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  1. Are Americans benefiting from the strong economy — aside from the rich? A Fed report raises questions. https://www.washingtonpost.com/us-policy/2019/05/23/americans-arent-ready-weather-sustained-downturn-new-report-shows/ That chart though
  2. I bet there's plenty of room in the defense budget for this $19billion
  3. I know, the Atlantic, but... https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2019/05/impeaching-trump-reasonable/588496/ The first half is mostly garbage, but the second half of the article lays out at least half a dozen broad charges that could be justifiably used in impeachment.
  4. many people who are homeless are employed, but the cost of housing is far too high
  5. They can and should do both. As an aside, I love how the onus is on Democrats to prove they will make people's lives better when Republicans passed bullshit "repeal Obamacare" bills dozens and dozens of times while doing jack shit else besides shutting down the government. (All while not acknowledging the many bills the democratic house has passed already, and the important oversight done for the benefit of Americans)
  6. I'm terrified when we get someone who is far, far more intelligent than Trump doing everything that Trump is currently doing. (And then some!) All he needed to do was bullshit about how he wants to work with the Dems knowing that the centrist idiots would be "uneasy" about impeachment because they didn't learn the right lesson from the Clinton impeachment. But instead he says the quiet thing out loud and clears the way for impeachment by removing centrist excuses for not doing so. Now will the Dems go through with it? Who fucking knows, but I wouldn't put money on them doing it. Can't wait for the dumbass takes from morons like Tulsi Gabbard parroting Russian propaganda about how impeachment would lead to civil war so we can't have any accountability.
  7. The more likely scenario based on actual history of the actual parties is if Republicans win enough states so that they'd win the presidency without the popular vote, they'd sure as shit take it if able to by changing a state law to do so. Dems would yuk it up and say "whelp, thems the breaks!!!!!"
  8. Maybe we should drastically expand the size of the house of reps so this issue basically fixes itself.
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