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  1. Polyphia dropped a new song a week ago, and I've been listening to it a lot I think it went as high as like #10 trending on YouTube, which is insande for an instrumental prog band. I just love how they've always blended elements of rock, jazz, and lo-fi hip hop together with an added virtuosity that makes it so there's pretty much always something new discover in their music. This time they also add a bossa nova/flamenco flair to the mix. Despite that, they play exclusively in 4/4 and use relatively simple chord progressions, which makes their music accessible to people who aren't music nerds. Most prog music is made by music nerds for other music nerds - most regular people who don't know anything about music theory think most prog music sounds like shit. While I don't think most normal people would be seeking out Polyphia's music, they still sound somewhat accessible.
  2. The Visit might honestly be my favorite movie he's ever done behind Unbreakable.
  3. I think he does better with tightly focused stories (Fury and End of Watch are both fucking phenomenal movies), I think he struggles a bit more with more broad scoped narratives. Suicide Squad is already that, and they think it would be better by making it even bigger and broader? I have my doubts, but whatever, I'll watch it.
  4. Aaahh. Thanks, I mixed up my linear alphabets. I haven't brushed up on my bronze age history in quite some time, though I'm beginning to dig back into it after reading about the failed siege of Jerusalem by Sennacherib in 701 BC obviously post-bronze age, but pretty soon after the re-emergence) and how, like... If Sennacherib hadn't given up on the siege and actually taken the city (which they could have if they stuck it out), that means Judaism must likely dies, and with that, so does all Abrahamic religion. How does all of Western civilization change? Perhaps it doesn't. One of the things that made Judaism stand out from other religions of the time is that they didn't need temples, and they didn't need public spectacle. You can take the Jew out of the ghetto, but you can't take the... Jew out of the Jew? That being said, Judaism did likely die in most of the places conquered by the Assyrians. Jerusalem is where it was still allowed to flourish. Sorry, totally off-topic, and also typed on my phone, so probably doesn't even make sense.
  5. If I could observe time from a distance, that's where I'd be most curious to look. All we know for sure is that all of Western government fell like a row of dominos and Egypt was conquered by an unknown foreign invader, then for a couple hundred years, people apparently didn't think it writing things down was very important. That makes sense. People didn't write for funsies, it was used for important tasks. If civilization has broken down to the point where everyone is back to a local barter system, why write? However, when classical society re-emerged, the world had changed considerably. The Minoans were seemingly gone completely. Greece had a new language and writing system (iirc we still don't understand linear B? I haven't kept up with that), and we'll never know what that 2-300 years or whatever was like. Maybe it was their version of "bottle caps and bullets," maybe things were actually better for the average person with the people once again having ownership of the means of production.... We'll never know.
  6. Tell me you're from San Diego without telling me you're from San Diego
  7. ITT: we debunk the myth that men like cooler temperatures. And/or we just show who lives in warm climates
  8. And/or what is the breaking point before you turn on the AC/heat? I generally have a low point of about 61 before I turn on the heat. Since living in New Orleans, I've turned the heat on only once when we had a cold snap in march. For AC, I mostly only turn it on when I'm sleeping. If I'm awake, my breaking point is about 78-80 before I turn it on, depending on how humid it is that day. My apartment only has 2 windows, one of which is covered with vines and is west-facing, so it doesn't get a lot of sun (perfect for me since I'm a vampire), the other is east-facing but is covered by an awning, so it only gets direct sunlight in the wee hours of the morning. Not sure how much that helps.
  9. It is an interesting prospect. Like, China and the US are the two countries where if things go tits up, things get pretty shitty for everyone. It reminds me of the bronze age collapse. Most historians think that strictly government-controlled economies of the time were so inflexible and intertwined (you need copper and zinc to make bronze, they are basically never found in the same place, therefore importing is necessary for everyone) that it became a house of cards. A drought in Asia Minor causes an uprising in Crete, which causes an invasion of Egypt or wherever. Next thing you know, all government has been overthrown, Greek goes dark, next time we hear from them it's hundreds of years later, they're speaking a different language and using a new alphabet. So I guess it's true. If things go tits up here, no one is insulated.
  10. I would. I'm already self destructive by nature, give me a righteous cause to go get shot at and I'd probably do it. Of course i already washed out of the military once, so that's likely an empty threat unless they get really desperate and are okay with the whole "I broke both of my feet at the same time the last time we tried this" thing.
  11. I've said before, repealing the second is probably impossible, but there is clear legal precedence for discussion on what it means by "arms." You can buy a flint lock pistol, but you can't walk down to wal mart and buy TNT because the government made that illegal with a quickness, so clearly there is a line somewhere in the middle that was never defined. Judging by legal precedence, the "right to bear arms" does not mean the right to bear ANY arm. Otherwise people would be allowed to own their own bombs. Now that we have established that "arms" is open to introduce, that's how you say that things like semi auto guns aren't allowed. Or just make owning C4 legal and see what happens, either way. I don't like logical inconsistencies, despite the fact that I definitely have some. Brb gonna kill myself.
  12. The exception to this rule is Foo Fighters. I've seen them twice, and both times I'd say they only spent about 40% of their set playing their own songs. The rest of the time, they were just playing covers or fucking around, sometimes even taking crowd prompts. And because basically every member of Foo Fighters can play every instrument, they would all just switch around. So it's like, don't go see Foo Fighters concerts to hear Foo Fighters songs, because they aren't going to play that many. You go to hear them play... whatever, and it's great. By the way, this is the concert I worked last night Yes, somehow this semi-viral song from like 15 years ago still gets enough attention for this washed up shitlord to be selling shows.
  13. I saw My Chemical Romance open for someone. I wasn't a fan of their music in particular, and I'm still not really, but dear lord they played one of the best shows I've ever seen. I don't even remember who they were opening for anymore.
  14. I never saw circa survive, at least that I can remember, but I have seen Saosin with Circa Survive guy as their singer. I thought they were, like... fine. Adema, though... I think I can imagine
  15. Never seen them. Do you think they just sucked or was it just a drugs day? One time I saw the Weeknd at a festival and he was so fucked up he couldn't speak the words to his own songs. Then I worked a concert he was at a few years later and he kinda killed it
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