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  1. Next time I go to New York is DHS going to try to sell me their mix CD or force beads on me?
  2. I would have bought Hades for full price on steam already. Supergiant makes solid games, but I have a sizable backlog and it’ll eventually come to Steam so I can wait for a sale. Same really goes for Phoenix Point and Control.
  3. Cool, I’ll download their store when they cut the shit with the money hat.
  4. I wouldn’t be upset if they went away. Every time I’ve gone there it has taken 10+ minutes to get a shake and a burger. I don’t know what their processes are back there, but they’re worse than every other restaurant of their level.
  5. Wasn't there a group upset over how bad guys were portrayed in that last Wolfenstein game?
  6. Games like this are the ones that I happen to see on reddit or something and then pick up on an impulse. This epic exclusivity might actually be saving me hundreds a year if they keep it up.
  7. Does Trump sit alone at night knowing he’s a stupid piece of shit or did he cross the hump to actually believing he’s a brilliant businessman and great golfer?
  8. I like it, I've had the tracking get a little funky once or twice in that is will register turning but not moving side to side, all it takes is closing the WMR software and reopening it. It's also a bit weird that you have to open SteamVR after the WMR house is open, but it works fine. The controllers take AAs and the screens are pretty good, if you have really wide set eyes it might suck, it doesn't have a physical IPD adjustment, there is one in software. You have to keep the controllers in front of you most of the time since the cameras have to see them to track, it does know well enough not to lose it immediately if you swing out of sight and then back in. I mostly use it to play beat saber, star trek bridge crew, and I've used it for elite dangerous a couple times. I scooped it up when it hit $200 back in November. forgot to quote @Ghost_MH
  9. I love inside out tracking. I have a vive and an acer wmr headset and I use the wmr headset a lot more because it’s just less of a hassle.
  10. They need to triple down on game informer subs and come up with more membership programs, they also need to push their game insurance even harder.
  11. Didn't they say Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6 were going to be on the same aging engine they've been using?
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