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  1. There's other reasons too. Downsizing and leaving the ownership market (move in with family or partner, renting) probably the most common. But that so many people have staked so much into the idea that homes appreciate in value (and the idea of retirement is wrapped so much in the value of a home) is itself a problem.
  2. I'm sure garland is being called an institutionalist for not cleaning out all the trumpy assholes at doj but ...that should have been job #1
  3. Hunting Leaks, Trump Officials Focused on Democrats in Congress - The New York Times WWW.NYTIMES.COM The Justice Department seized records from Apple for metadata of House Intelligence Committee members, their aides and family members.
  4. I don't understand the people who think more homes won't help affordability
  5. If they're taking readily available seawater or freshwater (stupidly) this is not nearly as impactful (if impactful at all) as burning carbon sources which produce CO2 and water.
  6. can't use this power for productive uses it will be used to mine Bitcoin. What a fucking waste
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