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  1. Much like whipping a race horse, it's to make the teachers go faster
  2. Like enjoying the hard liquor mixed in it
  3. Monster energy drinks are the liquid form of the car window decal of Calvin peeing on something
  4. I am, fair point. That said, I suspect we already know who these people are based on their support for so called “religious freedom”. I wouldn’t be (and am not) looking forward to the openly homophobic slurs that they no doubt will sling at my LGBT friends and family.
  5. I am, bring the bigots out to show their true colors.
  6. This is probably Bidens best shot at winning. And hell, if Abrams is VP (setting her up for 2024) I'd be on board with that.
  7. This reminds me of another thing that would happen under a national popular vote for president--money would flow from the national political parties into the state parties to organize and sign voters up, get out the vote, etc within each state. This is something that Beto should really have been pushed to do if you want to truly make Texas purple, and like gillium and Abrams are doing now.
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