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  1. Like 110 House Republicans just voted to kick Liz Cheney out of the leadership because they want to stay loyal to him. If he stays out of jail, he can still absolutely exert control over the Republican party. Starting a new party is the absolute dumbest thing he could do right now. So he'll probably do it.
  2. Best is obviously when he called that kid and asked him, "Do you believe in Santa? Because at your age it's marginal, right?" And when he got to pretend to drive the big truck.
  3. I'll never forget that press conference they had in the Rose Garden last spring where they said that they were going to roll out testing sites in Target and Wal-Mart parking lots across the entire country and then... absolutely nothing like that was ever discussed again.
  4. I think there's a decent chance she resigns before her term ends and decides it's an easier grift to style herself as like "The Cancelled Congresswoman" and get a Newsmax TV show or something
  5. My uncle's still in the hospital. This is day 9, I think. The news sounded relatively upbeat today. I hope he's past the worst of it.
  6. They were erecting a literal gallows outside of the capital building a week ago
  7. Hard disagree. Dude's gotta serve time or this shit is gonna happen again.
  8. I kinda think there's something to this as well, but I don't know if it'll get done by the time he's out regardless at this point.
  9. I dunno, I think you gotta advance it as far as possible as fast as possible so you can speed it along in case this weekend there's more violence and he calls the fascists special boys again or whatever and Pence and the cabinet don't budge on 25A
  10. She got the first dose of the vaccine, but I dunno if 8 days after one dose is enough time for it to have any benefit
  11. I'd sure feel a lot better if there was some sort of government official on TV giving briefings on this stuff instead of random reporters piecing together what they can find on the internet.
  12. DC Leaders Knew About The Threat Of Right-Wing Violence Ahead Of The Capitol Riot. But They Were More Worried About Trump. WWW.BUZZFEEDNEWS.COM Concerned the president might invoke the Insurrection Act to commandeer the city police, DC council members never expected an assault on the Capitol itself. DC statehood needs to happen, and for reasons that don't have anything to do with the balance of power in the Senate
  13. So do you think there's any actual plan if he starts issuing pardons to everyone around him tomorrow, like he's already talked about, or is the plan to just stand around and watch it happen?
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