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  1. The man trying to steer the ship away from the iceberg is also the same motherfucker that produced Suicide Squad. Let that shit sink in for a second.
  2. I think there's a joke I'm missing here.
  3. I read him to mean that the political message was killed, not necessarily the entire game. Far Cry 5 very much feels like a game that was supposed to have a message, only to have it all bleached out at some point.
  4. If you want an example of a game that seems like it really intended to have a political message that was ultimately killed by the people up top, look no further than Far Cry 5.
  5. Every time I see this god damned picture I get less upset about the seizing of power and more upset that these dumb motherfuckers don't even understand the concept of a god damned venn diagram. For fuck's sake.
  6. Remember a time when the NYT wasn’t a bunch of padding you threw out to get to the crossword puzzle? Pepperidge Farm remembers...
  7. LazyPiranha

    Hard water

    You absolutely can tell. The house I grew up in had a water softener because of hard well water, and you could always tell when you needed to refill it with salt because you'd be taking a shower and it's like someone cast a spell on all the soap and it didn't do shit. You'd be trying to lather and you'd just have a wet bar of soap and nothing to show for it. Trying to shampoo your hair made it feel like you just smeared some crap in your hair, and then it came back out in glops. Brushing your teeth with it was weird.
  8. You know, generally speaking I oppose the death penalty BUT... I would not be opposed to them melting down that statue and casting bullets out of it to shoot this motherfucker in a firing squad.
  9. LazyPiranha

    Movies Welcome To Marwen trailer

    I don't know, the entire premise kind of skeeves me out. Dude copes with the bad things that have happened to him by creating a world of art around him. Ok, seems fine. Dude inserts himself into the little fantasy world full of dolls he's created. Getting a little weird now, but still alright. Dude fills his fantasy world with all the hot women in his life who constantly support him and think he's the greatest. That's... really kind of creepy.
  10. Eh, I'm waiting for a PC release, and even then I'm waiting for a mod that cuts out all the bullshit.
  11. Seems to me likes it's functioning as intended.