistently unpopular from his start in politics to his defeat and never moved the needle very much on endorsements, but what he could do was summon an angry mob to Congress and inspire people to try and kidnap the Governor of Michigan. They could have ripped off that band-aid by impeaching his crooked ass, but politicians aren't known for boldness.
  2. Or maybe even when he lost the popular vote in his first election by 3 million votes
  3. He'll ignore it either way, I'm fine with people calling him a pedo when he's on the street, it makes his life just a little worse and he really can't say anything in response. There isn't going to be a video of Matt Gaetz "owning" someone calling him a pedophile
  4. Does it really matter? This isn't any dumber than anything else, at this point conservatives tricking liberals with fake conspiracy theories is...
  5. Is the anticipation of Blue Origin that this will just never happen so it doesn't really matter? They don't need to really build a working lander if the damned thing is never going to outer space. SpaceX has a record of designing and building things that actually end up in space, Blue Origin has a tourist pod that kind of goes to space for a minute before it falls back down after 20 years of work.
  6. I regularly ride my bicycle through Loveland, his views definitely scan with this whole area.
  7. I like how this wasn't a thing they cared about for 4 years
  8. I guess it could be? But it's weird to see something so absurdly informal it in a Reuters article when describing a foreign parliament, or anywhere in a Reuters article that isn't a quote.
  9. I thought that was for their step up program or something.
  10. Yeah, this kills me, apparently Apple and Valve are the only ones who feel the need to set up a queue. If I could reserve a 3080 with a shipping timeframe of months from now I'd be happy. Anyway, got in line for the 512GB version Friday, Q1 2022.
  11. Hell if you break it down further to his actual hometown, Middletown, OH is a bit of a shithole. Not that he knows or really cares these days, he skipped off to Yale, got him a pile of that Peter Thiel money, and is trying to secure himself a slot in the MAGA grift.
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