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  1. If only he grew up in a big basketball state like Indiana
  2. Anyone falling for the Senate GOP "oh my stars, I am shocked! I have the vapors!" Schtick needs their head examined
  3. Yeah, had she won we'd be easily looking at 60 Republicans in the Senate
  4. You mean you don't like this community made, high quality, not cringe inducing, content?
  5. Anyone who thinks Warren won't be a big part of a Bernie admin isn't paying attention. His campaign looked into her being both VP and treasury secretary
  6. Obama picked Joe because he needed the support of the more conservative wing of the party. Trump picked pence because he needed to secure the support of the fundies. Romney and McCain picked Ryan and Palin because they needed to lock in support from the crazies (this was before the right hated Ryan mind you). The general point that she probably left votes on the table by selecting Kaine isn't gone, but nice own.
  7. Trump understanding coalition politics better than Hillary lololololololololol
  8. Obviously we would need a wholesale revamp of the severity of punishment, public defender offices, and the root causes of poverty, but I'll never pass up the opportunity to pack the courts
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