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  1. They made a shit load of money and then made more. The Matrix was never planned as a trilogy, things got tacked on afterwards and you can't really go back to the well of "realizing who you truly are and rejecting the role the world has forced on you" more than once because you've already rung that bell. General themes and ideas are still behind the core of everything though. An omnipresent system exists to force you into the what they have decided you want to be, you have a constant sense that this isn't correct which makes the entire world feel wrong, what is in your mind matters far more than your body, etc.
  2. The Matrix, if viewed in the right light, is a pretty on the nose allegory for the transgender experience. I mean for fuck's sake there's an extremely androgynous character named Switch and the main villain of the movie consistently refuses to call Neo by his new name and constantly insists on gendering him as Mr.
  3. For a second I panicked because Jersey was green and I thought all our effort was for nothing.
  4. Brazil, although I don’t believe the studio cut ever made it to theaters. Honestly, this whole thing sucks. All anyone is doing these days is caving in to the loudest and shittiest people all for no one’s benefit. Harass people endlessly and give them shit forever and eventually you’ll get what you want is a terrible message to send, yet here we are.
  5. Silly you. There won't be anyone in 2,000 years.
  6. It’s when you make a movie that’s a thinly veiled transgender narrative which only becomes obvious in retrospect and then a decade later an online army of worthless chuds completely miss the point and use it as a term for “realizing” that actually the world is really hard on men when you think about it and it’s all the fault of women.
  7. Imagine the mental gymnastics one has to do in order to have every advantage possible in the world since birth and to think you need to be red pilled.
  8. I don’t know if I have ire for the game, but it was total bullshit how it was marketed. I don’t remember the exact quotes, but they did some fucking insane twisting of the English language in those interviews. Saying that you can play the game with friends is technically true in the same way that I could play original game boy Tetris with friends, but that’s not what the question means. It was especially crazy when they kept dancing around the question when the game was out and Sean Murray just went “lol what are the odds” when two people were on the same planet and couldn’t see each other. NMS is like a master class in how to dig your own grave with hype.
  9. Yeah, direct and severe consequences are exactly how the world works these days.
  10. Can't think of a ton of sleeper hits, unless you count the fact that GTA is still constantly one of the best sellings games month over month. As for hidden gems: Valfaris Murder by Numbers Olli Olli Baba is You Mutant Year Zero
  11. In all seriousness, if Trump tested positive for COVID, do you think there’s even the slightest chance we found out unless he was hospitalized?
  12. Why would you get money from a death period? Am I just that ignorant of hospital billing that they get to charge for someone dying and they get to adjust their rate based on what they die of as opposed to treatments trying to keep you alive.
  13. Bullshit. Cartman had the forethought and attention span to pull off a complex plan.
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