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  1. Which, for those keeping track at home, is an impeachable offence. See: Nixon, Richard.
  2. Re: waiting for the transcript of the one call. Dumb, dumb, dumb. And they may release it, and deflate any momentum this may have had.
  3. Rather have the whistleblowers complaint, as the call itself would lack necessary context that prompted the complaint. Releasing the call or transcript in and of itself gives Trump an out to claim victory if there's not EXPLICIT quid pro quo. That's why Lindsey Graham is pushing for it.
  4. I can not physically wait to drop 100 on Michigan. in the first half
  5. The midterms were a "healthcare election" if you ignore the actual evidence from battleground districts that Trump was just as much a factor. Further, So the people elected to these swing districts are wrong, Pelosi is wrong, democrats arguing against impeachment are wrong. IMPEACH.
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