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  1. I dunno, I’m interested in seeing the movie but that trailer is just a mess. I haven’t the slightest clue what this movie is about outside of the broadest possible strokes, and I’m sorry but that perfect question mark in the latte foam is the corniest shit since the Batman credit card. Was I the only one who had to turn on subtitle to figure out what he said when he punched the glass?
  2. Holy shit that series. The absolutely maddening part of the Cecil Hotel is that it’s like 85% of the way to being incredible, it just needed to shift its tone and its thesis. It is, unintentionally, an amazing documentary as to the obsessive mindset and parasocial relationships people build out of absolutely fucking nothing. All of the connections people make in their heads, the insistence of finding meaning in utterly pointless coincidences, hounding strangers over imagined motivations, dissecting a dead woman’s life based on a smattering of what she chose to put online, it could have been this incredible condemnation of that entire thing. Instead it just absolutely fumbles the whole thing and treats that like it’s good actually and while it lead to some unfortunate problems these were at their core good people with good intentions. Such a disappointment. Now you want to watch a True Crime documentary that absolutely fucking kills that idea, The Impostor is still one of my favorites.
  3. I think there’s a huge difference between the things we’re talking about and you’re mixing the two of them. To the best of my knowledge, the people complaining about Chappelle and this special have so far only said they won’t support Netflix or anyone that hires Chappelle in the future. Your examples of harassing who you lease your theater from and Onlyfans being delisted are entirely different situations. Unless I’m mistaken, no one is harassing AWS to take Netflix off of their servers and wipe them from the net.
  4. My point is that there is no way for me to NOT pay for something I don’t agree with that also doesn’t inherently threaten the ability of others to have it in the future. If some accountant down the road has to decide if this is going to be profitable or not and they need to factor in people like me taking a pass on it, what difference does it make to their bottom line why I’m not going to cough up? It’s not like my personal feelings on the matter swing the needle.
  5. How is that different from any other business decision ever? What elevates something from “I don’t agree with this so I personally won’t pay for it” to “cancel culture” other than a chud got butthurt over it?
  6. I can’t see the difference because there is no difference. If I choose to not give money to any business that pays Chappelle, I am inherently attempting to prevent anyone else from having access to that content. If he doesn’t get paid, he doesn’t make another special, if he doesn’t make another special, no one else gets to see it. The two cannot be divorced from one another because the only reason he makes these things is for money.
  7. What is the functional difference between publicly saying you won’t support Netflix or anyone else who hires Chappelle then following through and just privately doing the same thing? Am I cancelling every single person I don’t actively support financially? It’s all bullshit. Nothing but lazy mental sleight of hand. Somehow it’s free speech to say out loud that Dave Chappelle is an obnoxious chud but to then say I’m not going to pay for anything featuring him is somehow different. Everyone is “cancelling” people every moment of their lives. There is so little space between not liking a thing and not paying for a thing to continue that light cannot pass through. Up until the very moment that people start taking actual physical or legislative action against someone, it’s all the same.
  8. What other punitive measures are people seeking though? People are calling Dave an asshole and a bigot, some are saying they won’t pay for Netflix and others are encouraging others to not pay for Netflix too and… that’s it? Unless I’ve missed it, no one sane is saying he should be beaten, jailed, forced to apologize at gun point, expelled from the country, robbed of every penny he owns, whatever. The cancel culture Chappelle is bitching about is just having to be aware of the fact that people think the things he says suck and they don’t want to support it with money.
  9. Please people, please. Superman is not human. He is not bisexual, he’s into beastiality.
  10. I sure hope Kurtwood Smith finally discovers whether or not Bobbies can fly, the man deserves to retire.
  11. I’m a huge Resident Evil mark, but the movies never appealed to me. This seems like a weird choice to kind of put RE and RE2 together in a blender. Between this and Kong v. Godzilla though, recent history has permanently put me off of any story where the conspiracy theorist is shown to be right.
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