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  1. I say this as someone who has played drums for most of my life: I don't like drum solos. My reaction to them is pretty much always "alright, I get it, you're fast, can we get back to the song now, please?" I think the reason is that the rest of the band tends to go silent during the drum solo, while during a guitar or bass solo, music is still playing. Unless you can figure out an arrangement like this song, which is basically a collection of solos interspersed with an instrumental chorus, but it still comes together magnificently. And they manage to do it without getting all fucky
  2. I have a pair of Audio Technica ATX-M50x, which are awesome, but they don't have a microphone. Flawless bluetooth, but I always forget to turn it off when I stop using them, so the battery is always dead, therefore I am almost always using them with an aux cable.
  3. I know he's been dealing with health issues for a long time, but this really sucks. Joey Jordison was an incredible drummer.
  4. I weirdly remember his face but nothing else about him, which is not how this stuff usually goes.
  5. I love the Final Destination movies (2 is my favorite) but I haven't watched them in years because I walk to work every day.
  6. I can't remember the WW2 flashback, but when the bulk of the movie starts up DeNiro's character is supposed to be like 40 years old, so it checks out. In The Irishman, it wasn't really like a deep fake, they completely CG'd the heads of all the characters after filming. I mean, deepfaking IS CG, but they didn't just run the actors' faces through a filter, they built them essentially from scratch, so it makes sense that it took a lot more time and effort. That's why everyone in the Irishman is almost always wearing something that covers their neck. Their heads are floati
  7. Blade: Trinity - 1/10 I was curious to watch this after I said something another thread about just being able to turn a camera on Ryan Reynolds and making a movie passable. NOPE. Dear God, this movie is fucking terrible. I mean, the only point it gets is for Ryan Reynolds' scenes, but it still completely sucks. Like, take a trip with me. Imagine XXX, The Fast and the Furious, and The Last Witch Hunter. Imagine everything you liked about those movies, and then remove them, and then make a movie out of the remnants. Then imagine Deadpool narrating over the resulting frank
  8. I remember telling people from Idaho while the mask mandate was in place here "okay, so you want the government to tell businesses what they can and can't do? Got it, I'm glad we agree." The party of small government unless people hurt my feelings. Or it supports the troops. Unless supporting the troops also hurts my feelings.
  9. Also I think I saw nyjah do a tre flip-back 50 in a street run, that was arguably harder than what he was trying for best trick even if it doesn't look as flashy. And if a pro like that throws it on a street run, he can probably land that trick 9 times out of 10, otherwise it wouldn't be in his run.
  10. Jagger's trick did a 270- flip in, yuto just did a 270 grind to regular. Doing really spinny tricks on handrails is kind of the thing in skating right now, and I'm like jagger eaton's trick was objectively harder and looked just as good. If everyone is doing spinny rail tricks, pick the one that was the hardest to do. I kind of like how the X games is doing scoring now, where they'll just rank everyone at the end, there isn't pressure of doing a live scoring
  11. I wish more studios started the model of releasing it on streaming services day 1 and just charging for it. 95% of the time I watch movies is like 2-3 in the morning. Going to theaters isn't an option for me unless it's like on a Monday night, and even then it's spotty, I usually use that day to run errands and sleep.
  12. Also I think jagger eaton got robbed on best trick, but whatever. Yuto Horigome is probably the best skater alive right now and the olympics are in his backyard, it feels right he gets a gold.
  13. Man, I don't think I've ever seen anyone sack in that particular manor before.
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