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  1. So that damn near trillion dollar budget deficit during a peacetime following a bigly tax cut wasn't the responsible thing to do?
  2. I think it’s a mixture of stress and age. Before he headed up a property and resort company that he got from his father that mostly ran itself. He had a reputation of being what poor people thought a successful business man was. Now he has real responsibilities and can’t completely avoid the fact that a lot of people hate him and think he’s a simple moron and the people who admire him are hicks in the flyovers instead of the people he wants to look up to him.
  3. Trump assembled a hell of a Dream team to lead his administration.
  4. That's been their strategy for a lot of the 21st century, I don't think they've had a whole lot of success.
  5. I got a hot tip over a decade ago and locked this name down on steam and forums.
  6. Thats where we are, America elected Donald Trump, you never know when people are going to need clarification that planes did in fact come after muzzle loaded rifles.
  7. Oh, well nevermind. He's the Republican Presidential fixer, fair enough I guess
  8. I get John Bolton, he's been around Republican circles forever because him and Mitch McConnell hang upside down in the same bell tower or something. I also get Stephen Miller, he's finally able to realize his childhood dream of rounding up brown people and putting them in camps. But people like Barr and Conway who cover for Trump to what looks like their long term detriment I don't get.
  9. So are these Trump lapdogs promised sweet gigs at the Heritage Foundation or something? I can't imagine Trump's whole "thing" will survive long after he's done, what's the end game for covering for him for these people?
  10. I feel like a lot of white people are all about the regular names spelled in a way that means their name will be misspelled by everyone they come in contact with.
  11. I don’t know if I’m going to wait for the PC version for over a year or get it on console.
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