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  1. I say we just put giant “Participant” medals next to every confederate monument.
  2. Look, am I POTENTIALLY interested? Sure. If you could deliver a service where I can play certain games instantly with minimal input lag and I could play things on my phone or tablet, why the hell not? I'm not going to use it to replace my current PC/Console setup, but if a service allowed me to have a local copy and also stream it to my phone or Switch when I'm not at home for a less awesome but still totally acceptable experience, what's the harm?
  3. Hey, now I feel vindicated for not buying that weird isometric thing that came out a month or so ago.
  4. I can feel a bunch of neck bearded chodes just ranting about "calarts style" on Twitter without even having to read it. Feels good man.
  5. Mercury is the most delicious of all the transitional metals. I get to eat delicious food AND go mad at the same time? You've yet to name a downside.
  6. MRAsians. Fuck this planet.
  7. Have these people been to San Francisco? You couldn't pay me to try and go down some of those hills on a pogo stick. I wonder if there's just a hidden webcam in all of them and their real business is monetizing epic fail videos of tech bros eating shit on youtube.
  8. Given how often Alien Isolation rips the camera control away from you in rapid canned animations I can imagine that being a one way ticket to vomit town.
  9. Happy Memorial Day everyone, hope everyone gets to enjoy it.
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