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  1. My wife and I were tested a couple of weeks ago after a scare, but we haven’t contracted COVID yet. My sister in law and brother in NY got it two months ago at the urgent care where she’s a nurse.
  2. I was seriously expecting this to be an Onion article before I clicked it
  3. How do they file their taxes then? If you want to file as “Married”, you need to provide your spouse’s SSN/ITIN, otherwise they would be filing as “Single”
  4. No, you still need to apply for it and it’s typically a 14-20 month process (my wife got hers after 14 months). Marriage based only means that there are no annual limits to that specific category, so you don’t have to wait years (or a decade or two) to get it.
  5. I’d love for NC to join VA, Maryland and DC, but we’ll end up being forced to join East Dixie with SC, Georgia and Tennessee.
  6. Sam’s club in Charlotte has been selling 87 for $1.46/gallon for a couple of weeks now
  7. Mecklenburg County (where Charlotte is) under a shelter in place from Thursday until April 16th. We have 25% of all the COVID-19 cases in North Carolina
  8. Especially when we have to work at home and look after our kids at the same time
  9. Dr. Ronny looks like the crazy Area 51 scientist from Independence Day. And probably acts as crazy.
  10. What the fuck is wrong with him? He seriously needs a psychiatric evaluation.
  11. I'm in Charlotte, and we just have some minor wind gusts and clouds. But that's pretty much the extent of it. Raleigh is getting hit hard.
  12. This will allow non-Kashmiris to buy land there now, which will allow more Hindus to move and own land in Kashmir. Modi is pretty much following the Israeli strategy for slowly making a disputed area align closer to your country when you flood your supporters to the region.
  13. LaGuardia is far from small. It’s heavily overused and handles a majority of NY flights to Chicago and Charlotte (which is a major American Airlines transfer hub). This will hurt a lot of business travelers trying to come home from a business trip
  14. It is amazing that ONE person has the power to decide whether a chamber in Congress is allowed to perform their job or not. Is there any way for the Senate to override the Senate majority leader and vote on this bill? Otherwise they need to abolish that position or change how bills are brought onto the Senate floor for a vote.
  15. Because he illegally migrated to Earth to get away from his abusive and shit life on his home planet.
  16. Long Island City makes sense, since people could stay there or in Astoria if they don’t want to travel too far.
  17. Voted in NC. Was pretty crowded. A lot of people wanted to vote early. We have electronic ballots, but every selection produced a paper receipt so I took the extra time to read that receipt after every selection.
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