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  1. I really wish he was just conventionally corrupt. Could have just handed him a giant sack of money in like August and it would have more than paid for all the time that's been wasted these past few months.
  2. FBI says it's conducting a 'court-authorized' search of Rep. Henry Cuellar's Texas home WWW.CNN.COM The Federal Bureau of Investigation said in a statement Wednesday evening that it is doing a "court-authorized" search of the Texas home of Rep. Henry Cuellar. I don't recognize this dude, but apparently he's a Blue Dog, and had a primary challenger last year, but was endorsed by both Pelosi and Steny Hoyer, lmao. Friends like these...
  3. CIA says 'Havana Syndrome' not result of sustained campaign by enemy WWW.NBCNEWS.COM The CIA says that the mysterious symptoms known as Havana Syndrome are not the result of a sustained global campaign by a hostile power.
  4. I think they kinda already ruined the site when they forced it into the same blog style format as Gizmodo/Gawker/etc. It's perfectly fine for a site that's mostly based around the news of the day, but not for a site where you might want to just browse through every TV show they had episode reviews for, which you used to be able to do.
  5. Prescott running directly down the middle of the field with 14 seconds left was insane but I still can't get over converting a fake punt and then keeping the special teams unit on the field and getting a delay of game, lmao
  6. You gotta love "cut job-killing regulations by 25 percent" without any explanation of what the regulations are, like just turned a big dial labeled "Regulations" to the left.
  7. Could have a small cooling effect, assuming this guy knows what he's talking about. By "this guy", I mean the first guy who came up when I put "volcano climate" into Twitter search.
  8. Wait, so this "pass it back and forth" three times, is different than the budget reconciliation that you can only use once per budget year? Like, this wouldn't use up their ability to pass BBB if they actually come back to it? So, like, they could theoretically use this at any time on anything else?
  9. Not a scientist, but there was already a study from a couple of weeks ago showing that omicron infection led to some cross-immunity with Delta--and all indication from the numbers are that Omicron is crowding out all the Delta cases that were left--so I would think that even an actual "Deltacron" variant wouldn't be that bad?
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