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  1. Forget a prayer emoji, we need this: It's what I think every time someone close to one of these chuds is diagnosed.
  2. Tmnt looked like shit then, we were just six and didn’t know any better.
  3. Not judging you, there’s just a weirdly large backlash against this particular art style these days which is funny because it’s mostly middle aged white guys complaining about shows aimed at tweens. I find it impossible to care about the battletoads art style. People up in arms about it seem to forget what battletoads actually was. Battletaods when it was created was nothing more than a cheap knock-off of the popular cartoon style at the time. It makes perfect sense that a modern battletoads would just be yet another cheap knock-off of the current popular art style.
  4. I’m agreeing with you. More action should have been taken earlier. And they were rightfully dragged for those decisions, but even those dragging them for it were doing it out of what was a relatively unknown fear. They knew it would be bad, just not how bad. We now know absolutely how bad it gets. Florida, Texas, etc. were working with way more information and they made choices they absolutely knew would be bad. Original mistakes made out of ignorance or a bad call in balancing competing interests are still awful and tragic. It’s terrible what happened to us. People down the road ignoring those warnings and intentionally making those mistakes for political reasons? That’s far worse.
  5. I’m not going to pretend that we did things great on the beginning, but it’s hardly a fair comparison. Yes terrible decisions were made, but they mostly seem terrible in retrospect. When you’re the first to have to tackle something, you’re a major hub for international travel, and you’re the most densely packed, you’re blind to be fucked. The difference with Florida and the rest is that they had us as a cautionary tale and they acted as if that could never happen to them. Despite watching us go through a slow motion disaster, they chose to take none of the necessary precautions. In my opinion, the mistakes of NY and NJ are tragic but understandable. The mistakes of current states is infuriating and much more preventable.
  6. Yeah there’s no reason they can’t. It’s not like the government can’t also screw its employees.
  7. Why is it so few people are capable of understanding that something can be good overall, but not good in every situation? Unions and union protections would do wonders in many corners of America right now because we have a massive problem of workers having little or no protection and employers having all of the power. Is that true of EVERY profession? No. Can strong unions be used for bad purposes? Yes.
  8. Just blur out anyone who isn’t a cop. That will help narrow it down.
  9. See this is my favorite part of the absurd global conspiracy thing. The Epstein/Deutsch people have their fingers in everything, unfathomable amounts of money and influence, and yet it seems that every single time they need to murder someone they hire the most incompetent rejects on the planet. ”We need you to kill this female judge to send a message and derail this case.” ”Got it.” Shoots two men then leaves. It’s the Seth Rich bullshit all over again.
  10. I’m sure you do, you just might not know it. Hell, if you’re even passively involved in video games you've almost certainly heard “Power” seeing as there was a year where it was the trailer song for 95% of all games.
  11. I can’t think of a worse endorsement than “eat goya and have offspring like Ted Cruz”.
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