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  1. I choose to just recklessly make bad decisions that could potentially lead to my death rather than just end it myself. If I go out there'd better be a story behind it. "Oh, for about 3 seconds he DID ride that moose before he got gored. What a legend "
  2. Also my dad is 71, but after my mom died suddenly at 59 I've slowly been building myself up for the time when my dad passes. Just kidding, you're never ready and it will feel like getting punched in the stomach.
  3. You're never too old. President john tyler (US president from 1841-1845) still has a living grandchild. I'm not kidding. Don't let your dreams be dreams.
  4. Phoenix is @Jasons nightmare. Just a massive grid of single family homes as far as the eye can see, with terrible traffic and the barest of public transit
  5. I might be fine with a separate league replacing the current champions league format. It would still fuck over teams from smaller countries. Like as it stands now, top teams from Austria, netherlands, etc at least stand a theoretical shot at making it through qualifying (didn't an Israeli club make it decently far this year?).
  6. This is... An interesting decision. So those 12 teams will only play each other? Will their home leagues kick them out?
  7. Waiting until concerts are a thing again so I can have good footing
  8. The power of pre-shoot douches and not eating for like 36 hours before
  9. I know that's true of a lot of people. Also how time works. I just feel weighed down and exhausted. I'm wrinkled. I am actually growing more facial hair. Working the last 6 months in the service industry where 75% of the people going out have been the ones that were already assholes to begin with. Being laid off twice, and when they ask me to come back I can't say no otherwise I lose unemployment benefits. The ups and (ultimately) downs of my relationship, which are probably related. The crazy guy that lives above the restaurant and threatens people and shit every day and there's nothing we ca
  10. There's a lot about that I don't like. A lot of what people label as cultural appropriation can eventually morph into "only Mexicans can own restaurants that sell burritos." I do find the idea that youtube's algorithm favors white women problematic, though, and totally sHoCkEd that youtube's algorithm does that and they either don't know about it, don't care, or lie about it.
  11. Sounds like it. Basically an all-star league for European clubs. It would basically like all of the big, rich clubs deciding to ditch all the peons.
  12. Nice! I own a copy and I'm gonna be getting rid of all my games over the next few months!
  13. Fast & Furious - 5/10 It's not bad, and I'm glad the movie exists. Fast & Furious is basically the bridge on which the shit pipe of the Fast & Furious Cinematic Universe was built. And it kind of feels that way. Why the fuck was Brian O'Connor in the FBI again after 2F2F? No fucking idea. Doesn't matter. It's a serviceable story. It's the first movie where they kind of started to give Dom super powers. It's the movie that turned The Fast and the Furious into "The Fast and the Furious Cinematic Universe." For good and for not so good. Also Dominic Toretto is
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