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  1. Found this little guy on the drive thru at Taco Bell and took it out of circulation. Keep it classy Ohio
  2. He did, but I imagine there are degrees of everything. I had some Five Guys with him yesterday and he commented on how he could taste the ketchup but that the rest of it not so much
  3. Friend of mine who got it still hasn't gotten it all back a month later. He said he could always feel heat though, he had a buffalo chicken bowl and all he tasted was the heat.
  4. So do these massive spikes in rates kick down to people? Like will a bunch of Texan have stupid high bills come next month?
  5. Facebook has less trust than used car lots, good luck going to war with Apple over your right to track people.
  6. They staked out their position a few weeks back. The rioters were all bad, but them sacking the Capitol had little to do with Trump or his speech, plus Maxine Waters said people should protest Trump cabinet officials so you know, both sides.
  7. No matter what they do they'll galvanize the right, they call Joe Biden a socialist even though he's the very picture of a moderate neoliberal. When they don't do anything they go back to guns and abortion, when they do a little bit they call it socialism, so might as well not worry about that.
  8. If my Facebook is any indicator he's definitely in sync with the modern Republican more than people like Portman or Kasich. Dewine signs a heartbeat abortion bill and a stand your ground law and still gets called a RINO because he wants people to wear masks.
  9. The Democrats don't lose because more people agree with the Republicans, they tend to lose because Republicans get really enthusiastic about what their politicians do and Democrats don't, and it's because of stuff like this. They talked of going it alone despite the Republicans objections but then compromise the shit out of it anyway just to eek out a loss from a win.
  10. Universal means testing across the United States is a terrible idea, I make pretty good money for my corner of Ohio and jack shit for a place like NYC or the bigger cities in CA.
  11. I'm just hoping one of these variants mutates like SARS did and it just kind of peters out.
  12. Ohio Republicans want to declare June 14th 'President Donald J. Trump Day' WWW.CINCINNATI.COM A pair of Ohio representatives want the state to make June 14th a day to honor former President Donald Trump. Sure, why not, state's going to shit anyway.
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