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  1. Nope, sink it. Abolish the police/surveillance state, from the top down. Honestly surprised someone who voted libertarian says these bills have done a lot of good
  2. Official "died of covid" numbers are going to be lower than the death toll, and that's fine. We always report the number of people who died in wartime as dead during that conflict if they die from disease or starvation. Take the US civil war for example. The commonly quoted death toll is ~600,000. More people died from disease than were killed in action, but we still count these deaths as due to the war.
  3. Generations on a national scale are made up, especially on the boundaries, but this is just a """FUN""" comparison of age cohorts using similar age ranges
  4. Yes but...I mean is it though? How many billions in development loans has China given Pakistan? There might be enough leverage there to at least keep India preoccupied in a two front situation.
  5. Yeah, and there's even differences between the infected fatality rate and the case (i.e. hospitalizations more or less) fatality rate so it's another case where if you are an armchair commentator you can make up/repurpose definitions to fit your agenda without batting an eye
  6. Besides giving India arms and maybe some other forms of related military aid what exactly would the west be willing to get involved with for Kashmir? Diplomatic pressure to prevent a nuclear war is about as far as I see them going.
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