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  1. Don’t forget the abysmal maternal mortality as well!
  2. And dead babies. There’s some indigenous recipes for something like a formula but they didn’t really work that well
  3. If it was paired with gutting our regulatory systems to simply outsource that job to Countries that had working regulatory bodies it would be nice! But we don’t do that so it’s the worst of both worlds
  4. And this view (later in the pregnancy it’s ok to have an abortion when the health of the mother is at risk) is extremely popular, something like 75% approval per Gallup. But public opinion polling is everywhere and depends on the phrasing.
  5. No one wants to abort in the latter half of pregnancy it’s only because it’s medically necessary people who think otherwise are insane people. And if you want to talk about fucking edge cases per kff
  6. Ectopic pregnancies alone are 2% of all pregnancies each year per AAFP this is dumb as hell when you don’t know what you’re talking about
  7. It will vary from product to product and company to company but jit will always be the goal because of the savings/cost of maintaining stock, even with the risk of not fulfilling orders at this time while you have the well known cover and excuse of supply chain issues. There’s also a very significant business expenditure to move from jit. where I used to work, you simply can’t maintain finished product inventory! You’d lose your ass on returns, to say nothing of just not having enough space for it all.
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