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  1. I don’t take in any GB content outside of the podcasts, but I really liked having her on there. She was funny and provided a needed break in largely the same viewpoint from everyone else. I always felt like people gave her a ton of unnecessary shit for how she talked about things when the original crew weren’t exactly wordsmiths. The only video content I would watch was six crazy frights each year, and I will be truly sad to see it go after this year. That shit was completely fantastic and the VR year was perfection.
  2. So real talk for a second. De we assume that it’s this way because there wasn’t even a straw to grasp on, because they know it’s not even worth the effort as his re-election is a lost cause regardless, or because they’re comfortably confident in a different rat fuck?
  3. To some extent they are, because people with half a brain realize that lowering the virus in their own country doesn’t mean shit if we keep it active and alive in ours. Eventually some moron will get through and you’re back to where it all started again.
  4. For once Trump can actually claim he has done something about black unemployment.
  5. Remember when Ken Bone’s reddit profile was found and he was talking about looking at Jennifer Lawrence’s asshole? Pepperidge Farm remembers.
  6. People are confused by digestives and jaffa, but we’re all just casually strolling by M&S Colin the Caterpillar cake?
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