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  1. Also strict lockdowns will look different if you're in an urban, suburban, or rural area. Car culture could help us here, just a bit
  2. They look like damn near masters of the universe compared to the boundless stupidity and cruelty that exists in the federal government of the United States, and many state governments as well.
  3. Check them dates. This is not good, like anyone could think it would be good
  4. Sending PPE to China at that point was the right move Wrong moves: not ramping up production of PPE and needed medical equipment. What needs to be put through a kangaroo court with swift but just sentences for the offenders: the giving of supplies to friendly governor's while taking them from not so friendly governor's. If this were in Africa, the BBC would be writing a report on how his administration is helping supporters while withholding aid to the opposition
  5. The biggest problem, structurally, is that it is damn near impossible to amend the Constitution. The whole thing needs be scraped, speaking of the articles
  6. It makes a whole lot more sense that the national media moves on to like the national debt or some bullshit than anything else. Also tens of thousands (more?) Will be evicted once the rent moratoriums are over and I feel that is an issue waiting to blow up too
  7. I always thought it would have been 9/11, or the fall of the Soviet Union, or even the GFC, but this event has completely changed my mind, and I do agree with you. This has turned it up to 11, instead of a slow, steady rot. The only glue holding it together now is that there remains a significant number of people who still know what a somewhat effective government is.
  8. I'm finally feeling comfortable enough with this situation that I'm finishing Midnight in Chernobyl (finally) and my God the relative competence of the Soviet state, compared to the US now, is jarring. Next up is Capital from Piketty
  9. Best they can do is when the next round of stimulus comes, and I'm certain it will come, you can't allow any more bailouts. But Chuck and Nancy will just roll over and give us crumbs again
  10. Exactly! His signature issue and he should be able to point out that yes, it didn't stop the pandemic, but that no one will forego care due to cost, or lack of sick leave or work protection, and no one will be in tens of thousands of dollars in debt due to this like what we have seen here already. To say nothing of the millions who are now out of work and have no insurance having to navigate a Byzantine system to get expensive COBRA coverage or something else, or even go without insurance during a pandemic. Or that even with the meaningless platitudes that is a presidential platform that his plan still leaves millions without insurance. Just infuriating. I know he likes Joe personally but kid gloves aren't needed now.
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