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  1. Already got Prey from you, so I'll just drop in for the grats and thanks.
  2. LazyPiranha

    Have you tried Burgerim?

    Is it Skyrim but for burgers?
  3. Man, here I was all excited to see a guy sticking out of the top of a cement mixer slowly spinning over and over again.
  4. Guaranteed they view that as a feature not a bug.
  5. I’ll bite. What’s the point I’m missing here.
  6. This is exactly like crying wolf, because as we all know the famous story involves a young man who cries wolf when there’s an actual wolf right there and all the townspeople watch him get eaten because who stands out in a field anyway?
  7. Wrong people. These guys were in jail and couldn’t be in the takeover. Those dipshits were actually acquitted because fuck everything.
  8. Yeah, it’s not like there isn’t an easily verifiable problem with a dedicated group of people specifically targeting women in game development or anything... Must just be one uppity broad.
  9. Call me crazy, but I don’t think the best possible option is something untested a billionaire farted out in a week.
  10. Breast feeding advocates don't bother me in the slightest because they're actually advocating for something generally positive, or even if all the science is somehow utterly bunk, totally harmless. I would rather drive all of the anti-vaccers, alternative medicine supporters, and cannabis snake oil salesman into the sea than give a breast feeding advocate a sidewards glance. Total people who have caught a preventable, potentially dangerous disease because their parents insisted on nursing is still hanging steady at zero.
  11. People once again have some weird definitions of things. That remarkably bland tweet about TB is pretty dame far removed from "dancing on his grave." I also hope I'm not the only one here to see the irony in the exact same people demanding a woman be fired for being a dick probably had zero problems with the things TB said to make people upset with him and probably told those people to get over it. My problem with the take people are going with here is that "if this was the first incident I'd feel differently but... I'm just going to assume it isn't" is an extra step you don't need to take. Why assume this isn't the first time? Why are you inventing a narrative that takes the company off of the hook based on pure conjecture?