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  1. I mean it's not a competition for most oppressed or underrepresented, they both deserve self determination and from all indications they both want statehood
  2. Yes, my point. They have essentially three choices: status quo as a commonwealth, independence, or statehood. Statehood seems to win out recently, as this was not the only referendum as of late
  3. Zero voting power in the senate. That's underrepresented
  4. I believe that if PR wants to be independent they should be able to do so. That said, they don't! (At least based on what the referendums have shown)
  5. Maryland doesn't want dc, dc doesn't want to be in maryland, to say nothing of the senatorial importance of adding new left leaning states We've already got two smaller states by population, and in the coming years there may be two more states smaller still.
  6. It's not what the people of dc actually want though. Self determination is the name of the game, same for PR
  7. A man with his finger on the pulse of the board (and hopefully nowhere else)
  8. Wonder why the cato institute has an interest in not giving dc statehood
  9. judicial nominating machine gonna go brrrr
  10. At least the bad orange man doesn't have the power of the state
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