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  1. Yep On the plus side, I was able to talk my sister in law to get a shot/answered her questions so there's a W
  2. I'm not anti nuclear but a lot of proponents like to brush over the immediate human toll that nuclear supply chains may have
  3. Processing nuclear fuel into a usable form in the US has historically been tied to the creation and development of nuclear weapons which are objectively bad. And the processing of uranium is dangerous in and of itself. My grandfather who I never met died of thyroid cancer after working at a uranium enrichment facility in southern Ohio for 20+ years!
  4. Don't get me wrong having some things is better than no things. But you can be mad about losing a lot of good things which probably could have gotten 40-45 votes in the senate (if not a majority for some provisions) and may be able to pass the house while being "ok" to happy with an inadequate bill that can be built from. But it again comes back to cutting to 1.5T means further serious cuts (remember Bernie's opening bid was 6T). This leads to two questions: what is getting cut, and why? And I'm not thrilled about the answers! Doubly so since a lot of the cuts are due to two senators and the solution leading to a higher compromise is literally "we needed more Dems". And that we may have to wait another decade for another trifecta, some things can't wait like the climate provisions of the budget (which are wholly inadequate in and of themselves but that's another discussion)
  5. It's quite hard to look at the upcoming meat grinder that will arbitrarily cut good, necessary spending and be thrilled about it!
  6. They're gonna cut so much it may not have the votes to pass. Since the terms.of the debate are abstract numbers instead of programs or things we need to do, they're avoiding the discussions around what now they're insisting on cutting. Is it the child tax credit? Paid leave? The climate provisions? The expansion of the medicaid ltc home healthcare program? Are we going to do a bunch of stuff badly or a couple things well? This is why I don't think it will pass, it's being sabotaged by corporate democrats to be less than useless
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