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  1. I hope it's true, because you know that idiot terf can't keep her foot in her mouth long enough for it to matter and then we'll get to enjoy the process of watching her get shitcanned again.
  2. While we're on the topic of horse racing and ignoring the anime lady part, Pocket Card Jockey for the 3DS was awesome and they should make another.
  3. Yes, we flew and sailed blindly because we didn't know what the hell was there. We didn't have satellite imagery to see what there was, outside of hot air balloons we didn't have good aerial views of things. No one blindly flies a plane in a random direction to discover some unknown land anymore because there are far better ways of getting that information. If there were intelligent alien life buzzing around in our lower atmosphere, they would have access to technology we can't possibly imagine and there's basically nothing that they could learn from that they couldn't learn other ways. If
  4. To be fair, they look that way most of the time because they have to put some poor bastard in a rubber suit.
  5. I know I've said it before, but you're simply knocking one domino of dozens out of the line of progression. FTL travel doesn't account for the fact that space is unbelievably massive. It also doesn't account for why any intelligent species with FTL travel would just fart around in our lower atmosphere for a minute or two and then just leave. Any species with that kind of technology would have certainly invented the telescope and could just observe us from much further away.
  6. Or just buy a completely shitty defunct theme park for pennies on the dollar and share ownership of it. Call it snowflake land, name a few rides after whiny conservatives, and call it a day.
  7. Yes, everyone understands and agrees that the subjective value of owning an original over a duplicate is subjective. What I am saying is that the material difference between an original and a duplicate is NOT subjective, and whatever value people derive from that difference is entirely personal. I have seen “The Persistence of Memory” in person at the MOMA. Would I personally pay whatever millions it would be worth to own it? Fuck no. Would I have traveled to a museum to see a bunch of high quality image files of the same artwork? Also no. There is no material difference betwe
  8. You keeping bringing value into this when I’m intentionally putting all value aside. Objectively, a painting is different than a jpeg. The objective act of seeing a painting and seeing a digital image of a painting are different. There is no denying that. What value you place on that difference is subjective, the fact that there is a difference is not. The objective act of viewing a jpeg and viewing a jpeg of an NFT you own is identical. You own theaters, there is an objectively different experience between watching a movie with an audience in a theater versus seeing
  9. We’re discussing two different things now. I was discussing the functional difference between owning art and owning an NFT regardless of value. Now we’re discussing personal enjoyment. If you get some sort of joy out of owning an NFT then so be it, that has nothing to do with the functional difference between owning an NFT and having a link saved to your clipboard being nil. All value is relative. All enjoyment is subjective. A person who owns an NFT objectively can’t do anything a person who has the image saved on their hard drive can’t also do other than sell the NFT to some
  10. I’m not arguing value though. A painting is a painting, I can enjoy the painting and never sell it. I have art I made in my house that is absolutely worthless to anyone who isn’t me, I have it because I like it and I’m proud of how it turned out. A print, no matter how well done, is not a painting. I can’t see the dimensions of the strokes, I can’t view it from different angles and see the perspective change, I can’t touch it if I’m that sort of person and feel the texture of the canvas and paint. Monetary value or not, a true original painting has a material history and presence no dupli
  11. There’s a fundamental difference here in that regardless of arbitrary value there is only one original piece of art. If I own a Picasso, whether or not it’s value goes up and down I still have a Picasso and everyone else has a print of it. I can put it on a wall, lend it to a museum, eat it, whatever the hell I want. If I own an NFT of a Picasso, I’m the exact same as any other person who has a jpeg of the same painting, I just have a random string of code that may, or may not, point to a jpeg representing that painting. The only reason to purchase an NFT for artwork is market sp
  12. Season 2 was also a fun romp, it's hard to maintain the initial novelty though. Whatever season had John Lithgow was also decent if I remember, but then the whole thing just completely went off the rails.
  13. Excessive cocaine use my ass, you know he got canned for never sharing and screaming that cocaine redistribution was communism.
  14. Dexter was such a fun, guilty pleasure show that absolutely dove off a cliff and decided that gravity was too weak and strapped on jet engines aimed straight down. I bailed before my wife but would watch over her shoulder from time to time and we would joke about how late series Dexter seemed to exist only to fill some Faustian bargain Shotime made in terms of tits per hour. The excuses this show made to get women topless were award worthy. Dexter goes to a high school reunion for some reason only for a woman we went to school with to blow him while fully topless and then immediately leave
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