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  1. How is releasing exclusive games to an online storefront "turning the PC into consoles?" It's not like Epic is releasing their own video card and without it you can't play their games. If you have a PC, you can buy games from Epic with more or less zero extra effort and literally zero extra money. The people getting butthurt over digital store exclusivity are choosing a very weird and trivial hill to die on.
  2. Can't wait to watch Charles Manson eating lunch and talking for 45 minutes straight next to Sharon Tate's corpse or whatever.
  3. Consolidating an overwhelming majority of media into one giant behemoth is surely worth having a few, slightly better movies!
  4. Oh, I'm sure schools will absolutely cut their tuition to be in line with the new limits, just like companies used all of those tax breaks and new hires and pay raises for workers.
  5. I can’t wait to see how this thing becomes yet another nightmare of algorithms. ”I see you like playing Tetris. May I interest you in Ben Shapiro Owns the Libs Simulator?”
  6. ...did people really hate the Playstation when it was revealed? I don't recall that at all.
  7. Ah, my bad, I could have sworn it was going to be a part. Never mind then, our nightmare hellscape continues.
  8. Saw the movie on Friday, and I liked it. It wasn't amazing, and it wasn't my favorite of the MCU movies, but it was a lot of fun. I think the biggest problem Captain Marvel has is the same problem Doctor Strange and Thor had. They can't easily fall back on decades of nostalgia and familiarity to tell their stories. People who have never picked up a comic book ever can tell you what Spider Man can do, or what Captain America is all about in broad strokes. Those same people might know Thor from history class, but ask them about Dr. Strange or Captain Marvel, and you're going to get a blank stare. Captain Marvel had the unenviable task of bringing a clueless audience up to speed on two different alien races, a supreme intelligence, and the titular hero all in two hours. That's heavy lifting for anyone. Even though Captain America did have an origin story of sorts, the writers were allowed to have fun with it because it was a foregone conclusion the audience didn't need to pay attention to. It's why Ragnarok is such a blast, they got all of the Thor mythology bullshit out of the way and just got to dick around for a while. As for the other nonsense complaints, give me a break. Oh noes, a fight on top of a train is cliche. So what? It's a story about a person in tights beating the shit out of seemingly impossible odds because of randomly granted powers. As long as the execution is good, you can forgive the hoary old tropes, and watching an old lady flip around like a gymnast in a busy train is novel enough to be entertaining.
  9. I wonder if Disney buying Fox News has anything to do with this or if it will be the cause of any sort of change. As much as I'm sure Disney execs are died in the wool conservatives, I imagine they're also far, far more interested in raking in currency by the metric ton. Fox News has way fewer brands and audiences to isolate than Disney does. I really doubt it, but I in a world where I need to live with an absurd megacorp controlling something like 80% of entertainment media, I'd at least like the house of mouse to quietly but firmly shows these nutjobs the door.
  10. Just like Fez, I set a condition for myself that I wouldn't look up the solution to any puzzles, and I would see how far I got. I managed to get the first ending without cheating. Eventually I had to look up where a puzzle because I couldn't find it, but I didn't look up any solutions. Whether or not you find the game hard is kind of a crap shoot. The tetris puzzles took me a long time to figure out, and there was one particular shadow puzzle that threw me for a loop until I figured out the greater trick.
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