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  1. b_m_b_m_b_m

    ~The 2018 midterms/special elections thread~

    Should the Dems take the house, and especially the Senate, the calls of voter fraud will ring even louder
  2. b_m_b_m_b_m

    The Kavanaugh Confirmation Charade Thread

    Won't anybody think of the poor judge who literally has a job for life?
  3. A white collar recession is needed to remind some people why these programs are in place
  4. b_m_b_m_b_m

    Probe of FEMA chief referred to prosecutors

    https://www.nytimes.com/2018/09/22/us/politics/brock-long-fema-repay-government-vehicles.html?smid=fb-nytimes&smtyp=cur He's from hickory NC no wonder he's a piece of shit. I used to live there.
  5. Google may not be, but YouTube most certainly is.
  6. Now who could have seen such a scenario coming???????
  7. b_m_b_m_b_m

    ~The 2018 midterms/special elections thread~

    Well. 22 more to go I guess.
  8. b_m_b_m_b_m

    Armed society is a something something society.

    I guessed Florida
  9. b_m_b_m_b_m

    The Kavanaugh Confirmation Charade Thread

    "We're going to force the Senate open and plow kav through until he comes out a Supreme Court Justice"
  10. So I lived in NC for a year and had Duke energy as my electric provider. When I first signed up I was given by them a box of free CFL lightbulbs. Great! I thought. They each lasted a few weeks of normal use, when they should last for years. That's my Duke energy story. They've been having coal Ash issues for years now, so this is no surprise to me. I wonder how far upstream this is.
  11. b_m_b_m_b_m

    The Kavanaugh Confirmation Charade Thread

    How long until disparaging remarks are made about her appearance by the president?