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  1. I think we need to cut him a break, upper management was standing right there, we all screw up a little bit when that happens.
  2. Apparently he has a controlling interest in Tesla, so they won't be able to Palmer Luckey him if he gets too rambunctious.
  3. My company raised its minimum wage to $15 an hour this month. The factory my brother works for refuses to start people above $14 an hour and he says they have meetings where management complains that people out there are deadbeats because they won't work a shitty hard labor job for $14 an hour. Good news is I'm the belle of the ball on LinkedIn, bad news is no one wants to pay me more than I'm making.
  4. I feel like they represented the fringe of reality, before this whole Trump thing he was mostly known as a goofy 9/11 truther.
  5. finaljedi

    Ohio apparently has the worst strip clubs.

    I’ve lived in Ohio my whole life and never stepped foot in an Ohio strip club. Been in strip clubs on vacation, but never even tried one here.
  6. finaljedi

    Nintendo Octopath Traveler

    I played through the opening with Primrose (noble born turned dancer) because I felt like playing a type of character I never usually play. I liked it, preordered from Amazon.
  7. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/trump-adviser-threw-away-2480-sushi-order-after-server-gave-him-middle-finger-report-says/ar-AAzP9Zi Poor Miller
  8. finaljedi

    PC Elite Dangerous - Just bought, any advice?

    The game is a make your own fun kind of thing. It's a big universe without much in the way of guidance. Go to resource extraction sites in the rings of planets, I'd keep out of hazardous ones until you get a decent ship, only attack ships with a wanted tag, space cops will engage too and help out, don't shoot them. It's a decent way to make money to start and get used to the fighting.
  9. finaljedi

    General Gaming Best 4K HDR game?

    I haven't played Origins, but I thought Horizon Zero Dawn looked great in HDR
  10. I'd say it's a good bet that six months after anything a lot of workers will get raises or bonuses. My company's fiscal year ends now, I have a bonus and a raise next week.
  11. I remember the PS3 Heavy Rain came with that origami thing it walked you through folding during the install
  12. Space sim games largely died with the new century and the Dark Forces games would need to have their levels reworked, I remember goofy mazes and some rough jumps making up a lot of those levels.
  13. finaljedi

    Best Korea is upgrading its nuclear facilities.

    So that meeting was good for some pictures and some bitchy tweets, but otherwise nothing changes.
  14. Also I think wellness visits being covered at 100% once a year is one of the last pieces of Obamacare still standing