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  1. I feel like that was at the time Activision had the bond license
  2. I imagine getting both the Bond rights and whatever they needed to do with Rare makes putting Goldeneye on this thing pretty impossible.
  3. It would be nice to relive all those ouya classics like towerfall and... towerfall
  4. My info got leaked in one of the many man breaches, I blame Anthem for this one. Anyway I get a call every few months from a “law firm” stating if I don’t call them back soon I will be arrested for fraud, they have my name and my mother’s name, but not the one she goes by now.
  5. finaljedi

    The Kavanaugh Confirmation Charade Thread

    I'm also 35 and I feel like at this point I'd have a hard time pulling in a list of that many people in general to vouch for my character, let alone all women.
  6. He should probably tell his wife not to buy her perfume from the same shop more than once.
  7. I like to imagine a low paid employee at the publisher tweaking spacing and font size until that happened.
  8. Tucker is the one there pandering to scared old people telling them it's okay to be afraid of this weird new shit.
  9. Does he think anonymous sources are anonymous to the reporter?
  10. Do these people think hitching their wagon to Trump is going to be a successful move in the long term?
  11. I don't think there are many people who could provide the sort of documentation they're looking for