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  1. Tell me about it, I have a 1070, which is selling for damn near what I paid for it 5 years ago, if not even more.
  2. Captain America: The Winter Soldier - 9/10 I love how the opening of the movie shows you how much of a badass Cap actually is. Like, in the previous movies, you get glimpses of it, then the opening of Winter Soldier has him running "13 miles in 30 minutes" and has him taking out basically an entire ship of bad guys buy himself. I noticed that they changed the way Cap moves in this one, too. In The Avengers, they kept the hokey/bouncy running that he did in TFA, which worked to put him out of time with everyone else. Winter Soldier changes it in a way to say "this is the modern Cap
  3. If you ever just want someone to talk to, I'm usually up all night, give me a holler There's also the suicide prevention hotline. Of course I imagine the thought of calling that number isn't occurring to you when you're actively looking for ways to kill yourself
  4. I mean it's like generalizing asians to all be good at math or something. I've met Asian people who kind of get... Not "offended" necessarily, but something adjacent to that because they suck at math. Generalizing people in those kinds of ways is still a form of racism, even if there's no evil intent behind it. Also I may have just been inferring that she meant mexicans in general
  5. I just served this old lady. She seemed very nice. She was joined by a Latino friend of hers who is a cook at a Chinese place down the street. After he left, she was like "he's a great chef, you know how those people from Mexico City are. It comes from their mothers. I've learned over the last few years that even good stereotypes are still stereotypes, and they are all rooted in racism, even if it's a more benign form of it
  6. College grads? I've worked with a few recent college grads that have never had to hustle a day in their life
  7. If I still don't want kids by the time I'm 35 I'm just going to get snipped so I don't have to worry about it anymore.
  8. Thor: The Dark World - 8/10 I don't know why people shit on this one, either. It is so delightfully silly, yet still heartfelt at the right moments. Yes, the dark elves/Malekith are crappy villains, but they're not the point of the story. Whereas most of the other MCU movies have heroes and villains fighting over a macguffin, in this movie the villains kind of *are* the macguffin. The final showdown is possibly my favorite in the entire MCU. It's completely ridiculous. I don't know, I really like both Iron Man 3 and Dark World. Sue me.
  9. Well, thank you! And yes, I'm doing fine financially. We're kind of opening back up again on Friday, I wasn't expecting it for another week.
  10. We don't have that option. There is a "I am temporarily laid off because of COVID and expect to work again" but there is no "I quit because of COVID." We're still bound by refusal to work, unless in extreme circumstances, like you broke your leg or something. Technically you could tell your employer that you broke your leg, then claim it on unemployment, and it's not like anyone's going to verify that information. Still, unemployment fraud is not something I particularly want to fuck with. When the state overpays you, they will eventually want that money back. And when they want it
  11. Depends on your employer. And your state. I was offered my job back 2 times over the last year, once in about May, once again in August or something like that. The first time I said "no" and my boss was like "okay, we never had this conversation." The second time it was more like "if you don't come back you'll lose your benefits."
  12. The Avengers - 7/10 Very fun. The only thing I don't like is the movie spending entirely too much time on the whole "villain gets captured on purpose" thing that fucking every movie was doing around that time, which makes the second act drag like a motherfucker. Character moments still make it fun, though. Then the third act pulls through and everything is awesome again. Iron Man 3 - 8/10 I know a lot of people like to shit on this movie, but I really like it. Ben Kingsley is hilarious, it's got probably the sharpest dialogue in the MCU, one of the more tigh
  13. The Incredible Hulk - 6/10 It's honestly kind of refreshing that they basically skipped his origin story by just having a montage at the start of the movie that tells you everything you need to know. I would assume it's because this movie came out only 4-5 years after the last Hulk movie, so they didn't want to retread the same territory. Tonally, the movie is completely different from anything else in the MCU. There aren't any quippy one-liners, it's generally a much more serious and somewhat generic action movie. It makes sense. It was actually filmed slightly before
  14. It could happen, depending on how far we get with Mars exploration. Methane has been detected in Mars' atmosphere on multiple occasions, which means something is producing it. It either means Mars is still at least somewhat geologically active, or there is life producing it somewhere, or both (you probably can't have the latter without the former). Life needs heat and energy, so it's likely the life is underground somewhere, if there is any. Europa's ice is anywhere from 10 to 20 miles thick, so any chance of exploring the oceans of Europa in our lifetime is probably not very great
  15. My dad was also Republican up until around 2006-2008. He's voted almost completely Democrat since Obama's first term, I'm assuming for the same reason.
  16. That is a perfect thing to do in a country where like a third of the people live in poverty.
  17. Increased lockdown measures have me only working like 3 days a week, plus I generally stay up very late/early and have nothing to do.
  18. In Oregon, the legal minimum for non-agricultural work is 14, but most businesses generally will not hire someone until 16/17 because until then they can only work a max of like 3 hours a day up to 15 hours/week, plus the employer has to file a special permit. I did a series of under the table jobs before that, like helping at my friend's parents' restaurant and doing menial tasks at a body shop, but they were both casual like 6 hours/week gigs.
  19. Thor - 5/10 I used to like this movie more. It has some witty dialogue and the action scenes are great, but a lot of it falls flat. The romance between Thor and Jane is completely unearned beyond "attractive people think each other are attractive." They honestly don't even speak to each other all that much during the movie. The fight with the destroyer is kind of meh.
  20. Almost like we should have the infrastructure to process more refugees, then
  21. I'm sliding into both of them, I don't really care which as long as I get those billies
  22. Iron Man 2 - 5/10 Probably the weakest in the MCU, but it's still a good time. Some of the character growth feels unearned, the plot is just 'eh,' Whiplash is kind of a shit villain, it's the closest the MCU gets to being a Michael Bay movie.
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