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  1. I'm kind of in the same boat as @Slug, but I took my honeymoon in Hawaii and loved it. It's almost annoyingly beautiful there, like you keep expecting to find a part of it that isn't picturesque and you fail. If you want to have a low key time, it's very easy to do that.
  2. ...all of them? This isn’t exactly a new phenomenon, your car insurance will pay out damages you cause up to your policy limits if you’re driving drunk. It’s an incredibly stupid idea because it’s essentially impossible to enforce in a meaningful way given the existence of private gun sales and the fact that most of these mass shooters don’t have a significant history that would escalate the cost of their insurance. Honestly, what kind of idiot thinks of this? A better solution is simply that if you have the kind of history that makes it so your fun insurance premiums go up, you don’t get to own a fucking gun in the first place.
  3. Fixed the level for the third time. Sigh. POW Block Perfection B3Q 0C6 1MF
  4. Wait, how did you beat the level without using the POW block? If you don't carry the POW block to the end you can't make the 50 coin drop and you can't beat the level...
  5. Growing Pains ID: JJW N5H RLG Megio Man N0G-SDR-NNG POW Block Perfection JNT-JSM-BVF I uploaded Growing Pains last night, so at this point if you beat it at all you'll set the record.
  6. Closed. I have a kid. I always slept with it closed when it was just my wife and I as well except for very hot nights in the summer for better air flow. I'm not exactly worried about home intruders, but I don't have thick bedroom doors so I can easily hear someone walking downstairs when I have company regardless.
  7. Yes but how does he feel about the rich snobs over at the fat kids camp?
  8. Welcome to every anime based game ever basically. It would be pretty great if Saitama was just the final boss and you can't beat him at all.
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