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  1. I’d like to know how people suppose the government stored and then delivered enough fake snow to blanket 1/3 of the fucking country.
  2. Yeah it’s pretty stupid in general, but it’s still a pretty significant step in the right direction which opens the door to legal home growing in the future. I imagine to some extent home growing will basically become like home distilling. Technically illegal but as long as you’re not open and obvious about it, whose going to bust you?
  3. I believe home growing is still verboten. Also, @Greatoneshere if you don’t mind me asking, why Camden specifically?
  4. Assuming your fine with the general concept, the major problem with this system is that the price of electricity is invisible. I couldn’t begin to tell you how much power I’m using at a given moment, I don’t think I even have the spinning dial power meter anymore so I couldn’t even attempt to find out. While this system shouldn’t exist at all in my opinion because of this alone, at the pure bare minimum there should be a stopgap somewhere when either the rate hits X or bill goes Y over the typical amount that you get notified so you can do something about it. Even that isn’t really a soluti
  5. I have no delusions about his death signaling any sort of change in the current state of America. Doesn’t mean I can’t be glad the fucker is finally in the dirt.
  6. People, let us not forget that potentially millions of cancer cells sacrificed themselves to bring us this. I hope they may now find peace and solace in knowing the job is done.
  7. You can tell this guy doesn’t do cars because his analogy is backwards. An ‘05 Sonata is going to work and Lamborghini is not it Italian for “reliability.” America is absolutely a Lamborghini; a passion project of a European spun off from another larger entity mostly out of spite that has now become a subsidiary of larger corporate interests which is primarily only good for being loud and bringing attention to itself while largely being piloted by white assholes with too much money.
  8. Bruce is only a few years older than Robert Downey Jr and I feel that it tracks that Reed would be a little older than Stark.
  9. Well the first shot is down. No real side effects, just sort of a minor BUY THE SURFACE PRO SEVEN ON SALE NOW AT ALL FINE RETAILERS headache but that’s probably just caffeine.
  10. Getting my first shot today, my wife is getting hers on Thursday.
  11. Make it so that any man who wants to stop an abortion must immediately accept sole legal and financial responsibility for the baby. See how many people sign up.
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